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on October 3, 2014
When I saw this Wii game, I knew this was going to be Santa's gift to me this year. The kids too love it. My 8 year old wins the crown everytime and so he loves competing with mom to win which means more exercise for all.
The selection of songs is great and it even includes a Bollywood song - a pleasant surprise for me. The different options of playing this game add to the fun. When I am by myself, I choose the 'Just Sweat' option to get my exercise. With the kids, the option we choose is 'Just Dance' or 'Dance Battle' and we have chosen all the different modes there:
Classic - This is like the Just Dance mode
Simon Says - Like the popular game, players have to do what Simon Says - stop dancing, clap your hands etc - and doing it correctly means more points.
Medley - Players dance to a medley of five song samples
Duet - Like classic mode but has Duet Songs
Race to the end - To win, players have to dance till their score card is filled up.
All in all - this is the funnest way to exercise by myself that I have found so far and the funnest way to get the whole family to dance to one tune.
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on October 13, 2010
I can officially say that this is the first game I have ever pre-ordered and it was well worth the wait! I have been using the first version as my cardio workout for the past four months and was excited, yet hesitant, for the new one to arrive. The dance moves are definitely faster and more difficult than the first version, with a great new mix of songs. I was intimidated at first, but my 12 year-old daughter and I played each song we selected a couple of times to get the moves down. We ended the session with an exhausting two rounds of Proud Mary...WOW...that one will definitely be a part of my daily workout! I can't wait to try more songs and the "Just Sweat It Off" mode tonight to actually measure the calories I'm burning. Burning calories has never been this much fun!
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on January 26, 2011
I'm disabled, I'm overweight, and I have nothing but medications fighting me against being in shape. I didn't have much hope in using a video game to get thinner. But, since I tried this one, I lost six pounds in less than 30 days, (of workout time- six weeks of normal time). It may not be earth shattering news for those who are losing 5 lbs a week, but for a gal who uses a wheelchair? Huge! The dog spends a lot of time trying to figure out what I'm doing waving around and screaming tunes off key. As he tries to howl along, I discover that I need to change a shirt drenched with leftover chubbiness. It's almost a perfect end to the day. (Perfect would be realizing that I'm back to a 3/4 like I was before being on prednisone.) My husband thinks my mood is improving. (What does HE know? ;) ) I kind of see that too.

So about the game... Everyone will say, it's not a game of great instruction. That's true. It's not like Gold's Gym Dance where you have an option of using two remotes to feel like you're accomplishing much. It also doesn't confuse you like an out of sync avatar that program has. You don't have a snarky Wii-Board giving you comments about how overweight you are. That's a relief. What you do have is music that reminds you what it was like to have your life on rollerskates, or dancing at your first school dance. It is bouncy, fun, and you can add more from the Just Dance store. I got to hear music I never would, including Techno and some Latin stuff. That is fun, too. So I am excited in hearing new music, and feeling younger by proxy. But the best part is, I can move my arms, sway a bit, and suddenly I have an hour of "exercise" under my belt. It's not feeling like that. It's feeling like 'Oh I'm a grown-up who gets recess? Cool!'

Do you have to have working legs? No. It helps to be able to do much of the steps, of course, but your arms moving can build up a bit of cardio. Do you have to have working arms? It would help to use the remote, but you can strap the remote to your hips, and wiggle about using the guides and still get some sweating done. OR you can even invite friends or family to join you and have friendly goofy competitive bouncing. It doesn't matter. It just makes you play like a kid again. Why not? Why do we have to be all serious and evil when we play games like FPS, or RPG's. Why not have some fun, turn off the IRS, the telephones, bill collectors, and just enjoy a few minutes a day? That's what this game is great for- and that's why I keep at it. If you're 84, like my Father-in-Law or your 46, like me, you can still enjoy feeling 20.

I look forward buying the older version, the kids version, and even the Broadway version if it means I can have this much fun.
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on March 5, 2014
Just dance 2 is a great game! When I read the song list, I only knew one or two songs, but I've had it for about two weeks now, and I LOVE every song on there! I would recommend this to a lot of people! It's crazy fun! If you have peered at this before, you should get it, and you will not regret it, I'm sure of it!

I'm not really sure why anyone would rate this one star, out of ALL just dances' (1, 2, 3, 4, and 2014, by the way, those are REAL fun, also! I'd highly recommend all those as much as I'd recommend JD2) I think this one is the best! (Although, the other just dances above that are a higher improvements then this one) I DO like the dance moves, but It might be a little fast for some people.

