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on October 8, 2017
Not my favorite romance novel. I had read that it was someone's favorite friends to lovers book and I just started reading this author, so I thought I'd give it a chance. Just not loving it. I mean, if you like a romance novel where the main characters barely interact through the entire book... this is your book. The things keeping them apart didn't feel angsty and heart breaking, they just felt annoying, and in the end, I didn't like any of the characters that much. I mean... at least there was a cute ending, but the premise had such promise.
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on April 28, 2012
Okay I love the premise of the book. Tomboyish, ahletic amazon woman loves best friend. First off, this book did not have to be as long as it was. I mean a good 1/3 of it could be cut out and not loose any of the real story. I like how Higgins does the flashbacks and shows how the couple meet. However, since the book was entirely in first person, it would have been nice to get some of Trevor's (the H's) feelings and thoughts too. I mean seriously, they do not get together until like around 85% of the book is over. There was more about the family and the brother & parents marital problems than about the H and h.

Truthfully, after the first half of the book, I kept wanting to scream MAN UP! It was obvious how they both felt even though the H's feelings were more subtle since we never got to see any of his feelings until the very end. It would have been even better if something had been leaked earlier about why the H never got married. It just all seemed to drag.

I will say that there was some realism in the end because the family's problems do not get tied up in a neat little bow (well they are tied up in a bow, just not in the exactly happily ever after way). I like how Higgins showed that sometimes couples just grow apart and things cannot be fixed.

Overall, a decent read, but way too long and honestly not worth the price imho.
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on October 26, 2014
I adore this book! Like hands down adore this book! This was the first book of Kristan Higgins that I have read, and I have to admit that I am totally, without a doubt hooked on her work. I think I've read like six of her books since reading this one. I love romance books where people are best friends, especially ones where one of the friends is carrying a torch for the other one. I also want to mention that one of the reasons why I love her books is because they are full length books, they aren't short or medium sized, I love really having a lot of time with the characters to fall in love with them.

I adore Chastity, her name alone is hilarious (Chastity Virginia if I remember correctly). She has four older brothers who have strong ties to the fire department, including her dad who is the fire chief. I can't imagine growing up with four older brothers was easy for her dating life, but hey they are good brothers and they love her very much. The family friend is Trevor, and he's just as much as part of the family as anyone else. Trevor is Chastity's first love, and she is still completely in love with him when she moves back to town. Only she's pretty sure it's never going to happen, so she's got to get on with living her life.

Enter Ryan Darling. The doctor. Who is slightly on the arrogant side. And well bland. But on paper I suppose he's a pretty decent dating candidate. I think Chastity knows he ain't her dream guy, but she keeps it going with him all while carrying a torch for her real dream guy Trevor. Of course Trevor ends up with someone else during this period which I'm sure you can understand when Chastity doesn't really love that whole experience of seeing him with someone else.

I love the story of how these two people basically orbit around each other but never seem to be able to come together. Trevor is just too afraid to lose the only real family he knows if things don't go well with Chastity and Chastity just isn't assertive enough to really go after what she wants. But I do love watching the whole thing unfold, and the extreme family dynamics going on in the book. Plus Chastity has some seriously interesting stuff going on at work too, made for some great laughs. I highly recommend this book and really any book by Kristan Higgins.
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on September 17, 2009
This was my first book by Kristan Higgins, and I have to say that I loved it.
Chastity and her brothers had a wonderful relationship, her parents made me laugh and cry, and Trevor was wonderfully sweet, sexy, and self-sacrificing. I loved that even though it was told in first person, I could still tell how Chastity was missing or misinterpreting so many things around her. Chas's parents' and Mark and Lainey's marriage problems, as well as Chas and Trevor's bittersweet friendship/love, made my heart hurt. Buttercup was a total scene stealer, though she looked nothing like the cute little dog on the cover. (As was stated over and over, she was a mixed breed, big and ugly.) I loved when she escaped and ran through the streets in Matt's underwear. And when Trevor was trying to help Chastity get rid of an embarrassing stain in the ladies' room, during her first date with Ryan, I was laughing out loud.
My only issue with Chastity was that she called everyone "pal" or "buddy". That was a little annoying for me, but it didn't make the story less engrossing. I loved this book so much that I went back and read several chapters again after reaching the very satisfying ending. I just wasn't ready to let these people go, after going through so much with them. This was a very good story, and I will read more from this author!
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on April 7, 2013
JUST ONE OF THE GUYS, had me laughing from the beginning and smiling at the end. Chasity O'Neill and her brothers are people I felt I could connect with. That sarcastic and cynical family dynamic really caught my attention. Being a tomboy at heart, I understood Chasity's predicament. Having an older brother that is far too alpha for his own good as a role model also made it hard for me to have a serious date for a very long time. Of course, I am not Chasity's five-foot eleven and three quarters stature to live with (I am simply only 5'7") and our strongest parts (her shoulders and my legs) were different, but the challenges were pretty similar. I just never had a true love that lasted since childhood that affected just about every person I ever managed to date.

