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on May 10, 2014
I am truly surprised at what this laptop can do. My son uses it for a combination of games, educational websites and learning programs. It definitely does everything he wants it to do. He plays Lego games (including the newer Lego Movie and Lego Marvel Superheroes) on it, MineCraft, Club Penguin.

A lot of people are complaining about Windows 8, but my 8 year old son has zero issues figuring out how to get around Windows 8. So not sure what that says about the complainers. Windows 8 is an OS that was really built with tablets in mind and I fully admit it doesn't always lend itself well to laptops for certain purposes. However this laptop actually has a pretty responsive touchscreen and it makes navigating Windows 8 easier.

Overall all very surprised about the power this laptop possesses. The Celeron processor has come a long way. This one is dual core. The 4GB of RAM is a decent amount. You won't find a cheaper new true laptop out there. Surprisingly it doesn't feel as cheap as its price tag.

If you are expecting a workhorse laptop that will be used for business and hardcore gaming then you just aren't being realistic for $300. If you are comparing it to a $1200-2000 MacBook you are just insane. It's a $300 laptop, plain and simple. But that said, an amazing value for the price.
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on June 22, 2014
I buy laptops all the time for my business..several per year since we are small but growing. Recent buys have been HP, ASUS, Acer and Lenovo. Other comparative recent purchase similar to this was the Lenovo (same size, similar specs, touchscreen etc). We've had problems with our Lenovo batteries and a hard drive crapping out with no warning. Acer, in my mind, is pretty much rubbish as far as build quality (problems with keyboards and the laptop housing), but their harddrives haven't died. Have not had recent issues with any HP (or older Compaq's) but those were a step up as far as the $$ spent.

Which brings me to ASUS. Prices are great. Build is great even on the cheapest ones we've bought. No problems with batteries or harddrives so far. This can change as brands seem to always go through cycles. But for the foreseeable future, I will be buying ASUS hands down.

These little gems we bought for some traveling sales reps. I had the pleasure of playing around with them (as I always do the setups still for all our gadgets before passing them on) for a weekend each. What impressed me the most was the battery life. The Lenovo we bought late last year with similar specs struggles to give you 3 hours. This was easily more than 5 but your results may vary. Screen was sharp, touchscreen works great.

The White version looks very nice. It's all plastic, but maybe the colour just makes it look like "expensive" It doesn't feel creaky or anything like some all-plastic body laptops (looking at you Acer). Opening and closing an Acer is creaky and feels like it's weakening the laptop hinge. No such problem here..feels sturdy and soundless. The keyboard feels good, but I am concerned about the tiny visible space between keys and the body. That space, however minute, leaves room for stuff to fall in.

The mouse is fine, but feels a little on the flimsy side. I guess long term use will bear this one out.

As far as power and all that..I didn't throw too much intensive stuff at it. Ran a few programs at once like Excel and several browsers with several tabs open while I downloaded whatever programs needed installing. Handled it without any problem. Watched a World Cup match through HDMI connection to my tv. Worked flawlessly. Didn't do any gaming etc. but it's for work anyway. Most people buying a gaming machine probably are looking for different features than this.

For the price, it is a really great buy. Keep it up ASUS!
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on June 3, 2014
I don't know a lot about computers, but have a 4 year old ASUS 16 inch laptop that has seen its' better days, so I was really just looking for another functional computer for surfing the web, checking my email, and typing up work/word documents, and this computer more than does the job. I was really opposed to the touchscreen and windows 8.1 but the laptop has a nice tutorial on how to become familiar with it really fast - I would recommend this computer for people who just need a basic operation system - probably wouldn't work the best for gaming though.
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on July 3, 2014
I have been using this for over a week now and have observed the following:


1) Using Windows 8.1 helps me to familiarize myself with the system. I have used a Chromebook but while I like it for its portability, it is still difficult to use as a machine to work with office documents on. On the Asus, I can run MS Office and work on my church's website and documents and still ensure portability among OSs. It's not the best OS, but it's the most widely-used.

