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on November 21, 2009
I purchased this kit on Amazon after deciding it was the most cost effective option. I didn't want to get stuck spending a lot on a kit that didn't end up working. Fortunately, it seems my fears were not well placed, this kit worked out beautifully.

The kit includes:
-2x replacement bulbs (and all the wires, connectors, etc. you should need)
-2x ballasts (to power the HID bulbs)
-2x mounting brackets (to secure the ballasts
-miscellaneous mounting accessories (zip ties, double-sided tape, etc.)

The kit was surprisingly well thought out - unlike the manual (it sounds like it was written overseas). I pulled out the all the parts and couldn't figure out why there needed to be as much wire in the kit as there was, but it all fit together brilliantly. The only troubling part is in some cars you will have to figure out where you're going to mount the ballast. The ballast is a necessary part of these bulbs, as it's what ramps up the voltage to power HID bulbs - and it's slightly larger than a pack of playing cards. So you'll need to make sure there's a surface you can mount to somewhere near your headlight. As long as you're not afraid to get your fingers dirty, you should be able to install these in short order. If not, there's always the professional installation option.

Otherwise, I'm very satisfied by the significantly increased light output and enhanced night vision I now enjoy. Don't hesitate to buy!

-Much brighter than original bulbs (~3x)
-Well thought out components (weather-proof connectors)
-Decent instruction manual
-Simple enough to install yourself

-Not quite as straight forward as a typical bulb replacement (but not much more involved)
-Instruction manual can be vague at times
-Ballast is large enough to pose mounting concerns (you may have to be creative)
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on April 17, 2017
If I could zero stars I would. Bought this set based off the reviews just like I do with everything else. Do not and I mean DO NOT buy this product. Didn't even last 2 days. First off all my original set of HIDs I usually have went out after 5 years of having them. So I bought this new set and each time they would flicker and warm up to the right temperature. That was normal for me since I've dealt with HIDs all my life. But 2 days go by and my bulb went out. Tried to adjust it again and even tested it but it was completely gone. Definitely not worth it to purchase. Would not recommend.
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on April 8, 2013
oh wow the HID kit is awesome i really love it very solid parts and the 7000 is very bright for the price is real good i recommended to anyone looking to upgrade the headlight on the car or truck
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on November 28, 2013
i would give this review a 5 but these lights did not fit my 2008 chevy impala LT they worked amazing they are extremely bright look great but do not fit my car!
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on May 21, 2010
I just received my kid today and i installed it myself within 15 min. It was very simple and just had to simply plug and play to get it working. I installed it in my 2002 Jeep cherokee ltd. and wow does these 6000k's look brilliant for its price. I think i would upgrade to 8000k because it is not as blue as i thought i would be but it nice and classy looking. I definitely would recommend this kit to anyone who has trouble seeing the road at night or who wan'ts to show off. i just might get the 3000k for my fog lights but lol thats just me.
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on March 14, 2010
I bought these HID's for my 2007 Dodge Magnum the install was seamless and easy. They look great I am probably going to order another pair of these for my girls car.
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on April 8, 2010
I had read the other positive reviews, which lead to my purchase. I was just looking for a classy looking upgrade for my stock lamps. I don't care for that yellowish color headlight look. I wanted something that was a very crisp platinum white, and these 6000K lamps are exactly that.

Just like one of the other reviewers, I figured for the price, if they were terrible, I wasn't really out too much - but boy was I surprised, they look great. The installation was super easy ( took me about 20 minutes total ). I didn't use the included brackets at all, I found it was easier to use some black zip-ties ( and I didn't have to drill into my ride ), and secure them to each of my fenders. Finding a place to secure them was actually the hardest part. I have a 2003 GMC Sierra full sized pickup, and I even had trouble finding a place suitable to stick them. The ballasts actually aren't that large, but you have just about 16 inches of cable between the ballast and the lamp, so it does limit your options. I could have easily gone lower on the chassis with them, but I was concerned about them getting wet, so I wanted to keep them up towards the top of the engine compartment.

If you are looking to upgrade your head lamps, look no further, these are fantastic. I just installed them today, so I may give an update down the road with how they are doing then - I know some of the other lamp formats of this same brand folks were complaining they were burning out within a couple of months. Although as everyone knows, is easily caused by poor installation or unsterile environments ( water, dirt, etc ).
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on April 29, 2012
I purchased this item in December and installed them and right away both lights started flickering. I emailed the seller to advise them of the defect and to request a replacement in January and to this day in April have yet to receive a single item for replacement. I've tried and tried to get some replacement component, ANY COMPONENT and I don't know if there was a language barrier or if the seller was playing dumb and refused to understand what I was trying to say and simply didn't want to send me the defective components. I initially wanted them to send me another replacement kit but they insisted that I identify the faulty component. Well, as both sides are defective and flickering and I do not have spare ballasts or bulbs, I am unable to diagnose as they have asked. I have asked them to tell me how to isolate the defective component so that I can have them send whatever component is defective and have received absolutely no assistance. I have nearly TWO DOZEN emails explaining and asking what I need to do to get some sort of replacement. In February they said they were mailing out some components to me and I received nothing for weeks. I then emailed them to find out what the status was for the replacements they were shipping and I got no where. They have now completely stopped responding to my emails. My experience with the seller was and continues to be uber frustrating and extremely disappointing. I completely understand that some products are defective and I am simply asking that the seller stand behind his product and give me what I have paid for but the attitude and sheer disregard is unbelievable and quite unethical. Sadly, and it's completely my fault, I should have engaged Amazon customer service to resolve this right away but as I was dealing directly with the seller and it always seemed like I was just on the verge of getting somewhere with the seller, I figured I would rather not tarnish their rating but instead shot myself in the foot and let the amazon dispute period slip away so I no longer have any recourse other than to deal with these people directly and hope that somehow they do what is right. Not holding my breath though.
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on February 3, 2010
This conversion kit is quite impressive. The lights are very bright and really do what they are suppose to do. It was also fairly easy to install, and definitely worth the price.
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on August 30, 2012
I purchased this item for my wife's 2012 Hyundai Sonata from the seller QUICKAUTOHOUSE. When it arrived it came with bulbs that didn't fit. Also since the headlight housing is sealed on the Sonatas, you have to drill a hole to run the wires through. Well this kit doesn't come with a rubber grommet to seal this hole. Anyways I contacted the seller and they told me they would ship me the correct ones if I shipped them the wrong ones back at MY expense. Hmmmm. They finally decided to ship me the correct ones. When they arrived (about 8 days later) I installed the kit, which was pretty easy but the driver side kept shutting off or not turning on. Sometimes it would come back on if I turned off the lights then back on. Not good. I took a trip out of town and sure enough the driver side kept shutting off and once the passenger side did. Luckily I brought along the factory bulbs and swap those out during my night drive to the mountains. After returning back home I contacted the seller and they told me the 30 day return window had expired but I could exchange them under warranty. Keep in mind I would have been in the 30 day return window if the seller had sent me the correct bulbs to start with. So I sent them back with tracking AND insurance to the tune of around $17. The seller sent me a notice that they were sending me a new set. Great. Wait and wait and wait. After 2 weeks I contacted the seller and they said it was probably just delayed. Ok. 4 weeks. The same answer. Finally after 6 weeks I contacted them again and they told me that it was probably lost and they couldn't send me another set because I did not pay for insurance! WHAT!!!??? Needless to say the package never arrived. So I was our the cost of the kit plus $17. I went ahead and forked over $120 on a new set (from another company) which work flawlessly and included the rubber grommets to seal the headlight housing. Moral of the story.... stay away from this product AND seller.
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