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on May 20, 2015
If you're like me... you were debating between these two things. "Concert Ticket Album" (which I'll call "CTA") and "Just the Ticket" ticket organizer (which I'll call "JTT".) Both have great reviews on Amazon. But no reviews comparing them. So... I bought both so that I could report back to you, Gentle Reader.

They both aim to accomplish the same thing, and are priced within a dollar of each other. However, there are some differences between the two. I'll lay out those differences here:

Form factor: "Just the Ticket" has a thicker width on a bookshelf. Its form factor is a 1.75" binder with rings, whereas the Concert Ticket Album is a skinny bound book about 3/8ths of an inch thick. JTT is labeled on the spine, whereas CTA does not have enough room for words.

Size of tickets it will take: JTT has pockets that are 7.5" x 4" and will take tickets up to that size, but a ticket that size would cover up the label portion where you can write notes. So the practical usable size is 5" x 4". CTA's pockets are 5x5" x 2.75"-- that is, more sized for "traditional" tickets like the kind that ticket outlets have sold for years. CTA does have two larger pockets inside the front and rear covers that will hold up to size 6.25" x 4.5"; and JTT has one rear pocket that is about 9" x 6".

Quantity of tickets it will hold: Concert Ticket Album has 16 pages, with 3 tickets per side, plus two oversized. So that totals: 16 x 3 x 2 = 96 regular tickets plus two oversized tickets. Just the Ticket has 20 pages with 2 tickets per side, for a total of 80 tickets and no oversized tickets. However, its ring-binder form factor allows you to add additional (refill) pages, so you could have more than 80. JTT has one back accordion pocket that will hold things like playbills.

How well it holds tickets: I haven't fully compared, but CTA has smaller pockets and thus tickets would be held snugly. JTT's larger pockets could lead to the tickets sliding around in the pockets a bit.

Notes/descriptions: JTT has a place to write notes. CTA, simply, does not.
Strength/flimsiness of pages: both have pages that are pretty flexible. When looking at your tickets, you'll need to turn pages carefully because there will be some flexing of the tickets in the pages.

Archival quality: who knows. CTA has reviews saying that it did not prevent fading. It does not claim to have acid-free pages. JTT's documentation insert claims to have acid-free pages.

Quality and overall "Niceness": CTA has kind of a cool cover, and when closed it is a pretty solid piece. It will definitely protect tickets better than any "old" system (i.e., shoeboxes). JTT's graphics are a little less "concert" looking-- they look like miscellaneous tickets-- and the binding and presentation is nice and doesn't feel cheap. But the pages are a bit flimsier than CTA's. When shut... CTA is really solid. (With the caveat of the pages possibly not being acid-free as described above). JTT seems solid in terms of binding, but the pages are flimsier so they slide around in the binder a bit. *******Note that there ARE reviews for JTT saying it fell apart pretty quickly. CTA is built in a way that it will not do so... it's one piece with bound pages. I'll update my reviews to address the quality as time goes by.

When I got them, they seemed to be fairly even... kind of a wash. But after comparing them on individual attributes as described above, I'd give the edge to "Just the Ticket" given that the prices are within a dollar of each other. JTT wins out thanks to its expandability, acid-free pages, and a place to write notes. The only area CTA really has it beat is on bookshelf space... it's got a drastically slimmer profile. So if bookshelf space is a big concern for you... CTA is a fine choice. If it isn't, then go with JTT.
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on June 21, 2013
My partner and I use this for our various concert and event tickets. For the oddball ticket that's a bit over-sized for the pockets, there is a sleeve in the back of the book that will hold it. I'm not sure why other reviews are claiming that the metal ring portion disconnects from the sleeve after one use. I have opened it about a dozen times an applied a light amount of tension on the bracket, yet there was no movement. Maybe the company is using a better bonding agent in the newer batch of books. Either way, it's a great way to display your tickets!
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on January 21, 2017
Cute but the product came ripped! Looks to be a common issue with these. Ordered a replacement. Hopefully the next one won't be ripped. Pretty disappointed as I was really looking forward to working on this when I got it.

Update: My second one came in and the rings on the inside would not close all the way so when I turned the pages, they would fall out of the book. I reordered one more and if that one comes in damaged, I'm getting a refund. As it stands, not worth the money or the hassle!
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What a super idea! My husband works a lot, but in his spare time he tries to take the kids and I to all sorts of different events. He even has special events he takes each child to individually. Well, not too long ago when I was doing spring cleaning I discovered he'd been secretly stashing all the ticket stubs including the movie ticket from our second date. I came across this randomly in the advertisements before Christmas, ordered it, put it all together and gifted it to my husband for Christmas. I've only seen my husband get teary-eyed at each of our three children's births prior to now, because of this beautiful album and what it represented. Thank you so much Peter Pauper Press, you made my Christmas a truly special one. Love, Nikki Chenard.
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on January 9, 2017
This is the BEST Amazon purchase I have EVER made.
I have tons and tons of tickets, playbills, concert gear, movie tickets and such forth I've saved from the 5 years I've been with my husband, now I finally have a place I can store it all! I even have the piece of paper he wrote his phone number on the first time we met...now that will be preserved for generations to see....thank you so much for that :)
This book is an amazing concept and its also an amazing design. Each page for tickets is individually removable and 1/2 of the page is blanked and the other 1/2 lined with 5-6 lines. I'd recommend taking each page out to tape the tickets or momento on there.
AND in the back of the book on the back cover is a stretchy pocket you can put playbills,programs, cards,invites, festival lanyards and bracelets and what have you. I will be buying another one once I fill this one. Coolest thing ever....EVERYONE GET ONE!
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on April 23, 2018
I ordered this two different times, and both times the item was defective. The first one came in with the two-ring binder clips being off center and unable to completely close. Based on prior reviews though, I figured this was just a defective item so I returned it and ordered a second one; however, that also arrived defective, with two-ring binder not fully closing and the inserts constantly getting snagged. Unfortunate, because I was really looking forward to this book but I ended up getting two of the "Concert Ticket Albums" books instead, which I loved and highly recommend!
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on January 29, 2018
I rarely leave reviews, but this thins is a total piece of you-know-what. The plastic is very flimsy. The pages are held in by only two rings, and when i opened mine, about 5 of the pages had the top ring holder portion already ripped out. Even gingerly turning pages caused the plastic to rip out of the rings. Also, the rings do not close well -- you know how on old, worn out binders the rings don't close tight/aligned after being opened and closed many times? Well, these are like that brand new. Steer clear of this.
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on June 9, 2016
So I like the layout on the inside, the size of the slots allows me to put standard Ticketmaster tickets, or folded up copies from the print at home. It also allowed me to put in some credit card sized "tickets" and everything fit quite well. I also very much like the fact that it is expandable. My biggest issue with it at this point is the design on the outside of the binder, I sort of wish it was either customizable or blank color on the binding. Its fine for now, although some day I may consider just get a binder for the pages instead.
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on February 8, 2017
The concept is great. However, I am organizing my dad's collection of ticket stubs dating back into the 60's and most are varying sizes. This book seems like a waste of space to put just one small ticket per sleeve. I would put more than one in, but with the pockets being side-load, it's really hard to get them in and out. If the pages were top-loading and possibly had varying size pockets, I would give this 5 stars. But I just find it to be a lot of wasted space.
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on April 19, 2017
i was a little disappointed in this product , the quality of the ring binder fitting was very poor in the fact the the ends do not meet up properly so when you turn the pages they get caught and often fall out , I have to keep pushing this back into alignment but it doesn't stay in place
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