JumpSport: Safety that lasts a lifetime!

We are dedicated to offering the safest, highest quality trampolines available at every budget. From personal Fitness Trampolines to the revolutionary safety innovations on AlleyOOP Sports backyard trampolines—superior materials and engineering designs make us bounce above the rest. 

"Protecting kids while still letting them have a great time is what JumpSport and AlleyOOP Sports are all about. That's why we're so thrilled to offer our trampoline safety systems to families everywhere. You can’t buy a safer play structure for your backyard and no other activity can match the health and fitness benefits of jumping."  ~Mark Publicover, Product Safety Inventor & CEO, JumpSport, Inc.

The Wurf Board is a new addition to our JumpSport family of healthy lifestyle products. It is an air-spring platform, for standing desks users, that promotes movement throughout your work day.

Move More – Feel Better – Think Clearer ™