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on September 13, 2012
I just got my Jabra Solemate today. It easily paired with both my Droid and my MacBook. This thing is loud. I was playing some Submotion Orchestra and then a bit of Black Sun Empire. I streamed Pandora to it from my phone while sitting outside and even felt I had to turn it down a bit at times. The bluetooth range is actually much better than my Belkin A50 home bluetooth receiver.

The size is perfect and the build quality is excellent. It feels solid and substantial and has a nice heft to it. The fit, finish, and build materials evoke a sense of quality. It looks, feels, and performs like a high-end device. In terms of the sound - the bass is very satisfying for a speaker of this size. The audio is rich and the drums really hit.

In terms of the Bluetooth connection, streaming from the Droid produces a much louder response than when streaming from my MacBook - not sure why. Anyways, it's a piece of cake to pair, and the connection is solid, consistent, and without static. Also, there is no 'hum' or hiss, which were complaints noted by reviewers with some of the other devices I looked at.

The three speakers are front mounted, and the sound is therefore quite directional - pointing the off-axis leads to a lot of drop off in sound. It's a minor issue. The price point is about right considering how much bang (or should I say 'boom') you get for the buck.

This also functions as a very nice hands-free unit. While streaming music from my phone, my wife called me. I simply pushed the button on the top and we were instantly connected. The clarity was excellent.

I did a lot of research online, read through a lot of reviews. The Jawbone Big Jambox was high on my list, but $100 more expensive! Bose was completely out of my price range for a device such as this. I also was not interested in paying less for something only to be dissappointed by the sound quality. I looked around at Satechi and Monster HD, but what sold me on the Solemate was the combination of design, features, and price. I am very satisfied with this speaker - and I'm someone who is very finicky about music and sound quality.

I highly recommend this little speaker to anyone looking for a great-sounding portable speaker. The build and sound quality are excellent, and it is worth the money.
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Top Contributor: Petson August 30, 2015
Great speakers for the price and the quality!!! I bought this as a gift for someone who really appreciates some good hard BASS. I did some research online on portable/bluetooth/wireless speakers, comparing different reviews and ratings online, and in the end it came down to three speakers rated for great bass/sub performance. Of the three (one of them was the SONY SRS-X5), I decided to go with the Jabra. I based this decision on three things, price, durability, and aesthetics. The Jabra SOLEMATE is a bit under $100 including shipping for Amazon Prime members, unlike its other competitor speakers with quality sub performance. Furthermore, the thick soles of the speaker really caught my attention. Most electronic products on the market usually have some form of weak little rubber glued on each corner at the bottom. However, the Jabra SOLEMATE has this cool looking sole great for absorbing any impact for setting the speakers down. Did I mention that it looks awesome? Oh yes, and back to the Original decision factor, the bass. Oh wow the bass. The quality of sound that comes out of this little thing is still mind blowing. The volume, clarity, and BASS!!!! just all around WOWmazing!!! After testing them out and using it for a little under a week, I am already looking into buying another one for myself.
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on July 2, 2016
99% what I was looking for & Wanted!

Sounds like I want - GREAT sound, Excellent Highs Mids, Bass & Tone (to my ears)-----
I am not going to get to get into lots of details about the sound quality becuz it's always subjective depending on the person. Overall it sounds fairly flat to my ears which is a VERY good thing as far as I'm concerned. You can always tweek an EQ setting to fine tune it (and any other bluetooth speaker) to the desired sound/tone depending on the build quality & size...I will say with an EQ set too "off" it has crisp highs that aren't to bright , solid punchy mid range & is bassy but NOT so much so that it takes from the music by muddying out the mids & highs.

It gets More than loud enough for a small to mid size room. Even for a large room it gets loud enough to fill it with sound however it isn't powerful enough for full sound in a large room (I am speaking mostly about the bass, the highs & mids are adequate .

Quality Built like I wanted - ( SOLID Build quality you can FEEL & Looks NICE )

Size I wanted - not to big, not to small, not to heavy, not to light

Most of the Features I wanted (power switch {not a button} voice prompts, sturdy fabric carry ring, easy pairing, simple buttons, battery level indicator, aux jack & on board cable, LARGE silicone foot to keep from slipping/jumping)

The Only SUBJECTIVE con I have is it's NOT water resistant but they did include a water resistant pouch
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on October 30, 2013
I'm a portable speaker junkie and have tried probably 15 different brands at this point. The Jabra comes in second only to the Bose Mini Soundlink in sound quality. Considering the magic Bose uses to get their incredible result, that's not to shabby. Jabra uses 3 speakers in the front - 2 smaller wide range drivers and a larger "woofer" as well as a passive radiator on the back side. The audio has a good clarity and range. It even has surprising bass for a speaker this size. It is obvious someone at Jabra took the time to correctly design a passive radiator enclosure.