2) It's not the lightest notebook - the Chromebook is a lot lighter - but it's very easy to carry about and small enough that I can carry about in a tote bag.

3) The screen is very bright and easy to see.

4) The white color is nice. Note that it's not ALL white - the screen edge itself is black - but it's a nice white color. :)

5) It's very useful as a second computer in another part of the house away from the main pc.

6) As compared to the Chromebook, this is much easier to use and more consistent in performance.


1) It's not a Mac - but this is a good alternative to a Macbook.

2) The keys are a bit stiff and the layout is not standard. But again, every laptop I have used has had a different keyboard layout, so ...

3) The battery life is short - only 5 hours on a full charge.

Would I recommend it? Yes, as a second computer if you need to take your Office documents with you and are not willing to spring for a MS Office 365 subscription. I do like it overall.
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on December 11, 2014
This is a nice laptop, plain and simple. I am very thrilled I got it! The sound system on laptop is very nice. It is very easy to carry around, very light weight. You cannot be running a lot of programs in the background, as it does get sluggish but I have notice this with all "budget" laptops. I got this as a refurbished product, it looked brand new, no problems with the physical look of the case.There were a couple of issues with this laptop software. The touch screen turns off every time I close the lid. I have to go into device manager to get it running again. It only takes two seconds, but it still is a hassle to do it each time. The keyboard is rather noisy, which isn't a big deal, unless you are in class or the library, it gets quite detracting after a while. Last word of advice, I would not get white again, ever, it looks pretty but it gets dirty very easily.
Anyway, overall one of the best budget laptops I have received over the years! I would def recommend this product to anyone on a budget and looking for a decent laptop.
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on August 2, 2014
This is my second one. I bought my first about a year ago and my husband kept taking it because his apples were having trouble connecting and staying connected to our internet. So, I bought one for him, and now, this is all he uses. For the price, I think this is a great little computer. We mainly use them to get online and take with us when we travel. They have 500 GB of storage which is not common in a computer priced this well.

Cons: The new Windows is a huge pain. I absolutely despise it. That said, once you get use to the way this this computer operates, it's wonderful! (I had to YouTube a coupe things, like how to turn up and down the volume, which ended up being quite simple. Just press the function key at the same time) Again, our basic use, to surf the web, is well worth dealing with the new Windows.
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on August 6, 2014
I was a bit worried because of the reviews and I wanted to wait awhile before posting a review myself. I love this computer. It's small enough to take everywhere (lectures, work, and to a friends house) but not so small that it gets annoying to actually use (the keyboard feels just right). It's not loud, as some previous reviews have said. At some points you can hear the fan but it isn't this loud, distracting noise you can't ignore. The webcam is decent (it's pretty much just like all the other webcams out there). I do have Steam on it, alongside a few games. Mainly small ones (in the MB category) but I do have a bigger game on it (GB). It runs it with a little bit of lag but nothing unbearable ,especially if you are gaming PC-less.
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on March 20, 2017
good computer
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on June 11, 2014
3/5; the screen angle viewing sucks (you gotta look at it completely straight because if you view it from any other angle it'll be a dark screen), the Computer comes with no anti-virus program, i had a problem starting it up (amazon replaced it by giving me another one), the speakers seem like they have very little life in them. Overall, it's a decent computer for a person who just wants to view facebook, netflix, and youtube on it. Forget it if you want to do anything else on it.... oh it does play 1080p videos nicely without any stutters.
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on September 12, 2014
I love how portable it is... super convenient and light-weight. It's a good laptop to have if you just do minimal tasks (browsing, Microsoft Office, etc.). It can run photoshop, etc. easily but if you have too many programs it slows down a lot. Not very powerful, so it's not for everyone. But if you're a student who just needs something for school work and doesn't want to carry something heavy, this is for you. Also it's cute, but the keyboard is eh...

Laptop does its job and has good price.
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