Customer Reviews: JLab Audio JBuds Hi-Fi Noise-Reducing Ear Buds, GUARANTEED FOR LIFE - White
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While these JBUDS did not, in a side by side comparison, provide as much surrounding, warm sound as my Sennheiser 212 headphones, they provided excellent clarity, especially on KJAZZ radio. Talk formats are also excellent. The comfort is surprisingly good for an in-ear bud. For 20 dollars, this is a great substitute for the cheaper buds that come with most MP3 players.

Update on 12-21-06: I've come to be more impressed with my JBuds over the last two weeks, marvelling at the bright, crisp, and yes, warm sound that comes out of these inexpensive buds. Perhaps, as I've read in some of the headphone information that is out there, that there is a "breaking in" period, which has something to do with loosening the tranducer. In any event, I'd have to give these JBuds another star.

Second Update 10-8-07: My only complaint about the JBuds is that sleeping with them at night I will sometimes wake up and the bud will have fallen off. I can't secure the buds to my satisfaction; however, the JBuds are so comfortable I deal with this problem.

Third Update 1-7-08: The sound is not quite as good as the slightly more expensive V-Moda; however, the JBuds are easier on my ears for long-term (I sleep with them on) listening. Also the JBuds have a longer extension and don't pull out of the radio or iPod headphone jack as easily as the V-Modas, so again on balance the JBuds are better.
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VINE VOICEon April 2, 2007
I bought these headphones to replace my Sony MDR-EX51LP Fontopia Headphones. I like these better for one two reasons

1) completely superficial reason - it matches my black ipod

2) completely non superficial reason - it's better for my hearing

I typcially keep the sound on my ipod locked at 75% to minimize damage to my ears. With these JBuds I don't have to take that precaution, because I never have to raise the volume up that high. And I listen to my ipod chiefly going back and forth on the subway in D.C., where it can be pretty difficult to block out the sound of the train. I'm really glad I bought them.

Two words of caution, however. First, I don't think the sound is as good as it was with the Sony headphones. I listen mostly to podcasts and audiobooks, though, so it doesn't affect me much. Also, I'm not an audiophile so my standards aren't that high. Secondly, I've gone through 3 pairs of these types of headphones due to the rubber tips falling off. While I prefer these type of headphones to other in-ear phones (I've got small ears, and other types hurt), this is getting pretty aggravating. So electronic companies? Work on that.
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on February 28, 2007
Awesome headphones. I love these guys and have been using them for about 6 months now. Their sound is impeccable, and are extremely comfortable, I wear them while studying I mean like 8-10 hours a day, and never really notice them. I wouldn't say that these are actually noise cancelling via electrical interference, its more via sound muffling than anything, but don't misinterpret, with the sound at a medium volume you will kill all but the loudest ambient noise. I highly recommend these. Flat out the best $20 I have EVER spent.
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on August 14, 2008
I played the numbers game when deciding on a pair of earbuds for listening to voice podcasts on my daily 20 minute train commute. Figured that with a 4-out-of-5-star average on 870 reviews my chances were pretty good that I'd get a great product.

Well, I've read the 1-star reviews and not all of them are by people who are sound-afficionados concerned with clarity, bass, etc. No, the majority of 1-star ratings concern a crackling and then total failure of one of the earbuds. My 1-star review falls in that category.

I'd had these earbuds exactly 3 months when the right-side earbud started to die. At first, if I wiggled the jack or held the wire a certain way, and remained perfectly still, it'd come back but only go out again. I became so focused on holding/wiggling the wire that there were times I forgot what I was trying to listen to on the podcasts.

Today was the last time I attempted the odd hold/wiggle/be still sychronization. Nothing worked. I think now it's gone for good and I'm down to one earbud, which is annoying and leaves me with mono-ear. Can't think of anything unusual I did. Just sat on the train and walked in the train station. Disappointing.
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on June 28, 2007
I currently own 3 kinds of earbuds, and the JBuds from JLab are both the best performing and the cheapest! I own JBuds from JLab (approximately $20), CX 300 buds from Sennheiser (approximately $50), MDR-EX51LP buds from Sony (approximately $25). They all provide good sound, and the medium inserts of each brand fit my ears. First, I owned the Sony's, and decide to spring for the $50 Sennheiser's to see if they were really higher quality. They were. The bass was far superior, and the bud's ear inserts were made of softer material. I was hooked on the Sennheiser's.

