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on December 24, 2012
I bought Nexus 10 during the first hour of its release. As this is a new baby not many options were present when selecting a case.
I was looking at these options:
1. Case made exclusively for Nexus10 so the ports and buttons are available. General 10 inch cases fit but one or more buttons or ports get covered and not accessible.
2. Bluetooth Keyboard with ON/OFF switch.
3. The Keyboard should be detachable so I can use the tablet without keyboard when required.
4. Sleek and easy to carry the case with Nexus 10 and keyboard.
5. Case with multiple viewing angles (This has 4).
6. Option to rotate the tablet so I can keep it horizontal or vertical.

Voila! This one has all the above options. I have been using this for nearly 10 days now. No issues at all.
You need to first charge the bluetooth keyboard for a 3 to 4 hours before you can start using it.
Pairing was very easy with the 'pairing' button available on the keyboard.
The keyboard integrates well with Nexus10. When the KB is ON the onscreen keyboard does not come up in any of the Apps that I used.
The onscreen KB pops up only when the bluetooth KB is OFF.
I am able to even keep this on my lap and type effortlessly.
Having a standard keyboard as we we have on our laptops makes using the tablet very easy.
For example, you can use the arrow keys to select an APP on your home screen, move between the screens.
The android apps, however, are not fully developed to make use of the external keyboard.
For example, I can launch Wikipedia App using the arrow keys, without ever touching the tablet, but when Wikipedia is open the cursor should be blinking in the Search bar so I can type what I want and hit Enter. This does not happen in Wikipedia app.
Other than this urge to use KB as much as possible to get things done quickly there are no other issues.
Typing is easy.
The bluetooth KB has pretty good battery backup. Have used it for several hours now after first charge, may be 8 or more and it is still doing fine.

For $40 price(including shipping) this is the best you can get.
This review is based on 10 days usage. I will update if there is any issue.
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on July 21, 2014
I've had this keyboard case for about a week, including taking it on a weekend trip as my "laptop replacement." I had used a similar case with an Acer tablet that I used to have, and I was worried that I would have some of the same problems with this version as I had with the Acer case. So far, though, I've had no problems.

The keyboard paired and synced right out of the box, and continues to pair right away when I turn it on (and my Nexus 10's bluetooth is already on). It stays paired and awake, even if it has been sitting for several minutes with no input. If the screen goes to sleep, once I wake the tablet up, a few key taps and the keyboard is awake and paired and ready to go.

Unlike my Acer case, this case has multiple viewing angles in both landscape and portrait mode, but only one portrait angle really works (the others are too shallow/won't stay up). Also unlike my Acer case, the keyboard must be moved around in order to set the stand up -- and some positions make the keyboard wobble. However, once you find the "sweet spot" where the keyboard is steady and the tablet is steady, you can rock and roll. The other advantage to the swivel positioning of the the tablet is that you can swivel it to "upside down" and it makes the pogo charging port easily accessible and you can charge the tablet using a pogo cord and close the cover over the screen (although you can't fasten the flap -- it would cover the pogo port).

The keyboard is very usable (I have medium-sized fingers, so the size is good for me). The only complaint is that the left shift key is the same size as a normal key (instead of double width) and therefore easy to miss -- you end up hitting the "up" arrow key instead, which is a different sort of "shift"!

It works very well with my Swiftkey keyboard program -- Swiftkey suggestions and shortcuts continue to work.

I also like that I can remove the keyboard, and the case works just fine on its own, both as a case and as a stand (and if I don't need the keyboard, it saves a few ounces in weight). The case is built for the Nexus, so it fits snugly into its side of the case with all the right cutouts. Overall, with the keyboard, it weighs quite a bit more than my Nexus alone, but much lighter than even my Dell Ultrabook laptop. Certainly a good value for the money.
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on June 16, 2015
So, I realize that the Nexus 10 is not the most popular tablet in the world, but I liked it, and I wanted a good keyboard case that didn't cost as much as a new tablet. This one seemed like the best one out there, so I got it, and I'm glad I did.

The case is very solid. It feels like leather, but I'm pretty sure it's plastic, which is probably better since it responds well to temperature swings and little bits of water. It was a little confusing at first getting the tablet in and out of it (I kept putting it in backwards thinking that the tine cutout was for the camera, but it's actually for the LED light on the other side), but after a few tries it has gotten pretty easy. Most importantly, it fits well and never comes out without me wanting it to.

