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on November 28, 2011
I have two girls, 11 and 13. They loved the previous versions of this game and couldn't wait to get this one. They seem to really enjoy this one as well, but I have a couple of concerns. My first issue is probably more Wii related than game related. As with earlier versions of this game, it does not record the movements correctly. Sometimes it will give them credit when they do it totally wrong and other times it will not give them credit even though they nailed the move. As a result, it does not really promote dancing, but rather jerking the remote at the right time.

My second issue with this game is their song selection. Many of the songs are obscure and odd. It was as if they were saving royalty money by using strange music recorded by undiscovered artists. I also think that several of the songs are far to risque to be on a game that is aimed at preteens and early teens. For example, Nelly Furtado's "Promiscuous" is all about sex. Many (but not all) of the inappropriate words have been cut out of the song (which makes the flow of the song really odd) but the generally theme is still very clear. There are millions of fun and appropriate popular songs out there so why they chose obscure or highly inappropriate songs for the target age group is baffling!
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on October 8, 2011
(See update below, October 26 2011)

I use Just Dance for exercise, & the non-stop shuffle is the best route (better than the 'just sweat' IMO). They kept this feature. So now I have a new batch of songs, and a different routine each day since the shuffle is in random order. The pause between songs is very short with Just Dance 3, an improvement over JD2. As with it's predecessors, there is a wide variety of music styles included. I have not heard of many of the songs before, but that doesn't impact my enjoyment of them.

This is good for all fitness levels. If you are fit, don't limit yourself - I modify the moves to make them more intense, and most songs will work for that. I used this for an hour & a half this morning, & there seems to be only one song that is too slow for me to work with. It is a simple matter to skip any song that you don't like.

I'm not crazy about having all four guide figures scroll across the screen even when I'm the only person using it, but that is a very minor complaint - not even enough to knock it down a star. For multi-person songs, you can select which person you want to follow. In shuffle mode, the game simply assigns you the 1st person (if you are playing alone); you can change the selection if you restart the song.

They have added a few 'game' features. There are medals and items that you have to unlock. I'm not particularly pleased about that, but I know many people will be. I unlocked 'simon says' mode and one additional song this morning. I'm disappointed that "Brahms by Just Dance Classical Orchestra - "Hungarian Dance No. 5" is one of the locked items; I am looking forward to seeing the choreography. I certainly hope that the unlocked items come up in the shuffle; I don't know if they do yet.

Hopefully everyone reading this will buy a copy of the game, because this is so good I want them to come out with Just Dance 4 next year! Go for it!

Update October 26, 2011

I've been using this roughly 4 times a week, 45 minutes to an hour each time, since I got it. Just today I unlocked the last of the 'gifts'. Some additional information for you now that I have more experience with it:

- The 'gift' songs show up in the non-stop shuffle.

- The "Simon Says" mode is definitely party oriented and would be fun. Not as good for exercise, but you can rack points up pretty quickly if you are close to unlocking the next song!

- as far as I can tell, there is no way to turn off the sound effects in the wiimote. This is a slight drawback, it sometimes makes a noise when you reach a star (you get stars as your point level increases) and the wiimote might be right next to your ear. Hopefully they will correct that in future editions. (Update from a helpful comment here: outside of the game, you can reduce the volume of the wiimote. Unfortunately, that impacts all games, not just this one, but it is useful for this. I actually don't usually hold the wiimote any more, now that I have everything unlocked.)

- a song selection complaint: what WERE they thinking putting in a song with annoying giggles? (Let's go to the Mall) That gets, well, annoying. It is a good workout song, though, so I don't usually skip it.

- Dance Mash - great new feature, in with the gift items. They take a song and use choreography from multiple songs that fit the beat. They even have some moves from JD1 and JD2. There are enough to make a good workout cycling through them.

And I know you are all just dying to know: I'm happy to report that "Hungarian Dance No. 5" is a fun exercise song also. It was the very last 'gift unlocked; they must have known I was curious about that one.
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VINE VOICEon November 22, 2011
I love these games! Great music, lots of fun, and it makes you sweat a whole lot - but that's a good thing.. you exercise without feeling like it's work. I am a bigger girl, but I can move with the best of them. That's the beauty of these games.. no matter your skill level of dancing or your weight - you can have fun with these games. I do however, like Just Dance 2 slightly better. I think it might be the music choices - lot more songs I have actually heard of. But I do like the new feature of JD3 that allows you to learn 4 part choreography - each person, up to 4 players, doing a different dance move all at once. Other than that, this game is similar to the other two games that proceeded it. If you are a fan of those, you will love this game too.
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on December 4, 2011
I purchased this game after playing Dance Central for X-Box Kinect at a friend's house. I only have a Wii, but I wanted a dance game of my own. Here is my 2 cents Just Dance 3 for Wii:

*Has a wide variety of fun songs for people of all ages
*It makes exercise fun! I am relatively fit, and I was sweating as we played, and sore the next day. It's wonderful exercise!!
*You can play with 4 people (on all songs)!! That is a major bonus that Dance Central does NOT offer (it has only 1 or 2 player options).
*The game is a lot of fun!!
*This is the dance game for lazy people. Depending on your view, this might be a pro or a con. My husband says it's a pro so I'll list it here. You can just wave your arm and still get a score (sometimes better than the people that were actually dancing).

