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on October 28, 2013
I am a frequent runner in rough terrain, wood trails, soft sand, roots etc as well as the occasional concrete road and I have (hardly any) complaints. Yes, I have had issues too with the stroller pulling to one side but after I took the reflectors out of the spokes and re-tightened them, that problem was solved.

The case for the MP3-player is a tiny bit too small for some models but since I like to listen to a certain Sirius radio show while running, I guess it's a good thing that not everybody can listen in ;)

I have had this stroller since the baby was 8 months old; she now is almost 2 and still loves to come running with me and usually falls asleep after a short while, even in bumpy terrain. The air filled tires and the way the seat is attached to the frame make a smooth enough ride for the baby (mine at least, as we all know, every baby is different). Very effortlessly to push; I sometimes use this stroller for tourist-y trips too or after heavy snow fall bc I find it less tiresome to push this stroller for several hours, even though the fixed front wheel and the stroller's size do become an issue; on the other hand, the wheels are big and bouncy enough to get over a sidewalk, short stairs etc without needing anyone to lift and help.

The basket offers plenty of space for more than just a bike pump and those baby's essentials one would need when out for a run(useful if used on aforementioned tourist-y trips). A couple of net/mesh pockets on the back of the seat can safely hold those small items like car keys, elastic on top prevents the items to "bounce" out.

The canope can be adjusted pretty much all around the baby, a little "window" on top of the canopy lets the baby see through the canopy.

With all wheels taken off (the back ones snap right on and off, the front is 20 seconds more work bc of the brakes), I was even able to fit that otherwise very bulky stroller in a Mustang Convertible trunk; I found that taking the front wheel out does not really help much though bc of the foot rest/wheel cover. With every wheel attached it takes a good chunk out of an Explorer trunk!

It took some getting used to the fixed front wheel but you figure out quickly how to get around curves and turns, after over a year of doing so I dont even know how one can get upset and make it an issue. And I strongly agree with those reviewers who say a fixed front wheel is essential for running... go to your desired running trail and watch other serious runners with strollers, you notice the difference quick! I do wish though Jeep would have opted for the possibility to adjust whether you want a fixed or a swivel wheel.

What beats me is the size of the cup holders, both in the parent's and the baby's tray. A store bought sports-drink bottle is usually to wide, even my refillable containers are either to wide or are to tall to stand safely and the baby's bottle is a tiny bit too wide so that I would have to press it in the cup holder so tight that the baby cant get it out herself.

I liked the fact that the rain cover I have for my every day-stroller fits nicely over this one too, so no extra cover necessary.

The handle bar is good to grab and hold on to even with sweaty hands and adjustable. I am 6'2, so height and room to stride are an important issue for me and I have had no problems. Easy to steer with one hand.

The harness for the baby holds her in nice and tight and are long enough to even use a stroller sack for the winter. The back rest is adjusted via a simple strap, no metals bars that need to snap in or alike (I guess all to save weight)

I have another Jeep stroller that drives me crazy bc it is a pain to open and close the baby's tray to get her in and out, but with this jogging stroller it is no problem, it easily swings open and closes with the push of a button.

As mentioned before, the stroller is quite bulky, even folded together... yes, you can still roll it even though it's collapsed and it stands safely on it's three wheels but it does take up quite some room unless you take the wheels off.

Would I recommend it? I would recommend you borrow any jogging stroller first to see a) if you can run holding and pushing something, and b)if your baby can stand being pushed at a (hopefully ;) ) faster speed for an extended period of time. And then, yes, I would recommend this one.
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on June 13, 2014
We live in the country and the roads and trails are rough. This stroller works great, goes straight, and is well balanced on hills. The pedometer reads a little higher than my gps, but it is likely because the terrain is so hilly by my home. It did NOT come with the safety tether, and it does NOT WORK WITH CLIP IN CARSEATS, at least not our Graco. However, i did not get the stroller to drag the baby around malls, to match and be pretty. I got it to run, and for that it is wonderful. It is heavier (and much sturdier!) than the old one we used, and the fixed front wheel is so much easier on the rough terrain. instead of getting stuck on larger rocks, you wheel right over. For harder turns, just tip the front wheel up and you can do a whole circle if you want, in place. Brakes work well, folds up without tipping over but not as small as some others. The only thing I would have done differently is the speaker for music... It was a major selling point and I thought they would have at least made it better or louder than a decent phone speaker. It is not, unfortunately.
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on January 4, 2014
I have to confess that I bought this stroller for my bulldog. I use it in the summer to take her to the park, so that she will not burn her feet on the blacktop. After many hours of deciding just which one to buy, I am not disappointed. Although she weighs more than the recommended pound limit, It works wonderfully. The angle of the seat which goes back is perfect for her, because it provides enough room for her to sit up and have a great view as I push her along. It doesn't wobble like her previous Eddie Bauer one I purchased at a thrift store. All the dog strollers are light weight and could not possibly carry her. It was expensive for a dog, but the cost was certainly worth it, and I know it will last for many years.
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on January 15, 2014
My husband and I recently purchased the Jeep Overland Limited Jogging Stroller (Fierce). Initially we were very excited for it and enjoyed finally being able to take our little one on our frequent jogs. We only run on pavement/sidewalk/blacktop, no rough dirt trails or off-road for us. We were disappointed to find that within days of purchasing it, and after only running on paved roads, we noticed that the front tire was always flat. We purchased a pump to continue to inflate the front tire which seemed to work temporarily in that the front tire will stay somewhat inflated for about a 30-minute jog. Not ideal given there was obvious damage to the tire causing a permanent leak, after so little time. We were OK bringing the pump along with us to inflate along the way. Then a week later a second tire, the back right tire, went flat. That tire will not even stay inflated at all for a couple minutes, it is completely dysfunctional. We are no longer able to use our stroller just several weeks after purchasing it. At this point we are questioning the safety of using this stroller for our little one and feel it is not an acceptable option to place our little one in it. We expected a lot more from this product and from product reviews, we researched jogger strollers a lot as we are entrusting the life of our little one in it.
Furthermore, we contacted Jeep Gear itself to let them know what had happened with a brand new proudct malfunctioning so quickly. They told us to contact where we had bought it and would not stand up for their product at all. This was shocking as I have purchased many things on Amazon and most things say to directly contact the product company as they want to back up their product. Thank goodness for Amazon's great customer service. Needless to say we returned it, bought the BabyJogger-FIT and will never buy another JEEP gear product again.
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on August 1, 2013
I chose this jogging stroller after reading a lot of reviews. I wanted a stroller for non-serious running every now and then. It needed to be better than the cheap ones that fit infant seats (son was 18 months when we started) but didn't need to be a Bob Ironman. I have been pleased with the quality of this. The non-turning wheel is not perfect for us -- but i did my research in advance and purposefully went that route, though I regret it now (my jogging is not always in a straight line and it is a real deterrent to running to have to turn corners). I ultimately chose this one over a couple of other similar and well-reviewed strollers because this one had the speaker. But i would say that the speaker is generally useless. It's the same or worse quality than an iphone speaker, and it faces the inside of the stroller, so gets muffled.
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on June 17, 2012
Some friends and I got this stroller for a friend who was pregnant. She lives in a hilly wooded area and wanted something that could handle the terrain. When this stroller arrived, I made an appointment with an engineer friend to help me put it together. He said OK, but check to make sure all the pieces are there. There were only about 6 pieces and they went together very easily, so the engineer wasn't even needed. I was VERY impressed at the amount of thought that went into the design. The wheels are nice and big to allow it to go over rough terrain. It has a pedometer and a wrist strap (so you can use both hands while keeping control of the stroller, it is easily foldable, etc... The friend who received it was very pleased as well. She writes a blog and recently posted:

