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on March 11, 2017
I had a pair of Sony MDR-XB20EX earbuds that I have been trying to replace and this was my most recent attempt and since I bought the JVC HAMR77X and was not only thrilled with the Bass but they really are great sounding all around.
However the earbud version are a small step up from my skullcandy titans but not even in the same ballpark as the Sony MDR-XB20EX that were eaten by a puppy.
I have several high end Headphones that sound way better than any earbuds I have purchased since my MDR-XB20EX Sonys were destroyed and I guess I will keep looking .
there is a slight chance that these will improve after being used a bit but if you are looking for Bass capable earbuds these are not great but not terrible either I just wish sony still made the MDR-XB20EX but if you want decent Bass buy a set of HAMR77X JVCs they are a great value although now discontinued but still available on ebay for a decent price and actually sound better than the high end Headphones I own but look too goofy to wear in public
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on October 20, 2014
Most durable set of in-ear headphones I have ever owned. Any set I get, with out fail, ends up demolished within 3-5 months.
This is not without reason. I out of habit tie and untie knots in the cords while listening to music, to the point where the material of the wires will get white stretch marks.(wreaking havoc on the cables inside no doubt) I listen to music with the device they are plugged into in my pocket which leads to violent and repetitive creasing of the cable at the point where it meets the audio jack. I chew on the cables. Some of my devices have very strong gripping audio ports so I might swing them around in circles by the headphone cord. I sleep with my headphones and 100% of the time wake up tangled in them and with them never in my ears.(perhaps the worst of all the things I do to my headphones)
I do all of this and more to this pair and they are still going strong nearing a year of use.
The audio quality is incredible, no doubt, but don't expect mind blowing bass. These are above average for in-ear but in-ear can never compare to around-ear high bass headphones.

neutral:They block outside noise. Don't expect to be able to multitask listening to music and listening to anything else, at least with both earbuds in. these are my wonderful blissful escape from the world.

Cons: They are huge and not discrete at all. While nowhere near as bad as being the dude that walks around in public with around ear headphones on, it's still pretty bad how far these stick out of your ears and looks kind of funny.
I think I might lose all of the ear rubber fitting pieces before the headphones actually fail. They fall off kind of easy and I have no idea where to get replacements. I long ago lost both of the ones that actually fit well and as I'm typing this review I actually have to only use one of the earbuds because I just lost the fitting rubber piece for the other one on my way to this building. If anyone reading this knows where to get more I would appreciate if you could let me know!

Update: It's been a couple more months of continued abuse. I'm almost out of the rubber ear inserts that go on the ear pieces. My last ones are torn to bits. Headphones still kicking full power. FYI I never listen to music much past 50% volume with these things in so if you are one that likes to destroy your hearing for the rest of your life and keep it at 100% I unfortunately cannot tell you whether the headphones would blowout or not.
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on April 11, 2016
After 3 years of everyday intensive use (gyming mostly), they finally broke.

HOWEVER, they broke not because of simple wear and tear. These pair of headphones saved my laptop from falling of the table. How you might ask? Due to my own clumsiness, my macbook had slid off my table, and it landed on the left side where these headphones were jacked it. Out of all the places to land, it landed on the jack area and completely destroyed these buds.... but my laptop was saved. Not one scratch or scruff was made on my laptop. These headphones had the quality and durability to not only last a few years of intense use, but also support the fall of my laptop. I HAD to buy another pair.

Starting off, the sound quality like most brand new earbuds needs a few hours of usage to be 'broken into'. I can really attest to this sound quality as I am an audiophile. I love listening to music. Being able to hear the highs and lows of songs that have multiple layers of sounds needs a pair earbuds that can deliver. These deliver on that and the bass is extremely impressive.

As I have stated I mainly use these headphones to work out with (for over 3 years). I'm am someone that olympic lifts. With the need to stay pumped and focused I need the quailty of the music to be perfect. With these headphones, I'm no longer nitpicking at the lack of bass or terrible sound. Or even the lack of noise cancellation. With the perfect sound, great bass, and almost perfect noise cancellation, I'm only focused on lifting and no longer at risk of injuring myself.

