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on October 9, 2013
Not as bright as others I had/ have, but a this price (currently under $10 for 10 bulbs)you can't beat this value. The best ones I have are from LEDMOD_DOT_COM and were $5 for a pair. The LEDS I bought here from JTECHnow are only maybe 10% dimmer than the super bright ones I own. Most buyers will not notice this and if you use them in pairs, should not have any issues. Some quailty issues were noticed, but they did not keep the LED bulbs from working. I will be buying more of these from Amazon and this seller over the other brighter ones I have.

WHAT I GOT: (See my image for reference)
The bulbs come in an easy to open display packaging. Mine were neatly organized and had a small foam layer behind them that kept them from rattling. The entire package was then placed in an padded envelope. Not the best packaging for shipping but it arrived safely.

QUALITY INSPECTION: (See my image for reference)
The LED's looked very nice. All were clean and free of residue from solder or other films from the manufacturing process. I did notice on two of the LED assembly's that they were made at an odd angle. This might affect use if the tolerance is tight for your application, but not for me. (See my image for reference.)I could not notice any cold solder joints and all solder looked shiny and clean with good contact. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give the solder job on these a solid 8. I tried a light twist test to see if the circuits would easily break off the plastic base, but they seemed well enough secure. Your not going to have any twisting forces when inserting or removing these bulbs.

TESTING: (See my image for reference)
My testing was semi scientific as I used a DC power supply with 3VDC, 4.4VDC,6VDC, 7.5VDC,9VDC and 12VDC. Each were tested at 7.5VDC, 9VDC and 12VDC. (I could not get them to light on any voltage lower then the 7.5VDC setting of my supply.) I did this to verify that each worked, and to verify if they are polarity sensitive (they ARE) and to note which side is the positive and negative for later use. At 7.5VDC the LEDS lit up. You could see each individual segment clearly.(each LED assembly has 3 light emmitting segments) At 9VDC you can not look at them without hurting your eyes. The LEDS were bright and full. 12VDC was full brightness and blinding after just glancing at them quickly. Within seconds I felt like I was looking into a camera flash. Unfortunately this was hard to photograph, because the varying output would affect my camera's focus and apeture. The higher the voltage, the darker the background seemed. I did manage to get a few decent pictures for reference. All the bulbs were left running for about 5 minutes before removing from my test jig. All bulbs appeared to have the same color (PURE WHITE) and all were the same intensity, to my naked (and somewhat blinded) eye.

PRACTICAL USE: (See my image for reference)
I bought these to use in my restored 1995 Celica. I had replaced the head lights with JDM ones from Japan. The stock 194 bulbs would illuminate the "City Lights" (small white marker lights within the headlights themselves) with a dim, yellow hue. The LED's fit right in the OEM socket, as snug as the original bulbs did and were a nice BRIGHT WHITE. I regret I did not take a picture with one 194 bulb and one LED bulb for a 'side by side' comparison, but I did get a decent shot of the white light within' the headlight.

*Very bright white color
*Uniform color & brightness from one LED to the next
*EXCEPTOINAL value at less than $1 each. (including shipping!)
*High quality construction & materials (rival or equals the more expesive LED's I have)
*OEM fit into bulb socket (at least on Toyota Celica's!)
*Easy open package that cam be reused to store unused LED bulbs

*Some assembly issues/ quality control
*Packaging material a bit weak in my opinion. (Shipped in a padded envelope)
*Can't find out what warranty is (90 day? 6 months? 1 year?)

CLOSING: I hope to update this review wth a longevity report and if I have any issues. As of right now (10-9-13) I and extremely satisfied with this purchace and the seller "JTECHnow", but I reserve the right to change that if they turn out to be duds!
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on October 3, 2013
So these arrived sooner than expected as the order was filled promptly. Now the product.. Let me first say if you are putting these bulbs in a small housing like I did (License Plate Bulb replacement) you need to be aware that the LED portion or "bulb" portion if you will is approx 10-15% larger than the incandescent counter part (actual bulb)it replaced. This created a small issue and required me to be more forceful than I would like with a product of its fragility. Since the package comes with 10 and I only needed 2 I forced the light in the housing with success. Don't get me wrong, I did not have to get medieval with the bulbs but anyone that has replaced a light bulb knows you don't force a bulb into a lens housing. The issue was the space available in the lens housing itself not the hole that it goes into. The truck I have is a 2011 Sierra by the way for reference. The bulbs fit perfectly into the socket. Very easy. It is obvious the bulbs were made to fit the socket specs. For those reviews that mention failure.. or dead on arrival.. and won't work and they are new, What's Up?? These bulbs are polarized meaning it makes a difference which way you put them in. Its a 50/50 chance your first time and to be honest I did not look to see if the bulbs have marked polarity with Positive and Negative. They fit the same in the socket either way and they are not keyed. My results... One worked and the other did not. I took the one that did not work, flipped it around where the front was now facing the back and viola it came on.

