Customer Reviews: Justice League: Doom
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on February 27, 2012
I will give my review without trying to ruin the movie for fans of this genre, this review may contain spoilers, but I will do my best to not go in depth. This movie is a loose adaption of comic book writer Mark Waid's accliamed 2000 miniseries Tower of Babel, with a little bit of the more recent New 52 from DC comics. This film was directed by longtime DC Universe veteran Lauren Montgomery who was also responsible for bringing us Wonder Woman and Green Lantern: First Flight, which just happens to be one of my all time favorite animated movies.

This movie like all the previous animated movies are a animated feature which are always nice and has the feel to it of the Justice League animated series series. This film also introduces Cyborg which is a character some people might not be familiar with, even though he was a hugely popular character in the animated cartoon series of Teen Titans and has had some good success in comics recently, and is a nice change of pace to the story. This film does a good job of plot twists and those not familiar with the Babel story will be shocked at some of the things that happen.

The film is rated PG-13 like the other films that DC has released so parents with younger kids should be aware that it is given this rating not only for intense action and some blood, but several of the heroes weaknesses are used against them in a dark way, and some are tortured, so there is some emotional drama going on that you do not previously see in the other animated films. You also have the usual Superman beating up on villains type of action. The basic premise of this movie is what would happen if villains new about each members of the Justice Leagues greates vulnerabilities and knew exactly how to exploit them all in a plot to get rid of them for a even more sinister plan. Even worse, how did they find out about their weaknesses and come up with the plans necessary to make it happen? You have to watch this movie to fid out.

Longtime fans will be excited to know that Justice League: Doom boasts a lot of voice veterans that they will be familar with. Tim Daly (Superman), the great Kevin Conroy (Batman), Susan Eisenberg (Wonder Woman), Michael Rosenbaum (Flash), Carly Lumbly (Martion Manhunter), and the newest addition of Bumper Robinson (Cyborg). For the hardocre fnas it has what they believe to be the best Green Lantern in Hal Jordan voiced by Nathan Fillion, and fans of the Justice League animated series and Justice League Unlimited will recognize some of the villains in Mirror Master and Vandal Savage.

My final review is I found the movie highly entertaining and hope that they continue to make movies like this. I do wish that these movies were longer, maybe even feature film length in the 2 hr range, or at the very least the 90 min range escpecially with the PG-13 rating and darker content it is possibly geared more towards adults and pre-teens and they are trying to find the right mixture of violence/action for the adults that they can still watch with their children, with that said, another 20 minutes would have been perfect because they do such a great job of setting things up to it to only feel rushed in other parts. I found the animation to be on par with the previous films, and in Blu Ray it looks even better.

I recommend this film!
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on February 29, 2012
In a series of videos based on important comic story lines, this one stands out. What I like about this is each character was depicted accurately showcasing his or her strengths and weaknesses. The story was a solid one back when it was first printed, and the writers did a good job transferring it to the screen. The director did a good job taking the audience through the action scenes and plot points, and it was nice to have the voice talents back from the 90's animated series.

I also really enjoyed the character design. The stylization was just enough the make the drawings more handsome.

This movie and JLA: The New Frontier are my 2 favorite DC releases over the last 12 years.
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on March 21, 2012
While I found the last five or six of these DC efforts subpar, I think the producers did a great job with this one. The animation was good, the story was very good, the acting and direction excellent, and the dialogue outstanding. I was really pleased to find the (correct, IMHO) voices of Tim Daly and Kevin Conroy in place as Superman and Batman. I thought the action sequences were convincing, and there were nice topical references here and there, e.g., regarding the economy and moribund newspaper industry. Both the JLA members and the bad guys spoke and behaved logically almost all the time. Overall, an entertaining and intelligent production.
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VINE VOICEon March 2, 2015
Culling the primary plot from "JLA: Tower of Babel," the DC animated feature "Justice League: Doom" gives us an excellent glimpse into a world where Superman, Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, and the Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) face their greatest challenges individually and struggle to defeat an enemy that has put into play a contingency plan orchestrated by a member of the Justice League itself!

Without giving too much away, the primary villain puts out a call to some of the JL members' greatest foes including Mirror Master, Bane, Cheetah, Metallo, Ma'alefa'ak, and Star Sapphire. His plan is to have them individually take out members of the League and then, surprise, surprise, take over the world! Does he succeed? You'll have to watch the film to find out.

The story plays out quickly and is loaded with humor, especially a decent amount from Alfred Pennyworth early on, and as the plot thickens, we realize that the enemy has used one of the League's members' contingency plans in order to make an attempt at wiping them all out. As the individual members of the League fight for their lives, Cyborg is called in for the assist and helps them tackle their problems head on.

The animation is vibrant and clean, and all of the voice acting, especially that of Nathan Fillion (Green Lantern), Kevin Conroy (Batman), and Tim Daly (Superman) is excellent. The pacing is solid and I never grew bored with the story.

