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on August 14, 2014
Let me preface this review by first saying much of the following is quite subjective and biased, however, I do still believe it can help someone in the market for a decent set of earbuds make an informed decision.
So, after reading numerous reviews I finally settled on these. The price was right and they looked to be the least intrusive. They arrived fast and I immediately put them to use. There was a lot of trial and error to get them to fit decently, but then again I'm a bit fussy when it comes to fitting earbuds into my ears. I'm finally at a configuration that's working out.
Battery life is definitely acceptable; ranging between 5 1/2 to 6 hours of playtime. Recharge time is clocking in at about 90 minutes.
As some reviewers have noted, the cord is a tad short, but definitely achievable for either behind the head wear or in front wear.
The controls are easy to use and all the cords and extra ear pieces all fit nicely in the provided pouch. ....Although mine has already seen a hole develop due to poor stitching.
Bluetooth connectivity was a breeze to my Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone as well as my LENOVO Yoga 13 laptop.
Now, let's talk about sound. Surprisingly sound is rich, crisp and provides a deep sense of bass that should reasonably please most. They by no means hold a candle to my Parrot Zik over the ear headphones, but for $30 they achieve what I consider the most important factor; wireless connectivity to all of my devices on the cheap with the added bonus of being able to be dropped into a shirt pocket to travel unnoticeable anywhere:-)
I do wish the control portion were a bit more centered within the wiring instead of favoring to the right side, but it's something I can easily get use to.
I haven't tried the microphone yet, but will update this review at a later time when I finally put it to use
So far, I'm enjoying the device and happy with the purchase price. If you're still thinking about it I'd recommend giving them a try, I suspect you might be pleasantly surprised:-)
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on June 14, 2014
On the plus side, the sound is quite good and, as a BT item, it is so much more convenient that being wired. What I do not like is the fit. I do not wear these for running--just on the Metro en route to work--and I use both the ear stabilizers and over-the-ear hooks. I've also tried them without the hooks and still have problems--the ear pieces will *not* stay in my ears! This compromises the otherwise excellent sound.
The earpieces are marked L and R--I thought perhaps this required me to wear them in specific ears for fit, but happily not the case. I actually prefer them reversed as I like the control piece on the left side and when I walk around in "phone monitoring mode"--no music, just standing by for a phone call with one ear piece in, it is the left ear that I prefer. I let the right ear piece dangle or put it in my shirt pocket. Works for me.
The ear bud tips are pretty novel in design, but are also the problem, at least for me. I think I need a tip that is longer to allow it to be inserted more deeply in my ear canal. The included tips are more rounded (look closely at the picture) and so prevent me from getting a good "seal".
The wire between the ear pieces is 20". The wire is a flat tape type of wire that is a 1/4" wide and very thin. Not a bad length, but it seems a compromise--not quite long enough to allow you to comfortably wear the wire running behind your head and a bit long when you have just the single earpiece in to monitor phone calls while driving. All the pictures show models with the wire running behind their heads. The problem is that twisting your head left and right pulls one ear piece or the other out of your ear because of the friction of the wire against your skin or clothing. The best way to wear it seems to be with the wire draped in front of you, but you end up looking a bit dorky. But no more than the people wearing full, over the ear headsets...
I pair my headset with an iPhone4s and the music cuts out nicely when the phone rings and resumes once the call is done. What does not appear to be a capability is to summon Siri with a single button press, something that I can do with my other, one-ear BT earpiece, which is a dedicated phone earpiece.

UPDATE: After posting this review, the seller, MobileCityOnline, contacted me. They offered to look for options to improve my experience. Because there really wasn't much that could be done with the set I had purchased (fit just did not get better), they provided another set of headphones (different model) AT NO COST to me and allowed me to keep the original set I purchased. I found the representative I worked with via email to be amazing and MobileCityOnline to be a seller with integrity and genuine concern for the customer. I will definitely do business with them again.
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on November 24, 2015
These headphones broke after about 3 months of use. I replaced them with the "Barsone Bluetooth 4.0 Active Headphones" which are far superior in sound quality, construction and staying put WITHOUT having to clip on added stability clips that go over the ear. Considering both pairs currently are priced about the same, I would highly recommend the Barsone offerings over this product. Worked as advertised, but even with additional buds, had to use stability clips for any active use, and my new pair are much better sounding, erasing any bass/range issues that I spoke about below. Link to recommend pair:

The above pair are certainly holding up better, while sounding incomparably superior to the pair reviewed before below.

