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on May 9, 2013
I have been sewing for decades and I already own two sergers so I didn't really "need" a new one - but my machine was in the shop for the second time in four months and the "tune-up/repair" bills for both visits was $180.00.

My husband asked me, "How much is a new machine?" I said, "Well a new Juki is only about $350, but my machine is much better than a Juki..." He said, "Maybe that's the problem. Maybe you have a Ferrari and you need a pick-up truck.. A Ferrari might be "better" than a pick-up truck, but when you need to move a load, you really need a pick-up truck."

I realized that my current sewing projects - mostly the Katwise sweater coats - were more of the heavy-duty variety and perhaps my current brand of serger was just too finicky for the job.

I am very happy that I made this purchase. The Juki sews beautifully even through several layers of felted wool. I can just breeze through the seams without any jamming or skipped stitches. I am very very happy with this machine.

My repairman is probably wondering where I have been....
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on April 27, 2016
Wow, this machine is so wonderful.
I have small clothing business where I work mostly with the cotton lycra, rayon lawn and silk chiffon. This serger cleanly and easily powers through my heavier fabrics and my soft and smooth silks. I have experience with lots of sergers and this is by far my favorite.
I used to have a Siruba serger. While it was a great machine, it really couldn't handle the amount of use I was putting on it. It was constantly coming unthreaded and I had to adjust the timing a little too regularly. I had to purchase a machine that could handle my work load.
For a pop up shop I recently made over 100 cotton lycra crop tops with this machine (using wooly nylon) in a matter of days. My Juki never faltered. I was super impressed. Handles well with poly thread and the stretchy wooly nylon.
All around a great machine and good for moderate to heavy use.
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on August 6, 2015
This machine is a work horse. I see more than most people, with a large a variety of fabrics and this machine is amazing. It can handle layers and layers of denim and fleece without skipping a stitch. It can also handle delicate satin and simile fabrics with ease. This is my second serger of the same model. I had the first for over ten years before I decided to replace it. It really is worth every penny.
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on September 3, 2016
This was my first time using a serger. I'm a self-taught seamstress and have been sewing for around 4 years. After completely learning the ins and outs of my brother sewing machine and also teaching myself to make sewing patterns, I was ready to take my apparel sewing to the next level.

Being a young mother and a college student, I had to make every penny count due to a very limited budget but I also had to maximize the return on my investment in this product. I spent around 5 FULL days doing research (luckily I'm on summer break to able to do this) on which serger to buy and finally came to the conclusion that this was it, for sure!! Here's the biggest reason why:

This serger is made with parts that are built to last. Even after a week of using this, I can tell that with great care and a comprehensive knowledge of how this machine operates, it will last me a very long time. I like to use an analogy of purchasing a car: would you rather have the car that's a flashy color with a sunroof and dazzling features that make it seem like more fun to drive, but has faulty parts that break apart and cost you more money in the long run?? Or would you rather get a car that has an excellent engine, won't break down anytime soon and if it does, has parts that are easily accessible and replaceable, and can be pimped out later on down the road??

I chose the one that may not have all the bells and whistles of other segers out there, but I am positive it will last me for a very long time even with very heavy use.

Here are a few extra pros:

-pretty quiet and smooth running

-the owner's manual has detailed pictures and methodologies

-a good variation on which techniques you can perform

-well-made, again ;)

-nice and long cord

-color-coded threading labels

-adequate supply of provided accessories, some I'm not quite sure what their use is yet but look cool

-suction cups on the bottom so serger stays in place in case your 5 year old decides to see how heavy it is

-compact and sturdy

-trusted company, Juki

-handle for carrying and transporting

-differential feed!! Loving this

-also a good purchase if serging somewhat terrifies you like it did me. Even though you will mess up, you'll still be learning and growing and improving on what you know and can do. Just practice. Practice threading over and over, practice sewing on different types of fabric, practice the roll hemming and gathering techniques listed in the owner's manual; just get to know your machine while you practice on it.

