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4.6 out of 5 stars
Janome 7330 Magnolia Computerized Sewing Machine with 30 Built-In Stitches
Style Name: Janome 7330 Magnolia Computerized Sewing Machine with 30 Built-In Stitches|Change
Price:$399.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on December 19, 2015
UPDATE: 5/10/16: I have yet to put this machine away. It is wonderful! I use it almost daily, and it has allowed me to begin a sewing blog, start up a hobby business (mostly hobby, since I'm buying more materials with any profits I make), and expand my sewing skills. I've sewn through several layers of material making baby books, blankets, potholders, and purses/bags; I made a stuffed whale out of jeans (in some places sewing through three or four layers of jean material); and I've used it for applique, buttons/buttonholes, etc. My new favorite thing is using the #10 overcast stitch to keep raw edges from fraying (similar to a serged edge) - it works beautifully! I've been making doll clothes, zipper pouches using recycled materials, and I've even begun dabbling in sewing complicated knits (swimsuit material, which is sooooo slippery). I have yet to find a job this machine can't handle. I keep it cleaned, and switch needles between projects. I also wanted to touch on the questions about warranty. I was able to register the 25-year warranty on the Janome website - Amazon is listed among the authorized dealers. I also love that if I go to the page for this machine on the Janome website, I can find out exactly which feet and accessories fit with this machine - I have purchased the walking foot and overedge foot (recently, though I haven't put it to use yet). Overall, very pleased with this machine and I would highly recommend it!

UPDATE: 12/23/15: I've completed two more projects on this thing, and realized I had forgotten how much I truly love sewing! In the past, I would come up with a cool project, start off great, have tension problems (and rip several seams), fight to keep the bobbin properly threaded, and be grateful to get the project done so I could put the machine away again. I don't want to stop now! I'm already planning a new project once I complete my Christmas projects, which have been so much fun!

The only issue I've had is not paying attention and accidentally hitting the wrong button, since all of the buttons are stacked above the needle. It hasn't caused any major problems, but I have hit reverse instead of stop, and at a fast pace, run past the seam a bit. I'm not sure how else they could design it to make the buttons convenient, but separate, so I'm just chocking it up to user error.

I also wanted to mention that I had borrowed my mom's 12-ish-year-old mechanical Kenmore machine between mine breaking down and getting a new one, and when I opened up the box to the Janome, it had a very similar build/look as the Kenmore. The Janome is heavier, though, and quieter. I also think simple operations (such as the bobbin winding) are easier on the Janome. Just wanted to mention this for people who might be looking for an older-model Kenmore upgrade.

Just got this machine today to replace an old clearance model Brother with just the basics that kept giving me tension/bobbin issues all the time. Finishing up (and still yet to start) some Christmas gifts, and I was hoping to find a nicer model machine that's known for being solid. I wouldn't mind dabbling into minor quilting projects and embroidery. I've done some applique and mostly craft projects in the past, including baby items, washcloths, simple bags, etc.

I don't use my machine all the time, but when I do use it, I want to just plug and go. This machine is definitely solid-built, with some heft, and fits the bill.

After reading through the manual, I was able to figure out the bobbin winding, threading, and adjustments for the stitches. I like that each topic in the manual comes with illustrations. And, I perused the book's steps for sewing a zipper - I've never attempted that because I wasn't sure how. I'm self taught from just reading the manual for the Brother and looking up tutorials on the internet, so I did find this manual to be more comprehensive and easier to understand.

This machine is definitely much quieter than my old one (which I assumed would be the case). And super easy to use - very intuitive once you get the basic operations down.

Right now, I'm working with several layers of polar fleece, and it's sailing right through the project. I love the location of the start/stop and reverse buttons, as it's easy to quickly stop mid-project for adjustments. I also really like the adjustable speed. My previous machine had a very finicky pedal, and I rarely could get it at just the right speed. This slider is much easier to control, if I ever decide to use the foot pedal.

Once I get my projects completed, I plan to play around with it some more and try out the different stitches. I'm super excited about having a machine with the drop in bobbin, especially since I had so many problems with the shuttle case in my old machine.

I read a ton of blogs and reviews before settling on this machine. I was actually looking at the 8077, as I read they're the same and the other is cheaper, but I got this one during a lightning deal for less than the 8077. Some people (online) suggested for the money, you could get a Singer or Brother with lots more features - while that's true, I noticed people really complaining about the Singer customer service and bobbin and tension issues with the Brothers (the nightmare I'm trying to get away from), so I kept coming back to the Jamone machines. They seem to have consistent positive reviews and many people have called them "workhorse" machines. I'll take substance and reliability over glitz and glamour every time. I have a feeling this machine is everything it's cracked up to be.
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on February 3, 2013
I purchased a Janome Magnolia 7330 sewing machine for my wife and I to use for some household projects we've been putting off, and it's far surpassed my expectations. We've both used Singer and Brother machines before, and had nothing but problems with them. The Singers had constant spool or bobbin tension issues that made them almost unusable, and the cheap Brother we bought a few years back seemed to struggle with anything more than thin cotton or polyester fabric. Both of us had come to dread sewing, even for simple alterations. This Janome has just chugged along through everything we've thrown at it so far though, and has been a breeze to work with.

Let me list a few of the projects we've finally completed after years of procrastination:

1. New curtains and valances for eight windows, five of the curtain sets with a heavy upholstery fabric.
2. Repairs to two heavy canvas bags, including replacing several pockets that had holes in them.
3. Making snow jackets for both of our dogs out of acrylic fleece.
4. Taking in dozens of shirts/blouses, dress slacks, jeans, and even girdles.

