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on July 4, 2014
My son used this for most of the 2013-14 school year (7th grade). It was stuffed to the brim everyday with all the materials for his six classes, gym clothes, and drum sticks. I doubt it could have handled even another glue stick. The backpack on average weighed 27 pounds. From August until the end of April (April 29) the back pack held it's own. However, that evening the bottom said "adios". With only 3 weeks of school left we used a pack that my husband had-it had a leather bottom. My hope was that this pack would last a couple of years, but now with the school year fast approaching I am searching again.

The size of this pack fit our needs-it just could not withstand daily weight that was required of it. If you will be carrying around a heavy pack look for something with a leather bottom.
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on December 30, 2010
After years of backpacks for my 2 boys that I've had to replace mid year, this is the only backpack I will buy anymore. It is the only one to stand up to the abuse my kids put their backpacks through. My 16 year old shoves every single book he has into this and takes it to classes. He never uses his locker so this backpack can and does hold it all. We have actually been able to go a couple of years here and there on the same backpack. I wouldn't have had to get one this year except he had spilled a Monster energy drink in it and it mushed with some kind of candy that was in there too. Yuck. Not only is this worth the money, I actually save money with the JanSports because I don't have to replace them as often.

I actually started purchasing only JanSport backpacks after my younger brother graduated from college. He had gone for 5 years with the same Big Student backpack. I'll bet he still has it somewhere even all of these years later.

The only issue I have, and I wouldn't even call it an issue, is that they made another color that was the more "basic" backpack for the same cheap price as the black one. Navy or brown would even be fine. Maybe they have them now but back in July/August, it was not available. So, both of my kids have identical black JanSports. It makes things a little more tricky at 6:15am.

I recommend this backpack to all parents - especially the ones who have kids that are hard on their backpacks like mine are. I would say you might want to get a darker color just because they can't be just thrown in the washer. They can only be spot cleaned.

****Update**** We're on our 2nd school year for one of these backpacks (see above Monster/candy mixture) and the 3rd year on the other one. They are still shoved to the max every day and still going strong - no rips, tears, busted zippers or holes. Still can't tell which one is which at 6:15, but that's a small price to pay!
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on December 12, 2013
I've been buying my kids JanSport backpacks for kindergartener is now using the same backpack my older daughter used all the way up to 4th grade (the only reason why I got my older daughter a new one was because she needed something bigger than the one she had). I purchased her this Big Student Classic BackPack in the blue hippyskip pattern, and as usual I was happy with the color and size. However, we are now only 4 months into the school year and the little hang strap between the shoulder straps has completely torn off and I'm noticing the seam stitching looks like it's coming loose as well. This is frustrating because JanSports are not cheapo backpacks and up until now I've been thrilled with their quality. I purchased this expecting to get her through her middle school years with it, however if I'm already seeing it fall apart in 4 months I don't have much faith it will even last her through the end of the school year. Hopefully it's just a flaw with this particular backpack and not a general decline in JanSport quality, as it will really stink to have to hunt down a comparable brand.
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on August 30, 2012
JanSport Big Student Classics Series Daypack (Black) JanSport is a household brand. I've always had a back pack from JanSport when going to school and work & Out door activitys. My option for this purchase of the Big Student Classic Series is to have more capacity during shopping. I bike around and my old back pack needs to be upgraded. I wil have a follow up review later: 9/1/2012 recieved delivery in 2-days, Carrier ON TRAC Faster than USPS. This pack exceeds my old packs capacity. Lots of compartments (5) in all & all zippored. and of cource a bottle carrier. With all these designed compartments. I can organize my stuff neatly. I can include a basic First aid kit and store my Bike night lights & reflectors. With this pack I can pack more when I go grocery shopping. California has the ZERO Grocery Bag policy so this back pack can carry a lot. Especially if I have to bike to safeway twice a week. And regular shopping @ Target, Great Mall, Going to the bank. Exception BayPack from JanSport. Well designed to fit the needs of myself and everyone who needs extra capacity. The Shoulder straps are shaped in a "S" design to conture ones over the shoulder shape. Well designed better than the old style padded ones. For the price its well worth it. I chose the basic Black. Good job Amazon. I have order 10 times from Amazon On Line and was not disapointed in any of my recient purchase's. I have other items in the cart. awaiting to be "One Click" check out. $500.00 and still going.
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on January 24, 2011
I'm a freshman in college. My first backpack was a messenger bag made of canvas with metal zippers. It had a reputation (according to the site) of being able to hold so much that one would think it was bigger on the outside. After the second day of school, I awkwardly stuffed one of it's few pockets and the metal zipper separated and it became worse from there.

After looking around, I ordered the Big Student backpack. When I received the package I was disappointed as to how light the box was. I opened the package and I was disappointed as to how small it was. I opened the backpack and felt the material and I was disappointed at how seemingly (seemingly is the keyword) shoddy the materials seemed. I moved all of my things from my original messenger bag to my new backpack and I was like "HOLY ****!"