I recommend this pair for anyone that simply wants a great experience in audio, or also just want great sound and a long lasting pair of headphones.

note: I'm really sad that amazon no longer supplies these and I need to go through a 3rd party to purchase them.
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on June 23, 2014
Great bass response for the price!
These are very comfortable and sound really good.
You would have to spend twice the money to get any better sound.
I use a small Fiio headphone amplifier and they take it very well, but they sound really good even without the amp.
************** 3 year update ****************
> Well it's March 2017 now, and I've had these for over 3 years!
I'm currently using a FIIO A3 amplifier connected to these earbuds and I have to say these still sound awesome, if anything they sound even better, due to the "burn-in" factor that many audiophiles talk about. Also, I listen to literally ALL kinds of music and I use these at least 2 or 3 times a week. The cords are still tangle free with no fraying. I am super impressed with these, especially for sub $40 ear buds, you really cannot go wrong!
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on August 21, 2016
So I have had another pair of these for over 2 years, and absolutely loved the sound quality. Let me tell you, if you're a bass lover, these really let that shine. However, when I recently bought a second pair to have at home, they were static-y. No matter what I plugged them into, it was just low level static on everything (I didn't have this problem with my others). Then coincidentally about 2 days after I got these disappointing ones, my ones at work had the right earbud completely die. So my beloved earbuds (seriously, I used to tell everyone about these as the holy grail of "crank up something like Cake on these for a fun time" are both out of commission. I'm giving them 2 stars because while they work, they're amazing, but WORKING is a fairly basic requirement for me. I'm not sure I can return this most recent pair because I've already stuck them in my ears and I'm not sure that'd be hygienic. I can hope.
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on September 29, 2014
These headphones are excellent for their price. They come in a plastic encasing which is incredibly tough to open. The package includes a carrying case with different size earbud cushions.

Frequency Response
The earbuds have a very defined bass spectrum and will have that punch that many are looking for. On some occasions the projection of the bass can leak over into the low vocal and mid ranges. This might result in some muddiness. The treble range was clear if not a little edgy at first. The best example of this were the cymbals, which can be sometimes lost due to lack of response. You may notice a very small amount of fuzz while they are plugged in, but that quickly goes away with playback.

If you're not an audiophile, these are very good headphones which take some time to break in. Most of the latter are minor inconveniences that can be fixed with some playback processing.

Music Spectrum
I've performed tests across many music samples across high definition sound of 96kb 24-bit wav to FM radio. I recommend these headphones for Hip Hop, Dubstep, R&B, Orchestra, Classic Rock and Top 40 hits. They don't exactly bring out the best of Modern Rock, Heavy Metal, or Alternative. They still sound great no matter what you are listening to.

These headphones sit comfortably in your ear as long as you are sitting up. They may feel awkward at first. They aren't interchangeable by ear, and you will know if you put one in the wrong ear. There are ear cushions for all sizes. Be aware these can double as fairly decent earplugs even at a low volume as I tend not to hear people talking to me in my office.

Overall 4.75/5
I was very satisfied with the quality of these headphones. I've only had the product for a week, but I've definitely ran them through the wringer. Some reviews will say they are bad and don't explain why, but favorable reviews may not give you a reason why you would want to buy them. I would recommend these headphones to anyone.

If you want to get close to maximum quality of sound for playback, try to get really good with the EQ and Processing. They can get much closer to a Beats Audio or Bose sound with rigorous practice. These headphones alone are capable of reaching that caliber of playback.
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on September 6, 2016
I bought these headphones about 4 years ago when they were about half the price that they are currently listed at. However, I would gladly pay the higher price if I needed to purchase a new pair as these are still going strong after 4 years of fairly frequent use. I don't use them while exercising or jogging, but I will use them while walking. I usually store them with the included carrying case while not in use.
I'm no expert on sound quality, but it has always sounded great to me and the buds have an added bonus of muting sound, so sometimes I'll wear them at the office to muffle conversation even if I don't feel like listening to anything.
Again, if anything the best thing about these headphones are the longevity, as it seems like before I was buying a new set every 6 months when one of the sides would go out. Highly recommend.
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I was initially quite skeptical that there could really be all that much difference in sound quality between these tiny "in your ear" headphones. Well, I'm a believer now! The Bass and overall sound as a whole is much richer with these headphones. Music sounds great through these - I can't imagine going back to the basic type headphones again.