These headphones work as advertised... They pair easily and work across a spectrum of Bluetooth enabled devices. With my Samsung Note 4 phone, the music controls work very well- allowing not only volume control, but track skipping, as well as typical call answer/end/reject. Sound quality is what you'd expect from headphones in this pricing class- clear, with good mid range sounds, but a bit lacking in bass. There are several optional attachments that clip or slide onto the buds, which provide great added stability. They stay in place, it's just a question of how far you're willing to go as far as the in ear stabilizers, which are relatively unobtrusive, or if you are in need of them, there is added stability available via the clip on, around ear stabilizers, which work great, and function exactly as they sound. Battery life in standby is awesome, and although they've yet to die on me with active use, with a fast/high output charger, they charge very quickly. Comes with 3 different ear bud sizing options that help block out noise, and their built in mic works as well as any other earbud mic I've used. Best function is the auto re-pair to the last device they were paired with, as it saves time and hassle. While not an audiophiles dream, pretty good quality earphones. I'm giving four (NOW LOWERED TO 3 STARS!!!) stars only because I've paid the same amount for wired ear buds that have a richer, deeper and more true sound, but these work for an active lifestyle, and are easy to use.
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on March 17, 2016
I love these earbuds. They are really easy to use. I have connected them with issue on both a Windows phone and an iPhone. The sound quality is pretty good for $20. High range and mid range are great, not a lot of low range, but hey, for $20 I was expecting worse. They charge in less than an hour and last me about 4-5 hours. I have been using these every day for the past year and a half for my commute to work on my bike. I have used them in freezing conditions and downpours with no issues at all. I always wear a stocking cap, so I have not had any issues with them falling out like some of the runners have apparently had. You can power on and off, play, pause, turn the volume up and down, skip forward and back tracks, answer calls, listen and respond to texts and even call the last person you called (pushing the middle button twice). This is really handy in case I get in an accident, I don't have to try to dig through my bag to get my phone, just double tap and my wife is on the line.
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on October 26, 2014
Love these ear buds. Wanted to get a pair of wireless ear buds that I wouldn't rip out of my ears from the long cord. I am very active and move around a lot so the cord would get tangled or pull out of my ears. These solved the problem! They have the latest Bluetooth so they will automatically connect to your phone / device when Bluetooth is turned on. These are comfortable in the ears and come with optional ear hooks but they are not comfortable.

The description is correct as the battery will last 5 hours while I'm listening to music at work but the charge time is also very fast. If I charge it up in the morning when I get in, I can be listening to music within an hour or two. The charging port is a Micro USB and is very sturdy. Sound quality out of these is fantastic and range is also awesome. I sometimes forget my phone and walk ~ 30 ft away until I realize I left my phone. I have also been 2 rooms (2 walls) over and can still listen.

There is a built in Microphone as well so you can take calls and use this like a Bluetooth earpiece. I have had no issues taking calls / listening to music. Music comes right back on after the call ends.

Been wanting a solution for wireless ear buds for a long and these fit the bill! Fantastic price, Prime shipping and awesome product! Definitely recommend and if you can't tell how much I've raved about these so far!
review image
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on October 10, 2014
I have mixed opinions about this product. For what it does and for it's current price of $29 I think it's a good product. If this device was 50 bucks or more I would have only given it 1 star.
I've had these headphones for 6 weeks now. When I first started using them I could go a week or more without charging them. I use them for an hour or two a day so I was getting 10+ hours from a charge. About a week ago I noticed the battery wasn't lasting nearly as long and now I'm having to charge them once a day. The battery life is pretty unpredictable too, some days the charge will last several hours and then others only 30 minutes. I'm not sure if this is from a faulty battery or if they type of battery used develops chemical memory?
I've had issues with the fit and tangleless cord too. I've tried all 3 ear pieces and none of them fit my ears well. Currently I'm using the largest size and I'm cramping them in all much as possible to get them to stay in. They will stay in place for about 5 or 10 minutes. The tangleless cord is nice but I've found the plastic or rubber material used catches on the back of my near, especially when I'm sweaty, causing the earbuds to pull out of my ears.
The sound quality is fine but I'm listening to mostly podcasts and audiobooks so I can't really review them for listening to music. I've noticed the bluetooth range is very small, I have to keep my phone close to me or in my pockets to receive reception. For some strange reason if my phone is in my pocket and I bend over, say to pick up the newspaper or move the sprinkler I can't get any reception at all. I've never had this problem with other bluetooth headphones. I suspect it's because my body is between the headphones and my phone and my body is just too dense for the headphones to pick up a signal. The mic quality is fine, I haven't had any complains while using it for phone calls.
If you're looking for an inexpensive bluetooth headphones I would recommend these just know you may have battery or fit issues.
Note: When I bought this item I paid $37.