Overall this is an excellent addition to the DC Animated Universe. DC has proven once again that it has the chops to create some excellent animated films. Now only if they could telegraph that into their live action film universe!?!?!?!?

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on March 3, 2012
JUSTICE LEAGUE:DOOM is by far one of the best plots for the League yet. To see the depths of Batmans parinoia brought to light in such a ugly and twisted way. Then to realize that even though it was a betrayal most was needed. This was a dark and adult look into the world of the League and, it should have been treated as so. When oh WHEN will the creators of this series realize that there is an adult market for this an make a series just for us? Create and market a League movie just for adults and then, do a MUCH better job of animation. My suggestion would be getting the animators that did the BOONDOCKS episode "The Red Ball".
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VINE VOICEon March 3, 2013
If you've seen one Justice League movie you've seen 'em all, right? It's amazing how the stakes can seem so meaningless even when they're so high. See the Justice League fight off an alien invasion; see the Justice League fight off an extradimensional invasion; see the Justice get the idea. "Justice League: Doom" breaks the mold by making things very, very personal. Add in the fact that it features the DC Animated Universe voice cast and you have a recipe for a very different kind of Justice League cartoon.

"Doom," doesn't just take on the Justice League, it deconstructs each of its members. It's one thing to beat Batman (Kevin Conry) up, but quite another to bury him alive with the corpses of his parents. We all know the Martian Manhunter (Carl Lumbly) is vulnerable to fire, but what would happen to him if he was set perpetually ablaze? In a lot of ways the fate that befalls each of the Justice League feel like a throw-down between two elementary school comic fans: anybody can beat Superman (Tim Daly) with a kryptonite bullet, right?

What makes "Justice League: Doom" so much fun is how it takes common horror movie plots and applies them to superheroes. Flash (Michael Rosenbaum) gets trapped in a "Speed"-like diabolical trap in which he can never slow down without exploding. Filling this Jigsaw-esque role is Vandal Savage (Phil Morris), the DC universe's resident Dr. Phibes.

If that was all there was to "Doom," it would merely be a noteworthy addition to the DC Animated Universe. "Doom" is also a tongue-in-cheek throwback to the cheesy animated series, "Challenge of the Superfriends" and the Legion of Doom, complete with domed fortress and an unlikely agreement to work together to take down the Justice League. Hilarity ensues.

Unfortunately not every diabolical plot is up to "Saw"-level standards: Green Lantern's (Nathan Fillion) is particularly nuanced and Wonder Woman's (Susan Eisenberg) seems to be far-fetched to say the least. But the denouement makes it all worth it when we discover who the real diabolical genius behind all these evil plans are.
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on June 14, 2014
We reviewed the DVD to "Doom" a few months, but have been slow to post any on the Net.
In This animated film, Batman, suffers from an Inferiority Complex (Not mentioned in the Film),
and devises plans to "neutralize" every member of the present Justice League, problem is,
he keeps these plans to himself leaving the door to the betrayal of the others in this film when the
plans are stolen by Mirror Master (Under the Supervision of Vandal Savage, whom plays the
role of Satan - not credited,- as he mentions he is an "immortal" with his wicked plans to destroy
the League). After the Plans are stolen, Savage purchases the services of all the JLA's most
vicious enemies to destroy each of their counter parts. One by one, every member of the Justice
League is struck down at their weakness link, all by their opposite nemeses. Savage then betrays
those he paid to take down the JLA, and offers them a dominion in the new world, after he plans
to destroy half of the world, with a missile directed to the Sun.

After a near edge recovery, and Savage's defeat, along with the defeat of the Justice Leagues
opposites, Batman tells the league that "he would do the same thing again" and calls
them 'damn fools' if they did not.

Truly suffering from Small Penis Syndrome, Batman proves he is no hero has
he has never had 'superpowers' of any kind, and feels the Justice League is
"too dangerous" not to have a plan for neutralizing each of them.

Batman then tells Superman that The Justice league was his plan
to be neutralized in case "he went bad" - but this leaves the question
- If the Justice is ever neutralized by Batman - there would no No Justice
League to neutralize him..and one must remember that batman kept his
plans secret from them, so even before batman gets neutralized, he already
had the advantage over each and one of them. So The balance is wrong in this film.

In true evidence of Batman's arrogance he tells the league that "he
needs not a defense" and "I would do it all over again", and If they
can't see his point of view "I don't need to be here" - the true
arrogance, stupidity, and the explicit view of himself as being "right"
shows batman's head is obviously far to deep into his human cavity of
expelling his waste, this attitude clearly shows this to be true.