--The Good--
Overall build quality was great. I'm not a huge fan of the design though. I get the show pun, but come on Jabra. The rubber base seems durable and very stable on flat surfaces. It is not incredibly grippy though. Other similar speakers I have tried use a silicone foot that resists sliding better - though these also wear easily. The unit weighs more than others which I prefer. Feels solid. The loop on its side has not held up well though. I'd like to see a plastic or metal loop with a better lanyard or perhaps a carabiner. There is also a decent length AUX cord hidden in a grove on the bottom of the unit. Nice touch Jabra!

I really like the top buttons. They are clearly marked and have a click you an feel when operating them. Other speakers such as the Braven or Bose have buttons hidden behind a rubber top which make it difficult to tell if you are actually depressing them. Inputs are on the side and easy to access. But Jabra chose to follow other manufacturers and use a small slider for the power on/bluetooth control. It's slightly recessed and hard to get a finger on. I wish they had power on top of the unit with a big indicator light so you know you are powered on and connected. Nothing is more fun than thinking you are about to play a song on your cool new bluetooth speaker only to realize it is powered off and the sound comes blaring out of your crappy phone speaker.

--The Bad--
My only real complaint aside from the shoe metaphor is the audio prompts. When you put the speaker in bluetooth pairing mode it plays a message to you - rather loudly - read by a guy who is way too cool for himself - with hip background music... The first time I tried to use the speaker I was at my office and totally unprepared for what would happen. I got comments the rest of the day from coworkers. Ok, I thought, it was guiding me through the first pairing. Nope, every time you pair a device (which I have to do every week or so for some reason) it plays the same dumb message.Did I mention it also plays a hip sound when you power the unit on... super awesome.

I really like this product. Jabra is known for their build quality and solid industrial design. The Solemate does not disappoint. I think it is one of the best portable speakers in the $100-$150 price point. In the end I chose to get rid of my Solemate though. The interface sounds were just too gimmicky. I spent a few more bucks for the Bose Mini Soundlink.
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on July 14, 2015
Take everything positive from every Amazon review and roll them up into mine. This morning I discovered something that almost makes me cringe though. I wish like heck someone responds to my review and gives me a workaround. When I use this unit with one of my Android phones, the volume on the Solemate and that of the Android device are independent of one another. I could raise the volume all the way up on the speaker and control from my phone.

I am using my iPhone 6 Plus and this morning I found that the volume adjustment between the speaker and the phone are in sync. If I turn the volume down via the speaker, it adjusts the volume on the phone as well. The reason this is an issue for me is that even at the lowest setting before there is no sound, it is pretty loud with the Solemate/iPhone combination. When I start work in the morning I like to listen to music with it very feint in the background. That is not possible unless I am using an Android device.

Is there a way around this, if it even makes sense? If yes, 5 stars! I would definitely buy this again though. Please don't let the 1 star off deter you. The speaker sounds great, is plenty loud, and at $59 you can't beat it.
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on July 30, 2013
My Logitech UE mobile boombox was U$ 99 and I get this one for U$ 129 in a promo .

- Size
Well . The Jabra looks like a shoe and weigh like one too ! The UE is so much light and easy to carry . You can put it on almost any bag . But I am not saying you cant take the speaker brick with you .

- Design . The UE is minimalist . Very nice design . The Jabra is a know...its a brick , a shoe . But with very clever add-ons . The first is the lanyard in the side . Make it easy to carry . The second is the rubber grip on the back , that thing wont dance in your table . The grid pattern protecting the speaker is beautiful on the Jabra . The UE does provide a good grip 'cos its encased in rubber and I so far no dances on the my computer table or wood table like the Jabra .