I absolutely LOVED the sarcastic (and at times cynical) banter that was shared with the family. The monthly family dinner's at the O'Neill house were a laugh and a half. Especially when it came to the mother's terrible cooking and the comments about it. I will have to definitely re-read this book because I fear I might have missed some other parts due to the tears in my eyes from laughing.

I enjoyed that there was a lack of vulgarity and far too descriptive sizzle. It left room for the imagination and focused more on the characters and the story for me.

I did notice that when I select a book, I do look at the ratings scale and will read the highest review and the lowest rated review. It gives me an idea of the true rating and why. There are some rabid fans that hold loyalty to a certain author and will rate highly even if the book misses the mark as well as those overly critical people that take fictional writing to a level that appears that they want absolute perfection. While I will lean towards the more critical reviewers in some aspects, I will disagree with the poor rating reviewers on this book. Chasity's desire to get married and have children was not the center of her character as these people stated. It was not so far fetched that a woman would want that in their lives as well as the perpetual torch a woman can hold for another man. Even the somewhat childish acts of getting the other person jealous do hold a ring of truth to them.

With that being said.... I am looking forward to reading this book again as well as reading more of the works from Ms. Higgins. I highly recommend you check this book out. You will not be disappointed!!!
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on October 11, 2013
I have found a brand new (to me anyway)favourite author. And that is the BEST THING EVER, because all her books are just waiting for me to dive on in and enjoy.

I loved Chastity and all her insecurities. They were so real. She was someone I could easily relate to, especially with the large family and being the only girl. I loved reading about the family dynamics, seeing other relationships grow and develop and to suffer along with other's real-life situations. Ms. Higgins doesn't shy away from those controversial situations that affect so many of us. I laughed and cried. Real love is work, and it was so great to see this reflected in the story.
Note to self: read the next one when everyone else has gone to bed so you don't look like such a doofus!

Thank you for your wonderful stories, Kristan Higgins. I can't wait to get on to the next.
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on October 7, 2017
As always, another great story from Kristan Higgins. She does such a great job of developing the characters so that you really care about them. And the stories always have interesting twists as well as secondary characters!
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on April 9, 2012
Dear Authors: Please give us more heroines like Chas, because she is freaking amazing.

I freaking loved Chastity. Honestly? One of the best female protagonists ever written IMO. How many times do we get to read about a heroine who is assertive without being douchey, generous and big-hearted without being a doormat, and competent and confident without being arrogant? Not often enough, let me tell you. All of these great qualities, but her character is so well-drawn that she is still flawed and human and relatable -- importantly, she never comes close to falling into the Mary Sue category.

And my favorite part about her -- she had the guts to make some really hard decisions in order to stay true to herself. She makes some mistakes along the way, but when push comes to shove she knows what she needs to do, and she does it. I found her an incredibly empowering and inspiring character to read. Props, Ms. Higgins, props.

Once again, Higgins treats us to a wonderful cast of secondary characters and variety of side-stories. There are also some delightful comedic moments that had me chuckling out loud.

Not to be forgotten is the fact that I adored the leading man, Trevor. I'd read 2 other books by Higgins before picking up this one, and I was beginning to question her taste in men.