This bag is GINORMOUS!! A second look at the material, it is noisy, but it's really similar to the stuff that outdoors tents are made of. I even put extra books just to test it out and it stays strong. The pockets are so big and can hold just about anything a student would use. However, my only wish is that it would contain a padded pocket for a laptop. But I won't be afraid to cut out the laptop pocket pads in my old messenger bag ;).

Do not be fooled by the appearance of this backpack when you first get it. I see many years for this backpack AND there's a LIFETIME warranty by JanSport to replace your backpack if or when it breaks. I am very excited to use this tomorrow and without a doubt I recommend this backpack.
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on January 21, 2013
To me, the backpack seemed a little generic, but the name recognition and a couple of other friend suggested that I get one. Due to school work loads, most of my backpacks seem to buckle and tear under the sheer weight of my course requirements. I've. been using it for some time and I can say that this backpack definitely feels different than some of the other brands I have bought.

The bag has numerous pockets for organization and a specialty slot of laptop carrying. These pockets are all fairly large and hold their fair share of stuff. I crammed Canterbury Tales, Wuthering Heights, and Paradise Lost into one of those smaller pockets. The bags lends itself to space with its exceedingly simple design. The straps did feel weird at first, but, as they got broken in and the weight started to pile into my bag, the straps actually the load a little easier to bear. They were puffy enough to relieve some of the stress.

All in all, I'm happy with my purchase. It is a good quality bag that I will more than likely continue using for a long time. As a user of this bag, I definitely have no qualms about recommending it to anyone else looking for an effective backpack.
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on April 24, 2012
This backpack may be called the "Big Student", but it's also PERFECT for traveling with toddlers. I needed a big backpack with lots of pockets & compartments to use a carry-on when flying with my 2 year old daughter. After searching around, I ordered this bag & it was absolutely perfect for what I needed. I used one of the two main compartments for diapers, wipes, a blanket & snacks - and there was room leftover so I could stash my ergo carrier in the bag when I wasn't using it. I used the other for coloring books, crayons, books & toys to keep her busy on the flight. The smaller compartment in front of the bag was the perfect size for her portable dvd player & a case with extra dvd's. The two other small zippered pockets were great for my cell phone, pacifers, boarding passes, and other small items I needed to be able to get to quickly and I kept her sippy cup on water handy in the side drink holder pocket. It fit under the seat in front of me on the plane so I could easily access whatever my daughter needed during the flight - and since it had so many compartments, I didn't have to pull everything out of the bag in order to find whatever I needed at that particular moment. Really couldn't have asked for a better bag to travel with!!
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on January 29, 2012
So I actually purchased this item a little while back in December, but just forgot to leave a review for it. Anyway, I got the grey one with the pink polka dots...I'm assuming it's out of stock now or something because I don't see it on there anymore, but I absolutely LOVE this backpack! I'm an undergrad music education major and I may not have a lot of books to carry, but more supplies, like a percussion practice pad, sticks, my flute, a yoga mat, a change of clothes, plus a couple books and binders...which can get pretty heavy after a while. This backpack holds every bit of that without struggle, except for the yoga mat but that's just because of that material, but it holds it all and makes it comfortable for me to carry around. I wish I had gotten this backpack earlier in my college career because it's amazing and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a great sturdy backpack that should last a while.
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on February 10, 2010
I've gone throughout many backpacks..and now I am in college and decided to invest in a nice backpack not a cheap one that my mom would buy at Target/Walmart. Nice that I got a backpack that lasts, is easy to wash and doesn't cost much. I could not be more pleased. As a college student who commutes, I bring A LOT in the backpack and after two semesters not even one tear, one break in the zipper nothing. I bought this in the teal/hibiscus print and it to so pretty and vibrant! I love it because it matches the color of my glasses!

Could not be more pleased, there is plenty of room in this to put all the books and food and everything else I bring to campus in a day. I would not hesitate in buying another if mine even ripped sometime soon because this has lasted me longer than any other backpack I've had. I guess I give quite a beating!
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on August 14, 2012
I have owned this back pack for a whole year now and it is still great! Jansport Backpacks are the most used in schools. If you go to a high school I can almost guarantee that most of the students you will see are wearing a Jansport. With this said, this a high quality backpack that is Big! It is way bigger than the basic Jansport backpacks and have a nice design. The new Straps on them are better than the original ones that most backpacks tend to use. The interior of the backpack is big, so you have a lot of room for books, notebooks, and even a Laptop. The front pouches are great for calculators and carrying pens. This is Jansport were talking about here, they have a really great reputation and I wouldn't hesitate buying one of these Backpacks as they are one of the best. I hope this review helped you out.
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