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Style Name: Janome HD1000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine with 14 Built-In Stitches|Change
Price:$325.71 - $474.99

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on August 8, 2011
I was torn between this Janome HD1000 and the Singer Heavy Duty. Even though I'm a sewing novice, I personally dislike the new wave of plastic bodied machines. I was using a beautiful robin's egg blue Singer from the '60s or '70s--older than I am!--and it was great until perplexing tension issues began to crop up. I didn't want a slick computerized machine taking its place, so the Singer Heavy Duty immediately caught my eye, due to its 'traditional' looking body as well as exciting features such as a drop-in bobbin and 20 plus stitches, one step buttonhole, etc. However, the lackluster reviews, complaints of a very short lifespan, and overall disintegration of the Singer brand's quality left me wary.

The metal body of the Janome is amazing. Sure, it may be heavier, but the overall durability seems greater than any plastic. The bobbin is front loading, which was frightening at first (no 'jam free' guarantee) but it hasn't been a problem at all. The metal casing that holds the bobbin seems very sturdy and made to last. Though the flashiness of a thousand different stitches is alluring, I realistically use only... Two or so for my garment sewing. I haven't touched any other stitches yet, so 14 is more than enough for me. Those who are doing projects that show off stitchwork might want more variety, but again, I think the Janome's offerings are more than adequate for most people.

As I said, I'm relatively new to sewing machines (I used to hand sew everything!), but I was able to use the Janome soon after it was unpacked. I had to look up how to load the bobbin, and the inner hand wheel was initially stubborn (I used one of those grippy rubber jar-openers to help--very useful!), and everything flew from there. The automatic needle threader is an amazing luxury; at first, I thought it might not really be necessary, but I absolutely am in love with it. And oddly enough, I received a hard case even though I thought this Janome came with a soft cover (but no complaints here!)

I first felt guilty about being unfaithful to my older Singer, but this Janome is quickly becoming an indispensible new friend.

EDIT: It's a little over a year later (9/12) and this machine is humming away beautifully. I still use the metal Bernina bobbins, and they work very well. I did have some frustrating issues with getting the bobbin thread picked up, as it seemed to get caught and jam, but I realized that this was due to my own inexperience and stupidity! As I'm sure is common knowledge for everyone else, I only needed to make sure I was bringing the needle all the way back up to its highest position before attempting to pull up the bobbin thread. I only mention this embarrassing incident in case others may have had the same problem, as I had the initial reaction of blaming the machine rather than myself.

