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VINE VOICEon October 8, 2011
Although we were happy with the sound of our new LG HD TV, it was just good TV sound and we wished to get more toward the home theater experience so we bought this unit on a 'what the heck' sort of impulse. We're glad we did. The unit has a modern high gloss black finish for the top, bottom and rear facing surfaces plus a standard grill sort of look to the front. The middle has the display showing if it's on, the modes and FM station among other minor details. The system comes complete with one exception and that's the optical connector for connecting to a modern digital device such as our TV. We purchased an Amazon brand optical connector. You can use analog RCA connectors instead, because the unit does have RCA in, but we figured for the minor cost of the optical cable we may as well be all digital rather than chancing degrading the sound by going to old fashioned RCA analog. The system does not come with RCA connectors either.

What you get is the sound bar / tube, a remote complete with lithium battery, a FM indoor antenna (just a wire really) and a power supply. Setup was very easy although connecting the FM antenna baffled me for a bit until my wife tried what I was reluctant to try: jamming the flower pedal looking end onto the central post of the 75 ohm coaxial input. The antenna is at best a minimalist solution. The FM part would no doubt work better given an antenna that's more than a tiny wire although since we're in a good reception area, this didn't matter to us. The bar / tube has an option to connect a sub-woofer. We didn't get one.

The system works as a stand alone or you can screw it to the wall if you have a wall mounted TV. I put this very near the floor on the bottom shelf of our TV stand on the theory that it'd resonate best there. The connectors supplied are generous in length allowing a good deal of flexibility in locating the bar / tube.

Our first test was with the FM and I'm happy to report it works well. We compared it to our Bose Wave Radio and think it sounds at least as good and perhaps better. The Bose cost a good deal more too, but then again, it's an older model so perhaps the new ones are improved. The real treat was when we switched to input from the TV. As I said earlier, we were happy with the sound from our LG HD TV, but just as we had hoped, sound from this changed the TV experience dramatically. Just using this in plain mode made for a more entertaining time but when we switched to Surround sound, the effect was dramatic. It really does come close to the theater experience. The separation isn't as extreme as, say, in a movie theater plus there aren't any behind sounds, but still, for this money and east of installation, the benefits are clear.

One other thing - this device is powerful. We have it located in a fairly large room and still keep the volume settings toward the lower end yet sure have no trouble in getting that 'shake your teeth' sound from it. Obviously this simple bar / tube cannot equal my friend's multi-thousand dollar many speaker home entertainment system but for the money, we're utterly thrilled with the vast improvement in our TV sound. Plus we got the bonus of a good FM receiver / speaker system. Just remember to order the optical connector cable if you get this or you'll not be able to hook it up properly to modern sources.
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on July 4, 2012
Let me start off by saying that I do not have a big, fancy theater room in my home. This is used in my TV room. I currently have an Insignia 37" LCD TV that like most of these types of TVs, have the speakers on the back which make the sound go away from you rather than towards you. I was looking for something that helped improve my movie and regular TV listening experience. This was my 3rd attempt.

So far, I had purchased 2 other soundbars at around the $80.00-$100.00 price range. They were the Visio VSB200 and iLive 2.1. The Visio was pretty good for the price, but the JVC has options not found on the Visio. The iLive 2.1 was a total piece of junk. The sound quality was horrible and crackly, and it doesn't have a digital connectivity option.

My new JVC sounds great. It is by far the best of the 3. Yes it was $40.00 more than the other two. But it was worth every penny. The speaker size is adequate for a TV room. The bass is acceptable and has the option of hooking up a sub woofer if need be. The lights on the front actually have text, unlike the Visio, and looks nice. But one of the things I like most about this soundbar is it has antennae that helps the TV signal if you choose to place this soundbar directly in front of your TV. Many people place these soundbars right in front of their TV which blocks the remote signal from the TV controller. This soundbar has an antenna that removes that block.

So far I am very happy with my purchase. I will update this posting if things change.
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on December 7, 2012
A sound bar for my flat screen has been a low priority item on my wish list for some time now. We've relied on our stereo for good movie sound, but for daily tv viewing, we defaulted to the tv's poor speakers. Sound bar reviews on lower cost systems can be scary reading, but the JVC TH-BC1 user reviews are impressively positive. So after a price drop (on top of an already affordable price), I thought it a good time to give it a try.

I am glad I did. The sound this TH-BC1 produces is excellent. Overall, it is a very full sound - great highs and lows - but most importantly, none of this comes at the expense of dialog - voices are rendered crisp and very easy to hear.

I connected the TH-BC1 to my LG 55LW5600 through the optic port. The pairing is excellent (just remember to mute or disable to tv's own speakers). The TH-BC1 sounds excellent with just the default sound settings - which is great, because there aren't that many parameters to play with. You get limited bass and treble settings, audio compression, and a very well implemented surround sound mode (quite tame and actually does a great job of creating a very natural, open sonic stage).

Want some niggles? The FM antenna connector seems a tad odd - the port is over-sized for the antenna that comes packaged with it. But it works fine. The display has 2 levels of dimming, but I would like to be able blank it out completely. And I don't know if this is possible - while the unit has an automatic shut off -- it would be cool if it had an automatic turn-on as well.

