Customer Reviews: KEF Q900CH Floor Standing Speaker (Single, Cherry)
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Customer Reviews

3.3 out of 5 stars
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Price:$599.00 - $899.99
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on April 15, 2014
The KEFs 900s are an amazing speaker. I demo'd three others before I settled on them. In fact, I like the KEF sound so much, I bought the KEF R700s. I should have gotten the R900s, but they are 5k and out of my price range. The R's are very nice, more refined in their sound, but don't go as low. I will upgrade to the R900s when I get a change. Before the Q900s I had the PSB Imagine Ts from Crutchfield. Great high end, very nice speaker. Just not loud enough for a large basement. Not as esthetically appealling either. Kind of small, with yellow cones. Turned them in for the JBL Synthesis LS 60. Granted, I did not break these in enough, but the sound never bested the KEF 900s. Returned them. Finally, I tried the Bowers and Wilkins CM9s from Magnolia at Best Buy. Didn't like them over the KEFs or Imagine Ts. Gave them 100hrs minimum of break in, and I never liked the sound from the Kevlar. It does cause some fatigue you read about in some circles. Some people may think BWs are vastly superior because of the name and they cost $1000 more than the KEF 900s, but I found the opposite. The KEFS slam, straight up. You can drive them to 80/100 with no distortion. I would buy them again in an instant.
My rig:
Anthem MCA 20 amp with 225 W/channel continuous.
Integra 80.3 processor.
Transparent Interconnects and speaker cable.
Oppo BDP 105 BR player.
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on March 16, 2012
I have used a wide range of speakers in the past including Quad, B&W, and Infinity. The KEF Q900 offer me a listening experience that I am really excited about.
I have a long room that is not that wide. I was able to set the speakers up so I get excellent imaging and very tight bass response and musical accuracy.
The rest of my system is a Linn Sondek turntable, LFD amplifier and Rotel CD player. Mid to Hi Fi.
While the KEFS are a large speaker they offer tremendous punch for $2000 bucks.
Sure the Quads did better with vocals but at three times the price.
Very happy that I made this change to my audio system.
Next phase is to biamp these speakers which is easy to do by adjusting the knob on the back of the speaker.
Go to your local dealer and check them out.
Happy Listening.
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on October 15, 2013
These speakers are incredibly good, produce a very well balanced sound, a deep soundstage with crystal clear voices and exceptional precise bass that punches with authority.
I have heard them for hours with all kind of music and do not produce any ear fatigue, on the contrary, you beg for more music.
The sensitivity is very high,, so you won't need a big amp to move these speakers. Any regular 50-100 watts amp will give you the sound of a very much more expensive system.
The 1.5" tweeter with a 1.8 crossover handles mid-highs to highs with exceptional clarity and purity.
I had initial doubts about the pasive radiators, but I found these to be a much better solution than the cheaper vented ports in other speakers, which produce swoooosss sounds from the air passing through resulting in a less precise bass. I found that having passive woofers instead of vents result in a more precise bass, and cleaner and clearer sonics. Also the two pasives woofers increment the bass surface by 100%, and they really work!.
I have a nice Klipsch 10" sub that I have used to help the bass and I did what I thought I would never do, I TURNED IT OFF. Yes, because the KEF do not need it, and music sounds much better an precise without the sub.
These speakers are big, but are not very heavy for the size. Yes, I think they look awesome next to your TV.
They allow bi-amp, but no need for it.
These speakers are the best you can find for under $2000 and if you spend more you won't get much better sound, just maybe a more exclusive design.
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on March 8, 2014
I am writing the review as I listen to the speakers and have other speakers to compare them to like the infinity p362 towers the replace and psb's I had on demo.

