Customer Reviews: Just Dance 3 [Nintendo Wii]
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on October 8, 2011
In the beginning there was DDR. Video game "dancing" consisted of mashing your feet to certain patterns. It was fun, it was a great workout, but at the end of the day it wasn't really dancing.

Then along came Just Dance, which introduced the world to dancing to popular music using "real dance move", the kind that you could practice at home and then wow everyone with on the dance floor. It was slightly annoying that the controller accuracy was a bit off, but the dance moves were so fun we didn't care. Just Dance 2 introduced much better motion control accuracy. Plus, it introduced the concept of "duets", where people could dance cool choreographed routines together. And it was another winner. Because of the popularity of Just Dance, this spawned a lot of "copycat" titles from Ubisoft to cash in. Dance on Broadway. Michael Jackson The Experience, Just Dance for Kids. Even Just Dance with Smurfs. They were fun, but at a certain point they started to get a bit tiring, as they were all variations of the same theme.

And so, we've all been waiting to see what Ubisoft would do for an encore with Just Dance 3? Could they push the genre forward, even as copycat titles on other platforms like Dance Central on the Xbox and Everybody Dance on the PS3 encroached on their turf? I'm happy to say that Just Dance 3 pushes the platform even further and does it with great success.

When you start up Just Dance, the first thing it asks is if you'll connect Just Dance to the Internet so that "Ubisoft can learn more about the way you play to make Just Dance even more groovy". I wasn't sure quite how to answer the question, but I figure since Just Dance doesn't use a video camera like those other systems, there wasn't too much harm in it.

The opening menu, like in Just Dance 1 and 2, is delightfully simple. There are only a couple choices:

1) Dance!

As with the previous versions, you just right into the dancing. What I love about Just Dance 3 is that getting started is extremely simple. No silly things to take up your time like creating avatars. No adjusting of cameras or calibrating of equipment. You just shake your remote to see what "color" you are on the screen, and get started.

You can create a profile at any time; your name is limited to 5 characters. If you don't create a profile you'll be dancing by default as "Happy" (as opposed to "Sunny").

As with previous version, your job is to dance the "mirror image" of a colorful silhouetted on-screen figure showing you the dance moves. I'm happy to say that the motion controls are better and more accurate than ever. Granted, it still only detects the movement of one arm holding the Wii remote, so technically you could still just hurl your arm the right way to build up points. But of course the fun of the game is to get into the dance with your full body (and in fact, if you follow the choreographed moves perfectly with your whole body, your score will be better than ever). One other subtle improvement over previous versions is that the audio cues coming through the Wii remote (for example, when you hit a milestone while dancing) are much louder and clearer than before.

The choreography and backgrounds are as fun and in some cases as quirky as ever. For example, in Wilson Pickett's "Land of 1000 Dances" you're following a dancing alligator in a fancy suit dancing in a schoolroom. And yes, you "do the alligator" :) If you dance well on some songs, you can see the background animate and change.

As with Just Dance 1 and 2, each song has a "technical difficulty" indicator from one to three gears, and a "workout intensity" indicate from one to three drops of sweat. There are over 45 great tracks to suit everyone's tastes, and most of the songs are popular and familiar.

Multiplayer is where this game really shines. There's "Dance Crew Mode" which is like Duet Mode, except that up to 4 players has their own independent choreography (and a chance to shine with a solo performance). There's also a "Dance Til Dawn" party mode where you can just start the game up and it'll cycle through songs all night, without the need to go back through menus again.

2) Just Sweat

As someone who follows Wii exercise titles very closely, this option was the one I was most excited about. You can choose from a "Free Session" (an instant fitness session for up to 4 players) or the "7-Day Challenge" (A selection of challenges to boost your fitness during 7 days).