Unfortunately, I snagged and broke the wire on the Sennheiser's, and I had to buy another pair. Next, I decided to buy a cheap pair of JBuds as an interim back up for the next time I busted a wire. Much to my surprise, I found the sound of the $20 JBuds better than both the $50 Sennheiser's and the $25 Sony's!

In my opinion, the JBuds have a clearly discernable richer sound which seems to result from better reproduction of both the highs and lows. I connected a tee to the stereo jack of my Cowon iAudio G3 MP3 player, and plugged the JBuds into one jack, and the Sennheisers into the other. I played one of my favorite songs "Give It Up" by Etta James, and swapped the earbuds every few seconds. I was blown away. The JBuds sounded much better to me. As an Electronic Engineer I would like to see frequency response charts for the two types of buds to objectively confirm my subjective response, but I doubt the reliable tests are available.

In fairness, I want to state that the Sennheiser's are a number of months old, and they have spent hours in my sweaty ear canals as I jog a couple of miles a day. Perhaps, their audio quality has deteriorated. Unfortunately, I will never find out because I will not spend $50 on Sennheiser's when I can buy JBuds for $20.

I only have one small criticism of the JBuds. The wires to the left bud and the right bud are the same length. Consequently, you have to squint at the buds to see the little "L" or "R" each time you put them in. With most earbuds, it is easier to identify the left and right bud since the wire to the left bud is shorter.
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on March 14, 2007
I see a lot of reviewers complaining that the buds are not "noise-cancelling", but you can't expect that from buds with no electronic noise-cancellation. I like to walk down a particularly noisy street to get to class, and the difference between these and the standard iPod buds is incredible. I can comfortably walk to classes with the volume anywhere between 1/4 and 1/2 of full strength (as opposed to around 3/4 with other buds) and still hear just fine, which is definitely better for my hearing. I still want to hear busses, horns, etc for safety, so this does exactly what I need - muffles/blocks conversations and the like while still allowing me to hear necessary things.

Also, the different size fittings are a great feature. It takes a bit of experimentation to find the right size and fit, but once you do, the outside noise suppression and the sound quality are undeniably impressive.

As for that sound quality... While I don't have much to which to compare these and I'm no "audiophile", I couldn't be happier with the money I spent. I listen to a very wide variety of music (acoustic singer-songwriters, rock, rap, country, etc) and the sound is great for all of them. Good, crisp bass response in the rap and in bass drums, both acoustic and electric guitars sound clean, drums are smooth, and I'm generally hearing parts of songs I have not previously heard (echoing, multiple guitars/pitches, etc).

Bottom line? These are great buds. While I'm guessing there are better-sounding ones out there, a college student on a budget like me or anyone not looking to spend big bucks but get highly impressive sound should give these a shot.
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VINE VOICEon October 3, 2007
Love these JBuds. They fit so well and listening is a pleasure when the buds are not constantly falling out or hurting the inside of my ear.
The music sounds great.
The fact that they come with three different sized ear bud covers is such a thoughtful designer touch.
Very good produc for the price.
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on July 13, 2007
My original review praised the sound and fit of the headphones, but lamented a defect that caused the right earphone to short out after a few weeks.

In response to my review, JBuds offered me a replacement set. I accepted, and have been promised a replacement set. (Thanks, J.R.!)

Although my initial impression of the product was unfavorable, the bulk of my frustration was with the seller's return policy which left me with no recourse after a 15-day exchange period.

JBuds has gone out of their way to make me happy as a customer, and it's a customer service policy that more companies should follow. Provided the new ones are sturdier than the last pair, I will recommend JBuds wholeheartedly.

Note: Only the text of the original review can be edited; the star rating cannot.
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on December 14, 2006
I was searching for an earbud for my husband that would fit his very small ear canals at a reasonable price, given that I just purchased for him $250 ipod for X-Mas and I didn't want to spend the same amount on some earbuds. I read the reviews left by previous customers on this board and many users stated that the sound quality was as good as Shure e3c's (I can't confirm that but I'll take their word for it) and another person said that the JBuds fit his small ear canals perfectly. For $20, I was sold. My husband is ecstatic that FINALLY he has earphones that fit and comfortably at that. The sound is excellent when we compared it to the the 7 other headphones in our house (all around $15 - 30). We highly recommend this product.
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on September 12, 2007
The right side quit after about 5 days! Now that's pathetic. I've tried the cheap ear buds from Koss as well and had problems with them as well (bought the same ear buds twice.) I would love to spend more money for a higher quality product buts its really hard to know which one! These are definitely not the answer, though.
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