- Sound. Make no mistake here. The Jabra sound is superior. Period. But it should have superior sound anyway. Its bigger and pricier than the UE ! You have 3 drivers here and a sub , kinda of . Anyway , I must say it doesnt have a much louder sound . Its louder yes , but not that much I was expecting. The bass is there however . Thats a compromise you take when you buy the UE . So Jabra is the only choice if you need bass . It provides a lot more bass and you can feel the air flowing out , literally .
What I need to say is that somehow I think some podcasts sounds better on the UE . The voice is cleaner . Maybe because the Jabra has the bass power which is not useful all the times . A tweak in your equalizer should fix that .

- Extra features.
The Jabra speaks with you ! There's a bluetooth guy inside it ! "Solemate is connected" . Its nice, not present in the UE , but you can live without it . The Jabra speakerphone works great but the mic is in the side . The mic in UE is on the top. The Jabra comes with a bag so you can use it on the beach or in a steamy bathroom worries with sand and water drops ...its a really nice plus !

Ok . Lets finish this . If you are searching for a portable bluetooth I think you should consider 3 things :
- Sound
- Price
- Portability

When you compare the U$ 99 UE with the U$ 129 Jabra Solemate I think the Jabra is a better deal . its 30% more money but you gain better bass, more battery time, a 3.5 mm short cable and a nice bag . But its heavier and so much bulkier . Without any tweaks the voice from podcasts in UE sounds better . I dont know how much space do you have in your desk or everywhere . I have both speakers and I dont regreat buying any of them .
What I have to say is that if I had to buy only one would be the Solemate for the extra bass .

A last word . I CANT assure how long the batteries will last before it could not retain any power anymore . I hope the batteries could stand for humm....maybe ... 3, 4 years ?

a hug from Rio , Brazil
sorry for the English ...
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on January 26, 2018
A great speaker that has been serving me well for just over 4 years. I use it mostly for podcast listening from my Macbook Air. Occassionally the connection will drop out if I carry it too far away into another room, but it has kept a better connection than the 3-4 other bluetooth speakers I tried. I listen in the shower, so it's great that it stays connected even when it's about 30' away and on the opposite side of a wall from the source. It has trouble connecting to content playing through VLC on my Mac, but I've had this problem with other speakers too. A great purchase and the oldest electronic device that I've had in regular use.
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on August 16, 2013
I bought this after returning the JBL micro wireless. The Jabra is awesome! This little unit can pump out some sound. I have played different kinds of music & no matter what you are playing it will sure sound nice. I can hear the highs,mids & lows in the songs.
What I like about the Jabra Solemate: First I like the case it comes in. All the cords & paperwork are stored in the lower compartment. 2: The rubber soul of the unit.This helps from moving around on the surface it sits. I read reveiws & people said it looks like the bottom of a shoe & it does but I think it is cool.It sits like a shoe on display when in the case. 3: This is very loud. I had it playing in a room on the second floor with the window opened about 5 inches. I went out to the back yard to let the dog out & I was able to make out the song from level ground about 30 feet away. I can walk around the whole house & hear it very well.I found myself having to turn it down a few times. 4: The sound is very nice.For a small unit this has some bass. I can feel the vibration when I am holding it by the strap that is attached to it.I can hear the tones & instruments in the song. 4: The aux wire is held in the bottom of the unit. 5: Phone calls sound very clear. The mic pics up well. You can awnser & hang up from the unit. 6: The size is nice.Not to big but not to small. The JBL is a 1 speaker system & is much smaller than the Jabra so I would not expect it to sould like the Jabra.This is bigger a has more weight but what a sound for the size. 7: The protective bag this comes with is o.k. It will keep it clean without distorting the sound.
What I don't like is you can't change the song from the unit but this is not a big deal for me.
All in all I love this unit.I have yet to try it while watching a movie.I have an isoundmax that I use when watching a movie from my computer & it is very loud but it does lack bass quality so I can't wait to try the Solemate & compare the two.
I would definitely recommend the Jabra Solemate to any body.

