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on November 5, 2004
This game is the best. I tell all of my friends to BUY it for every kid on the list. The game can be played as the directions state or a variation. For the older child play memory or matching. My 2 year old loves to group the colors, simply identify the animals or sound, and match the cards to the board. This is my six year olds favorite game and has been since he received it for his 3rd birthday. Best of all it can be quickly replayed if the wrong person(mom) wins the game. The whole family will enjoy.Strategy, memory, and fun!!! As far as i can tell Toys R Us is the only place to buy this great game.
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on January 22, 2016
My husband and I love board games so we wanted to start our sons on fun games early! This is a fun game that little people can actually play! It truly is for ages 3 and up. In the pic, my sons ages 5, 3, and 2 are playing and are having a blast! When we do play with my younger two, we just leave out the dragon and unicorn (the cards let you remove a chip and acts as a wild respectively) to simplify the game. It plays quickly and has sturdy components. In fact, my husband and I have played it when we were in a silly mood. Great game that young and old will enjoy!
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on July 8, 2016
This is a tough one since my 4 year old loves this game. He doesn't understand all the elements but enjoys matching the animals randomly. At 4 he doesn't have anywhere near a strategy, but I do enjoy his excitement and explaining the basics of the game to him. I don't mind playing a game that is over his head, as long as he's enjoying it.

I played this game with my 4 year old and his 2nd and 4th grade cousins and it was a NIGHTMARE. I think4 people is way too many people to be playing this game, we were at a complete stalemate as we tried to sabotage each other from getting 4 in a row, and ended up having to end the game without a winner.

I'm sure we will have several years of fun out of this board game when its just 2 players, but I do think there are better games for 4 year olds. (Zingo, Hoot Owl Hoot, Hisss).
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on February 3, 2017
For kids, this is a solid entry game to learn and play. It is not difficult at all, with few rules and objectives, and a clear victory condition. Quality of components are excellent, cards and tokens and board. All cards come with names and pictures of animals, so kids can get experience reading a bit and have an appealing, child-friendly picture to look at. The board itself is good quality, too, and very colorful due to all the animals on it.

One of my only/main qualms with the game is the box design. Who did this?! The board only folds in half, and to fit everything udner the lid must be place beneath the cardboard insert. This is annoying, as taking it out and putting it away requires you to take the insert out each time. Not a huge deal, but just practically it's a small hindrance. Also, if the board could fold into fourths they could've saved a lot of space in the box, which in turn would've saved space on our shelves.

Anyways, just a thought for future production runs. My two cents anyway.
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on February 16, 2012
My husband and I love the regular Sequence Game so when I saw this Sequence for kids I had to get it for mine (6 and 3yrs old). My kids are very into board games but there's only so much Candyland and Chutes and Ladders a person can take.

In this version of Sequence, you each get three cards to start and your colored chips to lay down. (It's nice for my 6 year old, because although he gets the game enough to play the adult version, he can't yet hold all of the cards in his hands for that one, so 3 cards are definatley better then 7 and the cards are almost half the size as regular cards.) Instead of having the normal playing cards of Ace's - King's, these are all animals that differ enough that they don't get confused what card goes with what animal. In this version instead of needed to get two rows of four in order to win, you only have to get one row of four.

I'm glad that my 3 year old likes this game, of course we always have to remind her to draw a card after she plays a card, and she can't hold the cards in her hand yet (or at least doesn't care to) and she her strategy of the game is to put down the animals that she likes the best, she still is involved in the game and not left out at family game time. It's nice to be able to include her in a game, without her gameplay messing us up, even though she doesn't understand how to strategize to win at 3 years old, she is just another person to make our gameplay harder. As for my 6 year old, it is one of his favorite games.
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on March 5, 2017
This is a great game. My 4, 6, and 7 year old grandchildren can all play together. Even though it's definitely designed for non-readers, it still is challenging for young school age readers. (And even grandparents!) It doesn't take too long to play - maybe 10 minutes. It's really easy to catch on to the rules. It's not often we stumble upon a winner that makes everyone happy.
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on April 15, 2017
This game is fun for kids and adults. You have large colorful quality chips to mark your sequence of 4, and there are cards in the deck that allow you to put your chip anywhere to make a sequence and a card to remove someone else's chip when it could be blocking you from making a sequence. My 4-year old catches on to games quickly and really liked this one.
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on January 9, 2014
I have 2 boys Age 3 (well 3 in a few days) and 6. They LOVE this game. The strategy aspect is a little complex for my soon to be 3 yr old, but with a little help from mom or dad he does well. He can easily identify the animals and put his chip on the animal of his choice. My 6 yr old asks to play this all the time and does well with it. I am really happy we bought this game and I know my soon to be 3 yr old will pick it up himself probably in due time and could see this being a game they enjoy for a long time.
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on July 28, 2014
This has got to be one of my favorite games to play with my wife and son. It is very easy to pick up (although my 6 year old son doesn't exactly understand the strategy of blocking people, or waiting to use special cards) Still I feel like we all win fairly equally and it's easy to let them win if that's what you want to do. We have definitely had a lot of fun nights with this game
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on September 29, 2016
I thought this would be fun for our 3 and 4 year old. buts its really TOO easy and they were bored quickly!
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