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on November 25, 2013
OK stroller, easy to put together, wheels are great with the swivel on the front. Easy to collapse. However, can't give four stars for several reasons.......the quality is really disappointing with some of the cheapest plastic parts I have seen on a product in years. Take a look at the photo of the stroller and look at the footrest. It is actually a thin, flimsy piece of plastic that isn't even connected, but just slides up and down the bars. Any child could easily get his foot trapped under this and caught in the wheels. The child's tray is also flimsy, impossible to adjust and has to be muscled on and off every time you put a child into the stroller. The tray is back in the box where it will probably stay. The safety harness has no shoulder straps and is not five point harness...massive safety issue. Several buyers report that their child leaned forward, and the entire stroller with baby strapped in pitched face first to the ground. There is no padding on the side bars to protect your child's head. The top is lacking a clip or even velcro strap so has no way to keep it from flopping forward when stroller is folded up, and the locking bar to hold it together when folded up is a flimsy little stick of plastic. The stroller works Ok, is lightweight, easily portable but look elsewhere for something of quality. This stroller is OK to keep at Grandma's house for the very occasional use.
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on July 2, 2013
This stroller was very easy to assemble and my daughter was very excited to try it out (she's four). We needed something that had tons more storage than a regular umbrella stroller for out trip to Disney World. It was a breeze to maneuver and didn't hurt my hands after pushing it all day like other strollers can.

Basically, I LOVED this stroller...until the bell hop managed to break off the thumb clip that makes it possible to close. There was still a little nub left that we could use to get it to close, but it tore up my thumb and made it raw each time. I don't know if this was the issue, but by the end of our 5 day trip, the stroller would no longer close at all and I ended up having to throw it away since it wouldn't fit in the car for the long drive back to Texas. I was just disappointed at how cheap the materials were and how easy it was to break.

Even so, I would still recommend this to somebody else as it is a great stroller and my daughter was very comfortable the entire time. Maybe we just got unlucky!
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on September 8, 2012
I have had this stroller for 2 years, and I love it so much that after a few months, I bought a second one to keep in my husband's car!! I think this stroller is the perfect in-between because it is light-weight and small like an umbrella stroller, but it has more features like the larger strollers (like cupholders and a storage compartment) but without being huge and bulky.

My favorite things about it are:
I can fold it and lift it into my SUV with one hand while holding my toddler in the other! It is small enough to just keep in the trunk all of the time.

I can steer it with one hand when I need to-- it is very easy to steer and it seems like a smooth ride for my child

It easily navigates in aisles at stores or at the airport because it's not too bulky.

It rides smoothly enough for walks on sidewalks (again, providing a good in-between of being more comfortable and sturdy than an umbrella stroller, with many of the benefits of a bigger "travel system" stroller)

it's comfortable for my 2 year old daughter and has been since she was a few months old (I think I started using it around 4-5 months old)

it holds my purse or diaper bag in the underneath compartment (plus, I bought a hook that hooks onto the handle to hold even more things like shopping bags), and I like that I have 2 cup holders, a place for keys or phone, and my child has a tray and cup holder

the price is awesome -- low enough to buy 2!

I've traveled on planes, trains, cabs, buses, etc. and even all around France with our baby, and it has been great.

After 2 years, mine does not look or seem worn out at all -- the fabric, frame, etc have held up very well even with lots of use. I will definitely be able to continue to use these with our next baby.

I HIGHLY recommend this stroller!!
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on October 30, 2013
After accidentally running over my folded-up umbrella stroller stored in the garage, I began looking for not only a replacement, but an upgrade. Our last stroller was of the basic fold-up fabric sling variety, and I disliked its short height and shallow seat. Even at 5'4", it was difficult for me to stoop far enough to push the old stroller, and I felt a little silly doing so.

This stroller, the Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller, is perfect, and I can't imagine a better item for my needs.

It folds compactly--no trouble fitting it in the trunk of the car, which is where it stays.

It truly can be folded with one hand if you practice, although two hands make it easier.

Despite what I read in another review, my stroller did come with a red locking pin, and thus stays completely folded when not in use.

The seat is deeply set, which seems to make my son happier (he used to act as though he was afraid he'd fall out of the old one).

The 3-point belts seem ample for securing a young toddler into his seat. (I don't see the point of a 5-point harness in a stroller unless you're trying to use it with a very young baby--in which case I would imagine this to be far too big.)

The storage area underneath will fit my medium-sized purse or small diaper bag pretty well. I travel pretty light, though, so mothers and fathers that travel with armloads of equipment might find this confining.

The cup holders are pretty small, both in the child's seating area and the stroller handles. The snack tray is also small, but again, we travel light and it was more than adequate for putting out a few cheerios during a walk.

This stroller is easily tall enough for me not to have to slump, and my husband (5'11") can push it also, without either of us looking like we're pushing a doll stroller.

