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on November 26, 2014
First off I want to start out by saying this game came out bout 4 years ago. So don't expect graphics like you would see in GTA V. I like this game for a couple of reasons....

1. Time: it keeps track of how long you have played it. I'm up to 9 hours now and I am less than 10 percent complete.

2. Size: the map is massive and I mean massive. Flying in the fastest plane from corner to corner takes a lot of time, so thankfully they made an "extraction" feature that will take you to any settlement you have discovered.

3. Grappling hook/ parachute combo: So if you watch the YouTube videos on this, you can see what I'm talking about, but basically to travel fast you can deploy your parachute and than use the grappling hook to pull yourself along all of the islands.

4. Plot: I like the plot because to me, GTA V is, and I don't want to say evil, but its messed up. The way GTA V is set up, there is a lot of violence that is uncalled for. ( I remember a scene where a character gets his head stomped in and the guy that did it was picking brain off of his shoe.) so in just cause 2, you are sent on an Asian island where it has been taking over by a communist who plays propaganda everywhere, and you are supposed to cause chaos to disrupt all of this and have the people take back their country.

1. Graphics: like I said, its an older game so the graphics aren't the best, but they definitely aren't terrible either.

2. Cut scene acting: I swear I could get high school drama students to sound more believable than these people.

3. Repetitive: After awhile, the game gets repetitive. you do the same exact thing, just in different locations.

Finally, this game is great for anyone 16 and up, there is no nudity, the killing isn't graphic, and the people who die vanish 10 seconds after death. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to play a game that lasts long and cant be beaten in one day.
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While you might play a crime boss or street gang boss Just Cause 2 will make yo feel like you are playing a James Bond like sequel to those games. While you might not be able to customize your character in this game like in Saints Row the main quests and mini quest as well as the explosion and mayhem more then make up for that. The vast free raoming quality is also nice as while you do have the main quest you are required to build up your reputation and like with GTA or SR you do that by getting in good with the various bosses around the small island until you can proceed further along in the main quest. The graphics and effect are amazing but since this is from Square Enix thta shouldn't come to much as a surprise. Also your character does come with a bonus action figure attachment which is a short/long range grappling hook accessory that allows him to scale walls and other near impossible surfaces by foot or to grapple an opponent and pull them too you or make them fall,especially useful when you have a shooter across from you and you're out of ammo. The voice cast are B-movie level at the most while not bad some of them could have been a little better but still overall the game still is entertaining. For the price of the game I'd say this is one that you'll probably enjoy adding to your gaming library.
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on July 5, 2017
This is a fun GTA alternative, and it's mostly clean in language and there is no nudity, it's maybe a little violent, but that's to be expected.

This one is much better then Just Cause 3.
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on March 4, 2014
This game is not for the faint of heart. You can do some nasty things, and most of the missions involve blowing things up and killing people. Having said that, it is a little like watching a rated R action movie. The main character can deploy a parachute or use his permanent grappling hook to pull him across terrain, catch a moving vehicle or climb things like super tall moutains, buildings or something as low as 20 feet tall. He can swim underwater, run, walk, crouch, hit, throw, etc. Entertaining to discover all the new places in the world, and to travel to each spot. The graphics and actions are pretty cool, and some of the things that the people say are funny. Guy at the video rental shop said it is even better on a PC. The one thing you CANNOT do is play with more than one user, which is a bit of a bummer, so the kids have to share.
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on June 18, 2014
I thought this would be a better game then it was. I like open world games and this is kinda like that.

1. The world is big and varied. Good Buildings.
2. the zip line action is fun.

1. The enemy is way to accurate when shooting you
2. They call in Helicopter support very quickly when you are dominating, they get their super fast and then they never leave. I have had the threat meter go down to green and the helicopter is still their.
3. You just cant kill the enemy helicopters with anything. They seem to take no damage unless you have a heavy machine gun and even then they you can shoot them all day. This would not bug me so if the same were true when you are in a helicopter. The enemy can shoot you with a shotgun and kill you. BOO on them.
5. Guys just appear out of no where. I have watched them. One minute they aren't there, the next they unloading their shotgun in you.
6. No real story. Same missions over and over. Take over this, do this mission for me scorpion, blah blah. Gets old fast.
7. Their is serious controller lag issues. Usually happens when a lot of shooting is going on and you are cornered. Also, the weapon switch is awful.
8. Motorcycle guys that you can not knock off their bikes. Really? And they are like relentless flies.

