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on November 27, 2009
I purchased this mirror based on the good reviews that it had. I needed a good makeup mirror that magnifies and especially with good lighting. This mirror is even better than I thought it would be. The lighting is perfect for putting on makeup and you can see every last detail as you work. I can see more detail than when wearing reading glasses. There is a small circle of extra magnification on the bottom of the mirror that is super for plucking hair in places you would not see just looking in the mirror. The mirror is heavy and well made, and beautiful. It is very steady on the base and not tippable. Love this mirror it is worth every penny and any female would adore it for her vanity and putting on makeup.
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on February 25, 2017
I have had this mirror for about a month now. I really like it. I searched and searched for one I would be happy with as my 5x with the smallest face mirror wasn't even worth getting out.
This mirror has one side for regular and the other side shares two different mirrors. The smallest one that is round is really wonderful for those of us not able to see fine hairs close up without glasses on. You can see more then you may want to with it. This works best if you have good lighting and your looking at the round part about the middle of the mirror.
The bigger portion that is magnified is very nice for the upkeep of your eyebrows.
This mirror has a light around it when you turn it on. It has two settings one a little brighter them the other which makes it a little more handy.
The mirror comes with two settings of light on in the mirror which are very handy. I'm am very happy with my purchase.
review imagereview image
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on August 10, 2010
My old Sharper Image lighted mirror finally blew both of its lights and I cannot find the right bulbs for it. So I decided to purchase a new mirror and one that hopefully had a 10X magnification as my eyes aren't as strong as they once were! This mirror more than meets my needs. It has a lovely finish that fits right into my bathroom decor and the 15X insert is fantastic for finding and pulling out those pesky chin hairs as well as eyebrow plucking! I'm so happy I took the chance and ordered this mirror. I nearly didn't because of a review that the insert magnification was too strong for that individual. But it works just fine for me and the 10X is great for makeup applications without having my glasses or contacts on. I highly recommend this mirror as the lighting effect is spot on with the ability to change it to three different levels depending on your needs. This cost less than my old mirror but works so much better. A great find and buy!
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on April 12, 2017
My wife has tried three different lighted makeup mirrors. This Jerdan mirror was nice, however the light is really, really poor. We sent it back and purchased another name brand mirror that works much better. The silly part is that most people purchase a lighted makeup mirror for the "Light" and this one just did not have enough light.
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on May 15, 2012
After a frustrating and fruitless search for replacement bulbs for my last illuminated mirror, I went back to the drawing board and found the Jerdon HL9510N. I could NOT wait for it to arrive - I missed seeing me up close and personal.

The Jerdon's three levels of illumination are more than adequate. The 15X magnification insert was a little difficult to get accustomed to - however, I am getting there. The 10X magnification is ample while I transition.

My only issue with the Jerdon, so far, is that it heats up. When I try to turn the mirror from regular to magnified, after it having been on for awhile, that heating up is an unpleasant sensation. Now, should the Jerdon prove to become the burden my last mirror was in terms of bulb shopping, I will be revising - but otherwise, this mirror is well made and worth the price.

Just a note: I would have gladly given it 5 stars if it didn't get as hot as it does around the borders.
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on April 18, 2013
Have a really nice Jerdon 10X circular mirror which I love but thought this mirror might be better because of the added 15X smaller area for easier spotting of stray brows. One side of the mirror is 5X, flip it over and the other is 10X with the added 15X area to bottom. The 3 speed light switch is annoying as you can barely see any light when it is even at the highest setting so you will need additional light to see your face so this fails as far a lighting goes. Now as to size---this is a very narrow oval mirror and i find it annoying as you have to keep moving the mirror up or down to see entire face when applying foundation (the older circular mirror was much more practical) And to add to the misery of the oval shape the 15X portion is a MAJOR distraction when just doing basic foundation or blush application. This mirror would be great if truly a circular mirror so entire face could be easily seen without moving the mirror several times for basic use. Tried to reverse the 15 X to the top---the cord is connected there and you might have a fire hazard over time doing that. I have this a 4 star but really wanted to give it a 31/2 star as it is ok and you can adjust to it over time but I would not buy this again. I'd stick to the 10X circular mirror and buy a cheap 15X to use when checking the eyebrows for a more pleasant and practical experience.
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on April 16, 2016
Disappointed with the light element, not very bright even on the highest setting, the mirror is fine on the magnified side but there is such distortion on the non magnified side. I will probably return it as I am just not happy with this product or give it to my daughter who may like it and not care about the distortion on the other side. The balance and over all manufacturing is pretty solid but the fact that the plain side is so distorted is irritating to say the least, I would like to be able to flip the mirror over and see my make up overall and not magnified but with the distortion it is not helpful.
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on March 18, 2015
Rearranged a few things in the house, and suddenly found myself in need of a vanity mirror. I was a bit nervous about this because it isn't entirely inexpensive as vanity mirrors go, but it might be cheap.

It isn't. Excellent build quality and heft. Clear reflection in the three sizes of mirror surface (just learning that I need to do a much better job on the eyebrows -- yikes! -- and I didn't see that spot on my cheek before...huh) and three levels of light, which at any level is not glaring or uncomfortable to use. Really good quality. Score.
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on December 6, 2013
I really wanted to like this mirror simply because it looked fantastic on my vanity. The magnified mirrors are nice too. However, I returned this beautiful mirror because the light was inadequate. It has a bit of a yellow hue and is not very bright. So, I found that I was not applying my makeup very well. Once I am in my car in the driveway in full daylight and sneak a glance at myself in the rearview mirror, I am appalled at what a terrible job I did with my makeup even though it looked fine while sitting at this mirror. Basically, I am saying this mirror lied to me by telling me I looked good. Need full white light at my mirror to know the ugly truth BEFORE I go face the world - LOL :-P
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on August 24, 2012
I would not recommend spending your money on this mirror. It appears in the photo that it's a circular mirror, even though they say oval. The oval one I received is very tall and the image is distorted. It is NOT distortion-free glass in any sense of the word, which is extremely disappointing for the price. Also, it is NOT a 10X mirror. Even the included directions list only a 5X mirror (although the box claims 10X). I have a lighted 5X and when holding them side-by-side, my old mirror wins by quite a considerable amount over this so-called 10X! And that is what I was trying to replace. Very disappointed. Because of the distortion, the 15X insert (and I now question it may only be 10X) is difficult to use. I had a Christmas gift card to finally purchase something special and have already thanked the giver again and expressed what a nice item I got with the gift card once I found and ordered it, so returning it now isn't as easy; not to mention because of the 15% restocking fee and loss of further funds via the shipping charges deducted (based on others' reviews of their refund deductions and the requirements to pay 100% shipping to return it). I would have to pay to send it back and not receive my entire gift card amount either. I'll be keeping it, but I'm not happy. And I'm definitely keeping my 5X mirror and using this one in a limited way, likely being disappointed every time I look into it. Next time I will be purchasing locally and looking for distortion-free glass, even though I will probably pay more.
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