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on January 3, 2014
Looking for a shower speaker, I wasn't sure if I wanted to get this KLTECH or the Digix miniBoom, so I decided to purchase both and test them out. There is most definitely a clear winner. I purchased this version of the Digix miniBoom -- Digix miniBoom Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Great Sound, Water Resistant with Built-in Microphone - Purple

I won't list the specs for each because they can be found on the product pages, but let me mention a couple of things that are not in the product info.


For one, the KLTECH miniBoom is bigger than the Digix -- not that it's huge, but it is bigger -- I would say about the size of a round beverage coaster. The Digix miniBoom is about half the size of the Digix speaker. The suction cup is significantly bigger on the KLTECH as well -- a clear super suction cup. For me, the larger the suction cup, the better the suction. In fact, once I got it on the wall, I had to really dig my nail to break the seal. The Digix has a much smaller suction cup that was not as strong as the KLTECH suction cup. I had to really push to get a good suction and it was really easy to pluck the speaker right off the wall.



The sound comes from the rear of the KLTECH whereas on the Digix it comes from the front. I was actually wary that the KLTECH would sound worse because the sound came out of the back versus the front, but the sound actually is much more robust coming from the KLTECH. The KLTECH speaker is also designed so that the device itself acts as its own boom giving it a much deeper sound. The Digix has a really canny sound and when you increase the volume the sound gets distorted and crackly.



The KLTECH has a lot more controls on the front of the interface. You can control volume up (long press the forward button), volume down (long press the back button), forward through songs and play / pause songs as needed. In addition, there is a power button and a call button. For some reason, my phone (HTC DNA) doesn't work with the phone button, so I can't answer calls but I really don't expect to do that while in the shower. The Digix has a volume up / down and a play button which are placed on top of the device and identified by raised bumps. As another reviewer said, every time you adjust the volume up / down, the sound "pauses" which I found to be very annoying.

Also, KLTECH has a light indicator on the front of it that allow me to quickly see that the device is powered on and also connected to the phone. The Digix has a light indicator, but it's on the bottom of the device and cannot be seen once it is suctioned to the wall.

I LOVE the control features of the KLTECH. Not just for the forward and back buttons, but more importantly... the POWER button. I can easily turn the speaker off and save the battery when not in use. The Digix has a power switch, but it's inside a protective cover and cannot be easily accessed -- you would most likely need to remove from the wall to access.



I have not yet had a chance to test the length of the battery on either but can update this review when I do. But with the ability to power off the KLTECH speaker and easy accessibility to the power button, I would expect that its battery would last much longer.

Overall, the KLTECH is the clear winner for me and I'm returning the Digix miniBoom.
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on July 28, 2014
GREAT SPEAKER!!! This might be wordy, but I'm handing out specifics, because I can't stand reading generalized reviews..."like it"...Really?, would it kill you to expand on that? I first saw this - or a version of it - on interest & decided to look into it further, read the reviews of various similar models of different brands, and honestly landed on this one because it was in the middle of the price range of $16-20 that these all seem to fall into. 1) Upon opening & glancing over about 7 short lines of instructions (amongst other things, very simply states to short press either direction to change a track, long press to lower or raise the volume - so anyone saying you can't adjust it obviously couldn't part with 15 seconds of their time to figure out how), plugged it in - charged very fast, 2) Bluetooth paired to iPhone 5 very simply & quickly, 3) First use was in the living room just as a test, I was impressed by the volume & decided that although it was purchased for the shower, it would be perfect sitting out on the patio while reading, grilling, laying out, etc. Additionally - for the heck of it, without adding any moisture to the suction cup, I pressed it to the back of the phone & it stuck perfectly, and in effect the speaker then also became a kickstand of sorts for the phone. 4) I don't know if it's my ears or my particular iPhone, but unless I'm in public, I use speaker phone for my calls because I find that the volume of standard phone to ear on my phone is substandard. I put this to the test on a real call & it worked great. There was a reviewer who said they used it during a call & claimed neither party could hear each other, specifically the person they were calling. This couldn't have been further from the truth in my case for both parties (the phone & the speaker were sitting on the same table - did the other person walk across the room or something? still need to speak near the mic of your phone....). 5) Finally - the shower test - and it produced the best sound yet. Another reviewer complained about suction or lack there of, and another said the sound could not be heard over the water. My shower is glass and tile, and I suctioned it to the upper corner of the glass - which is where it remains from a shower 3+ hrs ago... It delivered LOUDLY over any noise the water had to offer.
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on August 31, 2016
Holy cow, this thing is incredible. I loved it so much in blue that I bought a green one for my sister. For reference, I bought SoundBot SB510 HD Water Proof Bluetooth 3.0 Speaker, Mini Water Resistant Wireless Shower Speaker, Handsfree Portable Speakerphone with Built-in Mic twice, once for me and once as a gift. I use it with an iPhone 5s. It gets really loud, like the neighbors come over loud. I know it's waterproof but in my experiences that reads more as water resistant, even though I have dropped this fully in water and had no problems with it.


It is loud, you press and hold the song forward button to turn up the volume and you press and hold the song backward button for the volume to go down. You're going to hear your music trust me. It's easy to skip songs, which is incredible, because even when you have a shower playlist you still wind up with one song you forgot about or suddenly can't stand, and then you have to listen to the whole song because you don't want to ruin your phone.


It works really great with an iPhone answering phone calls. You just press the little phone button and voila, they're there with you. You're gonna have to turn off the shower then, sorry. Depending on your shower you might have an echo, but I tested it with a friend and had I not explicitly tested the shower phone function, I wouldn't have known she was in the shower answering the phone.