For "Free Session" You can choose from a variety of options for the kind of music to work out to, including:

Speed Shuffle
Non-Stop Shuffle
Pop! Pop!
Rock Party
R&B Vibes
Electro Sounds
Just 80's
Oldies but Goodies
Fancy Dress Ball
Around the World
Sweat Attack

There are also fantastic options for working out in a group, including:

Dance Crew

I tried Sweat Attack, and sure enough I was sweating up a storm after just one song. The songs kept going and the more points I collected (in both Dance and Just Sweat modes), the more a "Mojo" meter filled up. Each time the "Mojo Meter" was full, it unlocked a "gift" of another game mode, song, or choreography (the first to be unlocked is Simon Says Mode). There are 27 "gifts" to unlock, which will definitely motivate you to keep coming back and building up those points. The songs in my case before I collapsed of exhaustion were Cee Lo Green's "Forget You", The Black Eyed Peas' "Pump It", Anja's "Dance all Night", Wilson Pickett's "Land of 1000 Dances", and appropriately, C&C Music Factory's Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)..all very energetic and lively (and fun) songs.

As in the Dance mode, you rack up points when you hit the right dance moves. In addition, as with Just Dance 2, they don't count calories for some reason, but rather, they count "sweat points". With Just Dance 2, the consensus on the Web was that 4.2 sweat points = about 1 calorie burned, and it seems about the same with Just Dance 3. In all honesty, I'm not sure why they didn't just use calories, which would have made things a lot easier. But still, as long as you do the math in your head, you can pretty much figure out how intensive a workout you're getting (since each song earns you about 400-500 sweat points, it'll take about 25-30 vigorous songs to reach 3500 calories, or 1 pound of fat lost). As you reach certain points, the system will give you an indication of how much exercise you've done (after completing 1000 sweat points, it told me "You've just walked across Central Park"; after 2000 points, it said "you've just run 10 rounds of the Wembley Stadium").

For "7-Day Challenge" you're presented with three options for the next 7 days: The Fresh Start (3500 sweat points a week, the equivalent of walking 30 minutes a day), The Healthy Choice (7000 sweat points a week, equivalent to running 30 minutes a day), and The Sweat Explosion (21000 sweat points a week, equivalent to swimming for 30 minutes a day).

Overall, I loved Just Sweat mode, but I would have liked to see the ability to chart my progress over days and weeks. Still, it's a great improvement over previous versions and definitely one of the best workouts you can have on the Wii.

3) Store

This is where you can purchase downloadable content (DLC) if your Wii is connected to the Internet. As of this writing (October 8, 2011), the store contained only the following songs:

- Baby Don't Stop Now (Anja)
- Jambo Mambo (Old Orquesta)
- Soul Searchin (Groove Century)
- Twist and Shake It (The Girly Team)

But a bunch of empty icons indicates that there are more coming soon. Each song costs 250 Wii Points, so if you buy a 2000 point card for about $20, this comes out to about $2.50 a song.

4) Extras

This is where you can adjust options, such as whether to display lyrics, display pictograms (the icons telling you what move to make), display help screens, and track usage. You can also view the medals you earned.

I think one of the questions most people will have on their mind is: is Just Dance 3 on the Wii still relevant when there are so many new "real dance move" games out for systems like the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. My answer is a resounding "yes". Not only does Just Dance 3 hold its own in terms of fun and accuracy--it actually has an advantage over those other systems. While those systems force players to squeeze into a camera view of 6 feet across, with Just Dance, players can stand anywhere in the room, and it doesn't even matter if there are spectators or "dancers without controllers" standing among them.

Long story short, I think Ubisoft has taken a great franchise and moved it even further. Just Dance 3 for the Wii is another winner.
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on October 8, 2011
I am a very loyal fan of Just Dance and Just Dance 2. I waited for months for the release of Just Dance 3. I picked it up on the release date and danced for 5 hours straight. It is amazing. First of all, the game play is so much fun. Most of the games are highly active and you definitely break a sweat. There are some slower ones, but those songs are also really fun too! There are so many good songs that I can't even pick one...or two...or three. I was skeptical about the 4 person play, but my friends and I had SO MUCH FUN! It is really well made and everyone was into it. The couples dances are good as well.