Update 9/3/2013
I have been using this religiously & I am still very pleased with the quality & performance of this unit. I never mentioned anything about the battery life so here it is. The battery life is exceptionally good. I used it for about 8-9 hours straight at mid volume with no problems. It talks to you when you turn it on letting you know it is connected & when the battery is low it will let you know. If you hit the middle button while playing it will tell you if the battery if full or mid way. When you use the aux wire it lets you know Bluetooth has been disconnected.
The only thing I did notice is when it is in stand by mode for a long period of time I have to turn it off then back on in order to link it with my device.
I compared this to my isoundmax while watching movies & it does not get as loud as the isound but my opinion it still sounds a bit better because it has better bass & when I turn the isound up loud it gets very hissy where the Jabra does not.
You need to try it to see for yourself if you are looking for something like this. I would buy it again.
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on July 12, 2014
i have been searching for a small compact but still good sounding bt speaker i have owned all the other brands like jawbone and Sony and jam-box this by far blows them out of the water the sound quality is full with clear highs and a booming bass i listed to edm and dub-step so i need the good bass response this has a passive resonator on the back that delvers just that. and hardcore so i needed clear mid for fast guitar i also enjoy Bach harpsichord concertos with this performed above and beyond expectation from a speaker this small

put it on the floor in a corner in a room and it will fill the room with sounds people will be amazed to find out where its coming from. i also take it to the beach the dirt proof bag it comes with works great to keep it clean and have it safe while listing and still hear it great from 10 feet away its gets loud.

the bt calling feature is nice not a selling point for me but nice to have

its rugged unlike some other small bt speakers out there the rubber bottom makes for great sound on what ever surface u put it on so their is no vibration and the added loop on the side opened so many new possibility's i clip it to my belt when i am doing work around the house to listen to pod-casts and i clip it to my hammock so i can listen to music while relaxing up in the tree just add a small carabiner and it can be clipped anywhere to a belt backpack etc..
cant do that with the competition with a jawbone jam-box you have to hold it or set it down somewhere
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on December 23, 2012
EDIT#2: OK, I feel stupid. Went deeper into the issue of listening on my iMac because I was absolutely sure this thing should sound better. I am glad I did. In the system preferences/sound when I chose Jabra Solemate, I didn't realize there were two choices, one says Jabra SOLEMATE v1.27.0 and the other says Jabra SOLEMATE v1.27.0 Stereo. After switching from the first to the one that says Stereo, wallah! Beautiful deep bass and tones. Still wish it would get louder but raising back up to 4 stars.

EDIT: Lowering from 4 stars to 3. After having this for a while now, I'd like to update my thoughts. I still love it for the iPad and iPod for music. For video on my iPad I seem to always get a lag issue where the sound is a second or so behind the picture. And I do not like it at all with my iMac (late 2009). Why do I use it on my iMac? Well I have a podcast set up and it's tied in to a mixer and other accessories where the power switches are on the back and cumbersome to turn on for quick computer sessions. So I thought I'd save a bit of hassle and use the Soulmate when only hopping on the iMac for a brief period rather than having to turn on the mixer and compressor and headphone amp, etc. In iTunes the audio is very tinny and lacking bass. It's almost like listening through a phone receiver. I've adjusted the eq several ways from Sunday and just can't get a decent sound using it on iTunes. Used for Netflix and Slingplayer and still sounds bad. For using only on an iMac I'd only give it 1 star (because zero isn't an option). I know it wasn't meant to be a desktop computer audio solution that's why I'm keeping my 3 star rating, but as such, it really sounds bad.

Original Review:

Got this as an Amazon lightning deal for $150.00 and couldn't be happier (unless it could get louder). Needed a speaker that would sound good and not need to have wires. This fits that bill perfectly! Solid, secure footing, and very quality sound. As soon as I turned it on and got that bass hum and heard the voice directions on pairing via bluetooth, I was impressed.

My only minor complaint is that it doesn't get quite as loud as I'd like, but for in the house or in the back yard it's fine. If there were a lot of room noise (people at a party for example) it probably won't be loud enough. It's perfect for me and for using it at the BBQ, or in the house with just the family milling about. People complain about the looks, but you see what you get in the picture. It's pretty cool looking in my opinion. I don't have a Jawbone, but I'm not a fan of that rectangular design.

As a bonus, you get a bag that is purportedly sand and water resistant. That's pretty cool for beach going or poolside. It also comes with a very short 1/8 to 1/8 inch cord to use if you don't have a bluetooth device. The cool thing about that is that it's color coordinated and it stores on the bottom of the speaker.

Had it for about a week now and it works perfectly and syncs quickly with my Droid Bionic, my iPad, iPod, and iMac (although only one at a time). Haven't had to recharge it yet, but don't use it continuously either, so unless you hear from me with an update later, assume that this thing is still ticking and working like a champ.
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