I wanted to like this game but it was just to unbalanced and boring.
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VINE VOICEon April 26, 2011
If you've played OBLIVION, maybe you remember leaving the prison for the first time, being met with this awesome and vast world, and slowly realizing that if you wanted to, right now, you could walk over to that mountain in the distance, search that forest, break into that home, punch that bear, etc. That you were free to do ANYTHING that you wanted to do for as long as you cared to, and no one was even forcing you to keep the main storyline going. JUST CAUSE 2 takes that experience and magnifies it in every way. The world is huge, the visuals are crisp and very beautiful, and the action is as over the top as it can get. I'd be lying if I said the writing and the missions were amazing, but even if you set all of that aside, you'll still have one of the best sandbox games on the market.

Take these comparisons to OBLIVION lightly. JUST CAUSE 2 doesn't even try to have any kind of depth when it comes to the story, the missions, and the sidequests. This is a game for people who like to explore, cause mayhem (chaos), and test boundaries. The people who made it their life's mission to get to the airplane in GTA 3 without unlocking the third island. If you try to dig any deeper than that, you might find yourself disappointed. If you enjoy JC2 for what it is, you'll have yourself a game you can come back to again and again.

Like I said, the story is a flimsy one that would probably be better suited for a '90s Steven Segal flick. You play as Rico Rodriguez, a special agent who's been sent to the (fictional) Southeast Asian island of Panau to track down another agent who has recently gone rogue. To find this rogue agent, you have to gain the trust of the three major gangs on the island. To do this, you have to cause "chaos". To cause chaos, you have to, more or less, cause as much damage to the island as you can.

There are several ways to cause "chaos". One is to destroy military bases; another is to destroy military-owned structures; another is to blow everything else up: cars, planes, gas stations, broadcast towers, water towers, propaganda trailers, surface-to-air missile sites... the list goes on.

But to get back to the island of Panau - which was the main selling point for me - this place is HUGE, and I do not use the word lightly. To walk from one end to the other will certainly take hours, and even traveling by plane takes at least fifteen minutes. You'll have over 400 square miles to work with, which is 25x larger than OBLIVION, and 5x larger than WORLD OF WARCRAFT, making it one of the largest video game worlds ever created. And it's not just empty space. The developers put a lot of time into making sure that they reward people for exploring every nook and cranny of the game with plenty of easter eggs and vistas that you'll just want to stare at for hours. From lush jungles and beaches to cities and mountaintop villages, there are plenty of unique places to discover on the island.

And just to drive home the "over-the-topness" this game allows, you're equipped with a personal grappling hook, and you can do almost anything you can imagine with it. Hook an enemy to the back of your car, tether to an enemy chopper and hijack it in the air, use it to scale mountains or buildings. You're also given a parachute that you can deploy at any time, so if you want to fly as high as you can go, jump out, and land harmlessly: go for it. The game really goes out of its way to make sure that you have a fun time messing around in Panau.

If none of that sounds appealing enough to warrant a purchase, then look elsewhere. Outside the massive world, the dozens of unique vehicles, the spectacular graphics, and the ability to go anywhere and do whatever you want, there's not much else. There's the story, achievements, and a lot of collecting to do, but I definitely wouldn't say they're the game's redeeming features. It's everything else, and there's a lot of it.
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on February 8, 2011
Greetings Amazonites!

Just Cause 2 is a blast to play! If you're looking for some downright fun action, then this is the game for you. Step right up to my patented 3-tier review system.