Some new features include earning Mojo points that open up locked songs, mash-ups, and different song playing options. It starts out easy to earn these locked features, but once you start playing more, the number of Mojo points needed to unlock increases. Speaking of mash-ups, they are amazing. It incorporates all the best dance moves into one song.

The dancing is pretty difficult at times, but always a fun challenge. Everyone who tried to play, even those that hadn't played a Just Dance game before got really into it after a couple of rounds.

Overall, Just Dance 3 is a near perfect game. I am not disappointed at all. It met all my expectations and beyond. Get this game! You will not regret it!
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on October 10, 2011
After its hugely successful predecessors, the third installment of the JUST DANCE series has arrived. It comes with tons of fun and it will make you sweat while having it. If you are or feeling young, if you want to get your kids out of the couch or if you want to burn calories yourself, this is the game for you.

On top of the good old Classic Mode, fans of the series will be able to enjoy their favorite exergame in numerous different ways.
Duet Mode & Simon Says: Duet and group dances as well as the dance version of Simon Says make JD3 a good idea for parties and sleepovers. If, like me, you are over 35, this also offers the opportunity for numerous very humiliating experiences with your young ones.
Medley, Non-Stop Shuffle & Just Sweat: Very good for getting your heart rate up and keeping it in the aerobic range for as long as you can handle it, without interruptions. If you are really pumped, try giving the Dance Til Dawn Mode a try...

But the game is all carrot, no stick. The better you match the song's moves, the more points you accumulate (not to mention getting the background to animate!). The more points you have, the more mojo you are attributed. And the more mojo you `ve got, the more modes and songs become available to you.

Graphics received a boost, in both details and backgrounds. You prefer singing to dancing? No problem, JD3 comes with all the lyrics showing on the screen for you to accompany your favorite group or singer (no, no points for turning this dancing game into a karaoke but who cares, right?).

If truth be told at first glance I liked the song collection of Just Dance 2 better. However, I think this will keep happening with every new installment of the series. These games just grow on you. You are having so much fun that the new songs will simply become as dear to you as your old favorites. Give it time.
So, yes, the song list may not contain the latest hits but it has some very uplifting dance songs and your list can be enriched online (although not cheaply).

This is the COMPLETE LIST of the songs contained in the game, alphabetically:
1. 2 Unlimited: No Limit
2. A-Ha: Take On Me
3. Anja: Dance All Nite
4. Aretha Franklin: Think
5. Bananarama: Venus
6. Black Eyed Peas: Pump It
7. Bollywood Dream: Kurio ko uddah le jana
8. Cee Lo Green: Forget You
9. Countdown Mix Masters: Beautiful Liar
10.Daft Punk: Da Funk
11.Danny Elfman: This is Halloween
12.Donna Summer: I Feel Love
13.Dr. Creole: Baby Zouk
14.Duck Sauce: Barbra Streisand
15.Girls Aloud: Jump (For My Love)
16.Groove Century: Boogie Wonderland
17.Gwen Stefani: What You Waiting For
18.Inspector Marceau: The Master Blaster
19.Janelle Monae: Tightrope (Solo Version)
20.Jessie J featuring B.o.B: Price Tag
21.Brahms by Just Dance Classical Orchestra: Hungarian Dance No. 5
22.Katy Perry: E.T (only in the Special edition)
23.Katy Perry: Teenage Dream (only in the Special edition)
24.Katy Perry featuring Snoop Dogg: California Gurls
25.Kiss: I Was Made For Lovin' You
26.Konshens: Jamaican Dance
27.African Ladies: Pata Pata
28.Latino Sunset: Mamasita
29.Laura Bell Bundy: Giddy On Up (Giddy On Out)
30.Lena Meyer-Landrut: Satellite
31.Lenny Kravitz: Are You Gonna Go My Way
32.LMFAO featuring Lauren Bennett and GoonRock: Party Rock Anthem
33.Madness: Night Boat To Cairo
34.MIKA: Lollipop
35.Nelly Furtado featuring Timbaland: Promiscuous 832. Pointer Sisters: I'm So Excited
36.Pointer Sisters: I'm So Excited
37.Queen: Crazy Little Thing Called Love
38.Reggaeton Explosion: Boom
39.Rita Mitsouko: Marcia Baila
40.Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman: Somethin' Stupid
41.Robin Sparkles: Let's Go To The Mall
42.Scissor Sisters: I Don't Feel Like Dancin'
43.Sentai Express: Spectronizer
44.Sweat Invaders: Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)
45.Taio Cruz: Dynamite
46.The Buggles: Video Killed The Radio Star
47.The Chemical Brothers: Hey Boy Hey Girl
48.The Girly Team: Baby One More Time
49.The Sugarhill Gang: Apache (Jump On It)
50.Tommy Sparks: She's Got Me Dancing
51.Wilson Pickett: Land of 1000 Dances