This setup is super easy. You just turn it on the speaker and flip the button your phone and it pops up after a few seconds. It never dropped signal for me.

Battery Life

The one piece of advice I would give you is remember where you put the cord. Label it, stick it in a cord drawer wherever, but I used this thing for months after the initial charge, then I couldn't find the cord to recharge it because it had been so long.
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on January 5, 2014
This is a good Bluetooth product. Works as advertised. The only issue that I have is that it isn't loud enough. I mean it's for the shower not for taking a bath. There is no way that you're going to listen to anything that isn't music. If you want to listen to talk radio or an audio book, not going to happen. You might be able to hear 50% of what you are listening to. If all you plan on listening to is music it is great but even then sometimes you want to crank up the music too...
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on May 11, 2014
This is a great product.

* For what it does, it's extremely well priced.
* A built-in voice tells you the power and connection status. Although that sounds useless, it's actually _very_ useful as it means you don't have to interpret LEDs to figure out what it's doing.
* It charges pretty quickly--in only a few hours with my initial use.
* I've been using it all week in the shower and not had to recharge it. I did after a week "just cuz", but I bet it would work for two weeks straight.
* It has a big and very secure suction cup.
* The flap over the charge port seals as it should, but is still easy to open when you need to charge.
* It's loud!
* Although it's not meant for it, you can stick on the windshield or dash of your car if you need hands-free traveling in a pinch.

* The sound quality is is not great, although it's good enough for a shower.
* The buttons are not easy to see. But if you know the arrangement of the buttons, and that the blue light is on the power button at the top of the circle, then you do, in fact, know where all the buttons are.
* I don't like this green or any of the other colors in which this speaker is available. But then again, I'm not putting this on a coffee table in my living room, so I'm happy to live with it.

Bottom line: you get a LOT of functionality and freedom for a tiny $15 price tag.
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on April 7, 2014
I originally had an HDMX Rave that I used when I was taking a shower, but I was worried that it wouldn't last long in the steam. I have to say the Rave was super loud, and I was hoping for the same with this speaker.

Unfortunately, it's about half as loud, and I was worried I wouldn't be able to hear it over the sound of the water. Not to worry though. The proximity of the speaker makes up for any shortage of loudness.

You're not going to be blowing the shower curtain off, but it gets the job done. Also, just a tip. When you're done with the speaker, you have to hold down the power button. You'll hear a beep, but keep holding it down. You should hear a power off style chime that let's you know it's off.
Update 5/17: not sure what happened but the quality of this thing really dropped off. The battery now stays charged for about 2 days, even if it's powered off and not used. The sound has gotten progressively lower and lower, and now I have to put it in the bottom of a bowl so I can hear it. I am just about to swap back to using the speaker in my iPad, or buy something else. :(
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on June 15, 2014
This little speaker sounds really good to me, far superior to the Jensen smps-640 that I was using. Also with the Jensen it would barely get signal from my phone on the other side of the wall from the shower, this speaker will get signal through 2 walls and into the kitchen. I haven't tested the range more than that but I'm pretty happy with it.

Only dropped it down a star because it has a weird voice that tells you its connected and the voice I feel it always really loud, also no detected volume buttons you have to press and hold the track selection buttons, not a big deal but would be nice to have specific buttons and a clock would be nice if you want to get really notpicky.

Pros: Good sound quality, small, good range, cheap.

Cons: weird loud voice, nonstandard charging cord, no dedicated volume buttons, can't use when plugged in, no auto shut off.

I know that looks like a lot of cons but this thing really is great, if there was a updated version of this witch addressed some of the minor inconveniences this thing would be amazing
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on July 31, 2014
This is great. I have an older car (98) and the stereo went, my so and I have iPhones so this syncs right up to our phones and attaches to my windshield next to my fast pass! The volume in the car is decent, very loud with the windows up, also I can answer calls hands free while driving. The fast forward button turns the volume up but once it's up you can control it with your phone iPod whatever. I though it came with a audio output but it was my mistake. This is a nice little set and loud enough for me. I bought this through amazon warehouse, apparently the boxes are damaged and they sell them at a 10-15% discount. What do I care about the stupid box, I'm just gonna throw it away anyway. Definitely buy from amazon warehouse if available, it works really well and it's brand new. (Even if it says used everything I've ever gotten from them has been brand new, slightly damaged packaging)
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on September 14, 2014
This thing is loud and works well. I haven't had any connection issues. The suction cup has failed twice, but that's not unexpected. Just make sure to press it tight against the wall every other day. Battery life has been better than expected, and I am careful to keep the charging port as dry as possible. I usually suction the unit sideways and make sure the port is fully covered to keep water from entering the unit and potentially damaging it. I have not tried to answer or make calls from the unit. The only cons I can think of would be turning the unit on and off. It's not really a big deal, but holding in the buttons for several seconds (but not too many or you'll send the unit into Bluetooth pairing mode) just to power the unit on and off seems like an odd design choice.
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on June 24, 2014
Got this little speaker a little over a month ago & love it. I would highly recommend it to those who enjoy listening to their music in the shower, such as myself.

The only thing that I have a small issue with is that you cannot control the volume from the speaker itself (that's why I took off one star). So I cannot turn the music up or turn it down while in the shower. Other than that, however, I am totally satisfied.

Side note: you have to hold the power button down for several seconds before it turns on. I pressed it once the first time & thought it didn't work. Just make sure to not give up & keep on pressing the button.

Hope this helps.
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