Now onto the keyboard. Honestly, I would be pretty happy with this case if not for the keyboard, but that was a feature I wanted, so I am glad it is there, and I do use it from time to time. They keys travel well, though they are a bit small and cramped. I have three major complaints, one of which I know other reviewers have experienced. The spacebar seems very inconsistent to respond. I think it has only one sensor instead of the usual two, because I feel that it registers most of the time when I hit it with my left thumb, but not my right. Obviously, I am used to typing with both thumbs, so this is a major inconvenience. Second, there is only one shift key, and there is a home or arrow key on the other side where a shift key would normally be, so I frequently find myself hitting the wrong key instead of shift. I don't use this keyboard often enough to re-train my fingers, so this is a pain. Third, the keyboard has an auto-sleep function similar to many wireless mice. This, I suppose is good, and I have definitely had good battery life, going months at a time between charges with occasional use. However, there is about a 1-2 second delay between hitting a key while in sleep mode and the keyboard waking up, so if I go a long time between typing, it will miss the first word or few characters once I start again. There is no indication (aside from the elapsed time) of whether the keyboard is asleep, and it occurs regardless of whether the tablet's screen is on or off. This can be very frustrating.

This three issues are almost enough to make me not want to use the keyboard part. However, typing anything long on a virtual keyboard is a huge pain, and sometimes I have to type long things on this tablet, especially when I am traveling and don't have access to a laptop or desktop computer. One thing I have found that helps is using an alternative virtual keyboard, Swiftkey (now available for free on the Google Play Store), that still works when using the Bluetooth keyboard even though it is not on the screen. It will correct a lot of the errors caused by the keyboard so as to make it faster and less frustrating. I highly recommend installing and using Swiftkey if you purchase this product. It is great even when you're just typing on the screen as well.

Anyway, the keyboard pairs pretty easily and has an on/off switch and reset button that work reliably. The keyboard sticks to the case with magnets, which is a nice touch. There are two or three notches in the case so that the tablet can stand at a good angle for viewing, which is great for watching videos or reading books, especially on an airplane or at a table/counter. You can even rotate the screen to portrait while it's angled like this, though I don't recommend doing this unless you're just reading a book, because touching the screen in this position seems likely to knock it over.

Overall, I'm fairly satisfied with this case and keyboard, though the typing experience definitely leaves me wanting. I have used a lot of good keyboards over the years, so the lack of options is very frustrating. If you don't plan on using the keyboard extensively or frequently (such as typing notes in a college class or writing long documents for work), then I think it's a good buy. If you want a really robust keyboard, then I suggest getting a regular case with a separate keyboard from Logitech, Targus, etc. or getting a general keyboard case and trying it out before you buy.
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on December 13, 2014
The keyboard can be difficult to use. It is pretty small and you have to press the keys hard. The right Shift button is in an unnatural position. The fact that it comes with a case for the Nexus is a plus. If you are looking for a great blue tooth keyboard (keyboard only) I recommend the Logitech Tablet Keyboard. It is not just for tablets, I use it for my Dell workstation too. So why did I buy the KHOMO? I wanted a separate keyboard for my tablet and the fact that it was integrated with a cover was a plus.
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on May 17, 2013
This was my third and last attempt to get a case/keyboard combo that worked well on the keyboard side. I have a Nexus 10 and tried 2 others. Both of the others had random and frequent issues with letters (any letter) repeating after a single press. Both had the problem on the 3rd to 5th keyboard use. I've used this one quite a few times since May 7, 2013, and have had no problems (crossing my fingers)! Of course, the keyboard's key placement takes some getting use to, but I use 2 different laptops with different key arrangements every day...I'll get use to it. My ONLY issue is that the slim, tablet-feeling, rounded edge case I became use to is now more like a good sized book. But I'll get use to that too... I'll update this IF I have that repeating (or other) issue, but it's looking good, far.
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on October 30, 2013
The main good thing about this case is in the technical sense, it works. It supports my tablet in an upright position. It's easy to use. Great. The case is pretty bulky and heavy, and probably makes my tablet weigh as much as a eeePC, greatly reducing the portability of the tablet. Also, despite the premium look, the case doesn't strike me as super durable. This is just a suspicion, so we'll see.

Then there's the keyboard It's just bad. It is super cramped, and questionably laid out. The capslock key is huge, for all your shouting needs. Shift and ctrl are small. I got this keyboard mostly for document editing and light coding, so having easy to use modifier keys is important. There's also pageup and pagedown on either side of the spacebar, which are super easy to hit by mistake. The choice of function keys is also a little odd. Finally, the keyboard, while admirably light, might be a little too light. It just feels flimsy to the point that it has a hard time registering button presses.

I got this because it was a keyboard/case solution. It solves the case problem alright, and the keyboard problem poorly. Oh well, I don't regret the buy, but i'm also not going to rush out and recommend it to others. My advice is see if you can get a good case and a thin bluetooth keyboard separately.