First let me state these speakers definitely need to be broken in! A few days at mid volume with a mix of music types should do before they open up and stop sounding slightly bright. Once I finished breaking them in and turned the volume up their tight punchy bass stood out. they have more bass than expected from a single active 8" woofer knowing the other 2 are passive and in a pair were close to drowning out my svs sub which is quite impressive and a very good thing. The imaging didn't take me too much by surprise as I had the psb's here before and they are very good but the q900 imaged slightly better being able to pick out instruments in mp3 music better and locate them very precisely. The highs are airy but not much better than the psb's and the mids are about the same, factor in the price of the psb's vs the q900 is give or take $200 depending on who has them on sale or not the kefs are better speakers but just slightly so and both have the " boxy " speaker sound but you can't get away from that with any speaker pair under $5000.

Comparing to my now bedroom speakers the p362's the kefs and psb's show why they command the price difference. Now the infinity primus are great budjet speakers, the have decent highs and good bass, great mids and play loud with out going shrill but in no way can they compare to either of the others. The kefs are cleaner and far more detailed, the bass is tighter and highs far smoother, same for the psb's but the kefs just eek past the psb's slightly in my living room with music at least.

I now switched to movies, starting off with the hbo pacific series, the intro music just sounds fantastic on the kefs and in movies the imagining starts to separate the kefs and psb's. The kefs sound seems to be coming from infront of them vs other speakers where the sound appears to start from behind, if I had a bigger screen this would immerse me into the movie better and it gives much better separation between foreground subjects speaking and background sounds. The separation between the kefs and psb's are now more apparent than before, while the two are almost equal in music in movies the kefs show off what appears to be an attempt at 3D sound imaging. It works! In music at least with mainstream pop the sound comes from a single flat point, movies and I'm guessing classical orchestras have multiple distanced sound sources, most other speakers merge this into a flat plane of sound behind the speakers but the kefs seem to surround them selves front and back and a bit to the sides with sound. This surround sound stage ( it's what I am calling it, I'm no expert ) Also envelops my svs sub which disappears in the mix, previously I knew when my sub went boom with either the psb or infinity speakers but the kefs some how swallowed them up, turning the sub off I can feel it is missing with the lack of its sub 20hz house shaking and window rattling but when on I can no longer audibly locate it. I just know it is on when the ship in ep 1 on Guadalcanal explodes and I felt myself jump off the sofa, I turned it off and not the same effect.

The infinities are budjet speakers but are similar in fit and finish to the kefs, the psb looks and feels like an expensive speaker in comparison, -1 to the kefs, while the finish is better than the infinities they are not as good as the psb's and a slight let down at the price point, as was the kef packaging, kef double box please the speaker boxes look like the went thru Iraq before the got to me, the contents barely made it. The psb's are not new but borrowed so I don't know how ther original shipping boxes are like, the svs sub is my standard for shipping, double boxed, extra card board sleeve lots of padding and canvas like wrap.

For the testing I ran ypao and set a memory point for front and natural eq on the psb's and kefs, they both got set to 60hz cross over with lfe to both, ypao eq'ed the sub down a bit to match the speakers, the infinities 80hz with eq points raised to match the sub. My setup is a sony s790 with both hdmi outs, one to the Samsung 55" 3d tv, one to the yammy Htr-6190 that acts as a pre pro to an emotiva upa-7 which powers everything and let me have all 6 speakers hooked up to test using the different zones to switch between them. I'm sending the psb's back to their owner and the kefs are staying.

Now to hook everything back up to 5.1 and enjoy!
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on February 12, 2012
I have spent a lot of time with quality speakers and find that these are simply the best undert $2000 a pair speakers. I did not think they were as good as the B&W 804s, but then you would need to spend 3 times for the B&Ws. I found them cleaner than the B&W 704s though. Make sure you do due deligence with audyssey and it is a good idea to biamp these if you have one of the mainstream receivers like the onkyo tx nr5008. Make sure that in your audyssey settings have Dynamic Eq and Dynamic Vol as ON and Surround loundness for low volume as off and THX as off. Based on your use and taste, you may not need a sub - though I have a 12" downfiring outlaw sub with it and the cinema effect is tremendous. I let the LPF to be 120 Hz - have no clue why onkyo even gives the option of lowering it to 80 hz - just does not make sense - in any situation! I use crossover freq of 50 Hz with these speakers and although 80 hz is recommended by THX, that is really for the commonly used speakers in the amrket - not for these quality speakers.