In conclusion, we're all very happy with this stroller. It has some of the same (if trimmed down) features of a big, bulky "travel system" type stroller, with better folding and storage. You can catch this stroller for a great price if you are patient and it's completely worth it.
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on July 8, 2014
I purchased this stroller in April 2013. It worked well, it is very light (which I LOVE), and did fold easily. But I am now finding it difficult to close it. There seems to be something keeping it from folding all the way down and I cant' quite figure out. I must have looked really silly wrestling with that thing while out in public and eventually just tossed it in the trunk as it was. Also all the cup holders are useless - very small. They do not hold any of my daughter's sippy cups and none of my water bottles (unless you are using the same bottle that is pictured). It does hold my phone and keys nicely.
FORGOT TO MENTION: When I purchased this item in April 2013, I paid around $50 for it. I would never pay over $100 for this stroller.
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on June 28, 2015
One of the best buy ever!!
Very light. I hold my baby in left arm, and carry it with only my right arm when I get in and out a train.
Easy to fold and open. I can open it in 1 second. and fold it in 3 seconds. (however my friend's was not this easy to fold and open. I got lucky I guess)
It has 3 cup holders. 1 for the baby, 2 for parents.
Large basket which is so important when you do grocery shop while your kid is sleeping.
It does decline a little so my kid can sleep more comfortable, but not all the way flat tho.
Most importantly! Cheap!! We paid less than $50.00

-The cup holder is too small for most of the cups. I have to choose carefully to find one that fits.
-The canopy couldn't really cover the baby all the way, however I did see that been improved in the new version.
- The foot rest does come loose all the time. (not a big deal for us. But if I have to be picky. It's one of the thing it can be improved)
- the seat belt is only 3 point (Again I see that's been fixed as well on the new version to 5 points.)
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on July 16, 2014
I Can't rave enough about this stroller! I went nuts searching for the perfect secondary stroller for city use(I have the city mini elite as my primary stroller, but it's too heavy for me to lug around on my own while holding on to my 26-lb tot). I found the perfect pick in the jeep Cherokee. It has almost all the features I was looking for- at a very affordable

Pros- Tray/ cup holder for adult, tray for tot, semi- recline, one-hand easy fold, space for stuff underneath, And - most importantly - it is easy to maneuver using just one hand( I sometimes have my dog with me on walks , so using two handles as opposed to a handlebar is tricky when also Harding a leash). It is super light! 15lbs! And very easy for a little petite woman like me to lift on and off of buses, subs etc.

Cons- it doesn't have a 5pt harness. This is the one thing I really wish it had. My tot moves around a ton while we are strolling and he is quite the Houdini when it comes to gettingOut of harnesses, so it makes me nervous not having the extra security.Secondly, it's not a very comfortable ride for the baby, the seat is like card board and the harness is thin, so it moved around, twists and can get lodged in the groin area around the sides of the diaper if you have a fidgety tot. But this isn't a problem if you wrap some padding around the crotch area of the harness. < just take a thick baby sock, cut out the foot part and wrap around the strap for cushioning. > I also padded the seat with a memory foam seat insert, now my tot is riding comfortably!

Mainly- and as a conclusion- don't expect perfection, you get the quality you pay for, but With a few fixes that won't cost you practically anything, you can get the ideal stroller for one 10th the price of macLarens!
I highly recommend it, especially for city commuters and anyone looking for the lightest possible umbrella stroller that has all the bells and whistles of a primary stroller. I couldn't have been happier with it. For babies 6months and up++
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on August 23, 2014
This was one of the best purchases I've made as a new mom. Its a medium size stroller (not as small as an umbrella stroller and not as big as those monstrosities you used with your car seat). This size of stroller was easy for me because I always keep it in the car. (Almost the full length of a back of a CRV) The wheels are durable and very responsive. The multiple pockets and decent size storage space on the bottom is great. You can fit a good sized purse or diaper bag in there. Cup holders in the back/by handle (doesn't fit all sippy cups like Nuby). And the little tray between the cup holders is nice for keys or sunglasses. The 'reclining' feature, is really a pull strap that loosens or tightens to release tension, its not a locking devise or anything. But it helps my son when he wants to sit up and while he's seated I can gently loosen the strap and he is reclined if he's tired (like at the zoo!). I haven't used the tray in the front just yet. I have to wait until my 1 year old is bigger. And let me tell you (if you are still reading this lengthy review) that the EASE of folding this stroller is amazing. My mom friend of 2, saw me collapse this with one hand and in 10 seconds it was folded! She was like, I can't believe it was that easy. (Me either really). So if you are looking for a mid-sized stroller that is durable but not overly expensive. This is the one to buy!
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on February 4, 2014
the only reson i took off a star is that the front tray u see is not detachable from a side. i wasnt aware of this while buying. but had to be used while i was travelling so i kept it. So u literally have to hold ur child with ur arms and put him inside and while taking him out u have to lock the wheels so the stroller wont move and pull him back out. but i can stroll him beautifully on it
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on March 1, 2014
We love this stroller for its simplicity, compactness and easy open/close feature. Obviously it is not suitable for jogging with and going over rough terrain but if you are looking for a basic stroller with lots of value, I would highly recommend this one. There is quite a bit of padding and a rather generous basket, it takes up little space in your car and travels well. The only complaint I have is the cupholder for your child in the front is so impossibly small I don't know what would even fit in there so we rarely use it. The ones at the top for whoever is pushing the stroller is bigger and may fit larger sized drinks and water bottles. Overall this is perfect if you are working with a small budget and want something that does the job.
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