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by Jonas Strehle

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Card2Throw is a virtual card game for 1-6 players and ideal for a relaxed afternoon of play for the whole family.

--- How does the game work? ---
All players need a mobile phone or tablet to join a game on
As soon as Alexa is asked to start a game, she will tell you a 6-digit connection code that every player can use to connect.

-- What are the rules? ---
Each player starts with the same amount of cards. Every player can see their own deck of cards as well as the deck that is the same for all players.

For each player there is exactly one corresponding symbol on the two cards. As soon as a player finds the matching symbol, he has to put his own card on the public deck and tell Alexa the matching symbol.

If the player named the wrong symbol or no symbol at all, the card automatically goes back on his own deck of cards and all players can place their cards again. Otherwise, the card remains visible on top of the pile. The goal of Card2Throw is to get rid of all your own playing cards as quickly as possible.

No matter which two cards are compared, one symbol always matches exactly. Who can find it first?

-- How are further game modes unlocked? ---
In the free game variant, a game mode is activated by default. Further cool game modes (e.g. 'Hardcore', 'Food', 'Endless') can be activated via Alexa. In the shop on you can see more details about the available products and also buy them.

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