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on March 16, 2011
I own quite a few headphones ranging from inexpensive to "an arm and half a leg". The only thing that beats listening to music through headphones is listening to music in a recording studio. The acoustic panels do the trick.
One word to describe the "JVC HAFX67A Air Cushion" is comfort. I use these more than any of my other IEM's (in-ear monitors) while I workout, run, or hike because they're comfortable and they stay put. My other IEM's usually fall out of my ear when I'm doing my last few reps <frustrating>. I like the design because it uses the earlobes to lock the monitors into place.
Now the "not so good". The sound of the "JVC Air Cushions" are a bit too "tinny" for my taste. I have very sensitive ears, so I have to turn the treble down a few notches when I use these IEM's. When I do this, the clarity of the music suffers. Also, I prefer a richer bass which these lack. The bass is faint, but not muddy. The separation of each instrument actually comes through nicely; so that's a plus.
But then again, what do you expect from headphones that cost less than $20? I'd like to reiterate that, "I use these more than my other IEM's...". There's a reason for it; the good outweighs the bad. I think these IEM's are a good buy for an active lifestyle. They're durable, comfortable, and inexpensive.
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on June 30, 2012
With economy-priced earbuds, one of the biggest enemies is balance of sound. There's usually one level that tries to outdo the others. With this pair, you'll get a clean, driven bass that meshes will with the mids and highs. Listening to an assortment of music is quite a pleasure as I don't have to adjust the EQ when going from hip-hop/trance/electronica to classical piano. That's probably the best compliment, audio-wise, that I could give to a pair that cost less than $50, let alone <$30.

As these JVCs have an air cushion, though they cover the entire entry to the ear canal, I hardly notice them. Sound isolation is excellent and I can barely even hear the din of the window-mounted A/C unit about 3 feet from my desk which makes me happy. The only possible concern for the future is that most people, including myself, will make a habit of pulling them out by the connecting cord to the buds themselves as there is no plastic piece that protrudes to hold onto. This isn't much of a concern at all for the moment and may be unwarranted, dependent on the quality of the cable and connection.

And, they stay put! I've already worn them while shooting hoops, practicing tennis, and soccer (all violent stop-start movements), and not once did they even as much as budge a certain way! Really perfect for the person on-the-go.

All told, I couldn't think of a better pair of earbuds within $25 of the price-range as these. I'll keep an eye out for JVC personal-audio products in the future as this is my first of the kind as I'm very satisfied with them.
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on December 27, 2011
I absolutely love these headphones. I purchased my first pair in the store a few years ago and have been going back to them ever since. They are the most comfortable in-ear headphones I've owned; I can wear them for hours without them hurting the inside of my ears (unlike many others I've tried). They fit perfect with the default ear inserts for me, but they come with smaller and larger inserts to make sure they fit just about everybody. I can be quite rough on my headphones, so this time I made sure to order 4 pair to make sure I have some for years to come. HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommended.
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on April 21, 2012
I am an active retiree who enjoys music. I reviewed practically every listing on Amazon before making a purchase decision. I have been using another brand with my MP3 player, which has served me well, but decided to try something else with my iPad, 3rd generation. I could not see spending a lot of money. I made the right decision. I don't know the frequency range of this product but it is GREAT!. Yes, there seems to be some emphasis on bass but depending on the device you are using and the music you are playing, check the equalizer settings and adjust to your satisfaction. I do not find the bass to be excessive, but actually quite balanced with the other frequencies, due in part to my equalizer settings and the kind of music I enjoy. After all, too much bass or too much treble is quite subjective. It seems today the younger generations can't get enough bass, whereas I enjoy a more balanced listening experience, and that is what I find with these JVC earbuds. Opening the package is not any worse than other products in sealed plastic. These earbuds come with three different size foam cushions and a clip that may be used to help hold the earbud cord in place. I find the earbuds stay in place in my ear and are comfortable. This product does come in different colors, each priced slightly differently.
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on July 14, 2011
I am the kind of person that uses Amazon reviews to purchase a good percentage of all the things I buy. I was hesitant after looking at the shape of these but they really work. The design fits nice and flush in your ear and stays put. I sweat more than anyone I know, it sucks. And even when I am pouring sweat these have never come out, while I work out I don't even have to adjust them. The sound is unbeatable at this price point. I got these to replace my Skull Candy buds and will never look back, if you are comparing these two, stop thinking about it and get these, forget the skull candy crap. As for the person that gave these one star...ignore them, they obviously have the oddest shaped ears ever, I have let my brother, 3 friends, mom, and a work out partner try them and they all liked them. They come with three different sized sleeves to get the best fit. O, and you know how most of those little sleeves fall off and get lost (I'm talking to you Skull Candy!!!) and then you have to spend nearly the purchase price of the earphones to get replacements...don't worry anymore, these stay put, even when I ride my motorcycle and when I remove my helmet with them in (3 out of 10 times my Skull Candys would loose their sleeve while doing this). I have had one pop off, while pulling my earphones out of my gym bag it got stuck and I just yanked it, luckily the sleeve was just laying in my bag. I've had these for about 3 months now, and they are holding up to daily use just fine. BUY THEM, you won't be sorry
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on April 24, 2012
I listen to a lot of music and audiobooks on my iPhone and I wanted a pair of decent headphones to replace the original ones. I didn't want to pay more than 20 bucks for a pair. After some research, I decided to order this one and one by iLove (just in case JVC didn't turn out good) and I can say that JVC earbuds imho sound absolutely the best no matter what sort of music listen to. The sound is clear and all the tones are rendered perfectly. The other day I was given a pair Beats by Dr. Dre buds by a friend and when I compared the quality of sound I decided to keep JVC buds as my main option, they just sound better to me. They are very comfortable to wear and cancel out the noise very well, to the point that I don't have to turn up the voulume when in the subway on my way to work. I must admit they do look a bit flimsy, so time will test their durability and I will comment on that later. There are a lot of expensive brands out there, but if you want great sound quality and are mindful about your budget, you can hardly do any better than JVC HAFX67A Air Cushion.
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on March 25, 2012
I walk 4-7 miles every day and listen to my iPods. I have one full headphone set that I use in the winter (keeps my ears warm), and 2 pairs of headphone earbuds including an old Sony pair that has awesome sound, but are made of inflexible plastic and hurt my ears! In my pursuit of the "perfect pair" I discovered that technology has come a long way in the design of these items. I was absolutely flabbergasted at the number and price of headphones and earbuds on the market, not to mention the range in price. I must have read 500 reviews. I settled on these JVC HAFX67A Air Cushion ones because so many reviewers commented on the sound. I love to listen to full orchestra arrangements, movie soundtracks, jazz, and oldies so sound is very important. In addition, I didn't want to pay more than $30.00 for the set... not cheap, just practical. These air cushion headphones are awesome!