ENVIRONMENTS (5 stars): Wow... just wow. This game looks amazing. Everything in the world is eye candy--the buildings, trees, grass, rocks, buildings, characters, vehicles, etc, etc... You name it and the developers made sure it was pleasing to look at. I really don't know how they managed to cram so much detail into a game and still make loading times transparent. I'm not even sure there is any loading time! I've journeyed across the world numerous times and never had the game stop to load anything. Everything seems to just be there, ready to see.

The game world, in my opinion, is vast. There's something like 35 square miles of land in the game. You can really feel the scale of the world by flying around in a helicopter. It actually takes some time to get somewhere far away (there is a fast travel option, however). I'm blown away at the combination of scale and detail. There's variety in landscape, as well: beaches, ocean, mountains, snow, jungle, cliffs--it's all here.

The sound and music is superb. Every bullet shot, explosion, and rain drop sounds great. The music is simple and creates a great atmosphere without beint distracting: some good, rhythmic tunes to keep the action upbeat.

GAMEPLAY (3 stars): the controls are good and responsive; if you played any other 3rd-person action games, this won't be too much of a problem. The camera is excellent as well; it frames the action well and doesn't get in the way. There were a few moments where I would've liked to play in 1st-person, but it wasn't bad enough to ruin the game. The 3rd person is all about preference. Sometimes I find it disorienting when you're trying to change directions or look around--the camera and the character don't always look in the same direction.

Managing items, vehicles, and inventory is easy. Everything is mapped to the direction pad for quick access. You can tap a direction or hold it down to change weapon configurations. Using a parachute or grappling hook is a quick tap of a shoulder or face button. There's no unwieldy inventory screen to scroll through--everything can be switched and configured in the game HUD. This is a brilliant system that keeps you in the game.

One of the strongest things in the game is the parachute and grappling hook combination. You can jump off cliffs, pull the chute, and glide for miles at a time. You can grapple hook the ground or a tree and keep your momentum, cruising the land in your chute. It's quite a sight. The hook also allows you to scale buildings, attach to helicopters (and take it over), grab vehicles (and hijack them), and attach people to objects (like a moving vehicle). There are a slew of combinations these gadgets can be used for; you'll feel like a combination of Rambo and Batman!

The weakest part of the game--and it can be frustrating sometimes--is the shooting. The aiming system feels a little awkward at time. You'll burn through a lot of bullets just spraying enemies. You can zoom in and aim, but it's not practical when you're getting shot by multiple opponents. It's simpler just to hold the trigger and let the lead fly. Aiming seems very "from the hip" regardless of the weapon used. The difference between the weapons doesn't feel as strong as it should be; head shots work for all weapons, but it seems like there's little difference between an assault rifle and a pistol when just shooting normally. Fortunately, the frantic action often distracts from the unwieldly aiming.

Vehicle operation is another sore spot. It's fun to take control of cars, trucks, bikes, copters, boats, and everything in between--but it can be a chore to drive. Aside from acceleration and top speed, most vehicles drive the same. The steering is odd; it feels to easy to oversteer and too hard to turn sharp corners--even with a slower vehicle. Helicopters and boats are the easiest to manage, but they can get cumbersome when you're being chased or moving at top speed. Just like the aiming, the vehicles don't ruin the game--they're just not good.

DESIGN (5 stars): The game is all about bringing down the corrupt government of Panau. Something sinister is afoot--a conspiracy of international proportions. The main character, Rico, is a specialist in causing chaos. That becomes the focus of the game: blowing stuff up, assassinating key figures, and just making life difficult for the government. It's a lot of fun, too.

New weapons, upgrades, vehicles, and so on are accessed through an unusual method: you call a black market dealer, who flies to your position and drops the items to you. It sounds a little corny, but it works quite well. It makes a lot more sense than trying to find shops in a country where you're destroying stuff!

The map is very well done and full of information. Each location has an icon (like many other games) and highlighting an icon allows you to mark it as a compass direction and also calls up an information panel; the info panel tells you the basics of the site, what kind of rewards you can expect from it, and so on. Each site has a combination of objects to destroy, people to kill, or treasures to find. When you complete all the objectives for each site, you earn a bonus reward (normally points and/or cash).

