Customer Reviews: The Juice Lady's Turbo Diet: Lose Ten Pounds in Ten Days—the Healthy Way!
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on February 2, 2012
While I enjoyed reading this book, it was put together very poorly.

To start, the title is slightly misleading. "Lose ten pounds in ten days". Her meal plan is for 7 days, not 10. (14 if you do both or repeat). Not a big deal, but it should reflect her actual meal plan.

Next, right before her meal plan, she tells you that for at least the first 3 weeks, omit all starchy vegetables such as yams, corn and peas. Then, in her meal plan, she includes yams, corn and peas. Why tell us to omit these things then include them in your meal plan?

She includes a detailed day by day meal plan for the first week. What she doesn't include is a shopping list to go with it. (Jillian Michael's "Master Your Metabolism" provides an awesome shopping plan, which I greatly appreciated).

I had to do this manually and it took forever. I'll paste a partial shopping list below, which amounted to high numbers in certain items, like buying 54 carrots for the first week. That's a lot of carrots...

She tells you that you should juice fast for one day each week. If we're juice fasting for one day each week while following the meal plan, why does she make the meal plan 7 days? It should either be 6 day meal plan + one juice fasting day, or her 7 day meal plan + the juice fast. Either way, I decided to follow the meal plan for the full 7 days, do the juice fast, then repeat the raw foods meal plan, and then juice fast on the 16th day again.

Her meal plan (in my opinion) isn't that great. She includes a lot of obscure items and oversized recipes. For example, she wants me to make 30 some "veggie crackers" according to her recipe. Then, for the meal plan, I'm only supposed to eat one Or, buying a bottle of organic soy sauce so I can use it once in the 7 days. A lot of "1/2" items are included in the shopping list as well, which doesn't make sense, as you don't buy 1/2 of fruit/vegetable items. She should have incorporated full items into the meal plan so that if one day is 1/2 of an item, another day is the other half. Since I'm following the meal plan to a T, 1/2 of a bunch of items I buy will be thrown out because they're not included in the meal plan.

Overall I'm a bit disappointed. Good information but not presented well. She shouldn't have tried so hard to include all these different recipes that are often times hard to make or take a long time (like soaking sprouts for a day). Should've just kept things simple so people could follow easy, and included a basic shopping list so it's easier to start.

Here's part of the shopping list I made based on the 7 day meal plan with raw foods and 1 day of juicing:

UPDATE: I went shopping for the first week today. The cart was filled past the brim and the total cost came out to almost $300 (for the first week, yes). This also excluded a lot of ingredients in her meal plan. I didn't get any corn, peas, yams, the eggplant and half as many tomatoes as she calls for. Also skipped all the seeds like flaxseed and what have you. If you don't go organic this cost would be a lot less, but to me the different is too great not to eat organic now.


14 Cucumbers
1/2 English Cucumber



6 Limes

12 inches of gingerroot

4 Green Apples
3 Granny Smith
1 Regular Apple

8 Avocados

1 Salad's worth + 1 cup + 1 handful

5+ Cups worth at least

1/2 cup sun dried tomatoes

1 daikon radish
1/2 pound of daikon radish
10 Radishes

1 yellow onion
3 medium onion
7 green onions
3 white onions
1 red onion

16 stalks of celery

1 3/4 pounds of broccoli

8 fresh garlic gloves

2 Cups cilantro

4 red bell pepper
ground black pepper
1 yellow bell pepper
2 jalapeno pepper

1 large pink grapefruit

11 large lettuce leaves (romaine?)
4 salad's worth of greens.