After using this for a month or so, I want to bump it up to four stars. Most tablet keyboards cost $40-90. This is a keyboard and a case for ~$32! The value in that sense is really good. If you want an all in one and don't want to spend a lot of money on a keyboard, this is probably as good as you're going to get. I use this thing a ton, and I'm generally happy with it. However, if the manufacturer bumped the price by $10 and included a better keyboard, it'd be an incredible buy.
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on December 15, 2014
Since I have not had a chance to give this product a through workout I am only rating at a 3 star, at this time. I will use this primary for note taking at meeting. I expect it to make me a t least a bit more efficient.

The Bluetooth connection to my Nexus was a bit of a challenge. Not the technology or instructions. The key board took several times to find my Nexus Bluetooth. Once it was found it was fine. It connects effortlessly now.

I am quite happy with the key board. The quality of the keys when striking is quite good and the event though a bit smaller (as expected) it is easy to to use.

Extremely happy with the case. Its a perfect fit and looks good. The keyboard will fit in with the case closed and I really like that feature. The 360 degree rotation is a nice feature and rotates easily. The magnetic latch snaps in and is very secure when closing the case.

More later after putting the product through a couple more meetings.
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on September 7, 2013
I studied a bunch of covers with and without keyboards for my Nexus 10 before purchasing this based on the recommendations. I was very surprised at the creative design, quality stitching and usefulness of the keyboard.

Design: the tablet can display in either portrait or landscape while resting on the stand. Like other covers, there are several grooves in the base which the tablet slots into. I have found that only the 2 tallest (most upright) positions work effectively at holding the tablet upright. The grooves that you use to hold the tablet flatter, aren't grooved deep enough to hold it in place, though, and it tends to pop out. Not really a problem, but depending on how high your head is from the tabletop, know that the last couple of grooves might not work to hold the tablet slightly off the table.

Keyboard: The bluetooth keyboard looks bigger on the image on Amazon's site than it actually is. I have large hands and the chiclet keys are really close together. It took about 10 minutes or so of practice to make minimal mistakes at about 40 wpm. I normally type about 60 wpm on a regular desktop keyboard. I think it would be pretty hard to get up to that speed unless you used this device exclusively then you would get pretty well accustomed to its small size. For occasional use, it works well enough. I have found that it synced quickly at the initial setup but that it takes 15 seconds or so for it to register the connection with the tablet each time it syncs. Not a terribly long time unless you're in a hurry. If you alternate between using the Android screen keyboard and then the bluetooth keyboard, you will experience this same slight delay before using the bluetooth keyboard. This will happen any time you switch between the keyboards or if the bluetooth keyboard is not used for a minute or so, it goes to sleep I guess and you have to re-start the connection again. Not really a problem unless you're in a hurry. The advantage of having the bluetooth keyboard for typing emails or documents far outweighs the disadvantage of a momentary delay for it to establish a connection. Also, I have not noticed any trouble with sticking or repetitive keys which is a common issue with laptop and tablet keyboards. The keyboard connects to the base with magnets so the keyboard is instantly and easily detached from the base. The magnets are just strong enough to hold it in place. You won't have to worry about it sliding around.

Quality: my wife and I have debated whether the case is real leather. If it's not, it's an outstanding replica of leather. It has a slight leathery odor but not as strong as other genuine leather products I've purchased. So probably synthetic and not cowhide leather but you'll be hard pressed to tell the difference. The stitching all throughout the product is excellent.

I highly recommend this product!
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on May 17, 2014
This keyboard has gotten largely positive reviews, so I'm wondering if they've changed this keyboard for the worse since the original reviews. Overall, I haven't been satisfied with this keyboard and will likely return it.

When I received this keyboard, I was surprised to find that the keyboard layout did not match that of the picture. It has an over-sized enter key that takes the place of the backslash button (which in turn is to the left of the backspace key). The shift key is hard to reach behind the up arrow. Also, the space bar seems to only work about half the time when I'm typing quickly. Pairing it via bluetooth also took several tries, but since this is only a one-time thing, that's not a big deal. It also takes several seconds after being turned on before it's possible to type.

In terms of pros, the case seems sturdy and provides good protection. It has a couple adjustable settings for viewing angle, but I found it really only works when horizontal, not vertical.

Overall, I recommend passing on this keyboard.
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on November 23, 2013
I just recently bought this case last week and have been nothing but happy with it. Typing is very responsive and easy to get used to the small keyboard. The look and feel of the case are also of quality, I do like how the keypad is magnetic but I wish it wouldn't loose it's magnetic hold whenever I prop the screen up. For the two minor set backs the spacebar, I find that you have to put a quite a bit of pressure for it to work which can be annoying if you're a fast typer and forget to press extra hard on the space bar. Maybe it will "break"in in the next few weeks.. The other set back isn't so much the case, it's that when I recieved the case the keyboard was missing the top right key! I checked inside the packaging and on the floor and couldn't find anything. I am going to contact their costumer support and see if they can help me out. I will update this review when they respond.
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