The oldest song is- The frighteners "Monster mash" Which is 1963 And the most recent is- Ke$ha with her song "Tik Tok"

I DO have to say now, that they bleep out all inappropriate words with three periods it will look like this in the lyrics at the bottom left corner in some songs

I'm...Precious (that's from Avril Livine's song, "Girlfriend")

So I really like that feature

Just dance 2 is a HUGE improvement from Just dance one. Also, If you want to make a personal name, click on "Sunny" At the top of the starting of the dance, then there should be an "Add person" Once you click on that.

I love that it shows your score, which JD2 is the only just dance that shows your score. I also like that at the very end of every song, It'll show the percentage of how much perfects you got (Or the percentage of the highest score possible for that song) By the way, the highest score possible for every song is about 12,600. I love to challenge myself on getting over 12,000 for songs!

Also, I see that some of you were disappointed because Katy Perry's song "Firework" wasn't on there, it is (At least on the wii it is), all you have to do Is go to the shop and download it!

One more thing, remember, This game sold over 7.5 Million times!

I hope This comment was helpful to you, and will influence your decision!
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on November 7, 2010
You won't be disappointed with Just Dance 2. It is for the WII. I had already mastered the dances in Just Dance 1, and was very excited to see they came out with Just Dance 2. The dance moves and songs are very energetic, and I believe even more fun than Just Dance 1. You also earn "gold stars" along with each dance, if you master the dance along with the character and keep up with the dancer during "gold star" moves. I created a sheet that I keep track of the dances I do, to see if I can improve my score each time. It is a lot of fun, to me even more than Just Dance 1, even though I enjoyed it too. You will not be disappointed with Just Dance 2. You will feel like a real dancer once you master the routines. I have yet to go through all the songs. I have read from many people wondering if there was a way to get more songs, well, yes, now it's out. You can. I highly recommend this for the WII and for those of you that love to dance to upbeat songs.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon January 2, 2011
I echo all the positive comments made by other reviewers, though I'm probably coming from a different place. My kids occasionally play "Just Dance" and "Just Dance 2" for competitive fun. I play them by myself for work-out fun.

I LOVE this game! It is more than just aerobic exercise. You are twisting and turning, loosening up all those muscles: you are using your arms as well as your legs; if you pay attention on how to do certain steps, you are using those all important stomach muscles (which help your back). All this while having fun.

For myself, I like the music selection more on the original Just Dance, as it has more "oldies" mixed in. But the music on Just Dance 2 is just as fun and energetic and hard work. For younger players, I think one of their criticisms of the original Just Dance was that it didn't have more contemporary music!

Highly recommended!

Happy Reader
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on December 19, 2010
As an avid user of Konami's Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party games for the Wii, I was very excited about the original Just Dance when it first debuted -- only to find myself frequently frustrated by the extremely poor motion tracking, which led to constant "misses" even when I hit the moves exactly right. With games like this, I don't feel that the aim is necessarily perfect scoring, just having fun -- but it gets frustrating to consistently get negative feedback when putting in your best effort.

OVERALL: With the new Just Dance 2, it's like a whole different game. The motion tracking is VASTLY improved, making for a much more rewarding gameplay experience. It's still not spot-on (in large part thanks to the limitations of the Wii's own motion-tracking system), but if you have played Just Dance 1, you will absolutely notice the difference. The track list is extensive (about 40 songs included), and the choreography more interesting, complex, and full-body. The graphics are more elaborate and detailed, though that was never a major point of interest for me. Frankly, in comparison, my beloved DDR is pretty boring and static -- and lately the DDR mat is gathering dust in the closet while I happily flip on the Wii every day for a few songs of Just Dance 2. The dance experience is just much richer, and -- for someone who is not a hardcore DDR fan & into the J-pop songs on DDR (as I am not) -- the song selection is leagues better than that of DDR.

SONGS: There's a nice selection of recent pop hits (Avril Lavigne, Vampire Weekend, Ke$ha, Ting Tings, etc.) and older favorites (some great 80s numbers like Madonna's "Holiday" and Wham's "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" -- and "Proud Mary" will give you a whole new respect for Tina Turner), and I am particularly excited about the ability to download songs from the new and expanding Just Dance online catalogue. I am, however, deeply disappointed that there is no way for Just Dance 1 owners to unlock the contents of the first game via Just Dance 2, as DDR Hottest Party offers, and I don't understand why this was not included as an option. I would really like to see this implemented, and I think the addition of challenges to unlock new songs (as in the DDR games) would add more long-term interest to the game.

