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on March 31, 2013
I bought this item in February of 2012 and it was perfect. The adhesive did not leave a residue when removed, there was a slight texturing to the back which made it more durable and easy to rip off.

I bought it again two months ago and it's completely different. The backing is much weaker and does not rip as easily. I've had several occasions with this new one where I've removed the tape and the adhesive has stuck to the object, completely separating from the backing.

This tape is manufactured entirely different than it was a year ago, and in every way it's for the worse. I don't know if it's being produced by a different manufacturer or if something else has changed, but it's no longer the best choice on Amazon. This is one of the more affordable options here, but you're probably better off spending another dollar or two and choosing a different brand.

EDIT: 6/23/2013

I just wanted to provide a little more information here. Based on some other reviews here and some of the pictures submitted by other people, I now think that it may not be that the manufacturer has changed, but rather that this seller gets gaffers tape from different sources of varying quality and it's a complete gamble regarding which one you will receive. There is a very informative picture in the customer submitted photo section where a person bought four rolls and each was completely different.

In the last few months I've kind of gone a little gaffer tape crazy. I've been buying a whole bunch of other gaffers tape trying to find one that was as high quality as my first experience with JVCC Gaffers Tape (The product you're looking at now)

- In April I bought Allstar Performance ALL14253 Black 2" x 180' Gaffer's Tape which, though it doesn't mention it on the product details page, is made by ISC Racers Tape. Unfortunately I was not very impressed with the quality of this tape either and found it wasn't very good at staying adhesive for my uses.

- In May I started to look into Pro-Gaff Gaffers tape because the reviews seemed pretty good. For full disclosure, I'd like to note that I didn't buy Pro-Gaff from Amazon because it's available from Guitar Center and I could get a discount there, but it appears to be the exact same product that you can get at Amazon. I have found that the Pro-Gaff tape is better than the Allstar Performance ISC Racers Tape, but still not as good as my original purchase from JVCC.

And thus the quest for the best Gaffers Tape continues! I now have three rolls of gaffers tape stacked up that I'm not using and looking for the next one to purchase. In all honesty, I'm considering buying another roll of the JVCC to see if I can get lucky with another high quality roll and see if I can figure out who actually manufactures it. As I continue to search out the best tape, I'll keep this review updated.
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on July 4, 2011
This is great all-purpose tape, and one of the best-kept handyman secrets. Gaffer's tape is much better than the ubiquitous silver duct tape for lots of repairs and projects. I use it to affix bike computer sensor lead wires to my bike's frame, and this stuff sticks better and is more durable than any other kind of tape I've found. The fabric backing is very strong and offers lots of grip when attached to something. The adhesive is similar to that used on good quality duct tape (such as 3M) and far superior to the adhesive used on cheap duct or other kinds of tape. Gaffer's tape is excellent for attaching, removing, and re-attaching since it usually doesn't leave any residue and the tape keeps its stickiness. This tape is easy to tear by hand but it sometimes leaves the little threads like duct tape can if you're not careful with the tears. But overall it's easier to tear by hand than most duct tapes. The only quality that gaffer's has to cede to duck is in the weather-resistance department, where duct tape is a bit more water repellant. Overall, I reach for Gaffer's tape instead of duct tape for just about all my home and auto projects.
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I purchased a role of this GAFFER'S TAPE to use for a theatrical production I was producing. Good gaffer's tape is better than any other tape around. Unlike duct tape or electrical tape, gaffer's tape is just as sticky and doesn't leave any residue behind once it has been taken off. Also, in general gaffer's tape does not damage services it has been placed on. For instance, we have used gaffer's tape on varnished doors and after peeling it away, the varnish is still there. Gaffer's tape is the stuff that gaffers use in movies. With that said, gaffer's tape is also much more inexpensive than duct tape and that's why it's not used as often or known about as much. The only negative is that gaffer's tape doesn't hold up as well as other tapes when used outside; gaffer's tape is made to be used in doors. Overall, I was pleased with the role of gaffer's tape I purchased.

