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Just Dance 2 - Nintendo Wii
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$29.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on November 19, 2011
I am amazed that no one has asked the obvious question: Why do the creators of this game want our kids--mostly our daughters--to listen to obscene lyrics? And if the songs are not outright obscene, they have thinly veiled innuendo.

Granted, it's not every song--but then again, I haven't looked at all the lyrics; so maybe some are OK. But on the whole--just do a search for the lyrics, you parents out there, for these songs:

Body movin', The Beastie Boys
Girlfriend, Avril Lavigne,
Satisfaction, Benny Benassi
S.O.S., Rihanna
Hey ya', Outkast
Sympathy for the devil, by The Rolling Stones

That's right, Sympathy for the devil, by the Rolling Stones. Well, if you buy the idea that the group is just fine and dandy, check the lyrics sometime for their song "Dancing with Mr. D," as well. It's not on Just Dance 2, but it shows clearly what this group is about. How nice that our kids are "dancing" to this kind of stuff.

In addition to the songs, there's one more thing: the dance moves. I'd like to know who in their right mind thinks these are pure, wholesome, modest dance moves? I don't mean just the dance moves in regard to the offensive songs, I mean all the dance moves in these Just Dance games, whether the song is problematic or not. They are sensual moves, suited to young girls only if their parents want them to grow up to work at "gentlemen's" clubs.

Back to the songs. After looking at all those lyrics, you'll be flabbergasted. But I know that many will say they just like the music. The trouble is, you still hear the words, even if you're not paying attention to them. Those words will still sit in your mind and imagination. Really, unless a person wants their kids to live like the way they sing in these songs, why would you buy this? Or rent it?

Or maybe people are so lost to decency, modesty, purity, that they just can't see the problems with these games, with the songs or the dance moves. Well, start reading the lyrics; start wondering what's going on in a world where these things are considered good, wholesome fun for kids. And don't be naive--it's perhaps instinct to think the best of something or someone, but let's be honest--if it sounds like innuendo, like it has a double meaning, it probably does. And if it doesn't--well, why take a chance with your kids? You can't go wrong by avoiding these dance games.

We shape our kids by the way we live, by what we allow them to do, by what we allow in our homes, and by whether or not we live our lives according to what is good and right.

One more comment. Don't fool yourself by thinking you'll "only let them listen to the OK songs." Kids are curious, and they will dance to all the rest of the songs when you're not around.

That's my two cents. It won't be popular, but someone had to say this.


It's been mentioned to me there is also the "Just Dance for Kids" version. In reply to that and similar comments:

All the kids I know who play this game (any of the Just Dance games; I have not seen the one for kids; given what the others are like, I would want to check it out thoroughly first) are in the 11-14 year-old range. That's because my daughter is 12. But I can't see how this material is appropriate for anyone who is young enough to be living with their parents. In other words, I cannot fathom how any parent would let a minor child imbibe this stuff. So I suppose it depends on what you mean by "child." I don't mean only very little kids, but any kids of a minor age for whom one is responsible. Why let them take this stuff into their minds and hearts?

That being said, I would ask any adult who plays this as well--"why on earth do you want to listen to this stuff?" It's like our world has become one vast sewer--making impurity and immodesty look like a wonderful thing, and saying it's OK to look at women like objects. So many of these songs are about that (and like I said, the dance moves are a lesson on how to dance in a sensual way). I think we all need to ask some serious questions. What are these songs about? Why do I listen to them? Are they helping me be a better person?

Addendum 2:

To comments that claim I should not "preach" to adults or speak from a "pulpit":

Parents need to know what they're getting with this game. It has nothing to do with a pulpit--it has to do with facts. And there are no other reviews that speak to the content of these games. As a parent, this is the kind of review I look for. But yes, I do wonder--and I think we need to ask--why we, as adults, would ourselves listen to this garbage? And we do have a responsibility, even without kids, in what we do, how we act, what we buy, and what we say is good. When buying a product like Just Dance, we, as adults, contribute to an atmosphere, a culture, that says we agree that this kind of stuff is good for kids ages 10 +, and good in general. All of this has a bearing on this product, whether or not we purchase it, and whether or not companies keep making this stuff.
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on October 12, 2010
The original Just Dance was the first dance video game to feature "real moves" to popular music. Before it, dance games were basically exercises in timing--stomping your feet on a mat or moving your hands to match an on-screen pattern. But with Just Dance, you weren't just playing a video game: you were learning real dance moves that you could take anywhere. And as you played the game over and over, you got a great workout without even knowing it. The game was a smash success, selling over 4 million copies worldwide. The game wasn't without its faults though, the biggest of which was the accuracy of the motion control. Even if you did the moves perfectly, sometimes the system wouldn't register them.