UPDATE: I've tried these earbuds with a different phone (Moto G) and they are working better. The sounds quality is the same and they still pull out of my ears but the range and connection is much better. Now I don't have to leave my phone in my pocket to get a connection, I can actually walk around the house without my phone. The battery life seems better too. I suspect the earbuds were draining the battery trying to stay connected on my Galaxy s2. If you have an old phone with an old version of bluetooth I would really think before purchasing these but if you have a new phone (with a newer version of BT) you should be ok.
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on February 11, 2016
I purchased these to wear when running, they arrived quickly and were professionally packaged. When you open the box it contains instructions and a storage bag that holds all of the pieces (extra ear cushions in different sizes, ear hooks, the headphones, and a charger.) The headphones do need to be charged before the first use.

Once charged, pairing with my iPhone 6 Plus took all of 30 seconds, so it was an absolute breeze. Controls are simple, sound is great, and answering phone calls is easy. I tried running without the ear hooks and they kept popping out of my ears, so my next few runs I put the hooks on and am still having the same issue. The hooks are flimsy and don't seem to hold them in your ear, just keep them from completely falling when they do come out so they just hang from your ears. I don't know if others have the same issue, maybe my ear canals are too small for the cushions to stay in but neither size stays put. Luckily these fit perfectly under my motorcycle helmet so I can listen to music when I'm on the back of my husband's bike. I purchased a pair for him for this use as well and he loves them. He can listen to music and have maps open and giving him directions.

I would definitely recommend these to others to try, maybe other people wouldn't have the same issue with the buds sliding out of their ear canal. They are definitely worth the price!
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on June 30, 2017
PROs: I love these earbuds. I bought these to hold me over until my birthday, when my fancy, expensive JayBird X3 Sport earbuds would arrive. However, I ended up sending the JayBirds back (they were so uncomfortable). The battery on these guys lasts about 8 hours straight. They're lightweight, with relatively good sound quality. They charge quickly 1-2 hours. SUPER cheap.

CONS: The button functionality is backwards on mine (+ will re-start the current song, - will advance to the next song) but I don't mind. After using regularly for 6 months, I removed one of the rubber ear pieces for cleaning and it ripped in half. Not a huge deal, because I have many other earbuds laying around and I was able to switch the ear piece out. These don't get as loud as I would prefer.
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on August 6, 2016
After buying my girlfriend a set, I decided to purchase myself one too. They changed the design to be more sleek, and thinner overall, but kept the quality. Surprisingly good lows, great mids, and great highs, these do much better than standard earbuds. They have a great battery life(so far, my girlfriends battery failed completely after 6 months, and I'm on month 3). They charge fast and work well, and are surprisingly loud too. Very nice while I work to drown out the noise of a 4000psi pressure washer about 25 feet from me. The range isnt all that, but I keep my phone in my pocket and just didn't want the hassle of the cord while working. Also nice to take calls on, and eliminates background noise very well. As long as this sets battery holds out, I'll be happy!
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on April 26, 2015
Apparently the old adage you get what you pay for applies here. Right side stopped working after one day. Yep, paired up and tested, sounded great. Happy as can be. Next day try to use it, only sound from left speaker. Odd. Try other devices, same result. Soooooo, it broke just sitting there. Oh well, money down the drain

Edit... Spent some time with it today, and popped the cover off the right hand speaker. A cold solder joint allowed a wire to come free. After re-soldering, they once again work properly. I will revise my rating in the hopes this quality control issue is not endemic to the product.
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