Now for the brightness. The bulbs certainly light up the License Plate Area but I would not say they are (G - Rated version) Holy Cow bright. More like.. huh.. That looks nice. More light than the incandescent but not bright enough to draw your attention to them and comment .. Those are bright. Now I realize we are talking License plate bulbs here not ballpark spot lights... I get it. But when I read on the packaging "Do not look directly at the light" and "May cause heat" I am beginning to wonder if I need to put on some sun tan lotion before installation. I am here to tell you, you won't need sunscreen. The overall look is nice and gives an updated look to the truck as my other car has led's from the factory. I just expected a bit more light. I would recommend. I hope this helps..
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on April 7, 2014
I have gone through the entire 10 pack replacing them 2 at a time to illuminate my licence plate. They work great for about a month and then they start losing 1 of the 5 LED's at a time. This causes this horrible flashing that draws attention to your car. I shot a quick really crappy video that shows what I'm talking about. Just search youtube for " Jtech 10x 194 168 2825 T10 5-SMD White LED Car Lights Bulb 10XT10SMD5050W " and you'll find it. Don't waste your time or money on these. They won't last.
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on October 10, 2017
I bought these 2 years ago and at the beginning, they looked and worked great, these last couple of months I have found myself replacing almost all of these bulbs that I have installed. I replaced my original halogens bulbs for these expecting longer life but that wasn't the case. They start failing by the individual LEDs on the bulbs either begin flickering or they just get burnt out. It's a pain having to go back and remove dash panels, gauges, control panels to get to these again I order to replace them! Another negative thing is that these are directional so you have to test them out to see if you installed them the right way first before assembling things back together or else you'll find out that they won't turn on. I used them in the license plate bulbs, gauge cluster, reading lamps, dome lights, and basically, anywhere they would fit and I noticed it doesn't really matter how much they have been used. Overall, I would only recommend these if you have easy access to replacing these when the burn out, but i would not install them in a hard to get to places such as dash or guages.
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on November 26, 2015
These are very bright and affordable, but three of the ten I ordered have failed. In particular, the two I used in the front parking lights for my 2012 Prius went out within 100 days. One lost 4 of the 5 LEDs on it, the other have three of five LEDs fail.

The bulbs used on the interior of the car (like in the dome and vanity lights) did better but two still lost at least one of the five LEDs.

I was happy I saved so much when I got these instead of more expensive versions like VLED and others. These are bright and not too much of a blue hue (probably about 5500 kelvin eyeballing it). But the failure rate is too high and pretty soon after install. Much worse for exterior light placement where they see temperature variation (not sure if the heat or occasional frost got to them) though not much in my area (as low as 30 degrees a few nights in a year, rarely over 95 degrees in the summer).

Love the look and price but I can't recommend them given the failure rate.
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on February 20, 2016
At first I was happy with these, then they started to fail. Sure enough, one by one, they started to flicker. Upon inspection, I'm finding arcing and burn marks on the contacts of the lights AND my car. Once the flickering starts, it doesn't stop. And only a few of the lights are lighting up.

So far, 4 of the 10 have done this in less than 6 months. I'm not going to use any more for fear of damage to my vehicle. I guess the only saving grace is that they were so cheap, I'm not out a lot of money.. As long as no permanent damage was done to my car of course...

I'll be buying better quality ones
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on April 29, 2016
Installed in my vehicle and these lights flicker REALLY bad!!! I waited to write a review because I read that over time these begin to flicker/die out rather quickly... and sure enough! Only 3 of the 10 do not flicker 6 months after installation. 3 of the others do not even light up (regardless of which direction the lights are entered into the housing)! I am rather disappointed but I guess you get what you pay for, right! I have tried manipulating the wires to ensure better contact--to no avail. The problem is within the lights themselves.

Going to spend more money this time, especially since they are within my dash cluster where it is a royal PITA to replace.
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on January 19, 2016
To be honest, this purchase made extremely skeptical of the legitimacy of reviews on here. With all the great reviews I figured these would be nice and bright and they're not. You can probably find brighter LED's at your local swap meet. They're also not a pure white either...they're slightly yellow which I can't stand in an LED.

Save your money and buy your LED's from one of the reputable online LED websites. If you don't know which ones those are, search through car forums (preferably Audi car forums since Audi's are known for using the highest quality LEDS from the factory and the owners will only buy the highest quality LED's to match the factory LED's).

With thy said, these might be okay for you if your car doesn't come standard with other LED's and you want to as a "rice" look to the car.
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on March 3, 2017
They appear to be several times brighter than my existing 25-40 lumen stock bulbs, so the seller's claim (in the product questions) that they produce 110 lumens is plausible (possibly less, but not by a lot). They work well for replacing various small white T10 bulbs, and the price point is awesome. I used them to replace side marker, license plate, and trunk lights. So far I've used 5 them for 2 weeks, and no issues yet.

Some words of caution for the less electronically savvy:
The leads on these are much more easily bent than those on a typical glass T10 bulb. If you are having connection issues, make sure that the wires are still seated as they are in the product pictures. I had to adjust leads a couple of times, and it wasn't a big deal.
These bulbs are polarized. Make sure they are oriented correctly *before* fully reinstalling the light assembly.
I would strongly recommend against using these behind a red light cover because they will be extremely dim. This is an issue with white LED's in general. In the red portion of the visible spectrum, they simply produce way less light than a similarly bright halogen/incandescent.
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on April 7, 2017
These were a great idea, they worked great for a couple months. I had some installed in license plate lights and front running lights, they all started flickering. As I'm writing this review I checked the page and it said it isn't recommended in those places. I'm fairly certain when I bought them the description didn't say that.

The interior bulbs seem to be working fine however.

I just need to find an outdoor bulb that is worth it.
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