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on June 26, 2010
This is not a flimsy, cheap garden tool. It's definitely heavy duty and does an excellent job of cutting. I've used it twice so far (just got it) and it was wonderful. I needed to divide some perennials and this thing sliced right through them. I also used it to plant.....dug a hole with it and planted my plant. It was effortless. I can see using this for everything! I know a tree root will be no match for the Hori Hori. This will slice through Hosta roots like butter.....which I will be doing next spring. I can't wait to use this for will be so easy. Digging in hard clay soil is a cinch too. I think I've found THE perfect garden tool. The plastic sheath is cheap, but it will protect my canvas garden tote from being sliced by the sharp tool. That's pretty much all the sheath is good for.....protecting other things from being cut by the sharp edge.

GREAT garden tool! Very, very nice.
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on May 27, 2016
The Nikasu hori hori is a heavy, sturdy tool. The tang extends approximately 2.5 inches into the grip. My guess is the tool will be quite durable. My first use has been to remove a bucketful of lilies of the valley from a garden. The Nikasu worked well for that task - although - as I worked I realized that even while wearing garden gloves I had developed a large blister on the palm of my hand. I had been holding the hori hori in a manner that allowed me to push on the grip end with my palm as I dug. Therefore, I would recommend that the tool be held circumferentially on the grip and that the temptation to push with your palm be resisted. My hands are large - long not broad. (Women's size 9 or 10 gloves.) If the tool were to be ideal for me it would need a longer grip and preferably one with either a better finished or rounded end to the grip.
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on June 14, 2015
For the light duty garden/yard work I do, this knife works great. A full tang would be preferable, but the construction is solid enough to handle digging around in potting soil and trimming away tall grass and weeds. Having the ruled blade helps me most with measuring the height of seedlings, as I've always been a poor eyeballing measure-er. I find it more versatile than a hand spade, and less hassle and upkeep than a weed whacker. It's my main gardening tool now, and while I will probably invest in a heavier duty knife once I'm in a different living situation I'm pretty sure this will last me a while before I have to replace it. The sheath is pretty flimsy and I wouldn't actually wear it on my belt, but it works to cover the blade in my tool bag.

All in all totally happy with the purchase, and for the price it's about what I would expect. If you're going to be prying rocks out of the ground or sawing through a lot of brush on a daily basis I'd get something a little more rugged, but for general gardening it's my favorite tool and I could see it being used in a multitude of ways. Great way to try out a Hori Hori knife too if you're not sure if you would use it (it has also generated many, many Crocodile Dundee references in my house, bonus for entertainment?)
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on October 22, 2014
This is a great, well-made little tool and though I'm not a huge gardener, I wonder why I didn't get hip to it earlier. For weeding between other plants, it is much more nimble and precise than a regular gardening trowel. I first used it to weed a lawn, and it made quick work of that. The bigger problem, though, was a bed of newly-planted ground-cover (Dymondia) that needs time to fill in. It is undergoing a particularly insidious Oxalis (clover) invasion. My attempt to weed it just by pulling was an abject failure -- I didn't get the roots and the Oxalis came back stronger than ever. My attempt to weed it at a deeper level with a trowel was only moderately more successful -- it couldn't maneuver enough between the Dymondia to get everything and it was back almost as strong a week later. After using this soil knife, however, it looks like I have it on the run. I suspect I'll still need to keep on top of it for a bit longer, but at a much diminished pace.
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on January 26, 2013
Japanese Hori Hori Garden Landscaping Digging Tool With Stainless Steel Blade & Sheath.

Any real gardener will love this hand tool. I will attest to the model I just purchased "Hori Hori 1516", in stainless steel blade 7 ½ inch long, slightly concave, serrated on one side, razor sharp steel, that stays sharp. Wow! It far surpasses any trowel I ever used for weeding, planting, `raking' rocks off the surface, whatever!

I came back to Amazon to buy 3 more (for me & gifts) and leave a review. The price can down to $29.95 (from $32.20) on my latest purchase and I will save on shipping.

I'm very glad to have found this wonderful tool.

I'm embarrassed to say that I purchased a "Hori Hori" directly from Japan about 35 years ago when I became interested in Bonsai, before the internet. Now THAT Hori Hori was DULL, BLUNT, AWKWARD, not stainless although very durable. I finally threw THAT one away just a few months ago.

This tool is a keeper!
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on July 28, 2015
Yes, this thing is amazing. I bought one for myself after I used this knife digging for treasures in the Northwoods with her metal detector. It was incredibly sharp and so naturally I purchased it for a friend who was an avid gardener but was attacked on his own porch by some thugs thinking the castor oil plants he was growing was worth a violent confrontation for. I wish he would have had this knife sooner. Advertised as a camping knife, mine has sawed sucker limbs off trees for me, cut roots out of my tiller, and helped me plant the majority of my garden. It comes with a cheap sheath but I've left mine out in the rain with minimal rust. I've used and abused it, and now a year later, I'm wishing I knew how to sharpen the saw edge. Besides my cutting stones with this knife, it's still incredibly deadly and useful in the yard. I want another one, but sadly I've seen that they are now $10 more than before.
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on August 3, 2016
I bought these to replace a standard gardening hand tools set. It seemed like no matter which set I bought, the little hand spades would eventually bend or break. The huge bonus with this tool is that it can do so much. Dig, weed, cut roots, make rows, etc. Some people claim it works for pruning, but I prefer my hand pruners for that task. I never liked to use the hand pruners in the dirt for roots because the dirt dulls them too quickly, so it is nice that this tool can do it. I personally like the wood handle too, as I can make it last indefinitely with maintenance and oiling. My wife uses the hori hori more than I do, and she likes it.
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on April 19, 2014
I cannot give this tool enough stars or praise. Years of digging in the garden have taken their toll on my wrists. Last summer one day, I hired a landscaping crew to move plants around and weed the gardens. They used a tool very similar to this one, which made quick work of weeding and planting...That evening I found this hori hori knife on Amazon, read the glowing reviews and ordered it without thinking twice. The knife is AMAZING. It's sharp, digs up weeds in a second, and is easy on my wrists. I planted 1000 bulbs last fall, and the depth measure on the knife, as well as its well-crafted blade, made quick work of the planting. If you want to cut sod or expand a bed in a small area, no problem. Cuts through roots like butter. This knife is ingenious. I am so ecstatic I have this - I barely use any of my other garden tools. Buy this now. You will be happy you did.
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on November 28, 2016
Contrary to the experience of others, my purchase was does *not* have a serrated edge. Not sure if I will keep it or return and spin the wheel of fortune.
"One side serrated best tool ever for planting extremely sturdy probably last a lifetime highly recommend
By Carol on April 23, 2014
One side of the blade is serrated the other side is smooth and sharp. I own two of them. Excellent, multi-task gardenning tool.
By Hunter on April 24, 2014
One side is smooth whilst the other is serrated.
By Macka on April 22, 2014"
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on April 14, 2016
The best hori hori Garden Soil Knife, made in Japan.
I did owe Leonard Deluxe Soil Knife, made in Italy
& ARS/Growtech Soil Knife, made in Japan.
Yes, It's the best tool in daily garden maintenance (weed, plant, and transplant ...)
My ranking order of these knife
Blade Craftsmanship & Material Quality: NIsaku, Leonard, ARS.
Handle: Leonard, Nisaku, ARS
Comfortable: Nisaku, Leonard, ARS
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