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on October 11, 2016
One time when my family went out of town, I went to the local store, and rented at least four different versions of DVD's of Jane Eyre, and watched them with my cat and dog. Well, by about DVD version number two, I had to stop watching the first part of the story, and begin to watch the story when Jane leaves Lowood School. The first part of her life is unbearable to watch the story, of. But this was my favorite movie version of the story of Jane Eyre. I loved the way in this movie that Jane and Mr. Rochester spoke and interacted with each other, in their conversations with each other. I did not see this developed as much in some of the other different versions of this story. I liked that they did this in this version of the movie. It showed how they were relating to each other, and growing closer. They were alike--yet very different from each other. And hey--it's o.k. if Mr. Rochester is handsome in this version. How many women do you know, who mind watching a great story and movie, with a handsome guy in it as one of the main characters? And Jane was not too old in this movie for the role. She was wonderful! Thank you so much.
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on July 24, 2015
Timothy Dalton is brilliant. Both actors are magnificent. And so glad they used the actual words from the book. My all time favorite version and I too have seen them all. All the others leave out large segments in order to cut those versions down to size. But I love this version bc it took the time to be faithful to the book and author.
However, the only negative is the captioning that I saw was the worse I've ever seen. People who may have to rely on the captioning are missing so much because the captioning is very wrong at times.
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on September 9, 2017
The definitive version very faithful to the book for the most part. Timothy Dalton is way too gorgeous to play Edward Rochester who is supposed to be ugly, but who cares? He's passionate and wonderful. The actress portraying Jane is PERFECT, so much better than Joan Fontaine in the Hollywood version. It takes 5 hours to tell the whole story. Unfortunately my DVD was defective and kept getting stuck; I got it to go using fast forward but it happened several times disrupting my enjoyment of the story so I had to return it.
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on August 23, 2015
Follows the book exactly. Loved it! Also watched the George C Scott movie from 1970, did not like at all. I purchased after reading many reviews on the different versions. I agree with the majority... This one is good
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on January 2, 2014
As other reviewers have mentioned, this version is the most faithful to the book. It is true that Timothy Dalton cannot in any way be called "unhandsome" and still less, "hideous" in spite of his injuries, which were very capably reproduced by makeup and prosthetics. But it is his depth of emotion, and his classic voice and delivery, that makes him a believable Mr. Rochester. When you see him sob as Jane leaves him it will tear your heart out.

Unlike some other versions, St. John Rivers looks exactly like Jane describes him, and his portrayal embodies the character faithfully. If you want to see the book brought to vibrant life, this is the version to watch.
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on June 1, 2017
this is by far my favorite version of Jane Eyre. I've shared it with many and it has become their favorite version too. Even my 15 year old grand daughter liked it more than the more modern versions. The only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is this version has 239 minutes, while the DVD of the same movie has 311 minutes. If you can watch this movie, do it! but watch it in the DVD format if at all possible. Jane Eyre
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on May 29, 2014
...who played a marvelous "Mr. Edward Rochester", in this wonderful British TV-mini-series version of Charlotte Bronte's classic novel "Jane Eyre".

I know I should've perhaps given 4 stars 'stead of 5, since in the original story Mr. Rochester is actually somewhat "less-than-handsome" although very undoubtedly masculine, while Timothy Dalton is, in this series, super-gorgeous (in my opinion anyway;).

BUT he did such a wonderful job of portraying the character and apparent personality of Rochester that it almost didn't matter; rather like when Winona Ryder portrayed Jo March in "Little Women". I.e., Jo is supposed to be rather homely-looking girl, altho' also very-much-fun-and-serious tomboyish. She did her acting so well that her "cherubic beauty" looks didn't really matter that much.

Also, I liked how clearly Timothy spoke his lines; several times, I thought, "So THAT'S what Orson Welles was saying as Mr. Rochester in _his_ "Jane Eyre"-movie portrayal (1940's).
Besides all that, this longer mini-series version showed a bit more cheeriness at times than was shown in the admittedly-much-shorter 1940's movie.

Of course, the main reason I bought my own copy of this was that, also admittedly, I was/am nuts about how gorgeous Timothy Dalton was in this. It was near the time when he played James Bond in the movies ("License To Kill", etc.).
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on January 1, 2009
It's a wonder how any young girl, unloved and mistreated as a child and cast out into a brutal institution, could develop into such an intelligent, honest and loving person. Such is the life of Jane Eyre-an uncommon girl who's quick wit and sharp tongue have shielded her from abuse by her extended family, her school instructors and her time as governess at Thornfield estate. Directed by Julian Amyes, this eleven-part series moves deftly through the life of Jane but remains faithful to Bronte's story. It is an older production and the camera work is a bit weak, but most of the cast is brilliant, including Sian Pattenden, who plays young Jane. The lead actors, Dalton and Clarke, give strong performances but lack some of the important character traits of Rochester and Eyre. Zelah Clarke plays 19yr old Jane, but Clarke was almost thirty at the time of this production. The age difference gives her more experience and confidence than Jane should have with Rochester. It's more interesting to watch a character struggle against intimidation and when confronted by an imposing man such as Rochester, Clarke was much too composed. However, not all of the fault is Clarke's. Amyes' has a habit of filming scenes from an unnatural distance that results in a loss of intimacy. Film actors shouldn't have to work so hard to be expressive. Their slightest look should speak volumes, but as I've seen from Amyes' other productions like Great Expectations and The Old Curiosity Shop, sometimes he films like we're watching the scenes from a theater which is an unfortunate disservice to his cast. I agree with many reviewers that Dalton was dashing and exuberant but I think his Rochester was bit more likable than he should have been-considering the life-draining secret hanging over his head. Dalton understood Rochester's manic exterior, but not the overwhelming oppression that must certainly loom over him. However, these points are minor considering the obvious effort made for this over five hour production. The script carried each episode well and at no time did it become tedious. There are many versions of Jane Eyre and I think viewers will find this the one the most fulfilling.
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on May 25, 2017
If you're looking for the version of Jane Eyre that is as close to the book as possible, this is the version for you. Perhaps at this point, it is a little outdated, but when it comes to historical films, it ceases to matter as much. Timothy Dalton is overly theatric (a true Rochester) and Zelah Clarke is timid and severe (a true Jane).
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on February 16, 2008
I love, love, LOVE this version of "JANE EYRE". I have had the VHS version for years. So, with all the versions done in between, I was concerned that "they" might never get around to putting it on to DVD. I was most pleased that they did. However, I strongly dislike the format that they have used in breaking it up with each episode being totally separate. They run credits before and after each episode as it was originally shown on PBS [here in the USA]. This is quite annoying to me, and I can find no good reason to have put it on this way. The only thing that occurs to me is that it was easier for someone to transfer it on to the disc. It is wonderful to have the entire version as it was originally produced. It tells the whole book better than any of the other productions. This DVD restores all the parts that were 'cut' from the VHS four hour copy, and we now have at least 5 hours of it (it seems like more). I like this. But I do strongly feel that it would be improved if it were to take out the episodic beginnings and endings and run it straight through. As watchers, we can always stop the DVD if we need to and then come back to it, without it being broken up.
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