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on July 30, 2015
tastes great, have enjoyed it. Unfortunately, today I received a report from They conducted testing by an independent lab on several brands of nutritional yeast. This was one of the 8 brands tested that showed detectable lead levels. " KAL – Test report shows lead levels at 0.011 ppm. It would take seven tablespoons a day to exceed the MADL.*" (copied and pasted from the report. It was one of 3 (of the 8) brands tested that had detectable lead levels, even though the level is well below CA standards. But still, with 5 other brands with no detectable lead levels, why risk it? The other brands, with no detectable lead were: Bob's Red Mill, Bragg, Dr Fuhrman, NOW foods, and Red Star.
I've enjoyed this product, but I won't be reordering. They need to fix the problem.
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on May 5, 2016
This is a HUGE container of nutritional yeast flakes, but, as any vegan knows, we put this [crap] on EVERYTHING!
I like to use in soups and broths, sauces, smoothies, on pizza, in homemade "cheeses," and so many other uses!
The taste is very comparable to higher priced and more popular brands. The nutritional value is excellent. I am not concerned about being deficient in anything except perhaps vitamin B12 as a vegan, so I definitely use nutritional yeast for health reasons, but it also tastes so good and is very versatile.
A single serving is three tablespoons, of which I probably use a third or a half serving daily, but of course it has high protein, lots of B vitamins, and many other vitamins and nutrients.
I have bought Kal Nutritional Yeast Flakes three times now I think and I will definitely buy again once this container runs out. The price is great, it always has arrived in excellent condition, the nutritional value is good, and it's just a great product overall. Highly recommended.
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on March 20, 2016
This "nooch" is the most amazing stuff! I love it! For vegans, or those not, it can be used in so many ways to add real umami flavor to food. I use this to make all my vegan dishes taste even better while adding nutrients. I use it to make my "noocho" sauce, a mushroom gravy with no meat stock, and I mix it in to my hummus to fortify it and give it a richer taste. I actually crave my noochie hummus in the morning on toast with tomatoes and/or avocado. I have this every day. I also use it to make a yummy salty topping for popcorn - I grind about 1/4c up in a coffee grinder with a tsp. of salt. Then, just drizzle and toss the popcorn with oil and sprinkle this on and shake. Tastes like buttered/cheesy popcorn and it's actually good for you. I also use this as a simple replacement for Parmesan cheese. It's EVERYTHING... People in Britain, Australia, New Zealand have Vegemite/Marmite to spread on toast. I eat nooch in a similar way since I will sprinkle my salty nooch topping on a cracker or over buttered toast or bread. It takes the edge off when hungry. Can you tell I'm OBSESSED? This info will be going on my blog, coming soon.
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on December 30, 2016
I have been using flaked nutritional yeast since the 80s when I eliminated dairy from my already-vegetarian diet. Some is better than others in flavor. I don't have a laboratory to test anything else, like the protein levels, or the vitamins added including B12. But I can tell you I find this one of the best tasting I've tried, and I've tried quite a few.
The thin, mostly broad flakes mix well.
I'm glad I got this; haven't been disappointed in any KAL product really.
The sealed container gets it to you in as perfect condition as anything could, and it has a plastic snap-on lid like some oatmeal boxes do for after it's opened. Unlike many bulk bagged products in sort-of-zip-close bags, it's a reasonably secure closure.
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on November 19, 2014
Yummmmmmm.......this stuff is seriously good in soups, salads, mashed potatoes, etc!!! Just add a touch of oil and salt to the mix and it is scrumptious!! I have a hard time holding back from using scoop after scoop of savory cheesy flavor. I really don't miss cheese much at all after not eating it anymore, especially having stuff like this around! There are also yummy vegan cheese recipes online made using nutritional yeast. Casein in cheese is addictive, which is why a lot of people want to eat cheese so much. Dairy is acidic and actually leaches calcium/minerals from our bones and cheese is of course fattening and full of cholesterol-not to mention the cruelty involved with so many dairy farms. It might take a little getting used to for those not used to it, but well worth it! It's super high in B vitamins-think energy, mood support, skin and hair health among other things. It's an excellent source of B12 and selenium, etc. which are vital to make sure you get reliable bio-available sources since soil where it would normally come from is often depleted of it. Non vegans often don't get enough either. I notice after eating a few tbs. of this my pee is bright yellow (maybe too much information). I also notice my mood and overall energy is better when this happens. Only wish it was organic ;)
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After seeing yeast flakes in a TV health program, I bought some in bulk from WF and liked them so well, I decided to try these. The container is huge and will last a long time. It is more economical to buy them this way, far easier to store and I feel like the quality will be more consistent. The health program showed them being sprinkled on popcorn so I tried that and found the addition so delicious, I started using them lots of places. I've sprinkled them on steamed vegetables, over the top of cheese biscuits, on salad and pasta to name but a few possibilities. They really enhance the flavor as well as providing great vitamin B.

