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on February 15, 2015
Let me be absolutely clear: This is not a remake of the original Goldeneye 007 game on the Nintendo 64. Rather, it is a re-adaptation of the Goldeneye 007 movie. The only things that I can recall being the same in this game and the old N64 one, are the part where you drop down into the bathroom stall from the vent, and when you shoot the latches on the escape hatch on the train. Other than that, the level designs are totally different, and probably more accurate to the movie (It's been a long time since I've seen it). Same goes for the story... it's a lot more in-depth than the old game.
Okay, enough about the differences. The point is, it's not a remake. As far as gameplay goes, I really enjoyed it. I preferred the Wii Remote + Nunchuk controls, mostly because of my experience with the Metroid Prime Trilogy. I tried it with the classic controller that it comes with, too, and while I did like it, I was too used to the Wii Remote to go back to anything else. The aiming is precise, and the multiplayer is phenomenal! I think my favorite thing to do, however, was sneak around and NOT get caught. I only ever played using the regenerative health mode, but there are other modes available for more hardcore-type players to challenge you. Some modes don't even allow for you to heal at all! So I hope you'll consider giving this a try, even if just for the multiplayer.
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on December 8, 2014
This may be the best shooter on the Wii. Having played some other shooters on the Wii like "The Conduit", I have to say this is best so far. Controlls are smooth, enemies have good AI. This is a better telling of the story of goldeneye then the movie, or first N64 game. Voice acting, and music are on point with any of the newer Bond movies. Everything is fantastic, except....(the reason I can only give this 4 stars) Multiplayer. Multipayer is fun, and if you have 4 people at your house it's great! But when there's only 2 of you it's pretty booring. Developers please give us bots!!!!! A few AI bots, or a horde mode in the multiplayer would have been great. This would have added tons of replay value.

A solid 4 stars on it's single player campaign. Mulitplayer is great if you have 4 people.
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on February 1, 2014
This was the greatest game in the world when it came out on N64 and they've tried to revamp it for Wii which is admirable but they didn't really pull it off.

The extra cutscenes could have probably been skipped, they look terrible on a big screen and the Wii U which is capable of full 1080p these days.

The online multiplayer was the most exciting feature to me but it's terrible, very clunky and just meh. Apparently nobody in America plays this game on multiplayer as I had to specifically allow the game to search for online matches outside the U.S. before I found any.

Overall not worth it. The gold controller is cool but that's about it.
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on December 13, 2010
I have to admit I was excited to try out the re-imagining of Goldeneye for the Wii. Having spent countless couch hours playing the original in my younger years, I can safely say that, for me, that this game does not disappoint. The single player is full of thrills and exciting gun play, and actually makes you feel like an MI6 super-spy. If you so choose, you can fore go the Rambo mentality and take a stealthier approach, using silencers and close quarters melee attacks to silently dispatch enemies and keep their comrades in the dark. The only complaints I have for the single player game is the A.I. can at times be questionable, as to know your exact locations the second you are discovered. Also, the levels are extremely linear. You have to follow the path the developers set without question.

Now on to the multiplayer. In many ways, Goldeneye borrows heavily from the Call of Duty and Medal of Honor series. Instead of the old school red sight on the screen, you can now visually aim down the sights of your weapon. As you level up by earning experience points(XP), you can unlock more powerful weapons as long as sights, scopes, and silencers to add to those weapons. I am still enjoying all the multiplayer mayhem, even if some lobbies seem relatively empty at times. All in all, this is a great shooter for the Wii.
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on December 26, 2010
Honestly, the last console games of this type that I played were Goldeneye and Perfect Dark for the N64. Given that, I was hoping for a game similar to those, perhaps with a nice graphical upgrade. This is not what I received, but I still recommend this title for both fans of the original and newcomers.

The graphics are great for a Wii title, and the gameplay is solid. The single-player story mode is enjoyable. Missions are much more cohesive, the objectives are realistic, and the maps are memorable. Voice acting is nice! Aside from the dam level, the maps don't gel with the original. You lose nostalgia, but you regain the element of surprise.

I feel you'll have best results with the classic controller. The default controls were perfect for me, but there are many layouts to suit many tastes. I found playing with the Wii remote and Nunchuk fun, but a little too frantic. Options are available to adjust sensitivity and other aspects of Wii remote control for those who need them.

Split screen multiplayer is on par with the original, and lots of modifiers will keep you from getting bored. No classic maps are included, but the available maps are varied in size and appearance, which keeps things interesting.

Online multiplayer is the best offering I've seen on Wii. I imagine this will be the game that I play most online over the life of the console. There are many different options here, and I find myself enjoying the non-deathmatch setups more and more each time I pay.

I'll admit, I don't have the urge to play this for hours on end as I did with the N64 title, but that doesn't stop me from giving my support. Overall, the game is simple and fun enough to pick up and play at any time, solo or with friends. I'll be hanging on to this one.
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on April 18, 2011
This is a fun game that I play only almost everyday. However it is lacking some features that are pretty simple. For starters, This game does not offer the ability to play against a friend online. You can play with other players online and even have a friend join your "party" and play with you online but you cant play them just one on one. Also, the makers of Goldeneye and Wii need to do a better job on preventing hackers from playing and accessing online games. This completely ruins games and its been a problem that grows everyday. They also need to take a cue from Call of Duty; Black Ops when it comes to player hosting. In Call of duty if a player is a host and quits, it transfers the hosting to another player and the game continues. However Goldeneye doesnt do this and it completely ruins a game when a host quits because ti ends the game abruptly for everyone and you lose all your kills and points you have just earned in the game thus far. Overall a fun game but it definitely needs new upgrades before I would considering buying a sequel or other similar games from the same makers.
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on August 26, 2014
many years the wii was out i wanted this game and joy stick but did not have a wii any way i bought one at a great price and lots of great games i always wanted like resident evil and so many more like target terror and conduit 1 & 2 but golden eye was a great deal all read have for my ps3 but want them also for my wii. i am a great big James bond fan. i also bought quantum of solace 007. these are all they made for the wii. as always forever young god bless bobby lee 007 these are really super games.
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on November 2, 2010
this is an unbelievable remake! it's got everything you could ask for in a 1st person shooter game, online play, multiplayer, a great campaign mode, and all the characters of the previous N64 version. i was absolutely addicted to the 1st Goldeneye so naturally i had to get this one. it goes without saying that i was very impressed and have yet to stop playing it. i would be playing it right now, but i took some time off to write this review. if you're gonna get this game, get the Bundle that comes with the limited edition. the Gold classic controller is KILLER for this game. it gives you that same kind of N64 feel to it and is much easier to use than the wii and nunchuk combination. FIVE STARS HANDS DOWN! get it! it's worth every penny!
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on February 9, 2011
I've been enjoying this game immensely.

I hadn't played a game like this in years so I went through on Agent mode. It took about a week and a half of semi-regular playing to beat it, and I'm looking forward to playing through again on a more difficult setting. This is equally as fun as the original, the levels are huge and built with amazing detail.

Multiplayer is really fun. This was my first experience with on Online Multiplayer game, and like I said, I hadn't played a game like this in years. Needless to say, I got my butt kicked - but it was really fun. Connecting is easy and free and I imagine there's probably almost always more than enough people to get a fun, highly competitive game going.
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on January 3, 2017
The game is cool - reminds you of the original, but has a lot of new things. The coolest part is the gold controller that looks like the N64 controller.
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