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on December 13, 2011
When my old Singer started acting up, I decided it was time to replace it. I did not need or want a digital/electronic machine with a million fancy stitches. I did a lot of research and reading of reviews and settled on this Janome. It has all the basic stitches I need plus a few fancy ones if I'm feeling adventurous. I make bags, so I sew a lot of thicker materials. I have fallen in love with the Tricot stitch (a zig zag stitch with 3 stitches for each zig and three for each zag), and the Triple Strength stitch (awesome for my bags!) I had also forgotten that sewing machines really do sew straight lines without torturing the fabric to make it happen! (LOL) There are a bunch of feed dogs that move the fabric very smoothly. I also love the fact that the top of the machine has a compartment that holds most of your extra feet, some needles, and your thread. I have sewn very light, chiffon type fabrics and slippery fabrics, and they both did well. I am extremely happy with this purchase.
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on February 4, 2014
This is my 3rd, and hopefully last, sewing machine. I've only been sewing a few years, but quickly outgrew my beginner machine. The 2nd machine I had was supposed to be perfect for quilting, but I soon found out it had its limitations such as not being able to sew through batting, two layers of fabric, binding and double seams -- there's no point in using a "quilting" machine that can't get through a quilt sandwich well.

I started researching machines and stumbled across a review for the Janome HD3000. My main concern is being able to sew through a quilt sandwich, especially over areas where you have some thickness like double seams and binding. As soon as I received my Janome, I tested it out on a thick layer that my old machine couldn't get through. The Janome sailed over it with ease. I also tested it on several layers of canvas and this machine breezed right over them.

I mainly quilt and do a little garment sewing, and so far, this machine is a dream. I don't need a lot of fancy stitches, so this Janome has everything I need. I wanted something non-computerized because that's one less component that can eventually go bad. Some other reviewers have commented on the hand-wheel and stitch selection levers; I've had no issues with either. The hand-wheel was slightly stiff when I first turned it, but once I turned it a few times, it turns very smoothly.

I did have an issue winding the bobbin tightly, but that was user error. Unlike my last machine, you just have to make sure your thread is securely under the thread guide and bobbin winder thread guide -- as long as the thread goes under the thread guide securely and fits in the bobbin winder slot, it winds perfectly. I had problems because I didn't make sure the thread was securely in those slots before winding.

The foot storage in the top of the machine is wonderful, as is the visual sewing guide reference that shows you which foot to use with which stitch.

This machine is fast enough for me; I'm not a speed sewer. It's also quiet and runs smoothly. The auto needle threader doesn't feel quite as sturdy as the one in my last machine (the only plus my old machine had over this one!), so I'm just careful when using it. It can take some finesse, but it DOES work.