Through all of those projects there have been no issues. The thread tension very rarely needed any adjustment and it has powered through all of the fabrics and thread types without a hitch. The only scare we had was when my wife accidentally cut things too close on an upholstery fabric that had metal beads attached and snapped off a needle. We both assumed that we'd damaged the machine or it would need some kind of realignment, but we were wrong. We just dropped in a fresh needle, tapped the button for our stitch type and everything worked. After years of using my Singers, that was shocking.

The 7330 may not have a hundred stitches or special attachments for elaborate work, but for everyday tasks it's amazing. My wife and I both are actually planning new projects now and no longer look at the sewing bench with dread. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who needs a sturdy and easy to use sewing machine.
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on January 8, 2011
I was looking for my first sewing machine after using my mom's machine for years. I wanted something that could handle heavy fabrics, and had a few bells and whistles. My plan was to go to the local vac and sew shop around the corner, try a few machines and go from there. What I ended up doing was researching on the web, and after reading hundreds of reviews, came across the Janome 7330. Nowhere could I find a single negative comment about this machine. Hoping I made the right choice, I ordered it and when it arrived, immediately got to work finishing some half done projects.

Its quiet. You don't have to yell to be heard over this machine.
Its able to handle several layers of heavy fabric- I tried it out on a courderoy jacket, a fleece cape with a satin lining, and a few other things with several layers to sew through. It barely even slowed down when it got to the tough parts. I recently put it to the test with several layers of vinyl and heavy drapery fabric together and it slogged on through even when I thought it couldn't possibly do it.
It can sew your buttons on for you. This is a huge perk for me as I tend to avoid patterns with buttons because I really hate sewing them on. Just lower the feed dogs, set the stitch to zig zag at the right width for your button holes, and go.
Its super easy to change the stitch and adjust the length/width.
The work light is very bright- excellent since the area I am using it is rather low-light.

I can't seem to get the buttonholer to work, but I had this problem on my mom's last two machines too. Pretty sure its something I am doing and not the machine itself. Even without it, setting the stitch to a tight zig zag and manually stitching the right shape was a breeze.

All in all, from what I've used it so far, I am extremely pleased with this machine and am very happy to call it my own. I don't feel I could have made a better choice. If you have the budget for this machine, read the reviews, do your homework, and if it seems like a good fit, you probably will not be disappointed in it. Its a GREAT machine! Do yourself a favor and read the manual. There's a lot of info in there that you can really use.

I'm editing to add that I've been using this machine for 5 months now, and am still in love with it. Its given me no problems at all and I have used it many projects. Do take care to remove your pins rather then sewing over them though as this machine will bend, break, or swallow them whole without warning.

EDIT: I've had this machine for five years now and only after recently going on YouTube was I able to find out how to use the buttonholer. See my attached photo. The white lever directly to the left of the needle is not the correct lever to pull down to use the buttonholer attachment. As far as I can see, it does absolutely nothing. The lever in the very back that is black is the one you want. So, after 5 years of trying to make a buttonhole, I can now do so easily and perfectly. Machine still works great and I've had no issues with it.
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on December 19, 2017
I absolutely love this machine. I brought it because I was a beginner, and I needed a lot of help! One of the greatest helpful features for me was the ability to sew at a very slow speed. I am no longer a novice, so I can sew at a faster pace, and I have that ability to do so. This machine has great features, it is perfect for the beginner, and continues to be just as perfect for the duration of ownership!
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on June 25, 2014
I have had this for almost 2 months now and it's a great machine for the price. I love the bobbin system, never have any problems at all with it. I had a Bernina before but ended up having to give it away when we moved across the country. This runs a bit different then my Bernina did but it's also 1/4 of the price. I'm teaching my daughter to sew with it and for her it's perfect. There's a ton for her to learn and it does everything she wants to do. I wish it had a few more bells and whistles which just makes me think I am more intermediate than I thought I was when I chose the machine. I'm going to definitely give this to my daughter and get the Janome Memory Craft somewhere down the road. But for now this does me well and it's a fun, no hassle, machine.
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on March 9, 2016
Wow!!! I've had this a couple years and it continues to impress me! It is so feature rich and easy to use! It's even easy to clean! I can't rave enough about the easy drop and sew bobbin casing and I just love love LOVE it! It's a dream come true to have this. I save so much time now that I don't have to fight constantly with my crappy "beginner" machine that I sew nearly twice as much as I did before! I will always recommend this machine to anyone who sews regularly or are even thinking they will sew at least a few big projects a year. The only thing I would change is that the throat is very very small/short. I prop it up on a couple text books while I sew! :) Invest in quality items that will last and you will end up saving in the long run!
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on January 17, 2016
Haven't sewed in 30 years but my daughter highly recommended a Janome, received this one for Christmas...have only made one thing so far yet but really love all the improvements in sewing machines in the past three decades! Very easy to use....and such a good deal with the case included.
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on April 22, 2016
Very happy with this machine. I am an advanced quilter and wanted a work horse without all the bells and whistles. I believe I have gotten my moneys worth.
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on March 16, 2015
I'm a casual crafter that has gotten into sewing projects that my Singer Confidence Quilter just couldn't handle (sewing quilt binding, adding trim to saddle pads) so I needed an upgrade. This machine was exactly what I was looking for. The "guts" of the machine are all metal. I've been able to sew through heavy cotton saddle pads with ease. Hemming jeans was a breeze.

I also love that you have the option to not use the foot pedal. It took some getting used to but now I'm loving not having to deal with another cord when I put away my machine. Yea the flowers make it look a bit childish but don't let that turn you away, it's a real powerhouse machine for the price.
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on March 19, 2016
I have had a number of machines and this one is hands down the best! I had a sewing machine repair person recommend it, and she was right! So easy to use. Sews like butter! Beautiful stitching. Very quiet. Well made. Love this machine.
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