When you start out the game, the starting menu is refreshingly simple. There are three options: Dance!, Store, Extras. When you click "Dance!", you see three options: Just Dance, Dance Battle, and Just Sweat.

The "Just Dance" option gets you right to dancing to individual songs, just like in the original. Up to four players can play, each holding their own Wii remote. As in the original, you try to follow a mirror image of a silhouetted figure on the screen. Stick figures scrolling along the bottom of the screen will help you prepare for the next move, an indicator on the screen will tell you how well you hit your moves, and a "score gauge" will fill up with each correct move you make.

There's a great selection of 44 new songs, with something for everyone. Whether you want to dance to Elvis Presley's "Viva Las Vegas" or Outkast's "Hey Ya". I like Ubisoft's approach; while other music games tend to focus on just one genre, Ubisoft included something for all ages and tastes.

Some of the songs feature "Duet Mode". These songs are identified by circle icon with two figures standing with their back to each other. This is a neat new feature that allows two players to dance alongside each other with each doing different choreographed moves, so you end up dancing a neat little routine together. For example, in Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend", the dancers start by pointing to each other. Then, one makes air guitar-like moves for a while while the other swings her arms. Then, the two go back to synchronized motions. It makes for a cute dance routine.

The "Dance Battle" option takes players through five rounds of competition. Up to four players can compete against each other, and the winner of each round gets a point. The player with the most points at the end of rounds is the winner. You can mix and match from these modes to create different competitions:

- Classic: In this mode, players "just dance". The player with the highest overall score gets a point.
- Duet: This mode consists of all the "Duet Mode" songs. The player in the pair who scores the highest gets a point.
- Simon Says: In this game, while dancing an icon will appear randomly for each play while dancing (Stop, spin around, clap). The player must perform the action accurately to score points.
- Medley: In this mode, each player has to dance to five song samples.
- Race: This is a frenetic mode where each player has to fill their score gauge to win the round.

"Team Battle" is the same as "Dance Battle", except that it allows up to 8 players to play in two teams (they don't all play at the same time, the system will separate the players in the teams and display the players' names when it's their turn). This is great to have at parties where you have can get lots of people playing together and rooting their own team on.

My favorite new feature, of course, is "Just Sweat" mode. In it, you set an objective of calories you want to burn, and then you just dance away until they're burned off. 30 minutes dancing sure beats 30 minutes on a boring treadmill or exercise bike, as you not only burn calories away, you get practice learning the choreographed dance moves. And after dancing to the fast part of "Proud Mary", let's say I have newfound admiration for Tina Turner!

The new "Store" option allows you to buy downloadable content, which will even further expand the playability of this title.

And now the answer to the burning question you've been waiting for: did they really fix the poor motion tracking?

The answer is, happily, yes! Even though the game still uses only one Wii remote, and still doesn't even need MotionPlus, I'm happy to say that the motion tracking picked up my motions almost perfectly. It was even accurate not just to my timing, but also my arm movements and angles. The game developers made a vast improvement over the original in this department.

Overall, Just Dance 2 is a worthy successor to the original. The improved motion tracking is just what the doctor ordered, and they made the game even more fun for people playing together. Highly recommended.
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on December 1, 2010
The music is good and the game is fun; however if you have lead a sedentary lifestyle you cannot just jump into this. The easy mode means you just do one song, which is good because there is no way a sedentary person could do more than that. This is game is fun to do; but you have to be able to jump around and use your arms at the same time; because the dance moves require you to do that. All in all if you are in fair shape you can get right into the game and have a great deal of fun. If you are not in great shape you have to work up to the game and not expect to get all the moves right or do more than one song at a time.
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on December 15, 2010
I guess it was a mistake to play the Michael Jackson Experience game first. That game is great, uses videos of real dancers, highlights the hand that holds the wii-mote, has training videos, real dance moves, and is actually fun.