As a side note, based upon an experience a friend of mine had ordering from the same vendor and upon some of the customer reviews at Amazon, I think the seller doesn't sell the same kind of gaffer's tape all the time. A friend of mine ordered an exact same role as I did from this seller, but it was not the same gaffer's tape. It was a slightly lighter black and didn't stick as well to surfaces. Not only that, but after he peeled away the tape (he ordered for a musical act), it left behind some residue. Therefore, although I had a positive experience with this seller and the tape I received, that might not always be the case. That's why I have only given this item three stars.
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on January 8, 2017
This tape is great I have used it to tape all kinds of things and even used it during some BDSM activities. This tape is awesome, but do not and I repeat do not use this to hold a tire to a car I tried that and ended up losing control of the vehicle and driving through a 7-11.
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on March 10, 2013
Quality gaffer's tape does three things extremely well:

1) It tears neatly and easily
2) It holds cable (or anything else) where you put it
3) When you pull it off, it releases cleanly

This tape tears neatly. It holds okay (I've seen better).

But, unforgivably, it leaves a sticky residue behind. Residue on cable, on your fingers, on anything else you tape down with it.

If I was a gaffer (Hollywood electrician) and you used this tape on my set you'd be fired. Or, if I was feeling nice, you'd be tasked with cleaning the sticky tape residue off of every inch of cable, which means you won't be going home for a few hours. Welcome to show business, buy better tape next time.

A lot of positive reviews here are from people who have only ever used duct tape, I guess. This is better than duct tape, but that doesn't make it gaffer's tape.
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on April 21, 2017
I purchased this in 2013. It's too weak for most uses, tears diagonally, does not tear length-wise. The only positive is that it's a good fabric matte, and left to residue. I will try another brand next time.
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on November 5, 2013
I'm going to have to concur with the rest of the reviewers on here who mentioned that this gaffers tape leaves stickiness and residue. The primary reason I wanted gaffers tape was to use it in photography and other tasks that would require a strong, flexible, sticky tape that wouldn't leave gunk on whatever I was sticking it to. This tape covers most of those requirements: it's strong, sticky, flexible, and easy to work with. Unfortunately, it gums up everything it touches.

It's not to say that this tape is useless - far from it. It just isn't useful for the context that I wanted to use it in, which is a drag. The accuracy of the phrase "you get what you pay for" is highly dependent on what you're talking about and how it's going to be used, but I think it applies for this product. Having to pony up $25 for a roll of tape seemed too expensive until I saw how the cheap stuff works. Seems pretty reasonable now.
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on January 2, 2012
I bought this tape so I can cover all my camera gear to be black(pic on amazon slideshow). It works really well, I cant tell where it starts and where it begins. The texture feels great. It stays on there pretty well and its easy to tear(not great) Really makes my camera look like a piece of junk film camera(in a good way)

The bad:
The corners seem to not stay down on plastic.
If you tear it(which is easy) there will be lots of strings on the edge and be messy/sticky. I use scissors which make the cuts really fine.

I don't know if gaffers tape is an end all solution to residue free tape, I havn't owned this long enough to see if it leaves residue. I guess if I ever have a problem ill update this review


After many unique uses, I found that cold weather improves its ability to NOT leave residue. I put some tape on my mouse though(which gets warm from my palm) and found the tape LEAVES RESEDUE. So if something is warm, it will leave some gew like paper glue that is easy to clean but leaves a mess
review image
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on September 16, 2012
I have found myself often using gaff tape in the place of duct tape for many of my random tape needs around the house. It works great if you need a fix without the sticky duct tape residue left behind. Last week, I used some to keep my fan from squeaking. Oh, and I actually use it for more conventional purposes like keeping cables taped down etc.

This gaff tape is a bit thinner than some that I have used before but it still works great for my needs.

5 Stars!
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on August 30, 2012
I truly can't imagine my household without this tape. I'm in a rental, so thumbtacks are essential to hang things quickly and easily (I like my walls lively!) I've used this tape to:

1. Hang a HUGE Harry Potter Comic-Con bag on my wall as a poster. It looks perfect, and clean, and mildly professional (who am I kidding, it looks like a lazy college kid hung it up).

2. To tape my broken car mirror back onto my car. *I AM NOT A MECHANIC* Please don't tape up your car, I'm just saying, I didn't have money to fix it. This tape kept my side mirror ON through summer AND winter. So awesome.

3. Secure a mirror panel to my wall (make sure you wipe the wall down with alcohol first) *AGAIN, I am NOT recommending any of this - but if you're lazy girl like me who doesn't know her way around a hammer, then get this tape.

The tape leaves no gross residue, it's strong, and the surface is almost fabric-like. I always need to have some around.

If you need to tape equipment wires together (for instruments, or misc), then use this tape - not having to deal with the residue that duct tape leaves behind is so worth it.
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