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on February 7, 2017
 Great inexpensive drum set. I bought it for my 3 year old son for Christmas 2k16. Have to admit I play it more than he does at the moment. Attached a video to share how it sounds. I'm no professional just know a thing or two.
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on June 21, 2015
This set of drums far exceeded my and my husband's expectations. Great quality, easy to put together and my five year old grandson was over-the-top when we unveiled it for his fifth birthday. Delivery was quick as well. Very, very pleased with our purchase. Would highly recommend.
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on February 27, 2017
Very well put together. The cost of this set versus a toy set is a no brainier on why you should purchase this one. Yes the cymbals are not very good but cymbals aren't cheap as it is. The snare has a good snap and the toms are pretty punchy. The kick drum has a slight floor tom sound going on but that's probably because it's about the size of an adult floor tom. I'm 6ft and I can play this set easily with a regular chair. My son is 2 and he's just a hair to short to reach the kick pedals comfortably but I'm sure he will get enough use and have many years before he will out grow it. As your child becomes more seasoned you can add and upgrade the cymbals and you can also purchase better quality heads. For this price point you can't go wrong!
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on December 14, 2016
My wife, who used to play and take lessons on drums, was really impressed with the sound and quality. You have to actually assemble these drums, as in putting the white part you hit, on the drum body and tighten the screws until you pull the slack out of the part you hit. Don't be a wuss and chicken out because some assembly is required. Its easy to do. They were for my son, who is an average size 4yr old and they are the perfect size for him, and yes my wife occasionally will play on them. The stool it comes with isnt to bad. Everything is adjustable so its to get it all to your liking. Yes its loud to as in real drums loud, not kid set loud. All in all, a really nice set.
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on August 18, 2014
Update-- In hindsight, given the trouble and effort required to make this kit sound good and the fact that half of the included components are essentially garbage, I would probably recommend spending the extra money on a higher quality entry level kit, like the Questlove Breakbeats Ludwig LC179X028 Breakbeats 4 Piece Shell Pack with Riser, White Sparkle It was fun, but I really only got about 1.5 years of use out of it before needing to upgrade.

I am a drummer who bought this for my 2-year-old daughter (and myself). Overall I am pleased with the kit, especially for this ultra-low price.

The dimensions of the tom drums I received do not match the product image shown on this site. You can see the appearance of the actual shell dimensions here: The kit you get does not look as well-proportioned as what is pictured, especially the medium (10 inch) mounted tom, which is too shallow. Aside from this issue with the 10 inch tom shell dimensions, the set looks quite nice fully assembled. I simply omitted the 10" tom from the kit and have it set up as a four piece.

At this price point, I knew there would probably be some issues. Some of the problems I found:

- The cymbals look fine, but are very low-quality and sound awful. I replaced them.

- Some of the bearing edges on the drum shells were rough and/or uneven. This limits the drum's tuning range. You might get some improvement by sanding them down.

- Some lugs are unevenly spaced, resulting in tension rods at an angle.

- Drum heads are low-quality and don't do the shells justice. I replaced all the heads and the kit sounds much better.

- The included bass drum pedal is cheap and flimsy, and has quite a bit of mechanical noise when played. The pedal is attached to the beater by a small hook, which results in the pedal easily falling off the beater.

- The snares on the snare drum are not stretched across the bottom head, but are instead pressed against the inside of the bottom head like a muffle. This accomplishes a "snare-like" sound, but doesn't sound very good. The screw action of the 'snare muffle' also makes it slow and tedious to "throw" (i.e. turn off) the snares.

The above issues aside, I am happy with the kit, especially after additional investment in upgrades and modifications (shown in customer images). My upgrades include: replaced snare drum with Pearl Firecracker 12" snare drum; replaced bass drum pedal w/ DW pedal and added Gibraltar bass drum lifter; replaced tom and snare drum heads with Remo Ambassadors on both sides; Replaced bass drum head with Aquarian Super Kick II on batter side and Regulator on the resonant side; replaced cymbals with vintage Zildjian A 12" hi-hat and 18" ride cymbals; mounted 18" ride cymbal on boom stand. With these changes, the kit no longer sounds nor looks like a toy and lately I find myself playing it more than my "real" kit.
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on November 30, 2016
i actually bought these for my youth group because we were lacking a drum kit but i didnt realize this was not a full size drum kit, rather it was a kid version. DUH ME it was in the title but it was my fault. the drum kit looks nice and for the price it was great IF it was used for kids. so make sure to read the description and make sure it is the right size.
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on April 27, 2012
When you guy a junior drum kit, you probably expect the quality to significantly lower. I was shocked that the quality was so excellent. Everything is built very strong. My only complaint is the quality of the symbols, but that is to be expected. My son has been bashing on these for two years now and I have never had a problem except for having to adjust the foot pedal every now and then.

Don't go to Toy's R Us and buy a piece of junk. Spend a little more money for a great drum kit like this.

UPDATE TO REVIEW: 09/18/12: Almost two years later after three boys banging on them all day, they have still held up very well. I am actually shocked at how well they still sound and how durable they are. A GREAT BUY!!!
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on October 23, 2016
I bought these for my grandsons, especially my younger one. Daniel is having a hard time settling down in school and he's wanted a drum set for a long time. Grandpa and I thought we might help motivate him with this purchase. His stepdad is a drum player and willing to teach him. Sure enough, the concentration needed for this has moved over to his school work. Sometimes a child needs to feel good about him/herself and finding 1 thing they are good at helps them improve other areas. My grands love this drum set and their stepdad says it should be fine for them until they are about 11 or 12 years old.
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on March 13, 2017
This is amazing. I got this for my five year old son to play since he showed a lot of interest in playing the drums. They are great quality and I am comparing this to his grandfathers expensive set. WE put them next to each other and my son would watch grandpa play and then copy what he did. I am very please with this purchase and glad I did not go with alower quality cheaper set because I can see the real talent potential in my son.
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on July 20, 2013
I bought this set for my five year old son for his birthday and am very impressed with the overall quality. It was easy to assemble and to tune. My son and his friends love playing it and I am glad I made the decision to buy this kit. You can't beat it for the price and it should serve him well for several years to come.
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