And one con that isn't really that bad, just something I will look for in my upgrade in the distant future:

-chain stitch and that cool hem stitch capability you see on all manufactured clothing

So, make an investment in yourself and your sewing, whether novice or professional!!
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on September 21, 2015
I LOVE this machine! I bought it to replace my 30 year old Toyota overlock, and I couldn't be happier. The machine is quiet, easy to thread (for a 4-cone overlock, that is) and sews like a dream. I also have a brand new Singer overlock, which pales in comparison. I always recommend this machine to my Garment Constructions students.
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on March 31, 2016
After my brother 1034d broke after only 3 months of use the sewing machine repair guy recommended this serger to me said it was the best! I did my research and discovered that it is top rated and very affordable! I absolutely love it. Very easy to thread and it makes gorgeous rolled hems (something that my brother never did). I definitely recommend this serger. And as a bonus it is very quiet. Love it!!!!
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On he’ll of a server. I’ve used a few different sergers in my sewing classes and this one hands down is the best one I’ve used. The machine is an animal, it will overlock your fabric with ease. It doesn’t have a problem with the thick fabrics that I’m usually working with. Setting the differential or thread tension is easy along with threading. It’s not self threading but you can thread the machine fairly easily once you do it a couple times. Most of my work is finishing seams and this machine makes it pleasurable to overlock your seams. Oh, the title says portable but my machine looks like the same size as the other sergers I’ve been on. So, I don’t know why it’s marked as portable. Comparing it to my sewing machines, it is smaller than bother those machines. They are the brother se400 and singer heavy duty machine.
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on December 27, 2011
This is my first serger and I am very new to sergering. I wanted to sew upcycle clothing. I sought out the advice of a sewing class but after hearing the fee of "$100 for 3 hours", I decided to tackle this on my own. After a couple of hours (I just needed to make sure to thread properly:), I made my first piece of upcycle clothing! Then I started making more! I love it! With this purchase, I am on my way to reinventing my entire wardrobe without buying new clothes! I chose this model because it was recommended by Katwise on Etsy and I have to say thank you Katwise and thank you Amazon!
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on January 29, 2016
Great machine. I sew a lot of knits and this is wonderful. Threading is not scary at all, way easier than a Juki Industrial serger by any means.
Love that it is light weight and portable but still holds up to the task of knits for swim costumes/dance, etc.
No matter what your experience level with serging is, it is totally worth thumbing through the manual, it's pretty straight forward and shows you how to work the differential feed and how to change the amount you want to cut off, how to attach elastic, etc.
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on December 31, 2017
I've only had it two days so can't speak to longevity, but I'm very impressed with this machine for the price. Set up is easy; threading a serger is never going to be fun, but I was able to get it right on the first try and felt confident by the second go around. There's a YouTube video to help walk you through it as well, but the colored dots and manual will get you there. Suction cups on the bottom of the machine hold it steady, despite a weight of only 12 pounds. It's not whisper quiet, but not as loud as expected given the speed. Opening the doors is easy, and oiling will take just a sec.

I tested the machine on a number of fabrics, and found I didn't need to adjust the differential, although I do recommend getting it (the D in the model number). Knives worked perfectly. No issues at all with tension or wonkiness with the edge with everything set on 4 (normal).

Only a few knocks, and they're minor. 1) the manual is not great for English speakers, it's translated out of some other language and sometimes needs a couple of read throughs to understand. The pictures are very helpful, however, and everything I needed was there, just tricky to find and interpret. 2) this is a thing with all modern sewing machines under a certain price point, but the foot pedal is so lightweight that it wanders around, so I have to make sure I've got it in the right spot before stitching (esp when moving back and forth between machines.

I'll be serging a turtleneck sweater today and stretch denim next weekend, and will report if there are issues, but I anticipate none based on test runs. This is a fantastic addition to my sewing room.
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