Customer Reviews: Jemma Kidd Make-up Masterclass: Beauty Bible of Professional Techniques and Wearable Looks
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on February 21, 2010
This is truly an incredible book. I have combed through every make-up book I could get my hands on, including Bobbi Brown, Carmindy, etc. and nothing beats this book.

The reason is that the pictures and instructions are incredibly clear, without being over-simplified. If she recommends a particular color for a skin tone, she shows you, she doesn't just talk about it. If she mentions an application technique, she shows it (I can't tell you how many books I looked at that just described the technique, no pictures). Her skin care advice and tips are very useful, and the makeup ideas are simply beautiful. She provides a lot of timeless, flawless make-up looks, as well as a few funkier looks. Very inspirational.

I refer to this book often, and I highly recommend it to everyone, even professionals who could use a reminder of skin care importance.
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on January 21, 2014
Dont get me wrong, this is one of the prettiest Makeup books I have and I own about 20 of them from Bobby Brown to Kevyn Aucoin. The models are all stunning with some of the most poreless, perfect skin I have ever seen. The makeup colors are all just breathtaking on them and the makeup is applied beautifully. My beef, and why this did not get a perfect rating is for two reasons.
1. For the vast majority of women, we use makeup to help hide or improve what we see as imperfections on our face. Be it our less than perfect skin, thin lips. small eyes or missing cheekbones, whatever it may be, we are trying to look better. While she does make some attempt to address a few issues such as thin lips, there was almost nothing on how to make skin look great if you have acne, large pores or lines. There was nothing on hooded or deepset eyes and there were several other glaring omissions. In addition, if you only use models that are beyond perfect, it does not exactly provide instruction on how much of an improvement we might expect by using her techniques. If you want to impress me with your makeup skills, try applying the makeup to women who are average everyday women with issues! That would be helpful! As it is, I do not think many women will look at these models and think "oh, she has the same issue I have, I can try to correct it using this technique!" because the models had no flaws! They were stunning without makeup and stunning with it. Not very helpful to people who purchase the book for the "Masterclass" aspect.
2. The makeup colors she uses are just beautiful. The makeup used on lips, cheeks and especially the eyes were just one stunning page after another. And no where in there does she talk about what she used. In a simple photo book, it would be fine to do that, but when you are advertising this as a master class and beauty bible, you need to let us know what colors you used. And since you are marketing the book this way, you need to refrain from mixing custom eyeshadows pulled from 10 different lines on a single look. You need to make the effort to make this approachable and to clearly explain what colors you chose, from what line, why they were your choice and provide information. Just like there is a difference between Algebra and Calculus, there is a difference between what you need to teach us as a foundation, then you can publish an entire different book that is part two and discusses mixing colors and how to make custom blends on the fly as you are applying makeup to someone. This should have been the Algebra book, but she jumped right to Calc 2 and most people will be left confused and not understanding why the color choices were made and where they can find the same colors.

To sum up, a beautiful book, suitable for coffee table, really it is that pretty. However there were several common issues that were not addressed and we did not see her professional techniques applied to anyone with a single skin care or structural issue with their face other than thin lips. And letting us know what makeup she was using on a given model, where it can be purchased and why she chose it would have greatly elevated this book.
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on November 22, 2009
Basically it was an ok book. It's a good gift for someone that doesn't really know how to do make up at all or someone that is getting older and is stuck in the past. The books is all about how to look good at any age. there are many differnt looks that cover office, vaction, date, and high drama daytime.

When it comes to differnt ethnicities it kinda glosses over them. Skin tones come in Porcelain, Fair. light olive(light toned asian,latino/mediterranean) Dark olive(medium toned people like(darker asians, medium toned latinos/mediterranean) and Deep(black folks) basically I find the pallet that offers for each group a bit limiting. It's great for a day time or office looks but don't limit yourself for going out and having fun looks.

