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on June 16, 2005
The Blu-ray transfer of JAWS is nothing less than astounding. There are shots so crisp and clear they look like they were shot with a RED Epic last year. I can actually read the labels on the bottles of the medical examiner's office. This title easily competes with the magnificent Blu-ray transfer of THE ROAD WARRIOR and THE SHINING as one of the best possible Blu-ray transfers of all time. It's even better than THE GODFATHER and CHINATOWN Blu-rays, which were slightly softer from age. THE ONLY DOWNSIDE: a few occasions where the shot is underlit, the grain has a strange fuzzy texture to it, but only in a handful of shots where the camera is shooting with conflicting brightness (the coroner's office when Hooper says "Well this is not a boat accident!" is the best example). Otherwise, night, day, exterior and interior shots are exactly as they should be.

The film gets 6 stars in my book. The supplementals...not so much.

The supplementals are mostly upscaled transfers from previous editions, and all with subtitles, so there's that. Unfortunately, aside from the 9-minute Restoration Process vignette, there's not much to get excited about. None of the other extensive documentaries--not even the 2011 History Channel restrospective--is included.

The most painful part of this Blu-ray is the TREMENDOUS LETDOWN that is THE SHARK IS STILL WORKING documentary. After 7+ years of tireless, dedicated work by true hardcore JAWS fans that put ME to shame, the original 180+ minute cut that covered the vast cult of JAWS fans worldwide is a mere 100-minute History Channel-esque series of vignettes that merely grazes the larger picture. Some vignettes are better than others, but scores of material that has been available on the Internet for years during the assemblage is completely absent. I think that Universal has meddled too heavily in the final product. Perhaps the most painful thing of all is that this intended monument to the cult of JAWS borne out of true love for the film is a highly compressed upscaled 360p-480p mess. The resolution is barely better than the quality of the outtakes/deleted scenes. I was deeply hurt and disappointed by how this film has been treated.

And all these supplementals are crammed onto the same disc as the film. So that means that the additional 25GB that could have been dedicated to more glorious image & sound data is instead dedicated to squishing a handful of RE-RE-REpackaged supplementals that were thrown in there with the care of a used towel. With all the extra stuff about JAWS made over the years, a bonus BD-50 containing them would not have been much to ask.

Overall, the Blu-ray is worth buying because the movie transfer is so fantastic I can't give it anything less than 5 stars. Unfortunately, the disc itself is so callously indifferent to the fanbase and collector potential of the film that it gets a paltry 3 stars.

That brings it up to the 4 you see above.
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on July 9, 2015
This is my first time watching this classic, and I am very impressed with it. I felt a little disinterested in the first portions, and almost felt like leaving to do something else. I knew what was going to happen despite not really knowing anything about this film. The later parts really pulled me in, however, as the characters started developing more and the atmosphere began getting really tense. At this point I didn't know what to expect, and was really pleased with what did.

While the special effects are certainly dated, they still work pretty well and were less distracting to me than many examples of more modern CG.
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on January 11, 2016
One of the classics. It was still good after so many years. Roy Scheider does pretty good as the lawman. I think the Jaws shark was the best. I saw this in the movie theatre when it first came out oh so many years ago. On the large screen it was pretty scary and now on the TV screen it is still pretty scary. Love it. Only thing I didn't like was the stupid wide screen skinny viewing area. Full screen is much better.
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on July 17, 2015
A classic film. Current news about east coast shark attacks made me remember the movie's treatment of parallel concerns by the tourist industry versus public safety and I remembered that I didn't have copy of my own. Not any more. This B-D version was very crisp after the restoration of the original prints. The sound was good as well. HD playback in my home theater made me jump just as the original theater experience did. The bonus material was an education in film making. The director and crew turned monumental production problems into what was probably an even better movie. Problems with the mechanical shark made its appearance on the screen limited and created a "less is more" result.
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on July 10, 2000
Settled into your seat at home, you flip on you're newly aquired "Jaws" DVD, after the FBI warning there is the Universal logo. In the back ground you head little pings and pangs, quiet and soothing while you see the ocean opening up to you. Then DAA-DU, DAA-DU, the most famous music cue brings you in as the words "Jaws" comes on the screen.
Jaws is the ultimate it in horror/thriller movies. Steven Spielberg works his directoral magic in new and moving ways, like in the first shark attack when we see a girl swiming in the ocean, as she is attacked, the audience is put head level with her. In a place that we will feel most vulnerable and afraid. This redefined the meaning of terror, proven through the fact that many great white sharks were hunted down and killed after this movies release. Even if you think that this movie is corney and doesn't scare you, there has not been a movie since it about sharks that stands on it's own ("Deep Blue Sea" springs instantly to mind) and has been satired as much as "Jaws".
"Jaws" is also has a deeper meaning, brace yourself, I'm gonna get really deep. At the time of this movie, America was involved with the Vietnam War, the character of Roy Scheider plays a lone man, married a lady from the island, and is an outsider to the town even though he is sherif, soon in the movie, he is the only one who will stand up to the shark and fight it, very few of his family or allies will help him, as America was in the war. Also, "Jaws" incorpates another deep seated fears. Fear of water, is an obvisious one, but also the fear of the unknown. We don't see the shark till near the end of the movie (which also saves a bundle on special effects). Nothing scares an audience more than not seeing a killer in a scary movie. The shark also looks very realistic even today, at least I found it most realistic then the sharks in "Deep Blue Sea" (I know, I don't like that movie and it shows).
John Williams, Steven Spielberg's right hand music man, provides a soundtrack that gives such dynamic effect. Today, not too many people don't regonize the "Jaws" theme when it's played.
Bottom Line: The ultimate psychological thriller that will still scare you, even if you know what happens in the end.
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on July 13, 2000
You will generally be pleased with this DVD edition of one of the all-time greats for just about everybody. Picture transfer is O.K., and it's great to see it in full wide-screen after all these years; the picture does have some artifacts in it throughout (those little sparkly things you see on older films), but its not enough to be distracting, especially after the shark arrives. A buyer of this DVD should be prepared for what is not included: no director's commentary, writer's commentary, or isolated music track--all of which seem artistic naturals for this release. My guess is they're already planning another release to include more outtakes (there really weren't all that many) and probably Spielberg's commentary--I notice they are careful to call this release "Anniversary Collection's Edition"; I'm sure there will be other versions in the future. Also, be prepared for a little odd-ball fact and maybe disappointment related to the sound: 5.1 sound is just fine, I'm sure. The stereo, 2-channel version I found very lacking in depth and separation; and, most notably, you can't select Dolby Digital Sound (the older 4-channel surround sound) unless you also choose subtitle captions--this is strange. Finally, the picture, with also about 75 minutes of additional features (making of..., etc.), is dual layer on one side. Sure wish they would give us something on the other side of these DVDs--even a modified TV version would be appreciated and a better comsumer value. But, on balance, DVD is worth the price. Buy it, play it, enjoy it--but don't take it near the beach.
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on September 11, 2016
Picture quality has only gotten better with each new format. However blu-ray have become cheap, by not including chapter/scene art inside the case
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on February 8, 2018
Love the movie, but the anniversary edition was a little disappointing. Did not live up to the hype.
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on March 9, 2018
Great movie to watch late night with your spouse but keep in mind that it will likely change your mind about going to the beach this summer!
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on October 16, 2016
One of my favorite old movies. Had to replace my old CD. Wore it out. Just plain fun movie to watch.
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