I am grateful to all of the reviewers who stated that they had much more expensive headphones that didn't perform any better than these $17 JVC ones! You saved me a great deal of time, effort, and money. I chose blue because it's my favorite color- but functionally they are awesomely comfortable and sound great. I left the default rubber pieces on. But, JVC does give you smaller and larger removable pieces.

The fit and sound are great!
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on February 7, 2011
Let me start by saying that you can not go wrong with these earbuds. I always used over-the-ear headphones and was never much of an earbud person. I normally use over-the-ear for longer rides or trips but didn't have any real portable headphones so I decided to look for some earbuds because I wanted to listen to music while I work out/go running or while im riding the bus.

I noticed these got a lot of good reviews and decided to go with these. WOW...I am blown away by how good these sound. I honestly didn't know ear buds could sound this good at this price. I'm surprised these are only $20 because they easily sound like $50+ headphones to me. The bass is definitely present and the overall sound is really good.

I have only had these for like a week but they seem to be pretty durable, the cable is slightly thicker than normal I think. As far as comfort goes they don't bother me, plus they come with three different ear piece sizes so they fit good.

Also one quick note these are really good for running, I ran about 4 miles with these and they did not fall out. Plus they come with a clip so you can clip the cable to your shirt so the cable isn't just hanging and pulling at your ears.

5/5 I would definitely recommend this product to anybody whether you are just looking to upgrade your mp3 headphones or for exercise this is the best bang for your buck.

UPDATE 11/2015-- After 4 years with these the left earbud finally stopped working. Still one of the best purchases I have ever made, I would buy these again if there were not discontinued but now I need to find a replacement.
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on May 3, 2012
I purchased the JVC HAFX67A AIR CUSHION Headphones because of the reviews. I wanted something that I could use to listen to my books on DVD when I go to sleep without causing discomfort in my ears when I lie down on the pillow. These did pretty good (about a 4 out of 5) in that regard. I also use them inside of my full face motorcycle helmet, which they work excellent for. Oh yeah, they sound great too. Compared to my first set of skullcandy inkd they sound pretty similar (which is good). However I tried another pair of skullcandy's (riots) after my first set of inkd broke, and the JVC's sound way better. Also, they fit in my ear fairly flatly and don't stick out like the skullcandy's, which is important for what I use them for. One more thing, the cord is pretty good too-no sounds of banging or interference when they rub up or hit something.
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on February 14, 2011
This purchase is worthy of a review in the hope that other may try this pair. If you are looking for good, deep bass and high trebles then this is commendable; it can tend to be hissy at higher volumes but of course can be adjusted with an equalizer or different preset genre setting. The mid range seem a little flat and "boxy" for my taste. The ear piece is decent although it could be better at noise cancellation. There is also the case of leaking sound to the surrounding, but of course the volume setting may be adjusted. Im hoping that some burning in may improve some aspects of the sound. I have no issues with its durability as I have it only a few weeks. I compared this pair against Skull Candy Inked and Philips (not sure of model but can be found at Target) and also against headphones I had like the Koss Porta Pro, sennheiser px100 and hd202, and grado sr60. Overall this is a great purchase and a great sounding product much better than the Skull Candy I have. I hope to compare it more to other in-ear buds of the same price range but overall really satisfied and pleasantly surprised of its performance. my two cents
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