*A HUGE flaw in this game is that you cannot practice the individual moves of the song. That was one of my favorite parts to the Dance Central game. You could break down the individual moves and practice them. With this game it just goes. You don't have time to study the diagrams, and know what they mean. You don't have time to practice the trickier moves. Your only option is to re-play the whole song if you are struggling with a move.
*The wii-mote does not always register the dance moves correctly (even with fresh batteries). My sister on one song was just waving her arms wildly around, and got a better score than the other 3 people who were doing the moves perfectly. If the remote goes behind your back, or gets out of range of the sensor, or you point it in the wrong direction, or a number of other things, it doesn't pick it up right. If you don't care about your score, and are just dancing to have fun, this will not be an issue for you. Don't count on it registering properly.
*Unlike the kinect, it doesn't register your whole body. Your footwork doesn't matter at all. This makes for 2 cons: 1)The footwork is fast, and there is no way to study it and know if you are getting it properly. 2)Consequently, this game has a lot of arm motions. It's very tiring on the arms.
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on March 3, 2016
I am a very big fan of the Just Dance series. The game play is so much fun and it's a great way to get off the couch. What I like more about this version vs the older versions is new the 4 person play. My siblings and I have so much fun, I think our favorite dance is Taio Cruz's 'Dynamite' out of the 4 person play. Even my 4 year old brother has a blast playing this game. The song selection also seems to be a lot more diverse than the previous versions as well, which is a plus.

A new feature is earning Mojo points that opens up locked songs and mash ups. As the game progresses you need more mojo points to unlock songs than in the beginning. This is a great way to motivate you to play some more (as if you won't be playing all the time already). I also love that you can get a really great workout with the Just Sweat mode.

Basically, if you want a game that will be fun for people of all ages to play, get this. I am never disappointed by this series.
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on December 29, 2015
This is my favorite Just Dance. I use them for exercise. I like that you can set goals and monitor your workouts. I like that in Just Dance 3 you can readily select the songs you want. You can select a preset playlist or pick your own. It is better than Just Dance 4 that defaults to selecting a playlist. If you want to pick your own songs, this is the best version.
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on May 22, 2016
Just Dance 1 and 3 are family favorites in my house. It's a fun work out for me, especially since I'm trying to drop some weight. LOL You definitely sweat and move to these. It's also funny to watch my 4 year old try to keep up with the moves.
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I have SLE with mobility issues (inflammatory arthritis) and chronic fatigue, which puts me in a catch 22 situation of needing to exercise to keep from losing ground with both my mobility and my stamina, while having to fight an uphill battle just to get to the point that I CAN exercise. Going to a gym with any kind of regularity is out of the question. I used to be really active before I got sick, and I much prefer doing "something" to jogging on a trampoline or working through a list of exercises from my physical therapist. So I thought I would give this a try.

I love love love it. Unlike the Wii Fit game, your mii doesn't shame you over a one star performance (okay, I think that's funny, but your mother or your grandmother might not). Also, Just Dance makes it extremely easy to start from right where you are, mobility-wise. You can start sitting down, if you need to.

The game is also very flexible in terms of how you structure your sessions. You can use the Just Dance feature to browse through songs and move to what you like to hear or to learn the moves (which actually seems to be helping with my cognitive function) to the dance routines you like the best. If you're just looking to get in, get some cardio, and get out, you can go into the Just Sweat section and do that. You can even set weekly goals for yourself.

My favorite part about the game is that it is so low key and hassle free. You turn it on, and get right to whatever you want to do. When you are finished, it's fast and easy to shut the thing down. The songs are eclectic (some content might not be appropriate for young children), and replay value is high. I like it so much that I got Just Dance 4 for Wii U.

The only thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't always record your movement correctly or save your progress. It's no mean feat for me to hit my daily goal, so when I go back the next day after meeting my daily objective and the last dance I did didn't get its points saved, it's a bit of a disappointment. Not a super big deal, though. I'm not exactly getting graded or paid by the point : )
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on January 21, 2016
Was pretty dissapointed with this game. Usually Just Dance series have a variety of genres. This seemed like an easy attempt to make some extra money. Just Dance series are great but this one dodn't hold up. Too much teeny bop pop.
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on February 18, 2012
I've been trying out various games to see how good they are when it comes to burning calories or working out. On the positive side, Just Dance 3 will definitely make you sweat if you really try to do the moves, and I mean you will really sweat. Yes, you can stand still and wave the Wii remote around and the game wont know the difference, but that would defeat the purpose of buying the game in the first place. I never played either of the first two games so I have no opinion on this one versus what came before, but I saw no issues keeping up with what was happening on the screen, except to say that the technology of the Wii is probably not the best platform for a dancing game like this that can only sort of track whats going on based on how you wave the remote around. This tends to become annoying when you move somewhere outside of the range of the infrared sensor while dancing and get and X for failing that step in the dance.

I was really getting into this game the first couple of times I played it, for about an hour each time, but the magic wore off pretty quickly. The biggest reason that I can find is similar to some other reviews that talk about the music selection. There are a few big name hits on there, but the game is full of stuff that you wouldn't want to dance to outside of a game, or you find yourself dancing to some crazy song that you have never heard of, which makes it harder to actually play the game. The most fun comes from playing the game to songs that you know, and then there are a few unknown songs that are worth getting to know. The rest just feels like filler.

Overall this is a fun game, but it would be so much more if it had a action packed playlist. I'm also not a fan of this kind of thing with a limited system like the Wii, though I don't know how this game compares on the Kinect, which can see full body movements. Even that technology may not truly be up to par yet. This game is a definite winner for those looking to burn calories, but if you do it every day the same small selection of songs will start to turn you off more than the exercise.
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