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on May 16, 2014
It was a real blast playing this game again. I spent a good portion of elementary and middle school playing the Jak games. The remastered edition looks great, but there are a few minor bugs.

Precursor legacy:
whirlpools in the underwater lost precursor city are invisible. They still work, but you can't see them.

Jak II:
The moneybag mission glitched like crazy and I couldn't see where I was going; I had to use the radar to avoid crashing into invisible walls. I still beat it on the first try, and honestly it was more funny than annoying.

The metal head nest where you enter to do the final boss battle was not there the first time I got to it, it was replaced with a bottomless canyon. However, after plunging into the abyss once, it appeared fine when I went back to it.

Jak 3:
Can't remember any bugs.

Another minor complaint:
the game was originally in 4:3 and is remastered to 16:9. Because of this, sometimes there are jumps you have to make where you can't quite see where you should be landing. It's minor, but Jak fell to his death a few more times than he would have otherwise.

Despite these flaws, I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to relive their childhood, or to anyone who has not played these games.
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on June 9, 2013
Finally they make the legendary games of all time from the ps2 and remaster it for ps3. I always love Jax and Daxter and there trilogy, ive played all there game so many time when i was a little kid. This game truly does look phenomenal on a HDTV with HDMI. I did get bored though since i already had played these game too many times but i got it just becuase i was so excited to see that they had the trilogy for PS3. I recommend this game to any Jax and Daxter fans or kids that are already playing those violent shooting games so that they cant get there mind of those shooting games and play some old time shooting games.
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on April 8, 2015
I love the Jak and Daxter franchise, Ratchet and Clank doesn't bring as much nostalgia to me, but I suppose I'm one of those people. Jak and Daxter, The Precursor Legacy was one of the first and best games I played on the PS2 when I was younger and it has a special spot in my heart like it must for many others, so getting all first 3 games remastered on PS3 was AWESOME. I think I want to stop playing them for a while though because the effect is not as strong. In my list of favorite games, this is a homerun and its style can't be replaced even if it isn't the BEST game. You can really feel the innocence of Jak throughout the first game, and then the second game creates an entirely different atmosphere for the rest of the franchise. The only thing that is bad about remastered collections like this is that they don't bring the branch games to the next generation, like Jak X street racing. Anyway, this is a very good buy. Happy shopping!
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on January 3, 2015
I played these growing up, and they cemented Naughty Dog as my favourite gaming developer. I enjoyed Crash Bandicoot, but the Jak trilogy showed me a glimpse of what games could be, how deep a story could tell, how they could become something more than just a fun thing to play. The PS3 release is more than just a trip down memory lane, it's also a wonderful refurbishing of a franchise.
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on July 28, 2016
I played the original Jak and Daxter and Jak II on my ps2 when I was a kid and I loved the games, so I got this as a gift for my little brother's birthday. The game runs fine, but the game case actually comes in Spanish. Personally, I wouldn't really care if I was buying it for myself but the fact that it's a gift made the Spanish bother me. Also, the English version is pictured on Amazon, so they sent me a different version than I was expecting. From what I've heard though the language can be switched between Spanish and English so hopefully it plats fine.
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on December 4, 2017
It was cheaper to get the three than just the one which is what I really wanted, but the second game is okay, and I have honestly never even tried the third.
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on January 8, 2014
I remember when i was 7 years old watching my older brother play "jak and daxter" i was mesmerised, i absolutely loved every bit of the game, and when i had the chance to play it, just the whole game was perfect. "well i got scared of the spider infested mine, and couldnt continue through that... lol" I WAS 7 YEARS OLD CMON haha.

on jak 2's release my god parents bought me it as a birthday present, probably didnt know it had so many sexual references and or swearing lol but i played "most of it" until i reached a mission which i could not complete, "i think it was entering the barons warehouse" was just so hard. so i left it.... finally got jak 3 and completed it. loved the story and characters.

just last year i remembered jak 2, and was like "ok time to get the old ps2 out" im glad to say i finally finished it, still was hard but im happy now :D

all in all, these three games where all done perfectly, in story and character development, and having it come to ps3 is a dream come true "plus the HD makes it better too"

its a must have to all gamers, if you only play xbox, get a ps3, or ps2 and get these games.
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on September 22, 2017
The first game is awesome, the next two loose the entire charm of the game. I'd only buy the 3-pack if you know you like the second and third games.
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on May 24, 2016
It was great, the games themselves are fun for wasting time and just having fun, but I'm not reviewing that. The hd is well done, especially in the second and third, overall it's amazing for the price, the subtitles work for all three, those reviews are idiotic and so is the one who said the game was in Spanish because of a small portion on the box that was Spanish. Only complaint I have is that you can't switch between them without quitting the whole thing and starting up the game again. All the negative reviews I've read say that they didn't like the games themselves
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on April 7, 2016
Fast delivery for those who pay with express ( 3 working days ) Mint condition.
The only "bad thing" are for those who are collecting the english version of this game ( i want the english package ) will get a golden spanish package instead of the orginal black english.
So thats what u get from this guy.
but ahh well its fine anyways.
I like the golden collor anyways.
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