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If I could give this 10 stars I would! Love love love this machine! So much so, I bought two! I bought one of these, then a week later I bought a second one and a Grace quilt frame to use one of them one.
What is so great about this machine? It's substantial. It's heavy duty and a workhorse. There is no plastic, it weighs a lot if that is a concern for you. It has an all metal body and components. This machine goes fast if you want it to, it responds extremely quickly, you want it to speed up, or slow down it's like johnny on the spot. There is no wearing this machine out. I sew daily and put machines through their paces and this one is up to that challenge. It's pretty. All bright white, super clean looking. Visibility is fantastic. The head of the machine is tapered, look at the pic. That tapered head provides an unimpeded view of your project. This is great, because so many machines now have so many electronics the head of the machine is huge... which hides your project. Free Motion Quilting on this machine is easy due to this tapered head and visibility. PERFECT stitches, this machine does one this... straight stitch, but it does it perfectly. You can't mess this up, if you are doing free motion, it just does it perfectly. You know how so many machines will make long stitches, eyelash tension problems or break thread when trying to do FMQ, and it's so hard to get tension right? Well, not with this baby. Listen, I have done FMQ with this machine and it's MADE for this task. First, the knob on top of the head is to adjust the pressure foot pressure, which means that I can even FMQ using the regular piecing foot if I want to. (and I have). I have had no problems with tension or eyelashing.. this machine just makes FMQ simple. The thread holder, is fabulous, no tangles no trouble. And I just leave a spool on the second spindle set up for winding bobbins all the time, so I don't have to unthread the needle. It's quiet for a machine. The auto thread cutter is amazing! You rock your foot back, it cuts. Not only does it cut with a push of your foot, it leaves the tiniest tail! And it starts sewing perfectly every time. So, there is no trimming long tails, and no having to take the bobbin out to lengthen the thread to get it to start again like other machines can often do.. it catches the tails and starts again every time. I love that if I use the cutter button, I have a tiny quarter inch tail left. No trimming to do and it saves thread. I love that I can cut the thread with my FOOT! The knee lifter also means that you can cut and lift without ever taking your hands off the machine. You don't have to lift the pressure foot by hand, or push the cut button by hand.

I just can't find anything "wrong" with this machine. The lighting could be better but it is not bad and it's WAY better than my Elna and Brother machines, so while more light would be great it's got more lighting than most machines. You DO have to oil this machine each time you use it. BUT in my world that is a plus, not a detriment. Why? Because it allows you to service your machine, know its lubricated properly. These self lubed machines eventually suffer problems and you can't do it yourself, you have to take the machine for service.

I am shocked at the low price of this machine for the joy of using it. It's the best machine that I have ever owned and it's the cheapest. I have a 6,000.00 Elna, which does not hold a candle to this Juki, though the Elna of course does all the fancy stuff, zig zag, embroidery etc. But I despise actually sewing on the Elna because of the large head and poor lighting.

How about the one on the Grace SR2 Frame... it's as great as it is on the sewing table. Just simple, just works, just no problems.

If you are a quilter, and you want the PERFECT QUARTER INCH SEAM, this is the machine for that. If you are a quilter and you want simple, perfect, easy, reliable, joyful, sewing... this is the machine for that. This machine is a PARTNER, not a tool. It's truly a quilter's partner. I wish I had gotten one of theses years ago. You would have NEVER convinced me that a machine could improve my quilting after 20 years of experience, but this machine has made my quilts crisper and better. People think I am crazy, they say... but .. but.. it only does a straight stitch.. who wants just a straight stitch machine... then they use it and buy one.
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on December 28, 2015
While I really like this machine, I can easily see how this machine would get bad reviews, it is not plug & play, drop in a bobbin and go. If you need plug & play, save yourself the headache and get a Singer HD 4423 for $126 . Of course you will toss the Singer in the landfill in about 2-3 years because it will not hold up over time if you use it mainly for heavy projects. There is a learning curve with the Tl-2000Qi /2010Qi and several things that MUST happen before this machine will perform as intended. First off, this is a full rotary hook machine and the top thread tension and bobbin tension (manually adjusted on the bobbin case) must be exact or it will not sew properly. Second, the needle must be the correct one for the job. Third, the presser foot must be adjusted to adequately move the material without binding or slipping. Once dialed in, it will sew like a dream. I use mine for upholstery and canvas/sunbrella and it is excellent so far. It will sew through nine layers of sunbrella without a groan or grunt using the correct needle. You must have multiple bobbin cases if you use different bobbin thread weights, to avoid continual bobbin tension adjustments.