Anyway, I've sewn quilting-quality cotton to oilcloth and several layers (seriously, like 4-5) of heavy cotton duck (to make a heavy-duty saddle bag for my bike.. it went quite well, considering I pulled the plan from thin air--I'm so proud, haha) and the Janome worked right through them. I occasionally had some difficulty with the layers and layers of folded cotton duck, but that's where the extra high presser foot really came in handy! A sewing machine isn't essential in my life, as I'm a casual, hobby sewer, but I love my Janome like I would an extra arm (and who doesn't need an extra arm sometimes?), though without the self-consciousness an additional appendage would bring.
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on October 21, 2016
Really like this machine. The bobbin is no problem for me. Some things are a bit different than my old Singers- but if you just read the Manuel- it has diagrams and good directions for whatever you want to do. Sewed thru 5 layers on a flannel-quilt with no problem. Very sturdy feel to it- everything worked flawlessly right out of the box. Quick shipping to my front door in Alaska from a certified Janome dealer- what more could you want!
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on July 14, 2013
Just ordered this sewing machine after some research. I was considering the Singer heavy duty machines, but was a little put off by some of the reviews. I ordered this machine on a Thursday night and it was on my doorstep Saturday morning! It only took a few minutes to get set up and I have been experimenting with various fabrics and have been pleased so far. It sews through multiple layers of vinyl and fabrics without a problem. I purchased the machine to make handbags and think it will end up being just what I wanted.
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on May 31, 2015
I read the reviews on this machine and still bought it. Yes, it's a front load bobbin, but that's what I have been using for 30 some years. And hey, all of the stuff from my old Kenmore fit it and vice versa. The bobbins can be difficult. You need to turn it until it clicks into place. It will be an audible click. The little finger on the bobbin will be at about 11 o:clock. Anyway. I love this machine and have been making quilts and repairing clothes for the last 8 months.
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on July 3, 2011
My mother in law...says this was the best machine she has ever used.. She has a sewing business and this machine is going all the time! We bought it for her about two years ago and no problems whatsoever!
What more can I say!
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on July 28, 2016
great sewing machine! I bought both HD1000 and HD3000 to compare. HD1000 is much better than HD3000 for me, if you expect a reliable fast sewing machine that's kind of like JUKI industrial sewing machine (what i've been used to from school). the front loading bobbin system is no problem for me since I'm used to JUKI's side loading bobbin. and I actually find HD1000 much better at sewing light weight fabric like silk than HD3000. I didn't like the plastic parts in HD3000 and the threading feels strange. all the feet came with HD1000 is metal too, unlike some plastic feet in HD3000.
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on January 24, 2015
I am sewer of many years and I wanted a basic heavy duty machine that had all the basic stitches asI did not need a fancy computerized stitching for fancy embroidery etc. After looking through many positive reviews online, I selected the Janome HD1000. It looked like the perfect machine for my needs and the Amazon price was very reasonable. Since I was an experienced sewer I thought that with the aid of a good manual and You-tube I would be capable of setting up a new machine without difficulty. The machine arrived quickly (Prime member) and I consequently spent a week of frustration trying to see why the machine was not working properly. I followed the manual and in the trouble shooting section, it said that a thread might be caught in the shuttle race and described what to do. It was difficult to open and replace the shuttle case which holds the bobbin case and bobbin. I tried that numerous times and the machine seemed to work for a bit and then it would seize. I couldn’t turn the wheel manually and I could feel great resistance. I stopped and tried to clean the shuttle area again. It would work for a few stitches and it would again seize or would break the needle.
I looked at the website and couldn’t find a phone number to call about the problem. After much searching on the web, I finally found the Janome Customer Service Center which is 1-800-631-0184. I spoke to someone about the problem and I asked her if I could bring it to the local Janome dealer to diagnosis the problem. She said that I could not and I would have to send it back to Amazon. I have decided to send it back to Amazon for a refund and possibly buy a sewing machine locally although it might cost quite a bit more.
After this experience, I looked at the negative reviews of the machine. There were a number of people who had problems with the shuttle case. It is a vertical shuttle case and not a drop-in bobbin case. Perhaps that makes it more prone to misalignment. Perhaps one in a hundred machines have problems like this but if you have the one in a hundred machine that has problems, it doesn’t work properly 100% of the time.
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on May 29, 2016
Chugs through just about anything I've put under the needle, but not for fine sewing. It seems to have only one speed though - Mach I. When pressing on the pedal, the machine hums like a chopper winding up for take-off, and then goes like a bat out of hell. Not good for top-stitching or going around curves slowly. Will probably use it for leather repair.
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on January 16, 2016
I just bought this sewing machine and its not sewing in Reverse. Returning it. Not happy at all.
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on April 20, 2017
I think this is a great machine, as a beginner. I have been able to sew layers of canvas with no problem. I've also sewn very thin, delicate cotton fabric. There are a good number of stitch options and the owners manual is easy to read through and understand.

Update: I have now had this machine for 2.5 months and my experience has been very unpleasant. The machine stopped picking up the bobbin thread, and after trying everything the manual suggests, I brought it to my closest sewing repair shop. The shop lady scoffed at my machine. She was shocked that it needed work so soon and told me to contact the company for a return. I contacted Janome who gave me the run around and referred me to the seller - Metropolitans Warehouse, which is actually a company called Brooke's Appliance Brothers Inc. I emailed them and they said that since I was out of the 30 day Amazon return window, I could not return the product. They stated they would extend me the "courtesy" of paying to ship my machine to them for repair. Well I am sure that the cost of shipping would be more than paying out of pocket for repairs at a non-Janome shop!
Before buying this machine, I did a lot of research on the best machine for my needs and price range. Unfortunately I had to learn the hard way that it is a nightmare to buy a sewing machine online because warranty service and repairs must be done by an authorized dealer/repair shop. I'm a younger person, so I buy most things online, but I am telling you to avoid my mistake. I will likely be out over $50 for this one repair and who know what else will happen within the first year? Getting someone to accept responsibility to make in-warranty repairs has been challenging, and the closest shop is quite a drive from my home.
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