TH-BC1 - highly recommended.
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on November 14, 2012
I bought this JVC TH-BC1 soundbar to improve the sound of my JVC 55" LCD television while watching local networks from an antenna. I have a Harman Kardon/JBL 7.1 system hooked up to a Sony Blu ray which is beyond words. However, just to listen to the local news' eye candy reed her teleprompter or have Rick Steves tell me which Euro country is going to empty my wallet quickest doesn't warrant me firing up that bad boy, rafter rattler. For a good Blu ray movie, now that's a different story.

Now that I've finished bragging, time to get to the meat of the JVC TH-BC1. It is exactly what I hoped it would be and more, the price was below the quality. This unit got rid of that helium voice effect that the internal speakers reproduced so life like. I have to wonder if the TV manufacturers purposely build in bad sound to sell these add-ons. The JVC TH-BC1 separates the voice from the soundtrack for a clear dialog without losing the background sounds such as a match striking, rain, paper crumbling, or children playing outside of the main scene etc. These sounds were lost and the voices muddied by the internal speakers. The volume is easily tripled with the JVC TH-BC1. The FM radio is nothing to write home about but a nice extra and works well. The JVC TH-BC1 meets and excides my intended use. The seller got it to me super quick, kudos to them. JVC has always made hi quality products at a good price. I would imagine that the JVC TH-BC1 would be decent hooked up to a subwoofer and a Blu ray if that were to be the goal, I'll never know that for sure. "Let them eat cake:)"
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on February 26, 2012
The JVC TH-BC1 is a good choice for a sound bar for a LCD TV, as it greatly improves on the TV's sound. I connected the sound bar to the TV with an optical cable, unfortunately it does not have an HDMI port, but it was easy to connect, as is. It has a pre-out for a subwoffer, which I have not tried, but I would like to, as the base in the JVC sound bar is lacking punch. If strong base is needed, you may want to look at other sound bars that have sub woofers. The highs and midrange are very good, I believe. I am happy with the purchase, and I do not think I could have done better for the price (my rating reflects the good value this has compared to other sound bars that are twice the price, but these other products do have a subwoofer; I purchased it through Amazon). The remote works well, although I would like to control the sound bar through my DirecTV remote (I have not been able to get my DirecTV remote to recognize the JVC sound bar yet, but I believe it can be done).
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on September 11, 2012
I had been using a HUGE stereo system as my sound system for my HD TV. My room is small, so needless to say, I wanted to get something a little more high-tech that could save me some space. I researched some soundbars on Amazon and read the great reviews for this one, and let me tell you, I don't regret the purchase. The sound is just as good, if not better. I can't even tell the difference (as I loved the sound my old stereo gave my TV). The bar is a bit bigger than it looks, so make sure you look at the measurements. I have a 43 inch tv, and it just about covers the entire bottom bezel, both in height and length. However, it is visually and audibly pleasing, and it saves me a lot of space. You can add a subwoofer for the lower bass, but honestly you don't need it. The sound is fantastic on its own, I just assume a subwoofer would give you a more powerful sound. Definitely a great buy.
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on October 13, 2011
I wanted this to install on my wall TV to improve sound as speakers built in the TV are really not doing what I consider a good job, (too tinny sounding). I have yet to figure why older CRT TV's have much better sound as the speakers are small much like the LCD wall TV's out now, Maybe its to sell Sound-Bars......lol.

This Sound-Bar supplies really good audio & is so simple to connect with Component Connections. Just be aware if you use the TV Optical Jack you will need to route through your A/V receiver. After hook-up you'll be enjoying a much improved sound from your TV.
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on March 15, 2012
First I picked up a Vizio sound bar at Costco, but I returned it after a few weeks because it started falling silent at random times. Then after quite some research I ordered this JVC from Amazon, and it turned out a keeper for me. The sound definitely isn't as rich (in the lower range) as the Vizio's (hence 1 less stars than 5), but my living room isn't too big, plus I use the JVC with a subwoofer, and they together are more than enough. I'm too cheap for a true surround system, but this setup gives me enough sense of audio space for good deathmatch gaming - I swear I hear where the noises are coming from. The radio (and the display) are also features that sold this unit to me. I'm happy with this sound bar.
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on June 9, 2012
Lets face it, JBL is a really good brand. Okay, they are not Bose...but they dont sell their systems in the thousands of dollars either. For the common folk who have discerning taste...this is it. I has a Panasonic sound bar system before...with built in woofer...this thing is by far better. I can really tell the difference in the "surround sound". Also, it allows so MANY ways to hook up audio. The Panasonic allows only 1 HDMI and nothing else. The radio is a nice touch. Some complain about the base. Okay...it does not have any 20 inch speakers for base. However,it does have a subwoofer pre-out and I hooked my powered Polk Audio 12" subwoofer to it and all I can say is...I am in love.
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on February 1, 2012
I looked for a long time for a nice sound bar that would not break the bank. I purchased this sound bar and was still a bit skeptical. But within seconds of turning the bar on, I could clearly notice a difference in sound. I love this product and have already told all of my friends about it. I also want to inform anyone that is buying this product that you must purchase your own cable to connect this product to whatever you wish to connect it to. I purchased a digital optical audio cable and plugged it into my tv. Plugging the digital optical audio cable into the tv allows you to use the sound bar instead of the speakers on your tv.
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