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on September 29, 2016
Jak 3 is a great balance of its two predecessors. While Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy was a simple adventure platforming game that even relatively nubile players could finish in a day or two, Jak II was a supremely difficult, more combat-oriented game that would have even the most hardened video game veterans chucking their controllers out the window and sobbing into their pillows. Jak 3 is an excellent combination of the first game's quirky platforming fun and the second game's story and combat elements. It reminds one of Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal with its near seamless blending of the greatness of two prequels, excellent story and characters, and a final boss fight that is easily the best of the series. Jak and Daxter was my the first console game I ever played. I only got into the sequels very recently, and both of them, especially Jak 3, are among the funnest purchases I have ever made.
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on May 14, 2017
Love the Jak & Daxter games! :) I've played all three versions several times now! Some parts of these games are very challanging though so patience is a virtue!
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VINE VOICEon August 14, 2013
If you've played games like Red Faction Guerrilla or Saint's Row 2 or Saint's Row The Third, you can picture this as the Pong of those style. It's an early attempt at a not quite linear game with lots of people and traffic on the street. It sort of works.

You're exiled and have to survive the desert and then save the world. Still, the cut scenes are nice and they tossed in a little eye candy at times. The gameplay can sometimes be a bit tedious when you're driving in the cars. They often tend not to control especially well, compared to flying vehicles, but the game is pretty good about checkpoints so even that's not extremely painful.

However, the game has some significant problems. Aiming seems better than Jak 2, but still Jak often cannot lock onto the target you want to shoot making things much more frustrating than they need to be and wasting ammo. On the plus side I suppose, the enemies have equally bad targeting so at least that feels a little more fair. They've mostly fixed the problems where you'd be about to complete an objective and some random driver, literally driving in circles decides to plow into you and end it. Civilians tend to get out of your way.

Large portions of the game feel more like mini-game time trials (some literally are) than a cohesive game, but overall it's fun. You'll be set up to fail in a few of them, until you learn the patterns, but it's much kinder to you than the last game and you likely won't be wanting to put your controller through your screen.

I mostly liked it and while it was easier it was also more fun and I could see myself playing it again. The only thing that tended to annoy me was the driving missions. Not a bad game.
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on July 19, 2005
This game was beaten in a month's time. Now don't get me wrong -it wasn't easy. There were times I wanted to kick myself for messing up so many times lol. And there were times I wanted to kick the game!

The problem with this game is that it's too much of the SAME thing: SAME battles, same missions, same people. The only thing that was different was the location and how everything has changed.

When Jak does get kicked out and into the Wastleland, he does have certain trials to make it clear to this Wastlelanders that he is "useful". Honestly, I've never seen that in a game - original.

I'm a fan of vibrant colors and Jak and Daxter (the first one) had a lot of that, but this one didn't so I was kinda taken off. Overall the game was really dark and depressing.

Personally, this game just seemed like a chore to me..sometimes it felt like an adventure, but it was just a huge chore, I couldn't wait to get rid of all the missions to finally get to the end. It was just one mission after another (with barely any exploring missions).

So overall, I wouldn't get the game - that is only if you are interested in completing the three games. But just expect the same thing with a little twist.
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on March 4, 2017
love this classic game.
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on May 30, 2008
I loved the original Jak and Daxter. I was shocked with the complexity of Jak 2. I hated it even.

Jak 3 is better than Jak 2, but it combines some elements of the second in the series with the adventure in the first. The problem is that you are sent running back and forth across this city, over and over, solving the same types of puzzles over and over again. Race over here, pick that up, bring it back before the time runs out. Now, go across the city and meet this other guy. He sends you on a racing mission... Finish that, return to the place you were before. Complete another racing mission. Defeat some bad guys here and there... Race someone else...

It gets really old after a while.

I haven't completed the game yet because, quite frankly, I got bored with it. You can only complete the same mission so many times (with different details, but ultimately, it's the same mission) before tiring of it.

If you like racing the clock to get things done, but minimal adventure, this game is for you.

If you liked the adventure of the first Jak and Daxter as I did, you probably won't like this game much...
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on March 20, 2016
I love the Jak series. I think Jak 2 is the hardest of them all, but Jak 3 has proven fun and challenging at the same time. I am a casual gamer so my skills are average, but I think even someone who is really into video games will find some interesting difficulties.

Only complaint is that there is too much racing. I don't like racing/timed games and challenges.
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on March 8, 2007
Jak 3 was a major improvement over Jak 2. The missions were very interesting and the game play was very fun. The best thing about Jak 3 is it's a combo of all the previous games and for anyone who's played the previous games (like me) it really pushes your "Jak skills" (manipulation of he character) to the limit. If you know the character moves well enough there are little shortcuts you can take, not major ones mind you, but little ones to get you that little edge you need to beat that monster/enemy/marauder, etc. One qualm though; the weapons... why so many? Am I playing Ratchet and Clank? I didn't even use half the weapons they provide. They even incorporated a Ratchet and Clank gun course in the extras. If I want to play with every type of gun an asian at his computer can come up with, then I'll play Ratchet and Clank. I like the Jak and Daxter series because of its originality. Other than that I really didn't see anything that bothered me. Jak 3 is a well rounded game with lots of aspects to keep you busy. If you liked the first games in the Jak and Daxter series you'll definitely like this one.
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on June 1, 2008
At first I easily got into the flow of the game. I found myself dying less and less because I figured out each mission had certain 'snags' that could be overcome if I learned to look out for them. Like in the car races, I learned to take the lead early, then outpace all the others steadily. And with the weapons, earning secrets made them more powerful. Earning secrets was a fun twist. The game had helpful hints on how to control Jak and the moves are pretty standard --- jump, swing on pole, etc. I liked the jumping of the cars. The cars we're probably my favorite part. Driving through the wasteland is very realistic and functional. Also there was a hoverboard, like a skateboard which I got used to controlling after training. It came in handy sometimes.
I liked the city challenges and the fact that there was always some way to earn needed gems by killing random enemies.
Overall it was fun! I finished in about 2 weeks. A definite classic. I will look forward to Jak on PS3
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on October 2, 2013
Jak 3 being the sequel to Jak 2 had a lot of expectations riding on its shoulders and it delivered pretty well. The game is filled with new gun mods, a brand new form for Jak, and even vehicle combat on an even grander scale then the old grand theft auto style street racing you did in Jak 2.

The only gripe I would have is the differences in the story line that appear between Jak 2 and Jak 3 which I won't point for sake of not putting spoilers in a review. But they are there and they make me cranky!
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