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on April 22, 2013
I did not know what to expect when I first heard lady Sovereign, I had no preconceived notions, no idea really what I was going to hear. But, on a whim I purchased Public Warning, and after listening I was glad I did. the songs had great beats, catchy hooks and vocals that were both strong and unique, I don't mind her accent like some seem to. So with that said, I did have expectations going into this album that I didn't with the first. And for the larger part I was not disappointed, as many of the songs are more catchier than on her previous album (which is saying a lot) though at times she always seems to force the hook or she seems over-reliant on the hook that it takes away from the over all song. Her lyrics tend to be more vulnerable on this album. Where she was more in-your-face on the first album (such as on love me or hate me) here she seems quite content with wearing her heart on her sleeve. So Human and Guitar seems to be her strongest efforts on here. While Student Union Bar seems a bit aimless. But, overall I really was impressed with what I got, and the price was very nice too. It will be interesting to see where she will go from here. I look forward to her next album. But, in the meantime enjoy this one...
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on June 2, 2009
Lady Sovereign makes some awesome music! It is not exactly rap/hip-hop, as it has a much more up-beat tone, and change in sound. Instead of having a constant mundane beat that gets old after listening to it over and over, there is a lot of change in the tone. I think part of what I like about her music is the way she changes her voice's tone a lot, which adds to the music. All of this combined make for music that does not have the pattern of an over-used chorus. Most choruses are delightful, and catchy in Lady Sovereign's music.

The music is more jovial, and has a happier tune in comparison to most. The lyrics can be described as "cute" and "fun" instead of the normal and more serious type of lyrics that tend to revolve around romance, love, or a hard life found in most music. The accent also gives the music a different feel, and makes it stand out against the rest of my collection as a unique sounding masterpiece. Definitely a pleasure to listen to!
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on November 20, 2012
On this album Lady Sovereign shows she has nothing to prove as the beats and the rhymes are toned down to reach an audience like me, people who don't care about music videos.

I loved Public Warning, because it was a very funny album, but this album showed signs of Sov maturing and gettting away fron Def Jam's image.

So Human and Pennies will always be my favorite songs but I still love and listen to the whole album.
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on November 27, 2010
A solid outing for a great quick lipped rapper girl from the UK, personal fav is i got you dancing its catchy and has some lyrical precision from this spunky little british female rapper also So human and the album title song are great as well!!
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on December 9, 2014
Was super quick delivery.great quality.greatest album.thanks
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on July 31, 2009
I realy enjoyed the first CD by Lady S. just had to get the second, and it is as great as the first. I would and will continue to support her.
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Format: Audio CD|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The sophomore album from English rapper Louise Amanda Harman a.k.a. Lady Sovereign. Lady Sovereign is a grime artist (urban music from East London combining UK garage, dance hall and hip hop) who has pushed to show that she's a legit music artist and an example of an artist where hard work, persistence and using the Internet in getting one's name out.

Known for her furious delivery with her rap lyrics and typically sporting a masculine clothing and her share of controversies, Lady Sovereign is free from corporate label wrangling by leaving Island and now doing music her way and her own style by her calling the shots through Midget Records (part of EMI).

Since the release of her 2006 album "Public Warning", the next two years would feature the artist going through a variety of challenges in her personal life but also her enjoying electronic music and that newfound passion shows in her latest album "JIGSAW". An album that features tracks written by her but also multiple collaborations with several artists and producers.

The first track "Lets Be Mates" features a pretty cool monosynth-pop track about wanting to hook up. Overall, an alright opening track but its when you get to the second track that features an interpolation of "Close to Me" originally performed by The Cure that things pickup. Overall, a pretty awesome track featuring a cool, hip hop track that utilizes Robert Smith's track quite well. An addicting track overall!

The third track "Jigsaw" features a song about missing an old love and being pissed that things are not the same as before. The track is produced by Dr. Luke and overall, a deep track with cool rhymes and cool music and great use of violin throughout the track.

The fourth track "BANG BANG" features a bass-driven, almost late 80's hip hop nostalgic style of track.

The fifth track features the only single from the album titled "I got you dancing..." featuring an upbeat, dance track. Overall, a slick dance track with addictive beats.

The sixth track "Pennies" is a synth pop track and perhaps this is Lady Sovereign's middle finger going up to her former record company. About how money was made from her, as Sov ask's "How many pennies have you gotten from me...".

The seventh track "Guitar" features cool grooves, cool beats with an underlying violin playing in the background. Overall, a deep song about getting used to the fame.

The eight track "Student Union" utilizes early 80's synth-style music and a song possibly about the people she couldn't stand at the school and being a high school dropout.

The ninth track "Food Play" is an all out sexual and sensual track. A slow-tempo track that was OK but just didn't dig the high vocoder vocals used during the song.

The final track features Lady Sovereign writing about the fame and people adding her on Facebook and addressing those who want her for rhymes and those who are Cling-ons. Another synth, experimental musical track.

