Customer Reviews: Jesse Stone: Thin Ice
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon March 1, 2009
Jesse and his State Homicide buddy Healey are shot at in Boston. Both are injured, Healey seriously. Jesse comes home to learn his ex-wife is moving in with her boyfriend; his employer, the Paradise Town Council is not pleased with his performance as police chief specifically with his failure to man the speed trap just outside of town, and a woman from New Mexico thinks her long-ago kidnapped son is alive and well in Paradise. Add an Internal Affairs investigation conducted by an angst-ridden and glamorous officer to the mix (Jesse managed to fire a couple of shots at the gunman) and this is a satisfying addition to the series.

Thin Ice describes more than the story. This is the first of the Jesse Stone movies not based on a Robert Parker novel, there are differences in characters (I particularly missed Molly) and there's an edgier feel to it. While there is still the wonderful repartee among the members of Paradise's tiny PD that is so characteristic of these stories, everyone seems uneasy and Jesse seems more self-destructive than in the past. Nevertheless, the intrepid Jesse manages to sidestep Internal Affairs to resolve the shooting, ferrets out the truth about the kidnapping, and as the movie ends, is on his way to Do The Right Thing. His future in Paradise is in question as well as his personal relationships, and I'm glad I read that there is another episode yet unreleased, so maybe the big issues will be resolved.
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on June 19, 2009
Tom Selleck's fifth installment as Robert Parker's alcoholic Police Chief, in "Jesse Stone: Thin Ice", lacks the ironic edginess and humor of the previous films (based, for the first time, on original material, not a Parker novel), and the presence of Viola Davis as the heart of the tiny Paradise Police Department is sorely missed, but Selleck is terrific, and the film will certainly please his fans!

As always, Stone is in hot water with the Paradise City Council; town revenue is down (as he had fired his department's biggest ticket-writer), and he refuses to hire a Council member's son-in-law to fill the vacancy; and while in Boston in a borrowed Paradise police car, Stone and his buddy, Captain Healy (Stephen McHattie), are shot, with Stone under an Internal Affairs investigation for firing back. More is on his plate, as well; a mother (Camryn Manheim) arrives in town, begging for his aid in finding her long-missing child, and his ex-wife informs him she plans to move in with her new boyfriend. Needless to say, Stone is finding solace in the bottle, and verbally sparring with his shrink (William Devane)...but he doggedly searches for answers, despite the threats and suspicion.

The series 'regulars' (Kathy Baker and Kohl Sudduth, as Stone's fellow Paradise cops, and William Sadler, as a Boston mobster) are wonderful, as is Leslie Hope, portraying an IA investigator attracted to him...and Joe the Dog (as his mutt, Reggie), shines, as always (the canine is a hell of an actor!). While the film has shortcomings, the performances are first-rate, and Selleck is so natural as Stone, you may forget he was once Thomas Magnum...while the ending may be the darkest of the series, I'm certainly looking forward to the next Stone movie!
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on June 5, 2009
I have followed Tom Selleck's career since he appeared on an aftershave commercial on TV many years ago. The commercial contained a distinctive theme song and, whenever it came on, my son would yell, "Up against the wall, everyone. That guy's coming on TV!" This, as I came trotting into the living room. In those years, Tom did not have a mustache and he was not nearly as good an actor as he is now but I prophesied really good things for him. As we aged together, he became better looking (if that was possible) and his acting talents improved commensurately.

Tom appears to be as man who stands firmly by his beliefs and selects the movies he makes accordingly; thus, very carefully. The Jesse Stone series is a good example of this. Although Jesse is a flawed man, he does not vary from his beliefs; he is not swayed by threats from the prissy little men on the Town Council and he is growing and developing as we watch. I must admit that I stood up and applauded during the last movie when he hung up on his ex-wife as soon as she started to snivel about losing her new job. Hurray for Jesse!

