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on April 10, 2015
I am satisfied with this product .the packaging is ratchet ,though . But anyway the price is nice and I am happy to own a light mirror!
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on December 17, 2015
I am adding my voice to the chorus who truly like this make up mirror. I don't think it is super-bright, though, unless I got less brighter bulbs. I don't know if you can make it brighter. I think they go mostly by daytime, natural light, office or evening lighting, but this has only one choice and I think it is an office setting. If I could choose, I would like it a little brighter, but overall I think it is a reliable make-up mirror that you are in lighting that most others will see you in (important when you are putting on eye make up, foundation etc.) The close-up side really isn't -- it's only 3x, which is a fairly small magnification. But I got a small round mirror with suckers on the back that is 10x for tweezing eye brows, and it works fine. I would recommend this. The price is fabulous. The packing was done professionally and well and it arrived quickly. I think this would make a great Christmas present for a your teen who might be starting out with make up. It's not too big on a vanity, and one can also choose other models in this brand for different light settings.
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on November 14, 2009
This make-up mirror is super-bright, you can see every tiny pore on your face, which is exactly what I wanted. I had tried other brands and returned them all to the stores for being too dim. I was not satisfied until I found this mirror. Delivery was very fast! Buy this mirror if you want to see what you REALLY look like...
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I bought this to replace my Jerdon I had had for several years that has the different light settings, a larger mirror with side panel mirrors as well, but didn't want to spend as much. This will do. It gets the job done I will admit. I wish the lighting wasn't so "natural" though. When I think of my makeup mirror, I'm not looking for romantic mood lighting for my den, I'm looking for something to light my face up good and bright. This light is very mood worthy and a bit yellow caste. I wanted something like bright daylight close to blue almost so the colors aren't distorted making you look tanner than you are. It doesn't screw with your makeup or anything but I do personally prefer a true blue/white light up mirror, such as my previous Jerdon had. The photo of it also gives the impression that it's a brighter whiter light than it really is. It is very nifty looking with the chrome behind the naked bulbs, which is fancy and cooler looking than the other Jerdon though. But because the bulbs are exposes, while chic, it gets pretty warm sitting in front of this thing. It could be a little sturdier maybe. But you get what you pay for and it's worth $15 I will say.
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on March 18, 2016
This very bright, great sized two sided mirror, is perfect to put on makeup, do a facial, tweeting etc...One side is regular other side is 3 x magnified. It has (4)10 watt bulbs included which get very hot fast which is why I didn't give 5 stars. It has a stand and It is a plug in which has a off-on switch attached to plug. I can see my pores and every pimple or discolorment. I will buy some bulbs that don't get so hot and I think it will be fine. Great price also! Highly recommended.
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on March 16, 2012
If you want a super bright lighted mirror, this is the one for you! Perhaps a bit too bright, I do wish Jerdon had put (even if optional) something over the bulbs to help diffuse them a bit. Even when trying to avoid looking directly into the bulbs you still have a hard time looking in the mirror itself and when you look away you get those red blurs on the sides of anything you look at for a while (even when you close your eyes they are there!) I think they were trying to design a smaller version of those studio makeup mirrors that have the bulbs all around it. The problem is that those you can use because everything is large and spaced out between where you can look into the mirror and the bulb itself. This you have to get too close to the mirror and the bulbs and it just doesn't work. I swear, I'm a bit nauseous after using this mirror and my eyes are all wonky now.

I didn't give it a lower rating because other than the bulbs it's a good quality mirror and a good size for me so I'm thinking of trying to find something to put over the bulbs (something that is fire resistant of course) to help diffuse them a bit. Otherwise this would have been a great mirror for those that needed something small due to a cramped space. But the bulbs just hurt your eyes too much.
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on December 19, 2012
This just goes to show you that it is not a good idea to buy items online without the ability to try them out first in person.

I returned this mirror to Amazon.

You can forget about any decent light output from the tiny 7 watt bulbs that come with the unit. You can install up to 10 watt bulbs, but even that won't help you very much.

These bulbs also give you a sickly yellow look, so you'll feel like getting checked for jaundice if you buy this thing.

The 3X side of the mirror significantly distorts your image because it is made from what is obviously the cheapest material they could find.

It is fun, however, to spin the mirror around on its little axis and the little wheel on/off switch is quite entertaining.

So, it does offer some good points, but just not as a makeup mirror.

I cannot recommend this mirror in any way unless you simply don't have the money to buy a decent one.

What can I say? $20 including shipping and tax. You get what you pay for.
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on February 22, 2014
I knew I wasn't buying the best out there, but the reviews were still pretty decent for this mirror and the cost was budget friendly. However, it was still below expectation for what I was hoping... As other reviews mentioned: the lights get hot, really hot, very fast (but they do cool quickly once you turn them off) but so long as you're not already sweltering or in a hot room, it's not too terrible. For me, the bummer was that the lights are not nearly as bright as I'd hoped they'd be and other reviewers had mentioned. They aren't the worst, but in a dim room, they don't have much umph. (they also put out a very warm, yellow light - not as white as the picture suggests - just fyi). My other major qualm is with the mirror itself, the magnified side is very distorted - not like a good quality mirror when you're not close enough... this is more fun-house style distorted.
Not terrible for the price but if you're okay with spending an extra 10-20 bucks, I'd go for something a little better.
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on June 14, 2016
This is a great little makeup mirror.. esp if you are wanting to cut cost of the conair or other name brands.. my only one complaint would be that it sits to low from your face.. you are almost leaning into the mirror to see really good on the closer mirror. Other wise this little gadget is top will say its better than what i was working with.
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on November 19, 2013
This lighted make-up mirror is replacing one that finally died after decades of use. The bulbs are only one color: slightly pink; and they get hot very quickly. While I would have preferred a duplicate of my old one, this one will do. Especially since they no longer make my old version. The 3X magnification is good, but I find that propping my small 15X mirror in front of the 3X mirror is even better.
I found the brace in the back to be useless. It is not long enough to hold the mirror in a semi-erect position. To use the back brace I would have to hover over the mirror instead of sitting in front of it. Solution: I stood the mirror upright and then tilted the mirror. Seems to work fine.
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