On top of that, more songs will become available online. Some of them may be free but expect most to be sold for...250 Wii-Points each. So far there are four songs offered online:
52.Anja: Baby Don't Stop Now
53.Glen Frey: Soul Searching
54.Ole Orchestra: Jambo Mambo
55.The Girly Team: Twist & Shake It

Sure, the Wii may not be the most graphically impressive console. But that never stopped it from offering games that are more fun to experience. Without cameras to constrain you or complicated controls to learn, JD3 on the Wii is a great game for the young of all ages.

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on November 28, 2011
I have two girls, 11 and 13. They loved the previous versions of this game and couldn't wait to get this one. They seem to really enjoy this one as well, but I have a couple of concerns. My first issue is probably more Wii related than game related. As with earlier versions of this game, it does not record the movements correctly. Sometimes it will give them credit when they do it totally wrong and other times it will not give them credit even though they nailed the move. As a result, it does not really promote dancing, but rather jerking the remote at the right time.

My second issue with this game is their song selection. Many of the songs are obscure and odd. It was as if they were saving royalty money by using strange music recorded by undiscovered artists. I also think that several of the songs are far to risque to be on a game that is aimed at preteens and early teens. For example, Nelly Furtado's "Promiscuous" is all about sex. Many (but not all) of the inappropriate words have been cut out of the song (which makes the flow of the song really odd) but the generally theme is still very clear. There are millions of fun and appropriate popular songs out there so why they chose obscure or highly inappropriate songs for the target age group is baffling!
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on October 10, 2011
Primarily, I use the Just Dance games for a fun, light-intensity cardio workout - I buy all the expansion packs and extra songs, because I love having all the content and it makes an hour long workout much more enjoyable. Honestly, I would have been satisfied with this one if it had just been new songs, but Just Dance 3 is a full-blown sequel to the series with all new content, modes, and improvements.

- The game is /finally/ designed to be played straight through without going back to the song selection screen each time! For those of us who like to workout, this is probably the best feature. There are premade playlists for workout routine featuring high octave songs, or a playlist with all 'extreme' three-physics point songs. Even in standard play, the game automatically chooses a random song as a 'next' feature as well as allowing you to choose to pick a song if you want. And there's party mode that just keeps playing songs over and over; absolutely excellent!

- There's a medal and point system involved now, which helps you unlock new and extra content. The medals are a cool incentive to keep dancing, with goals such as 'Finish a Song with No X's!' and 'Gain 300 Sweat Points and 3 Stars on a song!". To unlock extra content seems fairly easy: you just keep dancing, and eventually you score enough mojo points to get a new song, mode, or dance mash up. I've only been playing for a little over two hours all together, and I've already got Simon Says mode, an extra song, and a dance mashup.

- Tons of multiplayer fun; the Dance crew/party modes are very fun, and this is a game well-designed for group play. The routines are silly and enjoyable, and there are even more complex numbers for groups. Imagine doing a disco group line-up version of Boogie Wonderland, complete with a line at the end. Incredibly fun. Also, for those playing by themselves - duets and dance crew allow you to choose to play the part of any character. In a way, this means dance crew and duets are two-to-four extra routines for some songs.