SPOILER: Trevor was a wonderful romantic interest. I see other reviewers are disgruntled because we did not get to see them together in a romantic relationship very much. But you know? It was pretty obvious to me from a few chapters in that he adored Chas, and that he treated her with respect, admiration, tenderness, support, and humor. And those qualities go a very, very long way for me. Even though they were technically not in a romantic relationship, I saw that these two loved each other and treated each other well. They displayed their love for each other beautifully. That is the forecast for the quality of their future relationship. Even though they did not get a lot of "screen-time" so to speak, they didn't need it. You can already see how they are going to be together from the way they interact in the few short scenes they are in. Quality over quantity.

The epilogue was perfect. It was a happy ending without being sappy or overly-sentimental or fairy-tailish.

And I am so, so, thrilled that Chas got such a satisfying and happy ending. I loved her very much and would have been very disappointed if she had gotten anything less.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon June 28, 2012
Just One of the Guys is pretty standard Higgins fare. It's set in the northeast (in this case, northern New York, as opposed to her more typical locales in New England, and features a young woman trying to find love while dealing with a colorful family.

Chastity Virginia O'Neill is the youngest of five kids, the other four being older brothers. Longtime family friend, Trevor Meade, is sort of an honorary brother, as much a part of the family as if DNA claimed him. When Chastity returns to Eaton Falls, her small hometown in upstate New York, after college, grad school, and establishing her journalism career, she also returns to the specter of Trevor. She has loved him since she was ten-years-old, a love that is largely unreciprocated. In search of romance, she meets Dr. Darling (seriously - that's his name), and tries to see if she can love someone like she loves Trevor.

As with Higgins' books, you know how this will end, but she gets you there in cute, humorous, sometimes heartbreaking ways. I did cry about four times while reading this. Chastity's complete, consuming love for Trevor can only end in one of two ways, and because she misinterprets everything, she comes awfully close to having to settle for a life she doesn't really want. What she wants is Trevor, and having had a brief taste of him when she was in college, she wants more.

A snippet:
He swallowed and gazed at me, serious and quiet. I could see him weighing the intelligence of what we were about to do, what we had already done, could see his hesitation. Because I'd loved him for so long, been crushed by my yearning for Trevor for so damn long, I slid my hands under his shirt and pulled it over his head. "Please stay," I said, kissing his beautiful neck.

The only complaint I have about this book is that we don't get to see the happy couple together romantically for more than a few pages. That's the case with most of Higgins' books, which may be why my favorite is My One and Only (Hqn), in which our hero and heroine are trapped in a car together for chapters on end.

Kristan Higgins peppers her books with a lively cast of supporting characters, never more so than with this one. What with four brothers, some sisters-in-law, a passel of nieces and nephews, co-workers and firefighters, there are a LOT of people. You get to know most of them, but the danger is not getting to know Trevor as much as you want. A similar problem existed with Malone in Catch of the Day. It's a compliment to Higgins that we want more of her heroes.

Published on cupcake's book cupboard. @VivaAmaRisata
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on July 14, 2012
Chastity is a jock and the only daughter of the O'Neil family of firefighters. She rows and she is a giant.

I honestly thought I had nothing in common with this heroine and there was no way Higgins could possibly make me identify with her.

Ha! Higgins always makes me identify with the heroine. What was I thinking?

Chastity also can't find love. In a small, charming town, filled with men like the Tooth, what chance has she got?

Especially when she gave her heart years ago to orphaned (by default)now firefighter and adopted brother, Trevor.

Oh. Mah. Hero Material.

Trevor is everything you want in a guy. He gets her. He loves her. He calls her mom "Mom" for goodness sake. Not to mention the mind boggling sex...

But years ago, they had their shot and it didn't work out. So she tries out Dr. McDreamy...who is everything she should want, but nothing she needs.

I was bawling like a baby when we got to the HEA on this one. The speech from the hero...gah, I was a puddle. If you don't cry for this one, you have no soul.

But it's those good tears. You know the ones. The ones that leave you wanting just what Chastity found and hoping your hero is out there, thinking that kind of stuff about you even if you don't know it?

Higgins knows people and she knows her romance.

I would give this one ten stars if Amazon had a ten star option. If you want to laugh, sob and fall in love a little, snag Just One of the Guys and get to know one awesome jock.
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