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Joy of Cooking
Format: Hardcover|Change
Price:$22.74+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on December 3, 2015
This book, though not practical in today's instant gratification world, is necessary to teach those of us our grandmother's knowledge that is dying out with our grandmother's and mothers. Who knows how to test an oven temperature? An oven that isn't modern, has no thermometer or setting dial? Who knows the proper procedure for canning? The supplies you might need? Think you'll never need that information? When Irma Rombauer wrote this cookbook she didn't think she had a need for the knowledge being a wealthy woman with kitchen help. Then an economic collapse. Then her husband committed suicide. She was 54. Good thing she did have this knowledge and decided to pass it on. This cookbook does more than teach recipes. It teaches etiquette and dinner party directions? Do you know which fork goes where? What is the difference in dinner settings for formal and informal eating? Wedding cakes? The information in this cookbook is invaluable. Every mother, daughter, daughter in law, etc. Should have this on their shelf. I am so glad I found a 1964 edition as the 1972 edition was revised and doesn't have all the information I wanted. I don't cook in a microwave and I don't want my Joy of Cooking to reflect microwave cooking. I found and purchased a 1942 edition as wel, which includes wartime ration recipes. Get yourself a copy, if for no other reason, to learn.
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This is the cookbook I learned to cook with. If you want a place to start this is it. It is also a place to refer back to time and time again. The French and Western oriented dishes are spot on. Great for learning techniques and exploring different ingredients. The dishes drawn from foreign cultures are not very authentic and if you become proficient in the kitchen it is best to seek other sources. If you are not looking for authenticity and want a western version of foreign style dishes the dishes contained here are still very good. This should be one of the first books any cook should own.
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on February 14, 2015
My grandmother (I'm a Great-grandmother now) was the chief pastry chef and cook at the Statler Hotel in Boston when I was a little girl. She was purely self-taught and learned from no other book than this classic, The Joy of Cooking. When I got married, since she was going to purchase one for me, but died suddenly a few months before my wedding, I purchased it myself and wrote a note to her inside of it. I still have my book after 47 years and it is not in need of replacement, but I purchased this for one of my granddaughters who wants to learn the finer side of cooking from a book that not only has recipes, but teaches the reader all about what she/he is doing and why she/he is doing it. There is no finer cookbook on the market, and none can compare to the instruction that comes with the recipes, and with each chapter. If you are interested in learning about the art and science of cooking and baking, this is the book for you. It may not have pages and pages of fancy, glossy photos of what you're going to make, but it's worth more than all those photos. In this case, a hundred words are worth all those photos combined. It's a great gift for anyone, a bride, an older homemaker, any man who, like my son, loves to cook for my daughter-in-law, or a Grandma. It's a classic.
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on December 19, 2015
Still the best overall cook book- I suggest getting two editions- the 1952 one which still contains the details of how things were prepared back then along with how to make drinks for your guests from your own home bar- then the major overhaul edition with the same attention to detail but new recipes and a shift in focus- such as the 1997 version or after. Both very useful. A great overview- if you like a specific cuisine you can always get a cookbook about that specific type of food later. You'll get a lot of use out of these if you get the original version and the revamped version that came decades later. The early versions of the text still included how to prepare and cook various game animals which I don't recall as being in the newer versions with the same detail for example- nor does the newer editions tell you how to easily make the most popular drinks from times past or now. This book has gone through several printings but the 1952 and 1997 versions are the two I've gotten a lot of use from. Hope this helps.
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on February 12, 2018
This 2006 edition updates the 1975 edition we bought in 1983 to reflect recent trends. It remains an icon of American cooking. I would rate it five stars except for the typography -- research has shown that the sans-serif fonts used throughout are significantly more difficult to read than fonts with serifs (Times Roman, for example). Close examination reveals that the font in the 2006 edition is an even more extreme sans-serif, starker and more horizontally compressed than the 1975 font. Although it seems the same (smallish) height, legibility is further reduced by its being lighter than formerly. As my eyesight has not improved in the 34 years from 1983 to 2017, this is a disappointment.
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on July 28, 2017
I bought this as a gift for a teenager who is learning to cook. He has had it for week and is fascinated with all he is learning about food and cooking basics. Within 24 hours of getting the book, he sent back a thank you gift of delicious vanilla ice cream for one of the recipes. I have given earlier editions to each of my kids, and they are still in regular use.
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on January 3, 2016
The bible for everyone in our family as they enter college. While my Mother in law would give these to her grand children as they reached the age of college, I was blessed enough to be given the charge to pick this one up and run with it. My nephew received his this year and our niece will be receiving hers next year. We still have one younger nephew to go then we'll have a rest before the next generation enters the World and grows up. A great foundation for anyone, beginner to seasoned.
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on July 18, 2014
This book taught me how to cook. Don't expect glossy pictures, you can get those on the internet. Instead, this book TEACHES you to cook. Read the prolongs to types of dishes, cuts of meats, what makes flaky pie crusts, etc. There are no list of ingredients followed by vague 1.2.3. Steps. I like that, because you are not blindly cooking. The recipes are written in the order and manner of cooking the dish. Read ahead of time (ingredients are easily marked), then you cook, knowing why you are doing what you are doing. This way, you learn and can cook on the fly, without a recipe because you learned the basics. For example, you learn that if you put peaches in bowling water for 2 minutes, the skin just falls off, not peeling necessary. You must pat chicken dry with a paper towel before frying it for a crisp outside and juicy inside. The examples are endless. I have never followed a recipe and had it turn out badly. An absolute staple for any home cook.
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on February 14, 2018
If you learned to cook out of the old version of Joy of Cooking, this is the one to have. The hardcover edition tends to have the binding fail fairly quickly with use, and the paperback edition is to flimsy for use as a go to cookbook. This is the last edition put out by the mother daughter team that created the original Joy of Cooking, the new one is heavily revised by the daughter's son, has very little in common with the old version, and in my opinion is greatly inferior to the older version.
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on November 7, 2015
Best cook book for general information about everything. The "Know your ingredients" section is excellent. The diagrams of the cuts of meat on a side of beef, lamb or pork I have used many times to butcher same. You can extrapolate to side of venison if the occasion arises. I love this cook book. I have given it many times as a gift to an aspiring cook or a newly married couple with little cooking experience. I have been cooking since I was 3 years old, and I till use this as a reference.
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