The story is actually pretty good. You don't have to do any of the story-related missions at all! This is one of the best things about Just Cause--you can, literally, do whatever you want. There are all types of missions to choose from, and completing objectives opens up more choices. Missions branch off of missions, depending on who you decide to work for. Rico is a mercenary, and you can pick from any number of factions to aid; or you can just cruise around causing chaos, collecting rewards, and enjoying the scenery.

The game has great appeal to guys, like me, who don't have a lot of game time. It's fun to just fire up this game for an hour or two and revel in the chaos. Take a quick half-hour dip into the world to raid a military base! There's nothing like stealing a military assault helicopter and using it to demolish a secure military facility.
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on July 23, 2012
Just Cause 2 is one of those rare modern games that still manage to capture the essence of what video games are supposed to be: pure fun. The story's premise is essentially the same as the first game. An island nation has made some poor choices and now we're going to send our best spook to destroy their infrastructure (and boy will you!) before forcing a "regime change." Virtually everything (save for one thing) is done better and on a much grander scale than in the first game. The map is massive and contains a slew of different environments. The stronghold missions are still repetitive and boring but thankfully there's only a handful of them this time around, and I didn't mind doing them since they unlocked more side missions, which are usually enjoyable. The one issue the developers still haven't perfected is the combat. It's fun, and doesn't detract from the game, but you still get the feeling it could have been tightened up a bit. Also, they must do a lot of skeet shooting on Panau because I lost track of how many times I've been shot flying through the air with my grappling hook or while I was in complete free-fall.

Still, the game is such a blast that these rare annoyances are hardly a complaint. Just Cause 2 is still, in my opinion, one of the best sandbox games ever made.
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on February 25, 2014
+ Beautiful graphics
+ Huge map
+ Fluid movement
+ Wide choice in vehicles
+ Explosions!!!!!
+ Grappling hook and parachute help you conquer all terrain
+ more

- Action positions limited on most vehicles which at times makes things feel floppy
- Limited gun choice
- map is so big it can take a while to get anywhere.
- a few minor hiccups with guns when in using parachute and grappling hook.
- Not as much terrain destruction as one would hope.

An over all great game which is perfect for those who want to sit down and have a blast.
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on April 3, 2010
I cannot say I have finished this game, but I have put some considerable time into it....at least enough to know this is one of the more entertaining sandbox games in some time; the ways you can navigate this huge world is amazing and allows you to be highly creative. Your grappling hook and parachute actually become some of your best weapons, whether pulling yourself out of an intense firefight just before you die or pulling a foe down from his tower to meet his demise; you actually kind of become a militant Spiderman in many ways.

The graphics are pretty amazing for a game of this scope; The weapon upgrades and helicopter assistance is nice, esp in traveling, which was a huge issue for the first game; the kill, chaos, and $ stats that pop up during your rampages is a pretty fun addition and gives it an arcade-like feel once you get on a roll. The gunplay can be intense at times, and the over the shoulder view can put you right in the middle.

So far the missions and exploring have not gotten old or repetitious; I could see how after 80 hours your could feel otherwise....I am at about 25-30 hours and am enjoying it a lot; the time flies by, and exploring is just as fun.....from the sea to the snow, there are some nice landscapes just to appreciate. Skydiving provides some awesome views, too....

The controls seems a little strange during the first tutorial missions, but once you get the feel of it, you will be slinging and shooting in no time. Never tires hijacking helicopters.

Bottom line is that this is a really well made and enjoyable sandbox game; Certainly a lot of bang for your buck, esp considering some games only give you 10-20 hours of play, unless they are are online of course too.

I don't know how well this would have worked online, but I am thankful the single player mode is as amazing as it is. If there was one complaint so far, it is just that this game is too big. So I guess it's a good complaint, esp nowadays where you want your video game $ going into something good and something that lasts or has high replay. This prob has both, if you can finish it once.
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