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on November 11, 2014
When a four month old puppy can chew up a bed I find it hard to call this "ballistic". Also, you can not get a refund if it fails, only a replacement...which of course will be promptly destroyed. Spraying with bitter apple helps somewhat. At this price I'd just as soon buy 10 cheap beds and replace them as needed.
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on February 10, 2016
I've tried many dog beds with my 1 year old Rottweiler. He's a shredder when it comes to fabrics so I had high hopes for this bed! The bed was delivered last night and he was put in his crate this morning around 6:30am... At 7:30am I checked in on him on the camera and its destroyed.. He somehow managed to rip through it and shred the inner bedding. I'm so upset, I had high hopes for this and now I'm back to square one and out the money for this dog bed.
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on March 7, 2017
So a couple of notes: first, I purchased this bed directly from the manufacturer. I purchased the large size in the baby blue color and spent $135. I wrote up a review for their website on March 2 and they have not posted it. I sent them an email and asked them why they have not posted it and still no response. The review below is an identical copy and paste, no editorial changes whatsoever. I'm alarmed that they are censoring bad reviews and hawking expensive beds so when I discovered Amazon was selling their products I thought I'd submit my review here to save other purchasers from lost payola! The little perp that destroyed this bed is an 11 month old pit bull and labrador mix. I've added pictures so you can see what she does - she systematically destroys the zipper then crawls between the slip cover and blankets like it's a little snuggly cave. We did NOT tuck her in like this, this is a habit she formed as a puppy and does this nightly. The difference is now that she's older, once inside the bed cover, she destroys the poofy pillow inserts and leaves fiberfill all over the floor which is what she did with the K9 Ballistics bed.

My review with K9 which they didn't publish:

"Bed didn't last 2 days! The exterior has held up somewhat, but the first thing my pup did was rip the velcro off the backside and shred the interior when I was at work. I basically paid $135 for a shell. I've now just restuffed the inside with misc. blankets and nothing with fiberfill or loft materials. The blankets she doesn't shred to pieces, but pulls them out and plays with them. The perp is an 11 month old pit bull and lab mix named Bunny. Sorry, but the only way to prevent this is to cover the interior pillow with ANOTHER LAYER of denier and seal it up entirely. The perfect bed hasn't been invented yet...back to the drawing board folks."
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on June 10, 2016
I came home to find our 20 lb dog had flipped the bed over, ripped the velcro backing off the bed, and chewed apart a huge amount of stuffing. My immediate thought was "oh well, at least this came with a warranty". Here is the warranty, taken straight from the website - "We will send out, free of charge, one replacement bed cover (not including bed fill)."

What good is a replacement cover that my dog has already proven she's capable of riping to shreds? And what am I supposed to fill the cover with, since the pad they sent is now ruined?

Very disappointed in this product, and maybe even more so in the warranty. Do not recommend.
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on August 25, 2017
So, this K9 custom monogrammed bed was no match for my 6mo old 9lb Italian Greyhound. I was so tired of him chewing up & shredding potty pads and any bed that I bought at PetSmart & PetCo....I went on an internet search for a chew proof puppy/dog bed. I thought, based on reviews & its advertisements, I had found "THE" bed that could withstand a little abuse. NOPE! Within 2 weeks he had chewed a Complete hole in the K9 Ballistic outer cover. Thank goodness I caught him before he shredded the interior stuffing!
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on January 18, 2018
I was referred this brand by a lady i met at the pet salon while picking my my dog. She claimed that K9 ballistics is the best brand for dog beds. It is supposed to be "Chewproof", dogs can't chew through it scratch it up whatever or you money back guarantee. I bought my 7 month doberman pup a new bed for Christmas, and in 3 days she was able to chew right through the cover and the bedding itself. I received the new bed cover, one time warranty and only the bed cover itself. I was told to spray bitter spray on the cover to prevent biting and chewing, so I will try it and we'll see how it goes. I will update you guys if the cover holds up.
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on May 30, 2017
Lasted two weeks with our Great Dane puppy. Definitely ok for light chewers, not heavy. At this point it's not worth a refund or replacement as she will destroy.
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on September 29, 2016
BEWARE: REFUND IS ONLY ON THE COVER -- NOT THE BED. Our one year-old Goldendoodle EASILY tore through this cover and bed. It was ruined within three days. He was able to get to the stuffing and it was everywhere. I contacted the company and they informed me that the cover, NOT THE BED, was under warranty and I would only get a partial refund. I realize I might have missed this detail but I think they should have this is NEON lettering and word it so that it is crystal clear they won't replace the bed or refund your whole purchase price. It wasn't until I threw a fit over this bed being destroyed in three days time that I got them to agree to refund my money. Ultimately they asked if we would agree to a compromise and we did because we appreciated their willingness to work with us. They decided to only refund us 75% because they sent out a new cover (their decision) to have us try to double bag/double cover the bed to see if that helped. This is not the mark of a good product when you're double covering their "Tuff" bed because they know the covers are not strong enough to withstand a chewer. The bottom line is that these beds are no better than discount store or pet store beds. Also, what you will read in reviews here about the bed being too puffy is absolutely true. Our dog would not sleep on the bed -- he was afraid of it. My daughter had to coax him onto it. He lost his fear and slept on it a couple times but thereafter only used it as a pillow -- he just wasn't comfortable on this bed. After he chewed through the bed the air deflated but it was like a duvet cover where the comforter inside balls up in the middle and it becomes this lumpy, cumbersome and awkward bed. Also, the large size is truly MASSIVE. I think a Great Dane would be plenty comfy on it and I cannot imagine why you would ever need or want an XL unless it was for a small horse. The large takes up almost all of his generous enclosure area. This would NEVER be suitable for a crate situation because it's puffy and awkward. We wish we had just spent the money to buy a tough bed from the dog catalog that starts with "O" instead of this company. At least with "O" they will replace the bed IN FULL no questions asked -- ANY TIME. Just avoid this company. They're selling an inferior product at a superior price. I think it's just plain wrong.
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on February 25, 2018
What a dissapointment. I was hoping this bed would last, especially after spending over 200 dollars for the larger size. It did not last more than a week before it was shredded. Now I have a large mess, and still waiting for the replacement which doesn't look like its going to happen anytime soon. WASTE OF MONEY.
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on March 10, 2016
This is heavy material, but if your dog likes to destroy beds with zippers or velcro, this is not for you. My dog promptly took care of this on the first day within a couple of hours. She turned the bed over, found the velcro going directly across the middle of the back of it and proceeded to work and rip until she ripped and tore the velcro completely off the bed and begun to pull out the bedding inside. There is no repairing this. I requested a refund instead of a replacement. If they were so confident in the indestructible part, they would offer a full refund instead of only half your money back. This was a complete waste of money for me. See attached pics for how this is put together on the back side and how easily a dog can pull apart this velcro and destroy it. I would only recommend if you have a calm dog who is not an active chewer.
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