4 cup almond milk

2 cup chopped parsley
4 handfuls parsley

5 zuchinni
2 yellow summer squash zucchini
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on November 2, 2010
The Juice Lady's Turbo Diet(which we could only find on Amazon, after much searching) has provided us with so much information, and we are pleased to have implemented many of the suggested recipes into our diet. Between my husband and myself, we have lost 36 lbs in the past month. Before starting this diet we purchased a juicer and prepared ourselves for the change in our diet and routine. With the proper planning and knowing that we were going to be very focused on this recommended Juice Lady's Turbo Diet as first seen in Womens Magazine Sept/10, we are so happy with the result. We had concerns, wondering if we could go each day with only juice and raw veggies and hummus until supper time, but we enjoy this diet, with no hunger issues or concerns. We both feel fantastic and look so much healthier. Our fitness routines have always been part of our lives, but this weight loss and feeling of being so healthy and full of renewed energy gives us such confidence when moving forward and incorporating this diet into our lifestyle. Knowing that we feel so much healthier on the turbo diet is such a huge gift, after years of trying to find the means to be able to lose weight, and eat healthy at the same time as feeling so fantastic.
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on June 25, 2010
I got this book about three weeks ago, right after it came out. At the time I was considering doing one of my semi-annual juice fasts, but kind of wary because, while that used to take off a good 6 pounds or so every time, the last couple of times I did it I didn't lose anything. Depressing! The book I use for my regular juice fasting is Dr. Paavo Airola's book "How to Keep Slim, Healthy and Young with Juice Fasting" which is out of print, but you can get them used online. So after skimming through the Juice Lady's book I thought it would make a good transition diet for after the juice fast. Sure enough, after a week on the juice fast I had lost 8 pounds. Then I transitioned into Cherie's diet. That way, instead of feeling like I was giving up all the foods I loved, I felt like "Oh goody! I get to eat a real apple!" =] I have tried several of her juice recipes and they were yummy. However soaked buckwheat groats...well it ended up in the trash. Won't be doing that one again! After one week transitioning, I have not gained back a single pound (which really means I've lost some, because after a week of juice fasting there is nothing in your intestines and when you start eating again it fills up again, of course.) I am not craving sugar, salt or anything but fruits and vegetables (living foods). I went to the grocery store yesterday, looked at all that nasty processed food and couldn't make myself buy it. Did spend a lot of time in the produce department, though. =] I am not following her diet strictly, so don't know about the losing 10 pounds thing, but I am liking what I am doing right now, and will continue juicing at least once a day. I am juicing fruit, which she does not do if you are strictly on the diet.
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on January 27, 2011
I hate dieting/ nutrition books with too much fluff. I love good instructions, meal plans, and recipes. This book has it. Of course, there are several chapters of all the positive reinforcement and general info, but it's written well, and chapters with actual plans are easily found.
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on June 29, 2011
I learned about green smoothies and juicing from Dr. Oz. I took his basic green smoothie recipe and juiced it. (It seems that green smoothies are not for me because of their texture, not their taste.) That is what got me interested in juicing. Out of the three juicing books I purchased, this one was by far the best. It has good recipes. Actually focuses on juicing, which I was most interested in. One of the other books I purchased focused on colon cleansing....I'm not in to that! Juicing was what I was after and I highly recommend this book.
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on August 2, 2011
Got this book in hopes of restoring my health and loosing impossible weight. Steroids have taken their toll, and I can not get the pounds off. The first 7 days I lost 10 lbs, and faster than the book promises. I am into this for only a month and following the juicing directions and have lost 8 inches in my waist. My body is still detoxing and I am beginning a new life! This book is so easy to read, understand and apply to your life. Cherie's really got it figured out! I learned about how the toxins work on your cells and how even if you don't eat, you can still gain fat cells! Get this book if you want to try the easiest way ever to get healthy and restore your youth! I am buying up all The Juice Lady's books! I have turned everyone I know, on to the great process of getting healthy.
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on July 28, 2011
For the first time in five years, I was able to lose some weight. Not 10 lbs in 10 days. However, I was happy with 6 lbs in 10 days. I am able now to think more positively about losing weight instead of constantly feeling stuck. The book is informative, easy to follow and has great juicing recipes. The book itself is a lovely colorful format.
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on September 8, 2011
Let me begin by saying that the book is beautiful. The information within it is good, too, but I found it a bit difficult to extract. I bought the book because the title indicates that the contents center on a specific 10-day eating plan. Though the plan is contained in the book, it is a tiny couple of pages hidden within a much larger context: the why's of juicing, the health benefits of juicing, the ins and outs of juicing. Although this isn't bad per se, it isn't what I was looking for; I was looking for the specifics of a diet. That being said, the diet works - I lost 10 pounds in 12 days.
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on January 21, 2011
I was given Cherie's other book on juicing for Christmas and tried out several recipes. I never liked V8, so I immediately thought I wouldn't like juicing. I love the veggie drinks! Already losing weight and feeling better. Now I'm shooting for 10lbs in 10 days!
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on June 29, 2011
I can't believe that such an excelent author with a book that has so much to offer would overlook the "minor" detail, which is formatting of the tables with key information in this book. I would like to go grocery shopping with those tables but I simply can't read them in my kindle. The print is tiny and there is no way to zoom in to those tables, I feel cheated, Fixing this problem would be so simple if I could just get an email with those tables so that I could print them out and have them handy.
Frankly, I can't believe formatting issues are not addressed before offering books in kindle. I wish I had bought the printed version but I didn't want to wait for it to come by mail.
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