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on February 24, 2012
I purchased this handlebar mount because I was having issues with my GoPro handlebar mount. The GoPro mount caused the video to jitter on every single little bump. I found the K-Edge handlebar mount somewhere on the Web and it had raved reviews. I was reluctant to pay over $50 for it, but I decided I'll try it and if it doesn't live up to its hype, I'll just return it for a refund. So, I had a comparison, being the GoPro mount and in my mind, I was VERY skeptical if the K-Edge mount would make any difference. I had very very low expectations going into this purchase. Anyhow, when I got the K-Edge mount, I immediately put it on my road bike (early model Trek Madone). Right then and there, I noticed that the clamp was too big for my handlebar! I thought, this can't be! No matter how I configured it, it was just too big. Fortunately, I had some shims from my Garmin Edge 705 device. After carefully cutting the rubber shims and zip tying it to the inside of the K-Edge clamp, it fit perfect. So, hurtle number one fixed. After that, everything just fell into place. I was able to mount my GorPro (Hero 2) camera without any hitches. So, the next day I went for a ride. I tried both 1080p (30fps, Medium FOV) and timelapse. The whole time, the GoPro didn't move no matter what bumps I went over. With the GoPro mount, I had to constantly realign and tighten the bolts. Not the case with the K-Edge. So, I was impressed by that. When I got home, I downloaded all the content onto my PC. After watching the first 5 minutes of the 1080p video, my jaw dropped to the ground! There was almost no vibrations visible in the video. I was blown away! I tried it again, several times, and I was getting the same results. I live out near the country, and the roads are filled with cracks and bumps, but this mount made it look like I was riding on new pavement. So, that's the good.

The bad:
1.) It's WAY over priced. I was reluctant to buy it simply because it costs over $50, it should cost around $30. But if you want professional grade video footage, this is the way to go.
2.) The size of the clamp may not fit your handlebar, it didn't fit on mine. But the solution to this problem is to use some rubber shims. In my opinion, for the price, they should include this in the package.
3.) You have to carry around an allen wrench if you want to remove the camera.

I'm absolutely satisfied with this product and would recommend it to anyone. Despite the drawbacks, I gave it 5 stars for its quality and the fact that it met my expectations in regards to the quality of the video that it can deliver.
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on October 23, 2016
I am not being paid for this, nor was I given the product for the review. I pay for my products so I can review them legitimately. Just sayin.

So, let's go with the bad first... They sent me the wrong color even though my order and the sticker on the back clearly say "Gun Metal Grey" and yet I got red. I can deal with that.

Some of the reviews said it was more oval then round, which I was hoping for as I want to use it on an oval set of forks if possible. It IS very slightly oval but the measurements are so close that it's almost negligible. It's rough opening for mounting is 1.25" x 1.5". And unless you have some rubber stripping or gaskets, you may find that it does not fit your bike in many places you might want to mount it. On mine, it's too big for the bars and frame and too small for the forks (which were its intended purpose). It literally fits 2 places, the seat post and the stem. So it's mostly useless until I can find a good rubber strip to wrap around.

Pros: Well made, solid, and the allen bolts ensure a good solid tight mount, vs those darn GoPro knobs that stick out and get in the way.
Cons: the size is sort of not quite big or small enough for any of my 3 bikes to mount, minus 1 spot, the neck of one of my bikes. At least not without serious rubber padding.

Would I buy it again? No. Partly because it doesn't fit anything useful on my bike and partly because the size is so limited that its hit and miss on where it might or might not mount.

With that said, if your prefered mounting point is in the 1.25" x 1.5" size range, and you have some tape or rubber striping to pad it, it may work for you and appears to be super solid, so no vibrations. But, before you buy, measure every place you wish to mount it and keep in mind that it's made from aluminum and there's NO flex or give to slip onto a tighter mount point. And I would suggest replacing the camera mount hex bolt with a hand tightened version, but keep the two primary mount bolts in their hex format to hold the mount in place.

Summary: Measure, measure, measure. There's no give, so if its too small, it's not going to fit, and if the bar is too small, its not going to snug down without extra help/padding.
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on April 5, 2015
This mount works well, good quality footage and is very solid. Doesn't look cheap or obtuse and matches my bike perfectly. My only annoyance is that sometimes it's difficult to get enough tension on the GoPro housing and it tends to tilt forwards as you ride. Some video here:

I recently managed to break part of the mount while crashing while mountain biking. Given that the crash damaged the GoPro housing itself beyond repair, I was impressed that the K-Edge mount mostly survived, the only damage being the adapter itself, which connects the GoPro housing to the rest of the mount. Thankfully these adapters are sold separately and I don't have to spend the full $50 again (just $20).

However, I'm knocking a couple of stars off for the unresponsive customer support. I spoke to a pleasant lady on the phone to ask about replacement under their lifetime warranty, gave her my email and waited for the warranty form to be sent through. Nothing came, despite me having spelled out my email address a couple of times clearly on the phone and her assurance that I'd receive something in the next few minutes. I then used their web form to follow up, referencing my earlier conversation. No reply, over two weeks later. My attempts to call their customer support line since have gone unanswered, with the phone ringing perpetually. I read into their website further and realised that crash damage is not covered by their warranty (which is completely fair). However, I wish they had told me this from the beginning, to save me time and energy.
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on March 20, 2016
This product has been fabricated without taking into account tolerances. The GoPro clear plastic case does not for accommodate the bolt for the slotted top which is too large and also the slots are too narrow. I have a workshop and corrected the dimensional issues, but it does not fit "out of the box". I would also have preferred a rubber insert to avoid a metal on metal assembly but that can be fixed with some electrical tape.
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on June 26, 2016
I bought this for use with my SJCAM SJ4000. I have used many other gopro accessories with the SJCAM waterproof housing and have had no fitment issues before. With this mount, the center finger on the mount is just slightly too wide (probably less than a millimeter). I don't know if this is because of the SJCAM housing, or if this particular unit is out of spec but it is being returned. I included a couple photos showing the mount pushed on as far as I could get it to go.