I will buy these movies as long as they are offered, although I do prefer the storylines developed and written by Robert Parker. But that's just a personal preference. Also, Molly is a vital part of this series and should never be excluded from the story. She and Jesse play off each other too well to not have her as a full-fledged member of the cast.
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on May 6, 2009
All of the JESSE STONE movies are more than worth the price of admission. Engrossing and penetrating, true to the books that spawned them, Tom Selleck excels in this role. He is one of the most underrated actors in the US. Please -- more JESSE STONE movies to follow!
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on May 2, 2009
I watched the fifth instalment of the Jesse Stone story. I will not say it is my favorite. Stone Cold is my favorite. But the fifth one, Thin Ice is well worth watching and owning. The charactor development is not as good as earlier ones, nor is the plot as itricate. I atribute that to Parkers book and not the acting or direction. The story is still credible. I own the whole series that has been released to date. I have even given some extra DVD copies away to friends to enjoy. I highly recommend this and all of the Jesse Stone films. I live not far away from there the fictional town of Paradise, Massachusetts is supposed to be located. Aside from the area being abit more populated that is portrayed in the movie, they capture the feel of the area 15 to 20 miles North of Boston. I hope there will be a number six so Jesse's charactor is redeemed from his drinking and vindicated in his work...Jesse Stone: Thin Ice
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on March 22, 2009
I haven't seen the film yet. And the review that pans it for cliche's ought to hang around a police dept. for a while, there are only a few non-abrasive answers a peace officer can give to adversarial remarks or stupid questions from reporters or gawkers.

Selleck's understated manner is, in my opinion, his interpretation of how an ex-L.A. cop kicked off the force for drinking, and now in his last chance job would play it. You do your job, don't show favoritism and adopt a manner that small town people will understand. L.A. Police work is probably a lot different than Paradise Cove police work so insert yourself, as the actor must do into the difference he has to deal with, his problem of drinking and the impermanence of any female relationship beyond that of his symbiotic connection with his ex-wife are problems Selleck has to portray and he does so very well, again with out a lot Pacino histrionics. My advice, Jesse just hang up the f-ing phone, and erase the messages without repeatedly listening to them.

All this Selleck and his writers and director draw us into. My vote, do the series as long as Tom Selleck is healthy and able wants to do it, it's great and he's the one that is the heart of it. His supporting cast couldn't be better, "Suitcase" is my favorite.
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on March 22, 2009
Mr. Selleck, as usual, turns in a great performance in Thin Ice. I love the Jesse Stone series but thought this one had a little less meat to the story. Not sure what was lacking but I thought the previous episodes were a little better than this one. However, compared to most tv movies/shows, this one was still a class act. Tom Selleck and his castmates are pleasures to watch. I agree with the other reviewer, though, who said he needs to just erase the messages. Seems to me the ex-wife just likes to maintain a bit of control over poor Jesse. She doesn't want him but she doesn't want him to be able to live without her. Can't have it both ways, lady!
Looking forward to being able to buy this dvd to add to our collection of Jesse Stone movies. I hope they go on for a long long time. Oh, and that dog: what a face!
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on June 1, 2009
My wife and kids look forward to a new installment of "Jesse Stone" as much as I do. The production, music, stories, and acting are way above your normal made for TV movie fare. The DVDs have been even better and I don't expect this one to let me down. I would like to see at least one a year, but the folks are right in not making it a weekly series. I'm afraid the quality would suffer....keep going like you are folks.
Great stuff!
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on June 26, 2009
The good news is--the 5th Jesse Stone is a great as the previous 4! I agree entirely with what others have said that this is a darker, edgier installment of Jesse Stone. This is the best character Tom Selleck has ever taken on in my view. He is equal parts complicated, tough, heroic, and self-destructive. The 5 Jesse Stone movies are just great action/cop/murder mystery movies for grownups. They move rather slow but do great character development; they don't have the typical loud-special effects action scenes, but instead have stories where 'justice' is hard to come by but real life is often that way so they're more believable. I can't wait for the next installment in this series.
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on January 13, 2016
The movie was o.k. I guess.It was boring to me.I fell to sleep during the first 30 minutes of it.Tom Selleck plays a cop.,,,,Who investigates a murder of a little boy.When at first he is stolen.Then he gets drowned on a ice skating ring...While his real Mother still continues to look for him after 7 years...The police finally figures out what happaned...To me it was boring....It took me a long time to get it.I like his westerns a lot better.....
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