- The same old variety in songs which we love, this sequel has everything from Bollywood to the Super Sentai theme song (think Power Rangers). There's a lot of fun dances, like a very accurate version of 'Let's Go to the Mall' from How I Met Your Mother and a cheerleader team version of Britney Spear's Baby One More Time. All in all, there's a lot of fun, uptempo dances here in a variety of styles. While you do have to unlock content, make no mistake, the game loads with over 30 songs.

- Game modes and other ways of playing the dancing games.

- This game was pretty clearly designed for XBOX 360 Kinect in mind, and the arm movements are a lot less complex than the previous Just Dance games. There's a lot of small, subtle gestures that don't work well with the Wiimote, and a LOT LOT LOT of footwork/getting up and down that the Wii game obviously can't really recognize. And sometimes the dance moves seem very simplified and repetitive, like for a tracking system to pick up. It's not incredibly noticeable, but I've thought once or twice, 'Oh, I guess this song would be better on Kinect...'. I think that might be why another reviewer found the moves 'less fun' than Just Dance 2. I'm not too upset, the moving up and down, back and forth is good for the heart-rate. It's just not going to be easy to get that Gold Medal for a Perfect Score.

- While this is obviously a party game, I was a little annoyed because it seems like the one-player mode has gone down a bit? Now when you're doing a duet/group dance with one wii-mote, it shows you EVERYONE's moves. It makes it a little unnecessarily confusing, especially when it's one of the four player dances which aren't very solo player friendly, and end up with me bobbing and waiting for it to be my own turn, ha.

- They seem to have taken away the sort by physics/technical mode feature? That was helpful when I was working out. I miss it.

All in all, this still definitely feels like an enjoyable sequel and I'm totally satisfied with buying it. That said, it feels like it wasn't designed for the Wii system and the solo-play sometimes drops the ball, but honestly, well worth a buy.
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on October 8, 2011
(See update below, October 26 2011)

I use Just Dance for exercise, & the non-stop shuffle is the best route (better than the 'just sweat' IMO). They kept this feature. So now I have a new batch of songs, and a different routine each day since the shuffle is in random order. The pause between songs is very short with Just Dance 3, an improvement over JD2. As with it's predecessors, there is a wide variety of music styles included. I have not heard of many of the songs before, but that doesn't impact my enjoyment of them.

This is good for all fitness levels. If you are fit, don't limit yourself - I modify the moves to make them more intense, and most songs will work for that. I used this for an hour & a half this morning, & there seems to be only one song that is too slow for me to work with. It is a simple matter to skip any song that you don't like.

I'm not crazy about having all four guide figures scroll across the screen even when I'm the only person using it, but that is a very minor complaint - not even enough to knock it down a star. For multi-person songs, you can select which person you want to follow. In shuffle mode, the game simply assigns you the 1st person (if you are playing alone); you can change the selection if you restart the song.

They have added a few 'game' features. There are medals and items that you have to unlock. I'm not particularly pleased about that, but I know many people will be. I unlocked 'simon says' mode and one additional song this morning. I'm disappointed that "Brahms by Just Dance Classical Orchestra - "Hungarian Dance No. 5" is one of the locked items; I am looking forward to seeing the choreography. I certainly hope that the unlocked items come up in the shuffle; I don't know if they do yet.

Hopefully everyone reading this will buy a copy of the game, because this is so good I want them to come out with Just Dance 4 next year! Go for it!

Update October 26, 2011

I've been using this roughly 4 times a week, 45 minutes to an hour each time, since I got it. Just today I unlocked the last of the 'gifts'. Some additional information for you now that I have more experience with it:

- The 'gift' songs show up in the non-stop shuffle.

- The "Simon Says" mode is definitely party oriented and would be fun. Not as good for exercise, but you can rack points up pretty quickly if you are close to unlocking the next song!