PHYSICALITY: The new "Just Sweat" gameplay option is a nice addition, though its peculiar point system doesn't directly correspond to calories burned or anything so convenient. To my best estimation, 1000 "sweat points" is equivalent to roughly 100-150 calories. Do be warned that if you decide to change your workout level (there are three options of goals to aim for: easy, intermediate, intense -- intense is about 6 songs per day), it will erase all of your workout data thus far, which is annoying. Every song indicates the difficulty of choreography (on a scale of 1 to 3), and the intensity level as far as aerobic effort (likewise on a scale of 1-3). The game offers an option to sort songs by choreography difficulty and intensity level, which is really useful if you want to warm up to more intense songs, and/or keep to songs that are simpler in their choreography. The two don't always go together -- there are some songs with complex choreography that rate low on the effort scale, and some that are "simple" but will get your heart pumping. I find this helpful, as my willingness to sweat it out definitely outstrips my ability to correctly execute complicated dance steps. ;)

MOTION-TRACKING: You do need to hold the remote as indicated, as it's sensitive to the angle, and you'll get better results by really putting your oomph into the move -- regardless of what people say about playing the game on the couch. It's sometimes taken me a few tries through a song to figure out what angle they *really* want my arm at, or what slight imprecision in the non-action part of a move is throwing my score off, but it's actually surprisingly easy to work it out, if the game is sometimes a little...precise in its demands. Even so, the scoring is a bit more generous than in Just Dance 1, and you won't find yourself as heavily penalized for not getting it *exactly* right as in the previous versions -- high scores can be yours, even with occasionally imprecise motion tracking!

I've had the game for a few weeks now, and Just Dance 2 has quickly become my favorite game purchase of the year, and probably my favorite game for the Wii. With the improvements made in this version, I already can't wait to see what Just Dance 3 will look like.
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on December 30, 2013
Reasons I love this game:
1. It has professionally choreographed dances to different types of popular songs from all genres and ages. If you spend enough time on each one, you will master the dance and actually improve your real life dancing skills.
2. The variety of the songs is perfect! I love all types of dance, am easily bored, and have not been bored for one second with this game. It has songs from the 20s-present, including tribal music and bollywood. I have seen people disagree with the inclusion of those types of music and I really hope the video game designers don't listen to them with regard to future versions. The tribal dances are my favorite (and they are also the best cardio!) I would be very bored if the dances were only the top 40 that play on KISS. How boring would that be?! I enjoy the variety of the dances.
3. Its equally fun by yourself, with a party of 8, or as a daily workout.
4. Rather that becoming less fun as you play it, your enjoyment stays the same or improves because you actually learn the dance and are performing a dance each time.
5. It's a good workout, albeit less good than most people think it is: a friend of mine actually wears a device that counts calories based on her skin temp, sweat rate, heart rate, and movement. It said she only burned 190 calories in half an hour with this. That sounds about right, based on the face that 30 minutes of difficult running burns about 300 calories. As with most activities, this doesn't burn as many calories as you'd think. The thing is, the it is so much fun that you will be much more inspired to do it than run and to do it for longer than running, so it equals out.
6. It's a very inexpensive version of zumba with better music that you can do in your living room while picking the songs.
7. It lets you go right into playing the game. You don't have to win anything or do anything. Just open up the package and start dancing to the tracks.

What I don't like about the game:
1. The controls are not very accurate. I have scored perfects on songs that I know I wasn't dancing perfectly to and scored constant "okay"s on ones that I was. This is a small inconvenience, as I am a very competitive person.
2. It doesn't let you set up a song list and takes a long time to load between songs.
^^^ These are recommendations for the creators and do not greatly distract from the fun of the game. I highly recommend it to everyone and have already bought two friends this game for Christmas.

PS I am a nearly 30 year old woman who generally thinks video games are a waste of time.
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on December 1, 2010
This game is a lot of fun and it will get you moving. By itself it's not a replacement for the gym, but you will break a sweat and get your heart rate up. The Just Sweat mode is a fun way to get your work out as it tracks how much you are moving and awards "Sweat Points" accordingly (the down side is that you can't easily translate sweat points into calories burned--they are definitely not the same. An average song will get you somewhere around 300 sweat points). Just Sweat will let you track your sweat points for a week, but then the counter resets, so you can't track improvement over time. That said, it's nice to have the weekly goals (set your goal for the week to one of 3 fairly easy levels--you can always do more than your goal, but at least the goal will keep you coming back to dance). You can buy more songs to dance to, but they are a little pricey compared to the games you can buy in the wii shop and the selection is still pretty limited. The game comes with a good variety of songs though, so you won't be dancing to the same songs every day. The fact that some of the songs have two sets of dance moves (so that 2 dancers don't necessarily have to do the same moves) is pretty cool, but keep in mind you will still need space for two dancers in front of your television (personally I have to push my coffee table back just to make space for myself).
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on May 16, 2017
This is one of my favorite games from the Just Dance series. There are so many songs I can easily play over and over again. Must-have for any Wii Dance collection!
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