The bonus package was icing on the cake. Overall, this is a wonderful machine for my needs.
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on June 17, 2015
My old sewing machine has been The Walking Dead for 12 years now. I finally bit the bullet, packed it into the back of the closet for the day when technology has advanced enough to fix raise it from the dead, and purchased this machine. It was easy to set up and find and identify the parts necessary for operation. I have tested it on a blanket and a small project bag so far; it has passed with flying colors. As I continue to use it, if problems arise I will report them here. So far so good.
Now it is almost December. The presser foot holder broke on the day before Thanksgiving. I am trying to get it replaced. I called Janome, the home company of the machine. They say they cannot send me a part, or even sell me the part; all service for the first year must come from the selling company. They were kind enough to provide me with the true name and telephone number of the company I bought the machine from. I just gave them a call; they are not open on Monday. I will post more when they are.
So here I am after talking to the real vendor in Brooklyn, NY. I am clearly caught in a catch-22.
I had purchased an extended warranty from Canopy. Canopy, when I called them with my repair request, told me that the manufacturer's warranty is 1 year long, Canopy protection only kicks in when the 1-year has run. They say I need to talk to the vendor. So I called Janome headquarters, got the Real name and phone number of the vendor, and just got off the phone with them. The vendor told me told me that the warranty is only 30 days, with a 90-day parts warranty, both of which have run. So I was CLEARLY under the Canopy warranty when they told me I had to wait until May 2016. After Canopy disavowed liability until May, I cancelled their policy. That took 2 separate email requests and a phone conversation to accomplish.
Needless to say, I will NEVER buy another sewing machine form Amazon, and recommend that no one else does, either. And I still cannot use the $349 machine.
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on March 1, 2013
At age 61, I was still sewing on my Singer cabinet machine I purchased in 7th GRADE. It only goes forward, backward, and zig-zag; but it was all I ever needed since I kept it oiled and took it in for a "tune up" on occasion. Well, it finally "froze up" on me and I decided it was time to move ahead. My sister had just purchased a Janome machine and said it was wonderful. I ordered one for myself and now I want to know why I waited so long. It is lightweight, quiet, runs smoothly, has 18 stitches, and a much easier way to change out a bobbin. The only "hitch" was with the dog feed - while reading the manual, I pushed the button to lower the dog feed but could not get them to come back up. The manual said all I had to do was push the button the opposite way! WRONG! I called my sis and her manual said to push the button and the dog feed would raise up the FIRST TIME you press on the foot pedal. So problem solved easily but not before freaking out and thinking I had received a "lemon" sewing machine - turns out I received a "lemon" manual.
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on December 29, 2011
I saw a video on you tube about this machine which really perked up my interest. ([...]). I've always wanted to learn how to sew and at various times I've tried with my wife's machines but soon there would come a time when the machine just wouldn't sew through the fabrics that I wanted to use. This machine seems to be quite capable to handle the tougher jobs. You just have to be careful with abrupt changes in thickness. One of the great features about this machine is the manual. It's actually very large and easy to read. It doesn't mix several languages altogether into one book and the images are useful even to old guys like me. Although the sewing process forces me to wear my 4X OptiVisor at all times making me look like a jeweler. The machine is rugged and well built and the hard cover is useful and easy to use. I would have liked it to have a little bag for wrapping up all of the cord and the foot control. But I ended making that my first project by making a draw string bag out of the end of a pant leg from and old pair of jeans that were purchased for a waist much smaller than mine. The needle threader seems fragile but works extremely well and hopefully it will last. I like the fact that you can make buttonholes without using a special foot. I prefer just leaving the zig zag foot on it all of the time and I can make all the stitches I want with that setup. I know there are other more decorative stitches but if I get more than a couple of feet away from anything I can't see them anyway so who cares. I like the way the foot sticks out so that you can sew hems around a pant leg. Hope you enjoy the machine and don't forget to turn your iron off when your done sewing.
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on December 10, 2013
This machine will sew through 6 layers of cotton denim with no problem. Truly a heavy duty machine out performs previous sewing machines I had in the past, and these were brand name machines that claimed they could sew through denim, but never did, especially through the side seams.
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on June 23, 2015
After using my incredible Bernina sewing machine for 50 years...yes, I said 50 yrs...it finally decided to 'die'. As I was just starting a drapery-making project and needing a reliable 'work horse' that didn't cost a fortune, I stumbled onto the Janome HD3000 via Amazon and am absolutely thrilled with this purchase. It sewed everything I tried and/or needed for the drapes, which turned out awesome, without a glitch of any kind. It is easy to use, FUN to use, and perfect for this 'later-in--life-need'. In past years I sewed everything - even upholstery fabric for sofas, etc. on my Bernina and didn't think anything could ever compare, but now in my senior years and not needing or wanting a 1,000 stitches, this purchase was perfect for me. It has 18 different stitches, threads itself - which I so appreciate, blind stitches, goes through myriads of layers of fabric....just everything I need for my now limited sewing projects, and it didn't cost me a fortune. Love, Love, LOVE this machine, and recommend it highly! KB
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on October 25, 2017
You'll find this machine frequently listed as one of the top 5 or 10 sewing machines. This machine is very solid and smooth. I've sewn dozens of projects ranging from heavy webbing straps and bags to linen napkins for my wife. I added a walking foot and the machine powers through sewing heavy material with little effort. I was going to buy a Sail Rite machine and I am glad I didn't. I ended up doing more than heavy sewing and having more than two stitches to use allowed me to do so. I recommend this machine for users looking for a machine to sew heavy material projects as well as normal ones.
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on December 18, 2015
I have been a loyal Pfaff fan for 30 years. I own two. One, for nearly 30 years...
But wow, wow, WOW! This little Janome has blown my socks off! I read the manual, from the front cover until it started on the different types of feet. (I use only three on a regular basis.) What a sweet machine! Simple to use bobbin. I love that it just drops right in. Easy to wind the bobbin. Although personally, I'd like the thread to be wound a little tighter on the bobbin. But, since it doesn't seem to matter to the machine, I can live with it.
It is simple to thread this machine. And even though it has a needle threader on it, I've used it only three times. Not my favorite feature as I cannot see the little piece that goes into the eye of the needle. Do, I do it manually, for me, it is easier and faster.
The Janome HD3000 is not a computerized machine. It is mechanical. It is much quieter than I expected and that some reviews suggested... It sews so smoothly, it is absolutely amazing! I like the "dial a stitch" as well as the manual stitch length and width sliding buttons. Very easy, for me to see and use. It is exactly what I wanted. Simplicity!
This machine is a beast! It can go through multiple layers of fabric with ease. In one project, I ran through ten layers! I joined two sides together that combined 6 layers of batting and 4 layers of cotton fabric together. I went slow, taking my time. The Janome HD3000 had NO trouble at all!
Wow. I am impressed, delighted, thrilled and over the moon for my new sewing machine! To the point my husband has begun leaving the room when I start bragging about it! (;
I have had this machine for only 8 days. I have made a quilted cat house, a twin quilt was finished AND quilted, thirteen Christmas Stockings are have been pieced together and quilted, 2 oven mitts are quilted and on their way, 4 pot holders are also quilted and on their way. I love my Janome HD3000! If you need to spend less than $500.00 on a good, solid, strong machine, buy the Janome HD3000. You'll be so happy you did!
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on October 6, 2015
I loved this machine when I first got it, but just 6 months after purchase the clutch or gears have gone out, it makes an awful grinding noise and doesn't work. I use it for fairly heavy duty sewing, but nothing the company says it shouldn't be able to handle. Then, beware of buying a Janome on Amazon, because if something goes wrong in the first year you can only get it fixed under warranty from the place you bought it from. And you have to pay to ship the broken machine across the country!
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