The one issue that has both positive and negative aspects is the fact that the sound is much louder with these than others I've used (I use these with a Zune and also a Sansa Clip Zip). For regular use this is great, however, if I want to listen to something soothing at night to send me off to dreamyland the "1" is much louder than with other headphones, and I can only go down to a volume of zero from there, so I'm stuck. I wish they had a volume adjuster on the wire the way some mini-headphones do - I feel like this might solve the problem. However, on the whole the sound quality is so far superior that I'll survive w/o the headphones getting as quiet as I'd like at bedtime.

For those who give these poor reviews - I'd sure like to know what they're comparing them to that supposedly has such superior sound. I can't imagine what other mini-headphones like these might be able to do that would make them superior to this set by JVC.

Summary: Great sound, richer, with nice deep bass - superior to other mini-headphones, however they seem to increase the volume as well so you may not be able to play something at as low of a volume as you want.
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on September 23, 2013
I'm coming to these earbuds from some Skullcandy 50/50's which had slightly better sound, in my opinion. Rightly so I suppose since they're a bit more expensive.

Other reviews noted that highs were extremely high, I cannot say that I've experienced that. There was one song I heard that made me turn down the volume, but it was just a pretty terrible song and the highs were ear-piercing to begin with. All told the audio itself at this price point is exceptional.

The downfall, in my experience with these, is that the back is quite large in comparison to any other earbuds I've ever used. For reference I'm referring to the housing where the wire comes into the earbud itself. All other earbuds I've used have sort of a tapered design as they come out of your ear canal, but these do not. As such I found that for extended wear they actually managed to start hurting my ears physically, a first with earbuds for me.

I don't consider my ears/canals to be small by any means. For reference when using earbuds I typically use the largest rubber tip available, for whatever that's worth.
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on April 17, 2012
I bought these after reading all the positive (and negative) review and I've honestly got to say that I am impressed. I am what I would consider the "average" user.I'm not an "audiophile" or a music professor.Now I DID try the POWERBEATS BY DRE..and these buds out performed those by a LANDSLIDE.So don't believe that you ALWAYS get what you pay for. I workout a lot in these and I occasionally like to lay in my bed and listen to music.I find the easiest way to read review is to break down in categories:

Durability: I don't think that you will find a more sturdy set of ear buds. The actual buds are bigger than normal and hold a substantial weight,but in a good way. The cord is EXTRA long and that works to my advantage whenever i'm in the gym. Although I would have rather seen a 90 degree hookup the audio jack is fairly sturdy the only complaint I have here is that occasionally it pulls from my ipod but like I said I'm ALWAYS in the gym with these so that's liable to happen when i'm in the zone!

Sound: The first thing you notice about these when you open the package is the size of the ear buds. You throw them in your ear(which fit snug by the way)and turn on your music and you find out why these are pretty bulky. The bass KICKS and i mean...KICKS! I've never owned a pair of earbuds that sounds like you are listening to surround sound bass.I mean i'm not sure how JVC did it AND it such a cheap package,but the bass is the highlight.With that being said they do come with 2 alternate ear fittings and these dramatically change the sound.The mid sized fitting reduces the base but it evens out everything,more akin to what I would call the average earphone.The smaller ones reduce the bass a little but highlights the trebel. These headphones are also LOUD.So make sure your listening device is turned to about 1/3 of what you listen to because you will blow out an ear drum!

Extra: The Noise cancellation is excellent on these things,it strange acutally. I feel when I put these on i've got a stetoscope in! I can really hear my breathing and I can see people's mouth moving but I can't hear the words..Basically the noise cancellation is what you would expect..Noise Cancellation! But just be sure you have the CORRECT ear buds in for your ear size.I've got larger ear canals so I used the larger pads..AND makes sure they are in all the way.you CAN tell the difference, I promise you.

**CONCLUSION**: On top of being the most indecisive man in the world i am also FRUGAL,so after years of buying pair after pair of cheap 7 dollar earbuds. I decided to shell out a little extra and pay for quality,sound and durability. This is one of the best earbuds i've ever tried and money well spent.I don't regret it,and you won't either.

Value:Are you serious? Grab these why they are on the cheap before JVC realizes that people will pay more than about $30 for a good quality earbud
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