"So my tabletop gaming group pitched in together and bought me this: Jeep Overland
Jogging Stroller. I have no intention of jogging with it - a back injury means my
chances of ever jogging again are slim to none... and it also makes baby-wearing
problematic. But this thing ought to be marketed as an Amazing, Fantastic, Offroad,
Hiking Stroller for the not-as-athletic-as-they-ought-to-be, and that's how I use

so if you need a well designed stroller and are going to use it places other than a sidewalk. This is the one for you.
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on September 29, 2012
You really need to think about how you are going to use the Jeep Overland Limited jogging stroller before you buy it. This is not a good stroller for walking around the mall; it is designed to be used outside on rough terrain by healthy people. It is definitely a Jeep. The fixed front wheel is not going to be good for everyone, but I personally liked it. Steering is accomplished by pushing down on the handle and lifting the front wheel off the ground. It sounds hard but I got used to it pretty quick. I found it made going up tall curbs and over bumps much easier than my traditional stroller when I was walking around the neighborhood. I took it on a trail in Griffith Park and it had no problem going through the dirt and shallow sand. It is big and heavy, and pushing it up even the small hill in the old zoo made me tired pretty fast. Running downhill was also hard because I was getting dragged behind it. It goes very smoothly, though, and it will go very fast on flat surfaces. The seatbelt works good, but the shoulder harness was kind of hard to tighten. Assembly was easy except for the footrest. Because of the padding, you need to have another person push down on it while you screw it in. I would have skipped the iBaby option if I could have. It works, but the speaker is right behind the baby's head. I would have preferred one that gave you an option of having the speaker face the baby, parent, or both. The case is big enough to hold an iPod, but the cover would not close when I used my iPhone. The baby's cupholder was too shallow for tall bottles. The only other thing it could use is the traditional Jeep grab bar for the passenger! My 15 month old daughter likes the stroller a lot. It has good suspension and she didn't mind the bumps. I would not recommend using this stroller until the baby is old enough to walk.
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on March 5, 2018
It's a great sturdy stroller, with a fixed front wheel to make for a steady jog which yes it made it a little difficult to turn but not so bad. The material is made of is great, comfy to hold and comfy seat for the kids, good size basket I mean all in all it's a great jogging stroller at a decent price, just really bulky and difficult to turn.
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on January 15, 2015
A Great jogging stroller (although admittedly doesn't get as much use as it should!). The material feels of good quality and the frame is sturdy. It is nice to have the hand brake.

The biggest drawback is the included "speaker". The so called speaker is very quite and quote possibly was broken to start. In my experience I would not buy this for the speaker as it never worked well. I might have returned it to attempt to get a new speaker in attempts of getting a better working one but I never bought the stroller for that.

The storage space is great for a jogging stroller especially if you take the included speaker out of its cubby as it just pops in and out.
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on November 25, 2011
My husband, who's a stay at home dad, goes for long walks with our 14 month old daughter everyday. Since birth he was using our Peg Perego Uno, but after moving out of the town center, he wanted a stroller capable of dealing with snow on the streets. After reading many reviews, we decided to get this one. After delivery, he said no need to assemble it yet, 'cause I'm not using before the snow comes. I wanted to test drive it, so I assembled it and took it for a quick walk. The next day, he got curious and used it and since that day about two month ago our Peg Perego has not left the house! He absolutely loves the Jeep and our daughter does too. For sure, it needs some getting used to the fixed wheel and I wouldn't suggest to use it to go to the mall, but for the outdoor walks it's perfect. We had our first snow a few days ago, and it runs through snow covered streets no problem.
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