The CD insert booklet features the lyrics to the tracks on the album.


Lady Sovereign's latest album "JIGSAW" is definitely an album that showcases the 23-year-old's delivery of rhymes. In fact, this time around, things are much more brighter in terms of the music compared to the dark, angsty lyrics and music from her last album.

Some tracks such as "Bang Bang", "Jigsaw" and "Guitar" are enjoyable tracks and "So Human" is quite addicting to listen to, even if it uses The Cure's "Close To Me" as its musical backdrop. But the album "JIGSAW" is a mix bag. "Student Union", "Food Play" and "I Got the Goods" were OK tracks but doesn't end the album on a sensational note especially since the album starts off with some awesome, upbeat, well-crafted tracks.

But in the end, I think that Sov's independence and having her own freedom on her own imprint label gives her more creative freedom and I'd love to see more collaborative work and really come up with some crazy, creative music but keeping up her furious delivery of competent lyrics as she continually has demonstrated.

Overall, "JIGSAW" is a pretty cool, upbeat album that definitely is more on the creative experimental side as you get a good balance of electro, synth pop, hip hop and old school grooves and beats. You'll definitely find a good number awesome tracks on this album worth checking out!
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VINE VOICEon June 7, 2009
Format: Audio CD|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
"It's okay" doesn't quite do it justice for me; "I like it" is a little strong. What I'd really like here is a 3 1/2 star option: some of it, okay. Some of it, I like. The entirety, a bit of an uneven package that in some parts I find very appealing and in some parts pleasant background--which is not what I'd hope for in Lady Sovereign. Even though rap & dance rap are not genres I have a lot of, 2006's "Love Me or Hate Me" was so unavoidably catchy that it shot to the top of my list of "current favorites" the first time I heard it. Its appeal hasn't diminished with time.

Sadly, there's nothing on this album that caught my like that, though there were a few pieces that had much stronger impact than others. This is a view that many of Amazon's other reviewers seem to share, though interestingly the songs they tag as stronger vary. This suggests to me that perhaps Lady Sovereign hasn't quite targeted an audience here, as a result of which she has a breadth of material assembled that will divide listeners. You'll probably like some; you probably won't like others. No matter which ones are which, you're unlikely to be satisfied with the collection as a whole.

To me, Lady Sovereign seems to be at her best when exercising her quirky, self-confident worldview *and* her quirky, self-confident voice. Some of these songs don't showcase either, with canned dance rhythms that seem far too conventional to set off her best features and lyrics that likewise dip into tepid waters.

Since I can't pick 3 1/2 and since I am seldom inclined to listen to an album end to end, but rather make mixes of my own of material I enjoy, those songs that do please me are enough to make this a keeper in my book. I like it. I do. Just not, really, that much.

I hope that next album, she picks a dominant style. Naturally, I have my preference for which dominant style that will be, but these reviews tell me that no matter which one it is, she's doomed to disappoint part of her audience.
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on June 5, 2009
Format: Audio CD|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Originally I'd ordered this CD because my 15 year old daughter (hiya Ciara!) is a big fan of Lady Sovereign. To see what her excitement was all about, I played "Jigsaw" & found, for the most part, that I could see why she likes her as much as she does. First off, I'm all about giving "props" to women hip-hop's always been such a male-dominated genre that it's refreshing to see newer, younger talent following down the pathways paved by Mary J. Blige, Salt N' Pepa, etc. Second, "Jigsaw" (for the most part) seems to be an ecclectic mixing of both hip-hop and much so that one minute I'm shaking my boo-tay, the next - I'm looking for my glowsticks. All the while, Lady S. is singing away with her Cockney accent firmly in place (hence the "Pygmalion"!).

"Jigsaw" doesn't offer listeners anything new in the way of riffs or raps...just offers the same-old in a different presentation. If half stars were available for reviews, "Jigsaw" would've earned a solid 3 1/2 stars. A decent CD with danceable tunes - nothing that stands out too solidly, but it sure is fun to bounce along to in the car.
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VINE VOICEon August 19, 2009
Format: Audio CD|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Looking at a photo of Lady Sovereign and listening her music is like mixing oil and water: don't do it.

While she looks like a doll-faced poppet, another reviewer rightfully dubbed her as the Female Eminem of the UK...I can totally see/hear that, especially in 'Guitar'.

For me, each of the songs on this album varied in musical vibe, but I often faded on that and found myself simply listening to the hypnotic flat droning sound of Lady Sov's voice. I'm not calling it bad at all, but it did kind of suck my attention in more than the sound of the music.

Listening to 'So Human' I became convinced I'd heard this on a recent movie soundtrack, but my internet search yielded nothing. I suppose that track is destined for soundtrack fate's quite catchy both lyrically and musically.

Overall, I enjoyed the sound of this album. It's certainly has an edge to it that the pop-rap scene here in the States fails to capture. Yet at the same time it makes me wonder what a collaboration between Usher and Eminem would sound like...hmmm.
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