Also there are so many "versions" of this machine floating around at various prices that look almost the same. Brother, Viking, Janome, Babylok, Singer, all have a version of this machine. They are NOT the same inside, trust me I have looked. The Juki is by far the best made internally and externally. The parts list for all of the various clones are available with a quick google search. I encourage you to look for yourself and confirm the facts that I discovered. This Juki Tl-2000Qi has (6) oil ports. Most new machines have none. Also this machine is NOT a manual machine with no computer parts or sensors to fail, in fact there are plenty. I only hope they last and are built with the same robust nature as the mechanical aspects of this machines construction. In closing, I recommend this machine for those seeking a truly heavy duty straight stitch machine at less than $1000.
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on June 30, 2017
The right tool for the job makes all the difference! I started making a quilt for my daughter for a Christmas gift, but ran out of time, partly because I was struggling trying to quilt it with my regular sewing machine. I bought the Juki, and in a few hours I had finished! It may not be a professional job, but I quickly set up the tension, switched between the sewing and quilting feet and settings and got the hang of free motion quilting. I have several other quilts I have pieced that are waiting to be quilted. With this machine, I now know I will finish them! And I definitely will be doing more quilting than I had. I've always loved the planning and piecing but despised the actual quilting. No more. Thank you Juki for a well-built, easy-to-use, affordable machine.
review image
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on February 14, 2018
I cannot even express the depth of my love for this machine. I use it primarily for quilting and it goes through multiple layers and batting like a hot knife goes through butter. The thread cutter button on the machine is great, though I prefer to turn the pedal around to avoid accidentally cutting threads with the foot pedal cutting feature. The automatic needle-down is great when binding the corners of a quilt or doing any other change of direction. The table is ginormous and makes machine quilting so much easier, and it’s so smooth that I threw away the Teflon sheets I’d been using previously. The bobbin case is simple to load and the needle up/down button makes bringing the bobbin thread up effortless. The huge throat space has allowed me to create queen and king sized quilts without a wrestling match, and without snapped threads or puckers.
It does have to be oiled more often than my other machines but the oil ports are easy to to access- you don’t have to open or remove anything and there is no mess. The needle threader is a little tricky, but gets easier with practice. I don’t use the knee lever because either I’m too short or my table is too tall to make it comfortable for me but I can see how it would be convenient.
I debated between the 2000qiand 2010qi models, but I couldn’t justify the $200 price difference just for the speed control feature, and I dont regret it. The pedal is very sensitive/responsive, so controlling the speed isn’t at all difficult. It may take a few trial runs to adjust to just how fast this machine can go, and initially it can feel like it’s running away without you. Soon though, you’ll wonder how you ever put up with your old slow poke machine. I have nicknamed my machine ‘Jimmy’ because it really is freaky fast.
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on March 16, 2015
I bought this machine after having issues with another machine that I was given to try to use for free-motion quilting. I spent a few months going back and forth between a few machines before deciding on purchasing this. The Juki does the job splendidly! I love the results in using it. It works like a dream, is quiet and efficient, and fun and simple to use. I bought this only recently and have finished 3 quilts in the past couple of weeks since purchasing it. It only has a straight stitch by the way (which is fine by me). It came with a regular foot, walking foot and free motion quilting foot as well as some bobbins and a screw driver so that you can change your needles, feet, and open it up to clean it. It also comes with a little oil container which I recommend using whenever you have a big job to do. There is an easy feed switch to drop the feed dogs or lift them up right in front (I always hate trying to figure out where those switches are). It automatically threads your machine (but I am old-skool I suppose and thread it myself regardless), comes with the table for big jobs like quilting that has adjustable feet, it has a knee release, has a thread trimmer/cutter button, has a foot pressure gauge as well as tension knob and thread adjustment knob. It took me an hour to figure out how to thread everything, but you quickly become adjusted and will easily figure it out after the first couple of times. I did already have to clean out the machine since I quilted two twin sized quilts and one full sized quilt. Also this machine comes with needles too (both sized 11 and 14s). I always hated threading bobbins with machines, but this one does it so easily! Yey! Definitely love my Juki!
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on July 20, 2017
I've been sewing for many years (let's just say decades) and been thru a LOT of machines. I have/had several old singers and brothers. I have made gowns, suits, quilts and designed teddy bears for my 10 year stint in the teddy bear show circuit.
Recently I decided to re-visit quilting and machine quilting has captured my undivided attention as well as my fabric stash. After much research I decided on the Juki TL-2000Qi, my husband bought it for me and I LOVE IT!
The extended table is large and the throat of this machine could definitely handle a queen size quilt. The 2 thread option is a wonderful feature. I can thread a bobbin without unthreading the machine.
Should've had this machine eons ago. The pressure foot setting is amazing. I had no trouble threading and adjusting the tension. Never having the automatic needle threading feature, this was new and took about 20 minutes before I finally figured out I was missing the concept and a step in the process. VIOLA! It works.
I'm new to machine quilting and burned up one of my old singers. Love the machine and in it's day, it was an awesome machine but just couldn't handle the stress of machine quilting. I see many many quilts in my future.
All in all, I have to give my new JUKI more than a 5 star rating. I am in love :D
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on February 2, 2015
This is a great quilting machine. I use it on my Pennywinkle quilt frame. I have had it a few weeks and have managed to quilt 3 queen sized quilts so far. It runs so smoothly. You have to remember to add oil but the book shows you exactly where to put the oil. It has only one stitch but it makes for a wonderful machine to quilt with.
If you decided to get this machine, you will love it!
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on January 3, 2017
I use this on my Gracie Quilting rack. I had a little trouble initially but once I got the correct remote control we have been turning out quilts with ease.
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on November 10, 2017
I have owned this machine for about a year now and I have to say that it has performed so well. The fit and finish are exceptional. This machine really has the feel of commercial quality without that industrial look to it. It does only straight stitches but it does it so well. I also have a brother for zigzag stitching. Highly recommend this juki.
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on September 6, 2013
My wife and I gave my sister our old Grace Frame and then found out she did not have a quilting machine, Since my wife kept the machine (Juki TL98Q) that came with the Grace Frame, we figured we would get her a machine that we new had a good reputation. She has been quilting up a storm with the setup she now has.
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