Afterward, I played this game. There are 3-4 OK songs and the rest are garbage or bad cover versions. The animations are terrible and hard to follow, and the scoring system makes absolutely no sense at all. I find it hard to believe that the two games are both made by the same company. I didn't play the first just dance game, but I have a feeling that they just made minimal changes to the first game and are selling this to the same people that liked the first one (why anyone would like it is beyond me). However, for the Michael Jackson game, they had to cater to a new audience so they actually made a good game. I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone.
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on December 9, 2010
Purchased this for my daughter who wanted the song firework...NO FREE DOWNLOAD AS STATED ON PRODUCT. This is unacceptable!!!
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on October 17, 2010
First of all, I'm 40, Mom, I have 2 kids.
I have Just Dance, and I was on the fence about this game until I read the song list.
I LOVE this game. My kids LOVE it. We play "duet" mode constantly trading places on the dance floor.
My kids are between 7 and 10 and the songs have been edited so any inappropriate lyrics have been "omitted". I've only seen it happen on the song "toxic", but I was impressed that they did that. With Just Dance, Katy Perry sings Hot and Cold and a couple of lyrics could have been omitted without losing the song.
I'm also totally impressed with the variety of genres they have covered. We dance hip hop, latin, disco, techno, and electronic... totally made me want to buy some glow sticks, have a rave. Unbelievably fun workout. If we had the space for 8 people to dance, I'd get more controllers.
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on December 30, 2013
Reasons I love this game:
1. It has professionally choreographed dances to different types of popular songs from all genres and ages. If you spend enough time on each one, you will master the dance and actually improve your real life dancing skills.
2. The variety of the songs is perfect! I love all types of dance, am easily bored, and have not been bored for one second with this game. It has songs from the 20s-present, including tribal music and bollywood. I have seen people disagree with the inclusion of those types of music and I really hope the video game designers don't listen to them with regard to future versions. The tribal dances are my favorite (and they are also the best cardio!) I would be very bored if the dances were only the top 40 that play on KISS. How boring would that be?! I enjoy the variety of the dances.
3. Its equally fun by yourself, with a party of 8, or as a daily workout.
4. Rather that becoming less fun as you play it, your enjoyment stays the same or improves because you actually learn the dance and are performing a dance each time.
5. It's a good workout, albeit less good than most people think it is: a friend of mine actually wears a device that counts calories based on her skin temp, sweat rate, heart rate, and movement. It said she only burned 190 calories in half an hour with this. That sounds about right, based on the face that 30 minutes of difficult running burns about 300 calories. As with most activities, this doesn't burn as many calories as you'd think. The thing is, the it is so much fun that you will be much more inspired to do it than run and to do it for longer than running, so it equals out.
6. It's a very inexpensive version of zumba with better music that you can do in your living room while picking the songs.
7. It lets you go right into playing the game. You don't have to win anything or do anything. Just open up the package and start dancing to the tracks.

What I don't like about the game:
1. The controls are not very accurate. I have scored perfects on songs that I know I wasn't dancing perfectly to and scored constant "okay"s on ones that I was. This is a small inconvenience, as I am a very competitive person.
2. It doesn't let you set up a song list and takes a long time to load between songs.
^^^ These are recommendations for the creators and do not greatly distract from the fun of the game. I highly recommend it to everyone and have already bought two friends this game for Christmas.

PS I am a nearly 30 year old woman who generally thinks video games are a waste of time.
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on March 5, 2014
Just dance 2 is a great game! When I read the song list, I only knew one or two songs, but I've had it for about two weeks now, and I LOVE every song on there! I would recommend this to a lot of people! It's crazy fun! If you have peered at this before, you should get it, and you will not regret it, I'm sure of it!

I'm not really sure why anyone would rate this one star, out of ALL just dances' (1, 2, 3, 4, and 2014, by the way, those are REAL fun, also! I'd highly recommend all those as much as I'd recommend JD2) I think this one is the best! (Although, the other just dances above that are a higher improvements then this one) I DO like the dance moves, but It might be a little fast for some people.

The oldest song is- The frighteners "Monster mash" Which is 1963 And the most recent is- Ke$ha with her song "Tik Tok"

I DO have to say now, that they bleep out all inappropriate words with three periods it will look like this in the lyrics at the bottom left corner in some songs

I'm...Precious (that's from Avril Livine's song, "Girlfriend")

So I really like that feature

Just dance 2 is a HUGE improvement from Just dance one. Also, If you want to make a personal name, click on "Sunny" At the top of the starting of the dance, then there should be an "Add person" Once you click on that.

I love that it shows your score, which JD2 is the only just dance that shows your score. I also like that at the very end of every song, It'll show the percentage of how much perfects you got (Or the percentage of the highest score possible for that song) By the way, the highest score possible for every song is about 12,600. I love to challenge myself on getting over 12,000 for songs!

Also, I see that some of you were disappointed because Katy Perry's song "Firework" wasn't on there, it is (At least on the wii it is), all you have to do Is go to the shop and download it!

One more thing, remember, This game sold over 7.5 Million times!

I hope This comment was helpful to you, and will influence your decision!
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on December 9, 2010
Misleading picture of the product. It is JUST DANCE 2, but it DOES NOT INCLUDE the free download of the Katy Pery song Firework as the package clearly states.
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on May 8, 2017
This is the first time I've played any of these types of dance games, no DDR or anything. So when my 8 year old and I busted this out of the box and popped it in, we had no idea what to expect. What we got... tons o' fun and a wide selection of music. Happily, my 8 year old even beat me on a few a of the songs which on most games doesn't happen. This proved to her there are some things that kids are just better at!!
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