- as far as I can tell, there is no way to turn off the sound effects in the wiimote. This is a slight drawback, it sometimes makes a noise when you reach a star (you get stars as your point level increases) and the wiimote might be right next to your ear. Hopefully they will correct that in future editions. (Update from a helpful comment here: outside of the game, you can reduce the volume of the wiimote. Unfortunately, that impacts all games, not just this one, but it is useful for this. I actually don't usually hold the wiimote any more, now that I have everything unlocked.)

- a song selection complaint: what WERE they thinking putting in a song with annoying giggles? (Let's go to the Mall) That gets, well, annoying. It is a good workout song, though, so I don't usually skip it.

- Dance Mash - great new feature, in with the gift items. They take a song and use choreography from multiple songs that fit the beat. They even have some moves from JD1 and JD2. There are enough to make a good workout cycling through them.

And I know you are all just dying to know: I'm happy to report that "Hungarian Dance No. 5" is a fun exercise song also. It was the very last 'gift unlocked; they must have known I was curious about that one.
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on December 4, 2011
I purchased this game after playing Dance Central for X-Box Kinect at a friend's house. I only have a Wii, but I wanted a dance game of my own. Here is my 2 cents Just Dance 3 for Wii:

*Has a wide variety of fun songs for people of all ages
*It makes exercise fun! I am relatively fit, and I was sweating as we played, and sore the next day. It's wonderful exercise!!
*You can play with 4 people (on all songs)!! That is a major bonus that Dance Central does NOT offer (it has only 1 or 2 player options).
*The game is a lot of fun!!
*This is the dance game for lazy people. Depending on your view, this might be a pro or a con. My husband says it's a pro so I'll list it here. You can just wave your arm and still get a score (sometimes better than the people that were actually dancing).

*A HUGE flaw in this game is that you cannot practice the individual moves of the song. That was one of my favorite parts to the Dance Central game. You could break down the individual moves and practice them. With this game it just goes. You don't have time to study the diagrams, and know what they mean. You don't have time to practice the trickier moves. Your only option is to re-play the whole song if you are struggling with a move.
*The wii-mote does not always register the dance moves correctly (even with fresh batteries). My sister on one song was just waving her arms wildly around, and got a better score than the other 3 people who were doing the moves perfectly. If the remote goes behind your back, or gets out of range of the sensor, or you point it in the wrong direction, or a number of other things, it doesn't pick it up right. If you don't care about your score, and are just dancing to have fun, this will not be an issue for you. Don't count on it registering properly.
*Unlike the kinect, it doesn't register your whole body. Your footwork doesn't matter at all. This makes for 2 cons: 1)The footwork is fast, and there is no way to study it and know if you are getting it properly. 2)Consequently, this game has a lot of arm motions. It's very tiring on the arms.
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VINE VOICEon November 22, 2011
I love these games! Great music, lots of fun, and it makes you sweat a whole lot - but that's a good thing.. you exercise without feeling like it's work. I am a bigger girl, but I can move with the best of them. That's the beauty of these games.. no matter your skill level of dancing or your weight - you can have fun with these games. I do however, like Just Dance 2 slightly better. I think it might be the music choices - lot more songs I have actually heard of. But I do like the new feature of JD3 that allows you to learn 4 part choreography - each person, up to 4 players, doing a different dance move all at once. Other than that, this game is similar to the other two games that proceeded it. If you are a fan of those, you will love this game too.
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on December 2, 2011
Don't get me wrong I love Just Dance the franchise and own all 3 now but the song list left me wanting more! I just don't think the song selections were up to the quality as the first two and for the price it leaves you wondering if it's really worth it. As for the game it is just as great as the first two and I love being able to work out while not feeling like I am working out and this game absolutely matches that criteria. I think the price and the song list are turnoffs but if you are looking to get a fun game for the family or a fun exercise game for youself this Christmas you can't go wrong with the Just Dance franchise. Really great concept just wish they would get some better variety!
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on November 13, 2011
I was very excited to see the Dance 3 come along. However, I am a little disappointed in the song selections, not too many that grab me right away. There are some things that are fun, different music types, rock, pop etc that are a selection to play and you can chose a long or shorter version of the dances. But overall, not as much fun to me as Just Dance 2.
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