Batman is not a heavyweight, and he should have been banned by the
League (he left on his own at the end), and Superman gives him the
Kryptonite piece as a measure of good gesture than he still trusts him.
The very "hero" that betrayed not only him - but all the Members of the
Justice League. We have had nothing disdain for "batman" as he is
nothing compared to the rest of the true Superheroes in the comic books,
Films and Television. There is nothing
"great" about batman, nor the idiots that keep
making films about him and putting his name next
to a title.

David Edison, The Walters Judson Group.
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on February 7, 2013
My main complaint about this is the characters didn't get a chance to develop more. I've seen many complain about Cyborg's role in the movie, which is dumb. In this movie they played up the scientist aspect of the character. Which seems to confuse people as to why he was added. I think a little more development for him and Martian Manhunter though would have done wonders for the movie. In this movie Batman was down-played as the invincible human and up-played as the well prepared strategist. Cyborg was down-played as the power house and up played as the science tech genius. And in this movie considering both are considered human characters in most circles works well. It's hard to stand out on a team that has Three Superman level powers already. My other gripe is what happens with Green Lantern (You will see). And yes I know it was more than what was there. But if it was so easy for him to overcome it in the end why didn't he man up in the first place? Another example of why I dislike Hal Jordan as Green Lantern. And with 5 GL's on earth now there's no excuse to keep adding him to anything. John Stewart and Kyle Rayner have become more popular. Guy Gardener has changed ALOT character wise and is a more interesting Lantern. And Simon Baz is still a mystery and has a lot of room to grow. Again in another movie Hal's the weak piece.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon February 9, 2014
Batman: Alfred, get the Batwing ready. The Justice League is under attack.
Alfred Pennyworth: By whom?
Batman: By me.

Led by Vandal Savage, some of the League's most fearsome foes have united to destroy the League, using plans developed by Batman himself. It's Superman vs. Metallo, Batman vs. Bane, Wonder Woman vs. Cheetah, Flash vs. Mirror Master, Green Lantern vs. Star Sapphire, and Martian Manhunter vs. Ma'alefa'ak. The plans are effective and deadly, with each Leaguer succumbing in turn.

Batman: I've carefully studied every Justice Leaguer, past and present and created contingency plans to neutralize you should that become necessary.

The only problem is that Vandal Savage manages to sneak Mirror Master into the Batcave, hack Batman's systems, and steal the plans. But taking out the League is just step one of a far more sinister, and deadly plan. Vandal Savage, as usual, has his mind set on total world domination and, with the League out of his way, he just might achieve that goal, along with the deaths of billions of people.

I won't go into the details of the plans, as that's part of the fun, seeing the plans go into effect and then figuring out how they can be overcome. Suffice to say that, just as Batman was the source of the problem, so, too, is he part of the solution, along with a little help from a non-Leaguer, Cyborg.

One plot hole is that Batman states that his plans are intended to, "Neutralize, not kill. Whoever implemented my plans altered them." I can see that for some of these plans but some of them I can't figure out how they could be made non-lethal. And the final Vandal Savage threat and solution, frankly, seem a bit contrived. Still, these are small points in an otherwise enjoyable story.

The voices are performed by the usual Justice League voice actors, with Conroy, Daly, Eisenberg, Lumbly, and Rosenbaum reprising their television series roles, joined by Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern. These are all professionals who know their characters well and it shows. The animation is solid and the storyline intriguing; I can definitely recommend this movie.
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on December 18, 2012
This 2012 animation deals with Batman's "contingency plan" of what if the JLA members got out of control or were mind controlled against their will. Batman, ever the paranoid type, has a plan to isolate each of them. Well, it turns out that a smart enemy breaks into the Bat's computer and implements it against the JLA, forms the Legion of Doom and then speaks of destroying about two thirds of the Earth.

It's more interesting as to how each JLA member is taken out rather than will they prevail because we know this is a JLA tale.

The more interesting aspect is when Batman is confronted at the end and some very tough choices are made with a melancholy result for the Bats.

Notable voices by: Tim Daly (Joe of WINGS and Pete of PRIVATE PRACTICE more recently), Kevin Conroy (the ever present voice for almost all of the Batman animations), Nathan Fillion (Captain of FIREFLY), Claudia Lee Black (the voice of Morrigan in Dragon Age: Origins), Phil Morris (lots of animated tales as well as SMALLVILLE, various Star Trek tales and a few other things) and Michael Rosenbaum (Lex in SMALLVILLE). Fans of the video game "Skyrim" will recognize some other voices. Huzzah!

I didn't want to say who they all played so you could figure it out yourself (that's part of the fun, right?). But, if you must I put their voice connections below in spoilers.


SPOILERS: I liked how Batman just upped and left the JLA before they had a chance to boot him out. That's totally a part of his as**ole persona. Heh.

Voices: Tim Daly is Superman, Nathan Fillion is Green Lantern, Claudia is Cheetah, Phil Morris is Vandal Savage and Michael Rosenbaum is The Flash.
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