I do have to say the machining on this is beautiful and it feels substantially better than the cheap replacement I bought. If this fit I would have loved to keep it.
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on April 2, 2017
The saddle mount fits a shimano sports camera CM1000 without any special adapter. Just using one of the attachments that came with the camera itself was all that was needed. The product seems quite robust and could definitely last for a long time. However do not forget to use a torque wrench when tightening the screws to avoid any damage. The torque recommendations do not come with the package so you will need to search online. Based on my search, I used 4 nm for the two screws that attach to the saddle and 2-3 nm for the screw that attaches to the camera or the attachment and then the camera, whichever configuration you have. Installation was over within minutes. Hope this helps.
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on November 4, 2017
For starters, I really hate the fact that I had to buy a totally separate mount for my Niterider Lumina. $100 light with a $2 mount. But anyways...

This is actually a great mount for my bike. Fits right next to my stem without an issue. No slippage at all. I was reluctant to buy because of the price but I'm really happy with the purchase. I angled it a little downward because I didn't want my light upside down in case I wanted to chase the setting. However, it was really high up if I set it up on top. The only annoying part is that you really do need to use the screw it comes with to attach the mount. I tried using one of the gopro bolts but for whatever reason it just does not lock it in and remains loose. You really do need an allen (3 mm) to put in and take out the mount. I'm not going to take away a star for the price but damn it is expensive. Overall, great product but displeased that I needed to upgrade my light mount after buying such an expensive one.
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on March 13, 2016
Not a paid review - Not a reduced price review - Not a free product review.

I bought this soon after getting my first GoPro camera a Hero 2 to be able to have a solid secure mount wherever I need it.

A little pricey, however it is well made and well worth that little extra cost.

Billet Aluminum construction
Well made
Light weight
Very easy to use and mount

Need more of these... Oh, then that is not so much a con.

No real cons to it really.

I am pleased with mine and have used it in several situations so far and it is like a tank. A real workhorse for a bracket like this.

Do keep in mind that the GoPro camera inside the full case is when it is most durable and the MOUNT is what is designed to break in enough force so the camera will survive so do use this caution that this will not be the part to break most likely and thus may destroy part or all of the case and expose the camera and may end up with the camera being ruined. So do use this with that understanding.

I produce an online broadcast and am on YouTube and topics cover everything that I buy that I use to make my studio and video production work with my viewers. I will let you know if I get a reduced price for a product or free product to review right up front. I find it rotten to make it look like something it is not. Will not pad or lie to make a product look better or worse. what you get is an honest review.
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on April 11, 2013
After searching and searching for an ideal mount for my GoPro, I finally believed this might be the right one. The mount is solid enough where I can lift the bike from the mount!!

I loved the idea of the handlebar mount, and had used the GoPro mount from time to time, but was never "in love" with the mount. I would have issues with the mount sliding around (even with using pieces of tube to help eliminate the slip.) which would leave me using a helmet mount and a stiff neck after a couple of hours of riding (and lots of uneven video as I'm constantly looking around me as I'm riding.)

A few things to note, the mount does say it fits 31.8mm bars, which is the common standard for bike shop bikes these days.

Many large box stores will still use 25.4mm handlebars. For those of you that encounter this, consider using something like the Wheels Manufacturing 25.4-31.8 Handlebar Shim.

As far as needing an Allen wrench to attach the camera, I was able to use the original GoPro mounting bolt without any issues, so this would be a non-issue for me. I did also put a drop of Loctite on all of the attachment bolts as added safety.

Only thing that I wish was that the mount would "look good" if the attachment point was flipped over to the other side, but, thats cosmetic only.
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on September 13, 2013
I went into this with my eyes open, having read all of the helpful reviews here. So you'll see that my take mirrors much of what others have said. One issue that I have not seen addressed is K-EDGE's decision to fasten the GoPro with a allen key nut, rather than the thumbscrew that GoPro uses for its mounts. Since I move my GoPro from place to place, that does not work for me, and I have subbed one of the thumbscrews for the bolt that K-EDGE (why all caps?) includes.

-reasonably attractive
-GoPro will not come loose if instructions are followed

-overpriced. Sure, they get some slack for being first to market and domestic, but for what it is, it's 30-50% more than it should be. They need to drop the price FAST before a Chinese knockoff of similar quality way undercuts them
-the oft mentioned handle bar diameter issue. K-EDGE really should include shims with the unit. Sure, I can cobble together my own, but they won't be as nice.
-the fit of the slots on the K-EDGE to the GoPro is too tight. Each time I insert it, I really have to fight with it.
-lack of thumbscrew as discussed above.

This should have been a 5 star review, but can't in good conscience give that because of the cons I've mentioned.
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