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on February 15, 2013
We had the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer in white, we loved it and enjoy juicing, but it stained so bad from carrots that it was turning orange. We decided to get a newer machine and went again with the Jack LaLanne PJP and WOW, it has an advanced cutting disk, so juicing is faster and easier. And the stainless steel is so nice, no more orange stain, clean up is faster and easier. Since we have had the this juicer for a wail now, we have noticed its louder in sound than the white plastic one we have, I think its the sound of the metal.
We put a plastic grocery bag in the pulp container so its easy to clean, and we occasionally put the cutting disk in the freezer for just a few minutes so that the juice is not heated up at all by the 3500 rpm, so its fast, quick and still cold like a slow juicer at half the price.
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on August 6, 2014
I love this juicer! It is very powerful and it's so great not having to spend lots of time and energy chopping the veggies and fruits to tiny pieces. Anyone having digestive issues will appreciate the pulp (which is the hardest part to digest) being removed - enabling the body to absorb the vitamins and minerals so easily!
For those worrying about the pulp extracted - you can easily put a clean plastic bag in the pulp container and use it in salads or your steamed veggies.
This one is a very sturdy machine! Oh, for those wondering as I was, YES this really is top grade stainless steel and not just fake stainless-covered plastic. Enjoy feeling better!
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on April 26, 2015
my last one lasted 10 years and that was the plastic model. i cant wait to try this one. jack didn't live a long healthy and super strong life for nothing he juiced instead of taking steroids.well i've used it now and this is better than my last one which like i said lasted 10 years they made improvements in it so its way faster to clean and much quieter i love it its very powerful i think i could juice a tree limb hahaha with this thing i paid 225.00 for the last on this one was less than half that price and in an improved model buy it i would recommend it to anyone. also come with allot of recipes and information about whats in the things you are juicing. also a great recipe book with morning drinks daytime and nite also how to make smoothies out of the pulp that remains and recipes to bake using the pulp that is really only fiber the rest u drank so actually u get allot more than a juicer,you get all the help u need to put it together clean it run it and put it to its ultimate use.
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on April 8, 2015
I am an avid juicer; have been for years. I have owned other brands of juicers, NONE of them produce juice this clean. The Lalanne Power Juicer Pro (Stainless Steel) is the best on the market hands down. Pulp is dry, juice is clean, and there is almost no foam at all. Anyone else saying different on here either doesn't know how to properly use a juicer or is getting paid by another company to make false claims. This juicer is the real deal folks. It combines the best features from all centrifugal juicers as well as masticating. And for this price it is a STEAL. Do yourself a favor and trust me.
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on March 3, 2015
I bought this replace my original Jack Lalanne Power Juicer. I thought the new design would be better. In someways it is, the stainless steel is nice - it looks better and hopefully will age better than the white plastic of the older version. I like the new no drip spout design. The main problem is that this "Pro" version is not as powerful as the original, the motor bogs down and stops much easier than my old one. you have to put less in. I think this has to do with the new blade/filter combination. This blade/filter combination is nice for cleaning and assembly, however I think it doesn't have enough torque or something like that. Also the pulp from this machine is VERY wet and also has chunks of apples or carrots. The older version I had left NO chunks and a very dry pulp.

It is very unlikely I would purchase another Jack Lalanne juicer. For an updated model I am very disappointed.
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on December 15, 2015
This juicer was effective in pulling out pure juice. And, the juices were very concentrated. It is true to its promise to get juice from everything...including rinds/skins.

The chrome finish was a definite plus for matching my appliances, which made me not have to always put it away. And, that's great because this juicer is bulky!

It was easy to take apart and clean, a definite step up from the white one I had that always had green stains. The components disassemble was super easy!

My only wish is that the top of the solid fruit feeder was steel as well. Turns out, it is plastic...and doesn't withstand wear well.
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on May 20, 2014
I bought this juicer in October 2013. By January of 2014, after a few uses, the juice spout broke and got detached from the receptacle. When I tried to fix this problem, I realized it was not possible. I called the Jack La Lanne's power juicer customer service office, and the woman on the phone did really poorly. I had to ask her about warranty policies and she couldn't give me clear answers. She asked me to send a payment for a new receptacle. I, of course, did not send any more money to these guys. Hopefully I will find, at least, a used receptacle at a thrift store one of these days. Otherwise, I will have to throw the damn power juicer away because I can not make juice any more. I am going to switch to another brand. I am extremely disappointed. I wish I could give them a 0-star grade on Amazon, but 1 will do, too. I am starting to think that all this stuff sold on TV is getting worse and worse.
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on March 6, 2014
I purchased the Jack Lalanne Juicer after reading several reviews and comparing it to many other juicers.
I was a beginner juicer, so wasn't looking for anything "crazy" as far as quality and heavy juicing, but I didn't expect it to fall apart.
I read the instructions and in it it did say to be careful to not to tighten the blade very tight as it had a tendency to strip.
Being very conscious of this, I made sure to only tighten the blade to the point of allowing it to operate. I used the machine for about a month. ( maybe 15 times) The machine fell apart. Then I contacted the seller to return the item, which they gladly accepted, but then had to spend $6 on a box to ship it, go to the post office and spend $22.70 to ship it back. I just did it today, so I hope my refund comes in a timely manner. it was a complete waste of time.
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on May 10, 2015
Love it almost as much as my original Jack LaLanne juice! I use it daily and feel it is z great value.
I have noticed that with the improvements over the earlier models two negative things. 1st with the self balancing blade larger pieces of unjuiced, ungrated fruit and vegetables make it through to the pulp collector than before and the pulp has more moisture/juice still in it than my previous machine/juicer, why? Remember the old demonstration where you Jack would dump the pulp on a paper towel to prove how dry it was after juicing? Not anymore. My point is I am losing value on my produce.
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on September 3, 2013
After watching fat sick and nearly dead on, i thought i'd start living better.... out of all the juicers i have tried using. this one works the BEST... juices every drop out of whatever you stick into it.... GOD BLESS JACK LALANNE. No wonder he lived to a hundred right ! I would not consider any other all of you out is worth your money... and satisfaction.
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