I room of improvement would be to actually provide speaker spike shoes as well like the ones that outlaw provides with their subs. It is not necessary, bt a nice touch to the customer.
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on May 21, 2012
My Kef Q900 speakers shipped all the way to hawaii, $145 shipping EACH from another site (a4l) and they arrived in perfect shape. But I agree there's less foam in the box than there were in my $420 bic acoustech pl79 speakers that I upgraded to the Kefs from. But these speakers are truly great, I just got into home theatre and went from onkyo home theatre in a box speakers to pioneer SP-FS51-LR speakers, to bic acoustech pl79 to kef q900, with greater costs each time and I finally stopped at the Kef q900s.. They fully satisfy my cravings for rich detailed sound.. outdoing my sennheiser hd595 headphones, which was my true yardstick since I didn't have high end speakers before. I can't even imagine better sound from speakers unless you get into the 50" tall 200 pound $9000 a pair rich audiophile territory
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on December 19, 2013
I have been looking for some time to upgrade my Snell speakers, a wonderful speaker company that I think is no longer in business.
These new KEF speakers are wonderful and for a price less than a car. There is a real clarity in their response, nothing ``muddy'' in the sound. I listen to rock and jazz and also use them as part of my surround sound system. They also are sleek in appearance slightly smaller than I had anticipated, that fits well in the small room where they are located. I am very happy with the sound, performance and price of these speakers.
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on May 15, 2013
Read up on speaker placement and break-in periods and you will be very happy.

These speakers sound amazing...very deep, brilliantly neutral image for the price. 5 stars all the way, enjoy!
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on March 28, 2015
A comparison to the Klipsch RF-7 II: the klipsches are much more efficient and have WAY more bass, if that is what you want. Against what most people say about the Q900s, I would put their bass output as average so you will definitely want to pair these with a sub, I use the SVS PB-1000. In a smaller room, you could probably get away without a sub, but in any kind of open floor-plan space >15'x15', you will want a sub. However, I find the Q900s to be a much better balanced speaker than the RF-7 IIs. The Uni-Q driver in the Q900 provides great mids, something that the more dynamic RF-7 II seems to be missing.

As for build quality, I find the Q900s to be poor. The fake wood veneer of the cabinet has already begun to bubble after ~9 months. Absolutely unacceptable for a speaker that retails for $900. The aluminum woofer cones also dent very easily (you will want to keep the covers on). Note that the RF-7 II's woofers also dent easily, maybe it is characteristic of metal woofers? Of course, the RF-7 II has a much better cabinet build quality with real wood veneer.

For an amp, you will definitely need to upgrade. For lower frequencies <140Hz, the Q900s reach all the way down to 3 ohms (see the Stereophile review). With a 4dB bass boost, the Q900s put my 95W/ch Onkyo TX-SR606 into protection mode after 1 minute at 2/3 volume. The Q900s also caused my friends 125W/ch Onkyo TX-NR727 to clip with a 6dB bass boost at 2/3 volume. I ended up using an old amp from the late 80s, the Yamaha AX-700U, which is rated for 280W at 4ohms. If you actually want to push these speakers, you will absolutely want a good 4ohm-capable amp.

If you are looking for a well balanced sounding speaker, the Q900s are pretty good. However, the poor cabinet build quality is a major negative. At this price, it is relatively easy to find a nice speaker with a real wood veneer cabinet (maybe Polk RTi A9?). I recommend purchasing KEF speakers from a local authorized dealer, if possible. You will be able to haggle a pair of Q900s for significantly less money than Amazon is offering them.
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on May 19, 2014
Great sound super wide. yes less bassie than others but nice tight sound and balance. we completed a 9.2 system with the brand and models.
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