Skin care: Wash your face, exfloliate, tone, use mosturizer and eye cream. basic stuff everyone shoud know.

The best thing about this book is the contour and hightlighting section. although it is something i know about there is more detailed in the book. Also how to contour your lips so you can get more symetery.

If your in your teens-early 30's and are looking for fun looks, don't buy the book.
If you don't know anything about make-up or love collecting books then this is for you.

The easiest cheapest way to get new great looks is Youtube just in case your wondering.
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on April 6, 2013
I won't cover the content of the book as you can go to the non-kindle book page and have a look there - I'll just focus on how it is on the kindle app. And to tell you the truth, it's... not great. The biggest problem is the text. It overlaps, layering on top the previous lines and leaving big ugly blank spaces. Other times it's too small, or doesn't sit where it was supposed to, leaving text bubbles with the words floating up top like dead fish. As a result the book is difficult to read and just kinda ugly.

That being said, can you still read it? Sure. All the content is still there. If you want to save money and the weird text doesn't bother you, you could do worse. The pictures remain intact and that is the main point of the book. [I will note I was using the iPad kindle app, this may not apply to all devices].
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on October 29, 2015
I found this book soooo frustrating. Like any beauty magazine, it offers advice general enough to apply to anyone but not specific enough to be helpful to anyone either. The formatting also reads like a magazine in that it is not organized, really just half-hazard splashes of information sprinkled here and there over 200 pages, most of it the same information repeated over and over. This 200 page behemoth could have been written more succinctly and more comprehensible in about 40 pages.

It seems like most or many reviewers who rate this book complain that this book is meant for the complete beginner who doesn't know ANYTHING about make-up. Well, I am a complete beginner, and I found this book as frustrating and uninformative as hell. Where is the neatly organized list of -"this is foundation....", "sometimes it is also called...", "this is what it looks like...", "this is what its used for...", next bullet point, "this is concealer...", "sometimes it is also called...","this is what it looks like", "this is what its used for," etc. Would that really have been so hard to cover in the first three pages?!?! Wikipedia offers better, more detailed information on beauty products!
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VINE VOICEon March 2, 2010
This large, colorful book features basic beauty training. Makeup artist Jemma Kidd covers it all..from contouring and highlighting to skin and nail care. The instructions are clear and there are many large photographs. The focus is more functional than funky, although she does demonstrate some fashion forward looks.

This book serves as an excellent primer for anyone new to makeup or desirous of perfecting everyday skills. The models are all very young. I find this unfortunate. It is important for people especially those interested in fashion and beauty to be able to see beauty in everyone notwithstanding age, races, nationality or dare I say it, weight. I think the youth of the models limits the attraction to young women and teens even though the contents are beneficial for all. However, if you wish to learn makeup technique, this is a good place to start.
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on September 7, 2012
I don't normally write reviews but felt compelled to do so in this case because this book was so useless I returned it to Amazon . Kidd claims she can advise 'women' about makeup but what she really means is women under 25. For anyone older than that, other than a long list of don'ts she provides no guidance whatsoever.
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on March 4, 2010
I absolutely love this book! It is so detailed and teaches you everything you need to know about makeup and makeup application. I read makeup books before but this one is really good. It really covers everything you need to know! I am not even done the book yet but i had to right a review of how good the book is! I learned so much and I am only halfway into the book! I definitely recommend you buy this book! You won't regret it!!!
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on March 28, 2016
Great book, and great price from this seller. Lots of tips and tricks, and good to have around for when you are feeling like you need a change from the same old make up. I have definitely updated my look and expanded my repertoire with this book.
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on October 3, 2015
This was the first Jemma Kidd book I have read. I sat down and read it like a textbook, taking notes along the way. as a person starting her career in makeup artistry, this book is a good reference book to have. The price of the book is WAY below what its worth, even if you pay the price on the cover. The quality of the book, binding and pages is high. Love, love, love!!!
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