Years ago my mother routinely ate yeast cubes that tasted awful, but she lived to 96. She was a health foody before her time. I've never been game for those dreadful cubes, but this is an option that tastes great in a cheesy, sort of nutty way. Since the flavor tastes a bit salty, I've found I can reduce the amount of salt I use as well--added benefit. Although this container will hold me for quite a while, I'll definitely rebuy.
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on March 9, 2015
I've not a vegan; but, I am most interested in eating healthy products. I watched a Dr. Oz program where cashew nut butter was combined with nutritional yeast flakes to make a yummy (per Dr. oz who tried the concoction) cheese ball. Curious, I went exploring to find out about Nutritional Yeast Flakes and Nutritional Yeast powder. I purchased Kal Nutritional Yeast Flakes as well as the same from a local bulk container as well as Nutritional Yeast Powder. Now, there they sat, waiting until I could learn how to cook with this stuff.

I searched on line and tried a couple of recipes -- absolute disasters! I searched again at and found the Joanne Stephaniak Nutritional Yeast Cookbook which denoted recipes using Red Star Vegetarian Formula Flakes. This book was published in 1954, and I fortunately found a well-thumbed copy by a previous owner with many pages folded down and some pages with hand-written comments. But, those thumbed-down pages and hand-written notes helped me better understand this fabulous book because I was seeing this book through the eyes of another cook.

Granted, this book does not recognize that nutrition is lost when vegetables are boiled, and as we now know, is much better if vegetables are eaten raw or pulverized using a Vita-Mix and mixing with other greens, vegetables, and raw fruits, but, knowledge improves, so I won't make that mistake. Now, armed with this great knowledge, I will commence making some of these recipes using the flakes I got from Kal, as well as what I purchased from local stores. I will again report my progress and results, as I learn then.

All that said, I've started sprinkling Kal Nutritional Yeast Flakes on my finicky Feral Siamese cat's food. She's lapping them right up, approaching her dish with more vigor than she did before I started adding these flakes to her daily dry food. She also continues to prefer her food if she can eat the dry food out of my hand. Wow, does that ever become tiresome!

So give me a while to explore working with this product, and I promise I will write and report my results.
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on November 12, 2017
Out of all the other brands of nutritional yeast my family has tried, this is by far our favorite! We are not 100% vegan or plant based but we are trying to eat less meat and processed foods.
The flavor is mild and very tasty! A great alternative for cheese flavored food.
Here are a few ways we love using it:
1. Popcorn with garlic powder and this yeast
2. Any vegan/ plantbased cheese sauce recipes.
3. Sprinkled on our homemade potato wedges with garlic powder.
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on January 6, 2018
This is the best stuff to put on popcorn, toast (with butter), in some bean dishes, and other savory food. I've been using it since 1980. I can't eat popcorn without it! It has a very mild cheesy flavor and can be used in place of cheese.I use it everyday on a toasted bagel or bread with butter.

It is packed with nutritional benefits; is salt/sugar/fat/gluten free; and tastes wonderful. It's great that I can get it on Amazon instead of having to go to a health food store, which, so far, is the only place they sell it.
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on February 23, 2013
how to incorporate yeast flakes into my vegan cooking. I purchased another brand from a local store & I do prefer this brand. I'm not into a lot of "fake" meats & "mock" macaroni & cheese but since this has B12 I've decided to use this product a few times a week. I made a spread with this ~ Earth Balance, Yeast Flakes, red pepper flakes, garlic powder & a bit of black pepper ~ mixed well & spread on bread to make a "cheesy" garlic bread/toast. It was pretty good ~ this product is salty so I didn't add salt to the mixture. It's a huge amount so it should last me a while ~ It may be good in a baked potato, homemade salad dressing or sprinkled on a veggie pizza or over steamed or sauteed veggies...?
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